Three Plus One at the Pool

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Ryan and a couple of his pals were hanging out, looking for something to do. They’d just graduated from high school but didn’t have summer jobs or any clues as to how to be productive citizens. After milling around on a couple car lots looking at cars they decided to head toward Chris’ house – he had a nice pool and frequently there would be some beer that needed to be consumed. Ryan and Tyler always liked hanging at Chris’ – his parents both worked so there was no one looking over their shoulders all the time. Also, Chris had a twin sister, Rachel, who was nice to look at and was a pretty good sport when it came to this group of boys.

No one was home when they arrived so after grabbing some beers the boys sat around the pool. They pulled their shirts off to take advantage of the bright and warm morning sun. Their talk got around to girls soon enough (most boys of this age manage to get to the topic of girls reasonably quickly!). They talked about several of the girls in their class and ones they’d dated and how they fared on those dates. The conversation degenerated into which girls let the boys get into their bras or panties and which ones provided pleasure to the boys in return. As the talk progressed Ryan seemed to become uncomfortable and wiggled around in his chair. Finally Chris asked “Ryan, are you getting hard?” Ryan owned up to having the beginnings of a nice boner and said he needed some relief. He asked if Rachel was around – Chris said she was not home so Ryan suggested a quick circle jerk. These three boys were no stranger to this activity – they’d been having these little circle jerks for a couple years now and they all seemed to enjoy wanking in the presence of their pals.

Chris said he had something new they might like to try. He ran into his bedroom and returned with a small bottle and a tube of toothpaste. Ryan shouted “Did you bring the cookie?” The cookie was an interesting element their ritual demanded. Chris described the bottle as some sort of sex lube which he’d found at the drug store. He said just a few drops made your dick really slippery and was a lot of fun. The other boys laughed at him but he said he enjoyed wanking with the lube often and then said “And you guys will like it, too, so stop teasing!” Then he tossed the cookie at their feet in the center of their circle.

Tyler asked “What’s the toothpaste for?”

“You’ll find out and you’ll like it too” Chris said.

By this time Ryan had stood up and unbuckled his shorts, dropping them to the ground. Having dressed ‘commando style’ this morning he was completely naked now – a condition he’d never been in before in Chris’ back yard. His stiff member stood out against his belly and he touched it from time to time to keep it hard. He cajoled his pals to hurry up and get ready for their circle jerk. He took a few drops of the lube in his palm and wrapped it around his dick, working it up and down the shaft. “Wow! This stuff really is slick!” he said. He laughed as he stroked.

Chris and Tyler had also dropped their shorts and kicked them to the side. Chris was pretty erect but Tyler didn’t seem to have a good start on a hard on. His excuse was that he’d rubbed one out earlier during his morning shower! His pal Ryan reached his hand in the direction of Tyler’s dick and asked if he wanted some help getting started. Tyler leaned forward a little so his limp dick could be touched. Ryan’s slippery hand worked some magic and Tyler began to stiffen up right away. He said “That’s enough, Ryan – I’ll take it from here!”

So the three of them each took a little lube and began stroking. Chris said “Wait! Let’s use this toothpaste, too!”

Tyler asked again “What are we going to do with it?”

Chris said “Watch” as he squeezed a small drop of the paste onto a fingertip and then worked that little dab into the slit at the head of his penis. “As this stuff melts it makes your dick tingle just like your mouth does when you brush your teeth. It feels really canlı bahis great!” Both the other boys laughed but they each pushed a little bit of the toothpaste into their dicks too. Then they continued stroking. Ryan spread his legs a few inches and bent his knees so his stroking would make his balls bounce up and down, getting hit by his fist on the down strokes. He added a little more lube. The other two boys got into the same positions – they had all picked up the habit from Ryan.

The cookie sat between them and finally Ryan said “I wonder who’s going to have to eat that thing?” In the way they’d learned their circle jerk routine the cookie was in the center and each participant tried to spray his jizz on it. The one who came last had to eat the cookie regardless of how soaked with cum it had become. There was always a lot of laughing when the game ended and someone had to slurp down the cookie. Most times only a few splashes of their pearly white jizz landed on the cookie but sometimes someone’s aim was good enough to cover a big part of the cookie. Each time they had a circle jerk someone wound up eating jizz from the others. And once in a while two of the boys had to share the cum soaked cookie. Over the past couple years they pretty much realized that swallowing cum – their own or someone elses – wasn’t really a big deal. It certainly didn’t kill them – it just didn’t sound very appetizing at first!

So there they were – stroking away and having a lot of fun watching each other. They each liked to see other dicks and watch the technique the other guys used. They began yelling out the names of the girls they’d had some experience with, which had the effect of making them laugh and stroke even faster.

The three boys were hard at work trying to complete their mission and make their circle do its job. What they hadn’t noticed was that Rachel had returned home just as they were dropping their shorts. She had come to the kitchen to get a cold drink from the refrigerator when, looking through the kitchen window, she noticed the boys on the patio. She’d never seen a circle jerk before and didn’t really know what was going on except that the three of them were completely naked and masturbating for all they were worth. She’d seen her brother’s penis several times but never when it was erect and she’d never seen his two pals naked or with hard ons. She watched intently as they took turns using the lube to make their work easier and more fun.

It wasn’t long before she noticed her brother squirting his load of jizz onto the patio and spraying the cookie as best he could. Rachel had no clue what the cookie was for but she watched her brother shoot six or seven strands of cum out of his dick and onto the ground. She was then quite surprised to see him milk the last few drops out of his dick into his palm and then lick the cum into his mouth. Then Tyler began to cum and pretty much repeated the same process, licking his own palm after letting the last few drops of cum land on it. Chris and Tyler then began to chide Ryan, letting him know he’d be eating the cookie that day. Ryan laughed but continued stroking until he too shot his load of hot cum onto the patio and cookie. He was the first one to remark about the toothpaste in his cock and how it almost felt like fire. He used a little spit to try to wash the head of his cock but then followed what the others had done – lapping the last drop or two from his palm. As they had all cumed Chris reached for the cookie and handed it to Ryan. “Here’s your treat” he said and all three of them laughed. Ryan hesitated, took a sip of his beer and popped the cookie into his mouth, chewing it into smaller bites and chasing them with more beer. “That wasn’t so bad” he said and they all laughed.

Finally the boys ran to the pool, jumped in and washed off the last traces of cum and got some exercise. After a few minutes they got out of the water, dried themselves, got dressed and went off in search of some bahis siteleri lunch.

Later that afternoon Rachel found Chris and asked if he wanted to walk over to Starbucks. “I’ll buy you a coffee,” she offered, hoping he would accept.

“Sure! That sounds great” he said. “Let’s go!”

As they walked the few blocks to a nearby business district Rachel asked “Can I ask you something? What were you guys doing on the patio when I got home?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, trying to sound innocent

“Oh, Chris!” Rachel said. “I saw most of it. I got home just when Ryan was dropping his pants. So what was that all about? Masturbating outdoors?”

“You’re not going to tell Mom or Dad about this are you?” Chris asked in a worried tone.

“No, no! I thought it was kind of funny but it’s not something Mom or Dad need to know about. Jenny says her brother does it all the time in their bathroom. She calls it Wacking Off.”

“Well, thanks for not ratting us out!” Chris was glad she wasn’t mad and wasn’t laughing at him and his pals.

“How often do you guys do that?” Rachel seemed interested in their game. “Can I watch the whole thing next time? And what was the deal with the cookie?”

“I suppose you could watch… I don’t know about having my sister watch me but I think Ryan and Tyler would enjoy having a girl watch them,” Chris guessed. “I’ll ask them.”

“Oh, Chris! I’m your sister but I’m your twin, too! We’re pretty close I’m happy to say. Jenny and her brother are always fighting with each other. I’m glad we’re closer than that. Maybe if you’re nervous about it I could watch just you do it – just us, all by ourselves?”

They arrived at the Starbucks just then and Chris was relieved that he didn’t have to think up an answer right away. “If you’ll grab a table I’ll order our drinks,” he said. “What do you want, Rachel”

“How about a light Vanilla Frappuccino? Oh – Here’s a table over by the window.” Chris got in line and ordered two Frapps and a piece of the Banana bread they sell – he was hungry again! Soon enough the drinks were ready and he sat down with Rachel. They both sipped at their drinks for a while without saying much. Finally Rachel spoke. “So… How about it? A private lesson just for me?”

“Well, I guess you’ve already seen me doing it and I know you’ve seen me naked a few times. But I don’t know if I could do it with you right in front of me. It was different when I didn’t know you were there!”

“Oh, Chris, come on! I won’t say anything and it might be fun! We could try it tomorrow after Mom and Dad go to work.”

“Ummm… Let me decide in the morning, OK?”

Rachel smiled. “Sure. We’ll decide in the morning. Let’s head home now – it’s almost time to start dinner!”

The two slowly sipped their drinks and didn’t talk on the way home. Chris was thinking about what Rachel wanted. He wasn’t really against it but he was a little afraid she might squeal on him sometime in the future. But all in all, they both had enough ‘dirt’ on each other so he could probably make sure she wouldn’t talk by threatening to reveal one or two of her secrets. In the end he decided to give it a try.

They were pretty quiet at dinner – their parents did all the talking, which was fine with Chris. He did laugh out loud once and his Mom asked what was so funny. Of course he was thinking about the circle jerk and getting caught by his sister but he couldn’t say that! So he excused himself and went to his room. Fooling around on the internet he just wanted the next morning to come and go so he could get his little show behind him. Finally he went to the living room and watched TV with the others. About 10:30 he got up and said goodnight. As he walked out Rachel grinned and winked at him – “See you tomorrow!” she laughed.

The next day was a beautiful summer day. Chris ate his breakfast on the patio which is where Rachel found him. “Are you still willing to show me?” she asked.

“Yeah! bahis şirketleri I hope it will be fun for both of us!” Chris laughed. “Can I finish my cereal first?”

“Sure. And I was wondering, Chris… Can I touch you when you’re doing that? I’d like to see what your testicles feel like when you’re stiff.”

“OK. Let’s get started.” Chris was now grinning widely at the thought of wanking in front of his sister. With that he stood up and slid his pajama bottoms down and stepped out of them. His dick was getting a little stiff already without any provocation on his part. Rachel sat up straight and was smiling brightly. She was dressed in a shorty nightgown and it was clear she had prepared for this event by wearing nothing else. She teased Chris by telling him she might be ready to show off, too! Chris grabbed his lube and a towel and started.

He spit into the palm of his hand and used the saliva to moisten his dick with a few short strokes. Repeating this step with some lube he felt he was pretty hard now and began to stroke with vigor. He glanced at Rachel – she had moved a little closer and was grinning widely. The way she was sitting he could look down the neck of her nightgown to see her nicely shaped titties. As he stroked he felt his dick stiffen even more and saw a few drops of precum form. He scoped them up with a finger tip and licked the finger, dropping his cock as he did so. Rachel took the opportunity to reach out and lightly touch his balls. As she did his cock bounced a little as it reacted to her touch. Although he’d had a few furtive hand jobs by some other girls he’d never stood naked in front of one and never in front of his sister like this. She rolled his balls around in her hand and felt them, noticing that his cock reacted frequently. Then she dropped her hand away and let Chris resume his mission. A little more lube and some rapid stroking was all he needed to reach a climax. He’d turned slightly to the side so his stream of jizz wouldn’t hit Rachel and she shouted “Oh!” as he began cumming. The six or seven shots of cum completed the show Chris had for Rachel that morning.

Rachel asked “Can I touch again?”

Chris said “Sure!” Although this was his sister he was anxious to have a female handling his male components. Rachel wiped some of the remaining cum off the tip of his cock and moved it around between her finger tips. Then she spit some saliva into her palm and reached for the quickly softening penis. Her slow stroking and squeezing at the same time made Chris begin to think she wasn’t a stranger to this activity. He didn’t ask but it seemed she knew her way around a dick fairly well! He enjoyed this special attention he was getting and realized he was still a little bit hard.

After a little of her action she stopped and stood to give Chris a short kiss on his cheek. “Thanks for showing me, Chris”, she said. “That was great! I hope it won’t be the last time I get to watch!”

“Well, thanks for helping me rub one out this morning, Rachel! I like doing that, but I like girls touching me, too. Let’s do this again sometime!”

“Yes… Let’s do! Maybe I can stroke you next time?” she asked. “Hey – did you ask Ryan and Tyler if they would let me watch one of your circles? That would really be interesting.”

“Well, I asked and Ryan wanted to know what you’d wear. He said a two piece bathing suit would make it pretty stimulating for him. But this nighty would be just as exciting, I think. Would you wear that with nothing on under it? Boys like girl’s bodies, you know!”

“Well, I’m not going to be treated like some cheap stripper!” Rachel said indignantly.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s just that thinking about pretty girls always makes it easier to get hard”. Chris didn’t want to get to deep into this subject for fear Rachel would back out of the fun.

“Ok, we’ll see about how I might participate. But I’d really like to see another circle!”

“Circle JERK” Chris said. “Circle Jerk, not circle!”

“OK, OK!” Rachel laughed and put her arms around her naked brother. “We must be technically correct.” Once again she reached down and gave his cock a slight squeeze. “Now let’s get cleaned up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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