The Test Product

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I’m horny… so horny. It’s only morning and I’m thinking about the sweet release that is to come when I get home from work.

This morning as I stood under the steaming shower, I could feel the tension rising. Just the simple motion of running my washcloth across my breasts made me ache for release. But there’s not time. I’ve got an important meeting to prepare for. I rub my hands over by breasts and gently squeeze my erect nipples. That only makes me hornier. I let my hands linger on my supple breasts for a few moments. I firmly cup my breasts, one in each hand, and pinch my nipples harder, promising to return to them tonight.

I rush to get dressed so the sight of my naked body doesn’t distract me. I know seeing my hardened nipples and perky breasts will only make me hornier. I’m running late so I grab a banana and head for the car. As I sit in traffic on my way to work, I ponder the banana. I’m desperately horny. What would it feel like to have the long, thick banana plunged deep inside me? There’s no time for experimenting; traffic is moving. I grab the banana and slowly remove the peel. As I move the banana to my mouth, I imagine it being someone’s hard cock. The pleasure that I give to a man when I suck his cock turns me on. Without realizing it, I am moving the banana in and out of my mouth, sucking it, gently grazing my teeth over it, imagining I were sucking a hard cock. When the car beside me honks, I turn to see a handsome stranger staring at me. I can see that I have made him very excited by the large bulge in his crotch. He is reaching down to unzip his jeans and release himself. God, I would love to watch. The light turns green and I must leave him. I give him a wink, blow a kiss, and I am gone.

When I arrive at work, the sexy package delivery guy smiles and winks at me on his way out. He must know by the look on my face and my rush that I am extremely horny. If I didn’t have a meeting to get to, I’d have him in my office and have my way with him. I can just imagine by the bulge in his crotch that nothing about this man is average. He could casino oyna be the best fuck of my life… but there’s a meeting waiting on me.

I grab my materials for the meeting and head to the conference room. Good thing I’m only listening to the pitchmen today. I’m way too distracted to speak. I enter the conference room, only to be greeted my two very handsome men from Australia, I think. Both are wearing suits with the top buttons of their dress shirts unbuttoned. From what I can see, these men definitely workout. My eyes slowly move from their chests to their penises. God, why couldn’t they be only decently cute! There’s no way I’m going to be listening to a word they’re about to say when my line of sight is directly between their legs. The meeting is about some back massager. When they show it to the room, it looks rather phallic shaped. It’s long and hard with a slightly widened tip and the perfect size to slide into a wet pussy. Plus it was battery-powered and water –proof. What I could do with that! I’ll need to request a sample for home use. As they continue their pitch, all I can think about is shoving the device inside of me and feeling it vibrate me to orgasm. Everyone is looking at me. My cellphone is vibrating on the table. I quickly grab it and place it in my lap. It continues to vibrate and moves its way in between my legs. “Oh, God!” I gasp. Everyone stops and looks at me again. “It seems I have to take this phone call,” I say as I stand and exit the room. There’s no way I’m going back into that room. I head to my office and shut the door.

A few minutes later, the Australian pitchmen knock on my door.

“Come in.”

“We just wanted to bring you a sample for your own home use. We could see you were distracted by it,” one of the pitchmen says.

“Oh… um… was it that obvious?”

“We created this ‘back massager’ as something a woman would not be ashamed to buy,” the other pitchman says, using air quotes on back massager. “It seems that all too often women are intimidated by the big sex shops. We wanted to provide pleasure to canlı casino those who wouldn’t otherwise purchase a vibrator.”

“Well… um… I’m not sure this company is right for your product, but I definitely think I need to test the product before giving you my full opinion. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving to do the home test. Here’s my home address. Stop by on your way out of town. I’ll let you know if I approve.”

With that, I left the office and headed straight for home. What a perfect excuse to get home and release myself!

As I stepped through the front door, test product in hand, I slowly began removing my clothing. First my stilettos, thrown haphazardly by the door. Closing the door, I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it. As I walked down the hallway, I stopped to look in the mirror. My nipples were poking out the black lace of my bra. Had my nipples been this hard all day? I laid the product on the table for a moment and grabbed my breasts, gently squeezing my erect nipples. I slowly undid the zipper on my tight, ass-hugging skirt, letting it fall to the ground. There was a noticeable wetness seeping from my black lace panties. I placed my hand over my mound to feel the wetness.

Picking up the massager, I headed to my bedroom. Grabbing my favorite lube from my vibrator drawer, I placed the lube and the new product on the table beside the bed. This was going to be an amazing afternoon. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, I slowly removed my bra and released my breasts. The air on my breasts only made my nipples become more erect. Slowly, I ran my fingertips over my breasts, teasing myself. I dipped a finger in my mouth and ran it over my nipples. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. I reached down and slowly removed my panties. The sight of my naked body sent my mind into a frizzy. I could imagine what those Australians would do to me if they were here.

I made my way to the bed and lay naked, hands roaming freely up and down my neck, breasts, stomach, thighs, and mound. Not yet, I thought. I closed my eyes kaçak casino and imagined having the Australians’ hands all over my body. They would tease me, pushing me to my limits, backing off, and repeating again so that when I finally orgasmed, it would be mind-blowing. I slowly lowered my hand to my pussy and felt the wetness. Spreading my lips open with one hand, I teased my clit with the other.

I reached for the massager and turned it on, testing the different speeds. These Australians had thought of everything. There was a wide range of speeds and the tip of the massager rotated. I turned the massager to a reasonable speed and tested it on my nipples. I could feel my juices leaking from me. I wasn’t going to need the lube.

I lowered the massager to my clit and let it linger for a moment before returning it to my breasts. What fun was it going to be if I just went straight in for it? After a few moments on my breasts, I ran the massager up and down my thighs, feeling the sensation all the way to my aching pussy. I wasn’t going to last too much longer. I placed a finger in my pussy, pulling it out covered with my juices. I slowly moved my finger to my mouth and sucked on it until it was free of my sweet juices. This was it. I wasn’t going to make it any longer.

Taking the massager in my right hand, I moved it to my opening. I teased myself by pushing it in slightly and removing it. With each push in, I went a little deeper and removed it completely before pushing it in again. I could feel the juices running down the shaft of the massager. I took it and placed it in my mouth, tasting my sweet juices once again, imagining I was sucking a hard cock.

Finally, I took the vibrating device and plunged it deep inside me, as far as it could go. Moving the device in and out, I rubbed my clit with the other hand.

“Oh, yes! Yes. Yes! YES!” I screamed as I plunged the device in and out the last few times before finally collapsing with orgasm.

As I lay there, recovering from my intense orgasm, I looked over to my bedroom door to see one of the Australians watching me.

“Bravo! I see you enjoyed the product,” he said, approaching me. As he reached my bed, he leaned over and kissed my lips. “Just a thank you for trying the product.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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