Tam’s Toy

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She didn’t need to but Tam closed the door of the play room and locked it. The basement was cool but she sweated a little. A retired mechanical engineer Tam was still a lush looking woman even if she was fifty years old. Regular visits to the gym kept her body tight and trim. Her face was still youthful with few wrinkles. Her white wavy hair was cut short and clung tightly to her head.

She looked and the device she had designed and built with a small amount of unease. The previous tests had gone well. Still there was a chance it wouldn’t meet her expectations. There was always the chance that Murphy’s Law would pop up at any time. The new parts were secure and angled just right. The worm geared shafts were covered. The electric motors ran whisper quiet and the precision gear boxes were just as noiseless. The speed control was securely attached to the padded bench within easy reach.

“What are you waiting for you horny old slut.” she mumbled to herself. With that she straddled the bench and sat gingerly on its soft surface. She put her high heeled feet on the stirrups and leaned forward. The tight short skirt of her business suit rose high on her thighs to reveal a lacy pink half slip and the tops of her thigh high nylons. Tentatively she caressed the dark brown warm dildo in front of her face. “If only you were a real one,” she whispered. She gripped it softly with one of her small feminine hands. The perfect pink nails of her thumb and forefinger just touched. She casino siteleri kissed the head of it softly then licked the head with her long tongue. Tam rocked forward and took the head into her wide mouth. He pink flossed lips slipped around the head as she took the dildo into her mouth. She rocked forward until she gagged. Then she forced it deeper into her throat. She gagged again and pulled back. “You’re much bigger the Stan was,” she said to the room at large, “oh Stan I miss you so!” Stan was her deceased husband gone three years now.

Tamara had dated none of the various men that flocked around after her husband had died. All they wanted was her body or worse yet her money. None of the oily sons of bitches would get a dime of it. It was for her and her children. But then it might be fun to take a lover or two. The wound of her husband’s death was still too tender for her to touch. That was fading though. So she had designed and built the machine she was testing for the first time that evening.

She pulled her skirt and slip up around her waist. When she dressed before coming down the basement she had left her pink panties on the bed. Tam’s round ass was lightly tanned except for the outline of a bikini bottom. Tam fingered her pussy as she inched slowly down on the bench until the dildo there touched her ass. It was warm too. The heater problem was gone repaired after the previous test. By now her pussy was very wet. She arched her back and slid back canlı casino the length of the dildo. The warm latex cock rubbed on her swollen clitoris as she rocked back and forth. It felt so good! Her juice all but dripped from her Libra. She rocked forward until the dildo was positioned at the entrance of her sex. Tamara pushed back on the dildo causing it to slide past her labia and into her pussy.

Gasping she took about two inches or so then stopped. Oh shit it was so thick! She moaned as she took half of the remaining length of the latex cock into her body. Oh! It was so big! Now she pulled forward until only the head was inside her pussy. Setting the machine for a three inch stroke and the slowest speed she turned it on. Oh! Oh! She gasped as it slipped ever so slowly into her, then out. Tam touched another control and the worm shafts moved it forward two inches. She shuddered as it drove deeper into her. Now it drove five inches in her with each stoke. She doubled the speed gasping each time the dildo reached its apex. Tam scooted forward so she could kiss the cock in front of her. Then she moved the dildo fucking her closer until most of it slid into her pussy with each stroke. Now she was taking half or more of the front the dildo in her mouth while the rear one sawed into her pussy.

Tam had opened her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her lacy pink bra. They swung as she rocked in time to the thrusting fake cock drove deep into her body. Sweat beaded kaçak casino on her forehead and dripped from her bouncing breasts to drop on the bench. Her nipples rock hard and fully engorged moved on the bench sending electric thrills coursing through her. Face flushed she panted and gagged around the dildo in her mouth. Then she notched the speed up again.

At this point Tam was frantically rubbing her clit. Her juices all but dripped out of her ravaged cunt as her orgasm built. She swiveled the front one to the side and slid back on the rear dildo until it jammed full length into her quivering sweat drenched body. She and never taken anything this long or thick in her pussy before.

It hurt a little but she was to far gone to care. She was so close to cumming. She wanted more maybe one longer and thicker but it had to be real. Oh God! She wanted a real live dick pounding in her! Then she tumbled over the brink and came hard for the first time in years. Tam sobbed with release as her orgasm rolled through her frame.

Tam cut the machine’s speed to very slow. Then collapsed to the bench panting and trembling as it continued to stroke slowly in and out of her cunt. She needed and wanted a real living and breathing man. Mabel several of them and at the same time. Now that would be a way to quench the fire burning in her loins. But how to do this she mused? Then she thought of a long time best friend she had known all of her life. Janice and Tamara had grown up together gone to the same schools. Her husband had died too.

Tam had noted lately Jan had that glow about her. The glow of a well fucked woman. Jan also claimed that she was dating no one in particular. Now just what was that girl up to?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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