The Art of Anal Pt. 06

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Our second gangbang was over. I did not achieve all of the sexual goals I set for the evening’s antics, as the participants tended to be spontaneous. Leah taking two cock up her arse was undoubtedly the highlight. Besides, there was little energy left in the group for any more activity, plus the witching hour was approaching, which meant Paula had to return home before her husband. Andrew departed first to catch the train while I called the women a couple of cabs.

When the first taxi arrived outside the house, Paula hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear about having a chat. With a kiss on the lips, she departed. There was a tinge of regret in both us when the cab disappeared.

“Did you have fun?” I asked Leah as we sat on the front patio couch, waiting for the second taxi.

“I’m going to sore tomorrow,” She replied, “I won’t be having anal for a while.”

“That beautiful arse took a lot of punishment,” I observed.

“I wanted to see if I could take two cocks up my arse tonight,” Leah beamed, “Shame, we didn’t get to see you and Andrew in action.”

“Maybe we can arrange something for you?” I blurted before thinking through the implications of my offer.

“That’d be great,” Enthused Leah, “I’d like to join in, as in an anal threesome.”

“Just that hole?”

“Fuck, yes!” Leah leaned in and kissed me passionately, “Fucking love anal sex.”

That suggestion piqued my interest. While I experienced one such threesome years ago, I had a feeling that one involving Andrew and Leah would be on a different, higher level.

“What about Paula?”

“She’s free to join in if she wants,” Replied Leah, “At the very least, she can hold the camera.”

“What is it with you lot and filming?” I joked.

“Secret masturbation sessions!” Leah answered, just as the taxi appeared, “I’ll text you.”

We kissed, and she left. That nagging feeling I harboured from our very first meeting that Leah was somehow familiar returned.

Feeling somewhat unsatisfied, I checked my watch, 11.50 AM. If I was fleet of foot, I might get to the Broken Hill Hotel before the cut off time. I had only once been there until the bitter end, and it was an illuminating experience, watching bouncers forcibly eject idiots and the like. Feeling like some post-sex fun, I hastily packed my bag and made my way quickly to the pub.

As usual, the place was pumping, and knowing the security; I was quickly flagged through the front doors. With a pint in my hand, I struggled to find a seat, let alone a table. Even outside, space was at a premium. In the end, I managed to find a small patch of real estate at the bar, standing up, but it was a squeeze.

I pulled out my book and successfully managed several chapters, absent-mindedly scanning the text on the page rather than reading. My mind always drifted back to the last evening’s gangbang, specifically Paula and her earnest desire for me not to engage in gay sex.

Then my phone pinged.

“Are you awake?” Asked Paula.


“What are you up to?”

“Having a drink before bed,” I replied, “You?”

“Sitting out the back with a wine.”

“Did you have fun tonight?”

“Very much so,” She text, “And I’m sorry about that early business.”

“What was it about?”

“Just got a tad jealous.”

Oh, dear. It was just as I suspected.

In a long series of messages, Paula explained that while she did not object to me indulging my bisexual tendencies in theory, but that she found Andrew objectionable. In no reality would Paula find Andrew attractive or desirable. Even his personality, she found bland. Paula felt I could do better.

Given that rather brutal takedown, I asked why Paula had sex allowed him to participate in the gangbang and let him has sex with her. Paula’s somewhat weak response was the need to experience a DP, and the only impulse driving her thinking about me enjoying the experience. Women are a lot of things, but one attribute that shines the brightest is their contradictory nature.

“It’s hard to explain, but I don’t want to share you with him.”

Now, I was confused. What gave a married woman any right to dictate who I slept with, or, more broadly, how I lived my life? Did Paula think we were, or she wanted us to be, exclusive? If so, that would not be compatible with my varied sex life.

On the other hand, I was very attracted to Paula and felt a nurturing urge toward her. Of all my sexual partners, she was the one I connected to the most. With the others, including Mandy who I had not spent a lot of time with so far, the casual sex was transactional. We met, we fucked and then we left. Men can be contradictory too.

“We should talk about this in person sometime.”

“Agreed. Enjoy your night xx.”

Later the next day, I received a text from Leah asking if I was free to meet. We agreed to catch up at the Empire Bar in Rivervale at 5 PM.

“How’s your arse?” I asked as she joined me in the beer garden.

“So fucking sore,” She replied after kissing me, “Keeps me in a constant state of arousal.”

“How many times have your masturbated?”

“Twice, canlı bahis but it’s never enough.”

I scanned the beer garden and noticed a serious concentration of talent that rivalled the Broken Hill Hotel for beauty. I made a mental note to frequent this tavern more often, even if it was a longer hike.

“That anal threesome you want will have to wait,” I teased.

Leah shot me an irritated stare in reply.

“It was Paula that didn’t want Andrew and me to perform last night,” I said.

“She doesn’t like him,” Leah replied, “Pure and simple.”

“Yet she fucked him,” I said.

“Fulfilment of a fantasy,” She observed, “I’ve fucked many men that I wasn’t necessarily attracted to but who I used to get me off when I wanted it.”

Leah had such a casual and confident attitude to her sexuality.

“Besides,” Continued Leah, “She did it because it pleased you too.”

“Paula told me not to play with Andrew again.”

“Really? She’s assertive,” Said Leah, “Paula’s become more confident since she met you.”

“She’s a nice person,” I allowed, “A gentle soul.”

“A gentle soul who’s very fond of you.”

“That’s reciprocated,” I said, “But where does it go?”

“That’s a conversation between the two of you.”

I considered Leah’s words. If Paula wanted us to become closer, I would need to ditch Andrew in the interests of fairness and honesty, but what would I get in return? The gangbangs would go on a hiatus, and what my sessions with Leah and Mandy? I best book in a time with Paula for that chat.

“What is your assessment of Andrew?”

“A good fuck in a group scenario,” Replied Leah, “Not that impressive on his own.”

What was my assessment? Paula had a point. Andrew’s personality was one dimensional. Aside from his teaching career and his vast sexual appetite, there was little passion in the man. Our solo sessions were nowhere near as adventurous as my previous male lovers. It was the fortunate meeting with Paula and Leah that added some unique spice. Perhaps giving him up was not such a huge ask after all? What rankled was Paula’s demand. Again, talk it through with her.

“Lot of eye candy about today,” Leah said, interrupting my thoughts, deliberately.

“Sure is.”

“If you could have your pick, who would you target?”

“Too many choices and not enough in my balls.”

Leah laughed.

“I’d pick that bunch of jocks over there and let them tag team me,” She said.

“How many men have you done at any one time?”

“A few years ago, I went to a sex party at this couple’s house in Wanneroo,” Leah began, “We were the only two females, and her husband invited round countless guys, I don’t know how many, but I had every hole stuffed for hours. Every cock was different.”

“Wow!” I was getting hard at the thought of this scenario.

“At the end of the night, when us gals were used up, the husband made us take load after load on our faces.”


“Yep,” Confirmed Leah, “We were literally swimming in rivers of sperm!”

“Good night?”

“Very much so.”

“You’d make light work of that bunch then?”

“Need to fix my arse first!”

“How long, do you think?”

“Not sure,” Said Leah, “Has never been punished this hard before.”

“Do you always demand anal?”

“All the time.”

“Anyone refused?”

“Quite a few, actually,” Leah said, “Both men and women.”

Women refusing to participate in anal sex was understandable, but men? Okay, I have known a few that dismiss the brown arts, but they are rare.

“What happens to them?”

“I fuck them regardless, but rarely return to them for a second round.”

Leah phone pinged, which interrupted the flow of our conversation. She tapped out a series of messages then placed her phone back in her bag.

“That was my daughter, asking about my evening,” She grinned.

“What did you say?”

“Simply that Paula and I had a lovely meal, followed by some cocktails.”

“The ‘cock’ bit was accurate,” I smiled.

“That’s true,” Leah giggled, “While I was getting fucked senseless, she dined with her father.”

“Doesn’t your husband suspect your infidelity?”

“Oh, come now. Infidelity is such a strong word,” Chided Leah, “I prefer extra-curricula activity.”


“I doubt it, but if he does, he hasn’t said anything.”

“Is he seeking ‘extra-curricula activity’?” I asked.

“Good on him if he is,” Leah said, casually.

“What about Paula’s husband?”

Leah laughed and said he lived for cars, Jim Beam and weed, and doubted he had the brain capacity to strike up a conversation with another woman.

“Lonely way to live,” I said.

“Us gals will only take so much bedroom neglect,” Leah replied, “And Paula has taken the plunge with you.”

“She took the plunge with you,” I pointed out.

“Nah,” Laughed Leah, “That doesn’t count.”

“Two married gals getting it on isn’t cheating?”

“God, no!” She laughed, “That’s two friends being friends.”

“Ah, I see,” I said, not understanding Leah’s internal bahis siteleri logic.

We shared another round of drinks, and when that was finished, Leah looked at her watched and told me she ought to get home.

“Before I do that, I have some time to play if you want?”

There was a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“What did you have in mind?”

“You, me and that shitty building?”

“Let’s go!”

It had been several weeks since Leah and I has some squirty anal fun at this unique outdoor location. Nothing had changed, no work had been remedial done, and it was looking as run down and derelict as ever.

It was early evening, but the sun continued to shine, which provided natural light to the second floor. Like naughty teenagers, Leah and I looped under the gap in the security fence and ascended the stairs.

“Stinks of your squirt,” I observed, half-joking.

“Oh, yeah,” Chuckled Leah, “Paula told me about you walking into the Empire in the piss-stained clothes.”

“Did she tell you how I explained my appearance to the curious barman?”

“That was the funniest part!”

“I want to spray you,” I said, hoping Leah would yield.

“Not here, not today,” She replied, “I wouldn’t be able to use your excuse or any other to explain my appearance to my husband.”

“You can hose me down again,” I said.

“I’ve only been able to squirt from an anal orgasm,” Leah replied, “And your cock is not going anywhere near that hole.”

“Doesn’t have to be squirt,” I offered.

Leah shot me a questioning look before smiling.

“You are kinky,” She said, “It’s been years since I’ve done pee-play.”

“Well, then?”

“Not here, not today,” Leah repeated, “At your place, though because afterwards, I can clean up.”

“Make it a date,” I smiled, then pushed Leah against the foetid wall and kissed her hard.

It was not our intention to make love to each other; today’s session was raw porno-style fucking. Kissing was over very quickly before we ripped our clothes off. Seconds later, we were naked and ready to go.

I dropped to my knees, hoisted one of Leah’s legs over my shoulder and attacked her steaming pussy.

“Oh, yeah!” Moaned Leah, “Eat that slutty cunt!”

I lapped at her lips, nuzzled her clit and stabbed inside her dripping tunnel while groaning with lust. Minutes later, Leah shook and panted as the first orgasm hit.

“Turn around,” I growled.

“No, not my arse,” She pleaded, “It’s too sore.”

I had no intention of penetrating her chafed hole but instead rimmed her gently with broad sweeps of my tongue.

“Oh, wow!” Was the response I expected, “That’s actually soothing.”

As I knew it would be.

“Keep going,” Leah panted, as she brought a hand to her clit, “That’s going to make me come.”

“A squirty orgasm?” I asked, briefly coming up for air.

“Not sure,” She moaned.

I lapped her some anus as if my life depended on the act.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” Followed by a long, drawn-out, “Oh!”

Leah released a vertical stream that pooled on the ground. I tried to capture it in my mouth, but it was not easy. By the time I manoeuvred my mouth under the fluid stream, it had come to an end. Some drops messed up my t-shirt. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy, which made Leah jump and sucked out what remained. The bitter taste told me immediately that Leah had not squirted but released piss.

“That was so good!” Panted Leah, as she spun round to kiss my pissy lips, “Did you enjoy that?”

“I didn’t get much of it,” I said, “But you pissed yourself.”

“I know,” Leah giggled, “Just for you.”

Leah spun me around and dropped to her knees, taking my raging hardon inside her sloppy maw.

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed, “Suck that cock!”

This woman has probably blown a thousand cocks in her time because she certainly knew what she was doing.

“Let’s fuck,” I pulled Leah up after enjoying several minutes of expert oral.

I pushed her up against the wall again, spread her legs and thrust my cock deep inside Leah’s swamp box.

“Oh, shit!” She hissed.

I fucked her doggy style for some time before spinning her around and doing her in a sort-of standing missionary position, holding a thigh in my hand as I thurst into her.

We kissed savagely. There were no gentle feelings between us, just raw, animal lust. Two humans satisfying their base urges.

“Going to come!” Leah announced as her pleasure purrs increased in tempo and volume.


“Oh, fuck!” Whimpered Leah, as her body shook again.

“Clean up my cock!” I ordered before she had barely recovered.

Leah did as ordered but took a large intake of air to catch her breath before her mouth was jammed full of man meat.

“Choke on that fucking cock!”

Leah gagged multiple times as she swallowed every bit of my manhood.

“How’s my cock taste?”

“Like a million fucking dollars!”

I grabbed her head and roughly pulled it onto my glistening pole.

“Where am I going to come?” I asked.

“Anywhere you want?”

“Down bahis şirketleri you fucking throat.”

I withdrew my cock and twirled around to lean against the graffitied wall.

“Clean up my arse, fucking whore!”

“With pleasure.”

“Yeah, you are a slut.”

Leah ate my arsehole with practised ease while I wanked my cock. This combination of sexual stimulation quickly brought on the beginnings of an orgasm.

I turned around again to face Leah, whose pretty face had saliva daubed across it.

“I’m close to coming,” I said, “I want you to finger my arsehole and throat my cock till it fills your mouth with sperm.”

Leah reached underneath my scrotum, rubbed a finger against my saliva coated arsehole and pressed. She entered easily, and I asked to insert another.

“Oh, yeah!” I said, “Fuck my arse and suck my cock!”

Compliance was immediate, and I became light-headed as my arsehole and cock were the beneficiaries of Leah’s vast experience and talent.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” I said, after only moments of this pleasure.

Leah said nothing, nor did she interrupt her action. If anything, she redoubled her effort, and I felt her fingers snake deeply inside my anus while her free hand and mouth did the rest on my cock.

Seconds later, I exploded. My balls erupted with unusual violence, and my whole world went black as my cock spasmed in Leah’s mouth.

She slowed her action and carefully removed her fingers from my funky bung.

“Oh!” I sighed, satisfied, “That was great.”

Leah remained on her knees, staring at me and showing me the load I just deposited in her mouth. She played with it by pulling thick strands of sperm out of her mouth with her fingers before swallowing the lot.

“Show me,” I ordered.

Leah opened her maw. Empty. My boiling sperm was travelling to her stomach.

“Good girl!”

She seemed pleased as I helped her up, and we embraced each other. Our hug was about the only tender moment we shared that day, but I appreciated it.

“I should get home,” Said Leah, grabbing her clothes, “Do you want a lift?”

“Nah, I’m happy to walk from here.”

We kissed again by her car before she sped off. Me, I walked towards the highway, crossed over and ordered a beer at the Empire and cast my gaze over the eye candy, eminently satisfied.


Later that evening, I sent a text to Paula, asking her if she wanted to chat, but radio silence prevailed. She’ll contact me when she’s ready and able, I suppose.

Sipping a cold beer on my back patio that Sunday night, it occurred to me that my diversified sexual portfolio of partners soon required a restructuring. The introduction of Leah and Paula, initially, created the diversity, but the equilibrium was disturbed, and I doubted how long this portfolio would endure.

No matter where the chips fell with Andrew, there was one last act I wanted to play out. That was an anal threesome with Leah. The timing of that potential event depended on how quickly Leah’s arsehole rebounded, her and Andrew’s availability, his willingness and the random element, Paula. Without understanding what she wanted and when, and what I stood to gain, Andrew’s presence in the portfolio remained.

I heard little from Andrew, Leah or Paula for much of the subsequent week. Mandy and I flirted by text, but we did not meet. Her exams were taking place, and she needed to focus on those. So, I caught up with friends when available but, generally, kept to myself awaiting developments.


On Friday, I decided to catch up with a mate at the Grosvenor Hotel after work when I received three consecutive pings on my phone.

From Leah: “I think my arse is good to go. How about an anal threesome?”

From Andrew: “Anything planned for the weekend?”

From Mandy: “Exams over, let’s meet up.”


I replied in the order of receipt.

To Leah: “When can you play?”

To Andrew:”Leah wants a threesome with us. Any interest?”

To Mandy:”When are you free?”

Answers in order of response:

From Leah:”Tomorrow, at yours?”

From Andrew:”Potentially, when?

From Mandy:”ASAP.”

My responses:

To Leah:”Waiting on Andrew.”

To Andrew:”Leah’s thinking tomorrow. All anal action, all parties.”

To Mandy:”Where are you?”

There was some radio silence before Andrew replied that he was up for an all anal, bisexual threesome. When advised, Leah sent me a thumbs up, and Mandy said she was at the Broken Hill Hotel. I was slightly saddened by the continued radio blackout from Paula but I was sure she would contact me when she was ready.

Over the course of several further message threads, Leah, Andrew and I arranged the details for tomorrow evening’s shenanigans, while I excused myself from my friend’s company and made my way to the Broken Hill Hotel, arriving a little after 7 PM.

Mandy was sitting at a table with her blonde friend who appeared in the video. Were they lovers or do they mutually masturbate for the camera?

After hugging, Mandy introduced me to Bella and the cellebrations for end of term were in full swing with several empty cocktail glasses on the table.

“Many’s told me a lot about you,” Slurred the blonde when the brunette muscled her way to the bar for refills.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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