Tardiness Requires a Punishment

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Alesha came home that day all in a fit. She was mad. Mr. Turner had done it again. And every time she thought about it, it just made her hotter. When I say hot, I mean horny. And it just made her mad that she got horny thinking about it. It made Jamie hot too, to hear about it.

This morning, Alesha was supposed to be at work at 7, in time to help Mr. Turner set up for their 8:00 meeting with the buyers. Mr. Turner had told her before that he didn’t tolerate lateness. Punishment was always left up to his discretion. However, when the alarm went off this morning, Alesha just couldn’t bring herself all the way around to get out of bed. She and Jamie and spent half the night making love. And Alesha was just too damn tired. So at 6:30, she snapped awake. Realizing that there wasn’t even time for a shower, Alesha quickly got dressed in her knee length black skirt, and her lime green cashmere sweater. She put on the white tank top underneath. After looking at herself in the mirror, and deciding that the skirt did justice to her full thighs, and the tank top and sweater sufficiently hid her tummy, and made her boobs look a little more perky, Alesha put her hair in a pony tail with a flower to accent, slipped into some shoes, and headed out the door. At the stoplights, she hurried through a light application of mascara and lip-gloss, hoping that that would be enough to make her look presentable.

But of course, traffic was maddening, and she didn’t even pull into the parking lot at work until 7:10. She grabbed her bag and her purse and took off running to the building. She jumped on the elevator and took it up the 17 floors to her office, and ran in, hoping to get to her office, before Mr. Turner had a chance to realize that she wasn’t yet there. As she flung open the door to the lobby, she knew immediately that she was too late. The receptionist, Gracie was shaking her head, and handed her a message from Mr. Turner. He wanted her in his office immediately.

Alesha lowered her head, and went directly to Mr. Turner’s office. She knocked twice on the door and waited for his command to enter. She went in and set her things on the floor inside the door. Mr. Turner was already standing, and walking towards her. He took Alesha by the hand, and led her over to the sofa in the corner of the office. Alesha’s mind was swimming, trying to figure out what the punishment was going to be today. The last time, he made her strip down and suck his cock until he came. 3 times in one day this happened. Another casino siteleri time, he had her do a strip tease. Mr. Turner got really turned on by Alesha’s full figure. He said that her full thighs, tummy, and breasts were those of a woman, not a teenager, and he liked that.

First, Mr. Turner gave her the lecture about being late, and how her actions reflected on the company as a whole. Then he walked over to the filing cabinet and unlocked it. Alesha could feel herself getting wet just thinking about her “punishment.” She so loved to suck on Mr. Turner’s cock. But usually, this was not his punishment of choice. It was not to be so today, either.

Mr. Turner instructed Alesha to get on her knees on the sofa, and lean over the arm. She did as she was told. Mr. Turner walked over to her, with his hands behind his back. He told Alesha to pick a hand. She chose the left. He pulled his left hand from behind his back, to reveal a silver egg shaped vibrator, and remote control. It was about the size of a C battery. Alesha actually whimpered. She knew she was in trouble. Mr. Turner sat down on the sofa behind her, and laid down the items from both hands; the egg, the remote control, and the paddle hairbrush. He reached over and pulled the bottom of Alesha’s skirt up to her waist, and then pulled her panties down to her knees. He felt that they were wet already, and told Alesha that this just would not do. So he picked up the brush, and gave her a hard swat on her right butt cheek, turning the area red immediately. By reflex, Alesha pushed her butt out closer to his hand.

Deciding that one swat was enough for now, Mr. Turner ran his hands over her ass, and then bent forward, and nuzzled his face to her cheeks. He ran his nose between her cheeks, and stopped short. He could smell Jamie’s cum from last night’s lovemaking. This excited him even more. Mr. Turner spanked Alesha again. He told her that that one was for not telling him that she had made love the night before.

Mr. Turner then told Alesha that since she chose the egg first that he would put that in first. So he ran his fingers between her butt cheeks, toying only for a moment with her hole. He then ran those fingers down her slit, and to her clit, where he again toyed only for a moment. Then, using his middle finger, he gently played with her pussy, making sure it was wet enough to get his finger inside. Then he inserted the egg, careful to let the string hang out so that he could retrieve it later in the day.

Alesha canlı casino was whimpering at what she considered to be a tease from Mr. Turner. He then sat back down on the couch, and pulled her around and over his knees. With her butt turned up in the air, Alesha grew more excited, more wet. She knew what was coming, and she also knew that Mr. Turner was always gentle with her. This time was no exception. He spanked her on each cheek, 15 times. One on each side for each minute that she was late. When Alesha started to whimper, Mr. Turner stopped. It was not his goal to hurt her. Mr. Turner stood up and straightened his clothes. He told Alesha that it was almost time for the sales meeting to start, and that he would see her in the conference room. Just before he slipped out of the room, he told her 3 things. First of all, she was not aloud to remove the egg from her pussy, second, no one must know what was going on in her pussy, and third, she was not allowed to cum. Then he turned the egg on the lowest setting then walked out of the door.

Alesha immediately jumped up when the egg began to buzz. She wasn’t sure yet what Mr. Turner was going to do to her, but she did know that the egg felt good, and she was sure in for one heck of a day. She straightened out her hair, pulled up her panties and down her skirt, then picked up her bags and headed for the conference room.

As soon as she walked in, Mr. Turner upped the speed on the egg. The sudden jump in her pussy shocked Alesha so much that she almost fell down. But, to Mr. Turner’s delight, she held herself together, and walked to her chair. She sat down and crossed her legs, but the pressure with the egg was too much to bear. She quickly uncrossed her legs, and leaned forward. When she did that, Mr. Turner turned the egg off all together. This made her whimper as well. The whole morning went like that. The egg was off and on, on and off. Alesha was going crazy. The meeting was drawing on for hours, and all she could think about was how wet her pussy was, and how much she wanted to cum. When they decided to break the meeting for a lunch break, Alesha leaned back in her chair, and waited for everyone to leave the room. When everyone was gone, Alesha ran her hand down between her breasts, and down her skirt to the hem, where she lifted it up, and ran her hand up to feel the wetness in her panties.

Alesha threw her head back and started to sigh, and she began to rub her clit. She knew she wasn’t supposed to cum, but she was going kaçak casino insane, and she figured that what Mr. Turner didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. With her eyes closed, she was rubbing her clit faster now, and with her other hand, she had 2 fingers in her pussy, reaching up to the egg. She was so close to cumming when all of a sudden the egg started vibrating. She jumped and looked up and saw Mr. Turner standing in the door.

He simply walked over to her and took her by the hand. He stood her up and pushed gently on her back, lowering her over the table. Again, Alesha was bare ass in the air. Mr. Turner began to spank her. He spanked harder this time. He kept saying that he told her that she wasn’t allowed to cum. But since she hadn’t listened to him, she was going to have to be punished. He spanked first on the left side, then on the right. He spanked her until her bottom was red and stinging. He spanked her until she was crying, and then he stopped.

Mr. Turner put his right hand between Alesha’s legs, and parted her thighs. When he felt how wet her pussy was, he brought his fingers up to his lips and tasted her juice. He lowered his face down to her pussy and began to lick her slit.

Mr. Turner stood Alesha up and turned her around. She backed up on the table, and spread her legs. Mr. Turner immediately buried his face in her pussy. He ran circles around her clit with his tongue. He ran his middle finger up and down her slit. Alesha threw her head back, moaning. Mr. Turner began sucking on her clit, and moving his tongue back and forth against the tip. Alesha grabbed her nipples through her sweater and tank top and pinched at them. She was so hot. Mr. Turner pulled the string that released the egg from Alesha’s pussy. It was a sweet agony for her. The vibrations that had kept her wet all day long were now gone. But, in their place were 2 of Mr. Turner’s fingers. He was slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy, and sucking on her clit.

It was all too much for Alesha to bear, and her thighs started to quiver. It was the quiver that preceded a glorious climax. Alesha couldn’t suppress the screams that came with the orgasm. She let loose as the convulsions racked her body. All the while, Mr. Turner was licking up her sweet juices as fast as they flowed from her body.

When it was all over, Mr. Turner turned her over, and gave her a couple of brief swats on her butt just for good measure. He reminded her not to be late again, and then gave her the rest of the day off.

When she got home, Jamie was sitting on the couch. He asked her how her day went. As she told Jamie about her day, she noticed his cock growing.

Then he said, “how about we reenact your day so I can take part in it too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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