SJWs Just Want to Get Laid

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A SJW college kid is part of a project that helps girls out of prostitution. On his first day during the assignment he encounters a confident woman who enjoys being a prostitute. Can he resist his urges in front of this experienced woman and convince her to leave her sinful profession behind?


Nathan was a 19 year old college student. He had short curly blonde hair and an athletic build. Even though he wasn’t really much of an athlete, girls often described him as “pretty cute”. Nathan was involved with his college’s Political and Social Activism club. Nathan was an idealist, he wanted equality and justice for all and for women in particular. He, unlike some of the others he knew, was willing to do something about it. Every week the club would meet and discuss important issues that were afflicting the world. There were also outreach programs. The most important program they had on campus was the one revolving around prostitution. As part of this program, prostitutes were invited to talk about their experiences in a safe and shame-free environment. It worked to help students understand the difficulties that these women were facing, but also to help these women to leave the life of prostitution behind them and to transition into honest day jobs.

A new project in the program would be starting today. Instead of prostitutes coming to visit, the students would visit the prostitutes. In pairs of two they would visit these women at the places where they worked and come to understand their situation and help them improve their lives. Nathan had signed up for this program, because he had an enormous respect for women. He wanted to help young girls achieve an equal status, free from dirty men that thought of them only as sex objects.

Unfortunately the day of their first assignment his partner was sick. He had called the coordinator and she had told him that he should just go alone and see if it worked out. This would be the first time that Nathan would be alone with a prostitute. He was nervous, he didn’t want this girl to be afraid of him. He wanted to create a safe space for her, so she could express herself and feel at ease.

He had taken the bus to the red light district. The coordinator had given him a slip of paper with the address he was supposed to visit and a crude map with instructions was drawn on it. He would have to walk a small distance along the main road and then make a left. He checked his watch, he was almost 15 minutes late already, he just hoped that the girl would not mind his tardiness.

While walking down the main road, he was amazed at what he saw. More than half the buildings had large glass windows and all of those windows contained a prostitute. These women were showing their bodies in the most obscene ways. Some of them were just looking at their phones, seemingly not to caring much, but all of them dressed in the most skimpy and revealing outfits. One of the women was dancing around a long metal pole. Her slender body snaked up the pole and then she slid down again without using her hands. All the while she was smiling and winking at him. Another was making rude gestures and simulating sex on herself. Her hand moved up and down her crotch and she pretended to like it. She licked her lips while faking an orgasm.

He had never seen such a vibrant collection of colors both in lights and fashion. Every girl was wearing some sort of lingerie visible under the little clothes they wore. There was a blonde girl clad in a black sheer blouse with a tiny silver bikini hugging her thighs and small breasts. Nathan thought about the sad state of affairs. These women were treated as slabs of meat in a meat locker. Some had big fake smiles and some just looked like they were too high on drugs to even understand what was going on around them. All of them covered in heavy make-up and Nathan wondered how much of that was to hide the marks from the beatings these girls undoubtably received.

There were also some men walking in the street. They hastily shuffled by and threw shifty looks around them. These men were despicable, Nathan hated men like these. They know they were doing something wrong. They are helping perpetuate the circle of violence on these women, yet they can’t stop thinking with their dicks for 5 second to even realize that. These men were truly the evil that threatened to corrode our society from its very core.

He took a left turn into a darker alley and entered the second house just like the piece of paper described. An older lady was sitting behind a small table. She looked up and smiled at him: “Hey honey, do you have an appointment or did you just wander in here?” Nathan was taken aback by the warmth in her voice. He expected the madam of a brothel to be a lot cruder than this. He took a breath and answered: “I am here for the project, I am supposed to talk to Betty.” The madam’s smile faded somewhat: “Oh, the college project? I completely forgot, uhm, just go to room 1-C and the nice lady there will help you along.” She pointed at illegal bahis a small staircase behind her. Nathan thanked her and went up the stairs.

He stood in front of the room and lightly knocked on the door. Nobody answered, so Nathan tried to open the door. It swung open and Nathan entered the room. He could see a figure in the back moving about behind a sheer curtain. He called out to her: “Hello? Are you Betty? I am supposed to talk to you about our project.”

The figure emerged from the back and moved through the curtain. Nathan was amazed at the woman standing in front of him. She was a huge large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, plump-assed black woman. Nathan guessed that she must easily weigh over 200 pounds (100 kilos). She was in her early thirties and wore heavy make-up. She was wearing a piece of bright pink lingerie that was obviously too small for her large body. On the bottom she was wearing a mini-skirt that just barely covered anything. Her fat spilled over from all sides. It was an erotic sight and Nathan felt his dick becoming aroused. He tried to ignore it, but the curves of the woman were irresistible. Her ebony skin was mesmerizing him, Nathan had never known a woman that looked like her. Her tits were so large, they probably were off the bra scale. Each one of her breasts were as large as his head and they lightly swayed while the woman moved toward a chair and sat down.

“Betty? Who the fuck is Betty? Should I know that bitch?” The woman had replied to him, before Nathan could ask another question. It was not just the language she used, but even the tone in which she said it, was vulgar and crude.

“I-I am here to talk about the p-project we are starting from the local c-college.” the shiver in his voice was unmistakeable.

“Listen little frat boy, I don’t know nothing about any project and I ain’t participating in one either!” She snarled at him.

“No, you don’t need to do anything, I just want to talk to you about your choice of profession and offer you an opportunity to improve your situation!”

She was unimpressed by his sales pitch and replied: “I am perfectly fine with what I do, now get the fuck out! You are annoying the fuck out of me!” She pointed at the door and her whole body jiggled from her violent motion, emphasizing her large curves. Nathan could see part of her large dark areola pop out from under the lingerie. He tried to not let it distract him and tried to reason with her. He didn’t want to fail his first assignment.

“You don’t understand selling your body like this is wrong. You are objectifying yourself like this. We can help you leave this life behind. Then you can find a job with people that care about you and your wellbeing.” He pleaded.

She scoffed at him: “Listen, I am a fat black hooker. People don’t care about me, no matter what job I do, the only person that looks out for me is myself.”

“You should not talk about yourself in terms like that, all men and women are equal and you have a right to a happy life just as much as anybody else!” Nathan was trying his best to convince this woman.

“Well aint you sweet, you know how you can make me happy?” She chuckled.

“How?” Nathan inquired.

“By paying me and getting the fuck out of here. I ain’t got time to listen to your bitch ass whining. I have clients that I could be serving and money that needs to be made.”

Nathan saw an opportunity: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep all the money you earned? Without having to pay it to your pimp?”

“Pimp? What pimp? I employ myself, I don’t work for any pimp! That is not how this girl does her business.” She sounded a bit angry.

“Oh, I see what the problem is,” she said with a new sweetness in her voice, “you must be a virgin.”

“N-no, I have made love to my former girlfriend many times” Nathan sputtered.

“You made love, huh? But did you ever get a good fucking by a woman who knew what she was doing?”

“No, I would never degrade and objectify a woman in that way! Women deserve respect and I detest people who treat women that way.”

“Aren’t you a sweet talker?”

“I’m not trying to sweet talk you!”

“Well I don’t care. Either you pay me or get the fuck out of here. I got better things to do than to listen to some little bitch whine about my situation. I know what I am doing, and I don’t need you to tell me what I should do different.” Again she pointed at the door.

“But aren’t you hoping for something better to come along? How long have you been doing this uhm, “profession”?”

“You just want to know how many dicks I sucked in my life, right?”

“No, I would never ask such an obscene thing!”

“Don’t give me that crap, you are just like everybody else, sure you have your standards and your morals, but deep down you just want to fuck sluts like me to your hearts content without worrying about the consequences.” She pointed at the bulge that had formed in Nathan’s pants. A silence followed.

“I don’t think illegal bahis siteleri that is entirely…” Nathan tried to object, but his cock had become rock hard from looking at her deliciously curvy body.

“Are you kidding me? You mean if I would spread my legs for you, right here, right now, you wouldn’t jump on me and fuck my big fat ass? That bulge tells me otherwise!”

“You would do that? I mean…”

“Oh boy, you are even more desperate than I imagined. You are just as dirty as those other guys you say you hate. Guys who go out and fuck bitches and brag about it. You just wish you were one of those guys!”

“That is not true, guys like that have zero respect for women and should never be allowed to roam the streets!” Nathan objected furiously.

She suddenly moved her legs apart and pulled her skirt up. She showed him her bare pussy. She was not wearing any panties.

“I kinda like you, I bet you have a nice dick in there! Why don’t you pull it out and I’ll show you what nice things I can do with it.” She lightly stroked her pussy. When she pulled her pussy lips apart he could see the bright pink of her pussy. Nathan moved a step back, blood was rushing towards his dick and it felt like it could burst at any moment.

“L-listen I think you are very beautiful, but this is not the right way to go about these things.” He started to move towards the door, but before he knew what happened she had stood up and had him pushed against a wall. She started kissing him and tried to push her tongue inside his mouth. He tried to get away, but she had a strong grip on him.

“Come on, pretty boy, the least you can do is kiss me goodbye!” She kissed him again with full force. Her kiss tasted sweet and he could not resist her erotic tongue. He let her tongue enter his mouth and played with it. She answered by pushing her tongue even deeper. Nathan had never been kissed in such a vulgar way before, but his cock became rock hard from it. She released his lips and started whispering in his ear: “Come on and tell me, what would you like to do with a big fat bitch like me? Shoot my whore cunt full of your hot spunk? Or do you want to fuck my fat slutty ass? I’ll let you do it, you hot stud, all you have to do is ask and admit that you like a nice fat whore like me, just like everybody else.”

Nathan was overwhelmed by her hot body pressing against his and her kiss had send his head spinning. He could feel his dick straining against his pants. He could only think of her giant tits pressing against his body and her intoxicating scent ravished his mind.

“Let me suck your dick while you think about it,” she whispered.

“I really should be going…” he muttered.

She lowered herself on her knees and opened up his pants. His long erection stood up shamefully outside his shorts. She was amazed by the size of his member.

“At least your dick ain’t lying, look at the size of this thing!” she was gleeful about it.

“Don’t you think it is humiliating to get on your knees like that?” He asked her.

“Hey stupid, how else am I supposed to suck your dick?”

She opened her mouth and let his dick slide inside it. It was a sensation unlike anything he ever felt before. The inside of her mouth felt soft and pleasant around his penis. He flinched when he felt her tongue stroke the underside of his penis.

“Oh wow, that is really…”

She interrupted him: “You shut up, and let me do what I do best! Sucking nice big cocks like yours is the best kind of work a girl like me can do!” She immediately attacked his dick again and this time she let it slide all the way inside her throat.

He had never felt anything like it. His penis just disappeared inside the woman’s mouth and he could feel her still moving her tongue around. She held it there for just a moment, letting the sensation build up and then slid his penis back out again. It was a heavenly feeling. She started bobbing her head back and forth, sometimes taking his whole penis inside her throat and sometimes just gently sucking on the head. She became more and more aggressive as time went on. She was now making loud slurping noises and made sure to lick every part of his cock very thoroughly. With a loud kiss, she let his dick pop out of her mouth and kept stroking the dripping wet cock.

“Now, you dare tell me you don’t like that? She looked up at him, her tongue moving all over his penis.

“Y-yes, you are very good at… what it is you do, but I don’t think…”

“Are you still complaining? You are even worse than I thought! You don’t even appreciate it when a girl does something nice for you!”

“N-n-no, of course I appreciate what you do, I just find this highly inappropriate.”

She ignored his whining and continued by loudly licking and slurping his balls, while stroking his rock hard cock. He could feel her tongue expertly caressing his balls while the pressure on his shaft intensified.

“I think I’m going to…” Nathan moaned.

She canlı bahis siteleri instantly stopped and release his dick. “It’s way too soon for that! If you are going to shoot your dirty spunk, you need to use my pussy first!”

She took his arm and laid him down on the bed and she mounted him reverse cowgirl. Her back was turned to him and he had a full view of her enormous and magnificent ass. Her dripping wet pussy hung just half an inch above his erect cock. Then she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. He could feel his cock push past her pussy lips and becoming completely enveloped by her soft pussy walls. His dick was now completely inside of her and he could hear her softly moaning. She started moving, slowly at first and then more violently. It felt like her pussy had a mind of its own and was massaging his entire shaft from top to bottom. Nathan was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure.

“How do you like my dirty whore cunt?” she asked him, between moans.

Nathan was still reeling from the sensation. He tried to answer: “It-it is pretty nice and tight.”

“It is pretty nice and tight for a slut like me that fucks big cocks all day you mean?” She asked.

“No, that is not what I mean at all!” Nathan rebutted.

“It’s okay, because that is exactly what I do all day!”

With that she slammed her hips down onto his dick even more violently than before. Her huge ass kept shaking up and down his dick in an ever-increasing rhythm. He could not keep his eyes off it. He felt an urge inside him. He wanted to grab the huge ass and drive it down even harder unto his dick. He want to plunge his fingers into the dark juicy flesh. The shapely round ass was just begging him to maul it inside his hands. His hands reached out to grab the bouncing fat ass, but then she placed her own hands on her ass and pulled her big asscheeks apart as she continued to ride him. He could see the huge ass opening up and reveal the tight asshole that was hiding inside.

“Play with my asshole,” she commanded him. “Push those fingers inside my dirty asshole!”

“I can’t do that, ah, that is dirty and demeaning, ah, only men that are pigs, ah, would do something, ah, so vile like that!” His objection did not sound convincing when he was moaning uncontrollably. His dick was still buried deep inside her juicy pussy.

“Deep down you are just a dirty pig like the rest of them, don’t try to act like it ain’t true because I see right through that!” She yelled at him.

“No, you are absolutely wrong!”

“You are still talking like that? You are just a filthy pig, admit it! Admit that you are filthy pig and I’ll let you play with my whore-ass!”

He became quiet. The tight asshole was staring at him, begging him to play with it. She had noticed that his hands were reaching for her curvaceous body.

“Oh it seems you do want to play with my nice big ass, don’t you? If you admit that you are a pig, I’ll give you all the fat ass you could ever dream of!”

He placed his fingers by her sphincter and mumbled.

“I can’t hear you, baby, I want to hear you scream it out loud!”

“I’m a nasty pig, just like everyone else and I want to play with your hot asshole!” Nathan screamed.

“Oh yeah, that’s it come here and push those fingers inside my shit-hole, baby! I want to feel them deep inside my nasty asshole!” She pushed her asscheeks together, catching his arm between her soft flesh. It was an amazing sensation to feel the big dark ass around his hand and arm. He did as he was told and started pushing his fingers deeper inside her asshole. She screamed out in joy, when she felt his fingers digging out her dirty asshole. He could feel her pussy clamping down even tighter onto his dick.

“Oh yeah baby! Just like that! I love it! Keep going, move your fingers around in my nasty shithole!” He forced his fingers even deeper inside her asshole and when he moved his fingers inside, she started screaming even louder. “Oh my god, that’s it! Keep going! I’m gonna cum all over your fat dick!” He continued pushing and stroking his fingers inside her asshole and I didn’t take long for her to cum. With a loud scream a stream came gushing out of her pussy all over his dick and legs.

“Look what you made me do! You made me make the room all nasty and wet!” she said gleefully. “I bet you liked that, didn’t you? The way I sprayed my love juice all over you?”

“Y-yeah, that’s really sexy.”

“Well, it ain’t over yet! I need to get my asshole stuffed, so get up and push that nice dick of yours inside of it!”

He stood up from under her and her bent-over ass now came in full view. The gaping asshole was staring at him, inviting his dick in. This was the biggest ass he had ever seen. He grabbed her amazing ass and he could feel every juicy part of it. When moving his dick closer to her asshole, he could see her quiver in anticipation. His hands had a firm grip on her giant asscheeks. He was ready to destroy this fat bitch’s dirty asshole. When the tip of his dick entered her asshole, Nathan was surprised by the unbelievable tightness. The entirety of the love hole crushed his cock with its soft walls. He could no longer control himself and starting immediately pushing his dick deeper inside.

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