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Amy walked into the bedroom and looked around the room. The large king sized bed sat in the middle of the far corner. The bar hooked the corner closest to the door and the bathroom opened up behind it. She knew she could have found a better suite, she thought, hell, a better floor plan, but she didn’t care whether the bathroom was behind the bar or in a closet. She was just glad that the room had air conditioning. She dropped her bags on a chair positioned nicely around a television and walked to turn up the AC. Slipping out of the red heels adorning her feet, after turning a knob on the window unit, and flopped onto the bed. She heard the door close and more bags fall to the floor.

“Well, hell.” Don looked at Amy’s tight ass sticking slightly in the air. “I thought that we were going to unpack before we got into bed.”

Amy turned her head and gazed up her boyfriend’s body. The faded kaki shorts showed off his muscled legs and the blue t-shirt, although big everywhere else, gave no room for his biceps. His muscles were huge, she smiled wickedly, every last one of them.

Don watched Amy’s face turn into a casino siteleri smile, watched her eyes gaze up his body and felt his dick flinch and rise. “Maybe we can unpack in a bit.” His own mouth was turning up as Amy licked her lips. His dick moved again in his shorts. He adjusted himself because his boxers seemed restricting and then moved over to the king bed.

Amy was already tossing off her clothes and her breasts hung pertly in the air. Her nipples rigid, she placed her fingers on them and kneaded them as Don pulled down his pants. Don looked up and Amy placed a hand between her thighs. Crawling on top of Amy, his dick vertical to Amy body, Don sucked on the tip of Amy breasts, rotating from one to the other. He flicked her nipples with his tongue and then with his teeth until they were rosy with pleasure and pain. Amy grasped Don’s hard prick, her hand barely covering half of the shaft and started to rhythmically pull and tug. She knew how to make him feel good, she thought as his mouth came up to find hers. Don put a hand on Amy’s hairless mound and softly rubbed the hardened clitoris with two fingers. canlı casino

“Nice.” Amy’s eyes closed as she felt warm sensations wash through her.

Amy pushed up Don’s chest and he sat on the bed, Amy’s clitoris still engorged between his fingers. Grabbing his cock, Amy twisted around on Don and plunged her mouth over Don’s penis. She could taste the salty precum and she smiled as she sucked for more. Pushing her mouth down until she could feel Don’s pubic hair on her upper lip, Amy pulled off and deep throated again. She loved the feeling of being so full of him, she mused as she quickened her strides. A moan escaped Don’s lips in unison with Amy’s as Don dipped to take Amy’s clit into his mouth. He slid two fingers into Amy’s wet pussy, thrusting in and pulling out quick. The next thrust he pushed in four fingers and then the next his whole hand. Amy writhed on top of him as she moaned on his cock. A surge of blood strengthened his erection as the back of her throat warmly encompassed his cock. Fisting her, fast and hard, Don’s hand completely encased in Amy’s sloppy pussy. “Oh fuck.” Amy let go of Don’s kaçak casino cock and screamed with pleasure as a gulf of warmth melted through her and her pussy muscles clenched fiercely. Amy grabbed Don’s cock and sucked hard on the tip, flicking the red head. His cock ready to spurt at the sight of Amy’s orgasm, Amy’s tongue took him over the edge as an orgasm twisted through his body.

Amy held her mouth an inch from Don’s cock, her mouth held open for his cum. And it came. His cum spurted with life onto her tongue, its warm thickness sliding down her throat. When Don pulled his hand from Amy’s pussy, her pussy clenched again, sending another tiny thrill through her. With a smile on her lips, she dipped to suck Don’s cock clean.

“You taste so good.” Amy licked her lips.

Don opened Amy’s legs and licked at her white cum. “You do too.”

“So are we still on for two with Alex?” Amy asked as her clitoris was being licked. She smiled and wriggled when Don’s tongue pressed into her slit.

“Of course.” Don looked up from between Amy’s legs and reared his head. “You still want to right?”

“Want to get double stuffed?” She thought for a moment, although she already knew the answer. Don looked down at Amy’s pulsating pussy. He already knew the answer. “Hell yes.”

Don looked at the clock and his eyes widened. “We’d better hurry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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