The Edge of Desire

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You open your eyes. Why are you awake? Something must have woken you. Some distant lascivious whisper just under your unconscious perception. Blink. Close your eyes. It was nothing; go back to sleep.


Your eyes are still open. When did they open again? Moments sludge by, the red glow of the digital hour marker freezes between three and four. The room you share is dark but for the single beam of moonlight filtering through the Venetian blinds flitting over the austere whiteness of the down blanket covering you, and a demonic crimson phosphorescence of the ever torturing alarm clock.

You toss and turn for a few minutes, wrestling with increasing frustration. The memory foam mattress pad you call your bed shifts silently and the soft beige sheets twist around your legs. Every position should be comfortable on this luxurious mat, but tonight none is.

As you lie on your back, you ponder your limited options. You could get up, and do something else, like the experts recommend. You could lie there, hoping to fall asleep for possible hours more to come. You could pray. But you have to work in just a few hours; you’ll try the tried and true solution– instead of grasping at straws, you grasp your already hard cock firmly in your right hand.

Maybe you think you can hide it, maybe you don’t care. Either way, the blanket is up just under your ribs, and your arm rustles softly against the fabric with each down stroke. Its quiet, but she can still hear you rubbing your cock.

She sighs, but she’s not sleeping. She sighs to let you know she’s awake, casino oyna that she’s eavesdropping on you. Do you like that she knows? Do you like that it drives her crazy? She’s lying on her side next to you, legs open slightly, just enough for a wandering hand. Can you feel her desire mounting? Not yet quite motivated enough to play, she softly strokes the creamy soft skin of a freshly shaved pussy lips with her well practiced fore and middle fingers as she listens to your increasingly fervent motions.

Maybe it starts out of necessity, but now she feels your desire growing as you swiftly pump your long hard cock. A faint smile passes over her lips in the inky darkness as she remembers the feel of the pulsing powerful rhythm beating inside her. She pictures your long skinny rod plunging deep between her wide open thighs. She can feel the “click” as your foreskin catches on her pubic bone, jumping the head of your cock to the spongy mass of her g-spot. Just a few well aimed strikes send her screaming over the edge of a precipice of pleasure. Orgasms, multiple orgasms, slamming viciously through her body for almost too long.

She wants it so bad. Yes, she needs it, needs you. But patience is her guide– she thinks she won’t get what she wants by pushing it, though sometimes the need is so great it’s hard to control herself. Tonight is one of those nights. She contents herself with the voyeuristic titillation of listening to you please yourself.

Unconsciously, her fingers have strayed to the pink nubbin protruding starkly from soft cushions of flesh. She doesn’t canlı casino want to distract you; she just wants to listen to you, but her body can’t be ignored. It takes a bit to be able to put any meaningful amount of pressure on her clit; the organ is simply too sensitive. Too horny?

She teases herself gently by brushing the tips of her fingers lightly over the base of the protrusion where the concentration of nerves is the greatest. She’s so wet she actually has to dry off her pussy with the back of her hand to get any traction. As she grazes her clit, she gasps with overwhelming pleasure. She stops for a moment, and pinches her nipple hard. Her 38DD tits flow through her tightly clamped fist. Just need a moment.

After a few seconds of further teasing, her fingers slide up to the hood where a swirling motion allow her to stroke the base with more pressure on each passing lap. She’s so horny it takes but a moment to reach the edge. Got to be careful, not too much…

Your urgency is increasing as you approach the crest of the wave. She’s wondering what you’re thinking about. She’s imagining your throbbing cock slowly sliding inside her slick hole. It’s almost uncomfortable– she’s so tight now. It’s been far too long since you’ve fucked her.

She knows you’re trying to be quiet and subtle. Your arm movements give you away, though, that coupled with the quiet sounds of precum under foreskin. You’re so close– and then you’re cumming. You explode, and through the dimness of the room, cum glints for the briefest moment it passes through the shaft kaçak casino of moonlight. She strains to watch without letting her body movements give her away, without taking her swiftly swirling fingers from her swollen clit. It splatters over your flat stomach catching in the faint wisps of your happy trail, and flecks of cum pearl on your chest.

The thoughts of being coated in your cum- down her throat, warm stickiness coating her tits, slipping over erect nipples, sliding down her stomach, dripping viscously in two trails down her pussy lips, damn there’s so much cum- bring her over the edge and her cunt contracts hard, pulsing throughout her body.

Little shock-waves wrack her body, and she strives for control. She doesn’t want you to know what you do to her. Ecstasy courses through her veins and momentarily blinds her. Time freezes, and she is primal in that moment. Wild, free. The pressure continues to build even as she is orgasming; another wave of pleasures crashes into the first. It grows until she knows nothing of herself or her world, just endless pleasure, suspended in eternity… She exhales.

You must have known she was listening, or maybe you heard her, because you ask her for something to clean yourself up with. She leans over and breathes into your ear, “How about my mouth?” You think she doesn’t know that you’ve cum, so you respond that it’s too late. She knows, though. Even though she’s just cum, she is by no means satisfied. You could get her to do almost anything. She wants to taste the hot, salty sweetness of your seed– hell, at this point, she needs it.

As your breathing steadies and slows, she knows your venture has been successful. As she drifts off to sleep, she wonders how much longer she can control herself. Not too much longer, she thinks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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