She Probes Boyfriend’s Desires

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I was engaging in a little selfish perversion on the computer, so I was oblivious as she crept up silently behind me. She must have been standing behind me for some time quietly watching me surf the net.

Thinking she wouldn’t be home for hours I had begun my ritual of masturbating to images of woman in strapons. Just as I was increasing the tempo teetering on the verge of release she cleared her throat.

I stammered some nonsense and I quickly pulled up my pants. She had a slightly amused expression on her face as I continued my attempts to make a complete sentence. She peered over my shoulder looking at the monitor, “Can I see too?”

I looked back at the monitor knowing I was caught so I tried deception over outright denial. I said in a semi-confidant tone, “I was surfing the international news when I inadvertently linked to this…”

She held her hand to her mouth and I could tell she was stifling laughter. She regained her composure saying, “That’s one of the many things I love about you.”

I asked, “What’s that?”

She replied, “The fact that you suck as a liar. I’ve been watching for awhile and might I say getting very turned on.”

I must have had the look of a small furry animal caught in the headlights because she continued in a reassuring manner, “You shouldn’t be afraid to share your desires with me. (She began to rub my shoulders) Being open is the first step in building trust which is key to any relationship, right?”

I looked at the monitor that displayed an image of a woman dressed in tight fitting latex sporting a monstrous strapon, and then I looked back at her saying, “I guess so…”

She said, “Lets have a talk, and don’t try to censor what you say because you think it’s perverse or you’re worried what I’ll think. When it comes to fantasies anything goes. Remember, I’m very open-minded. Who knows, if you confide in me I might help bring your fantasies to reality.”

I turned the computer off (inappropriately as it would later nag me) walked with her over to the bed and sat down. She could tell I was still reluctant to talk.

She began, “You can’t control what sexually arouses you and if you don’t go with the flow, you’ll needlessly deny yourself sexual pleasure (She rubbed my thighs). I believe as a general rule of thumb, it’s healthier to act upon a sexual fantasy than to suppress it (She casino oyna paused collecting her thoughts before going on). When a sexual fantasy is acted upon, you have the opportunity to see what it is you’re actually trying to experience.” As I listened to her I was reminded of just how much smarter than me she really was.

I said, “I don’t know what to say … really I don’t.”

Undeterred she responded, “I couldn’t help but notice a consistent theme of men being on the receiving end. If this is what turns you on then consider me a willing participant because I would love to strap on a huge cock and fuck your brains out!”

Surprised I said, “Really?”

She smiled, “Yes, I definitely want to fuck your tight little ass.” She paused giving me a chance to say something. I could feel my temperature rising.

I started to visualize the possibilities saying, “You’re really comfortable with this?”

She nodded, “Uh Huh I sure am darling! You know, it’s a quite common fantasy for men – that is to be taken anally. It makes the top ten right up there with having sex with a man.”

How did she know all this? I asked myself as I made a mental note to check out those magazines she was always reading like Cosmo or what were the other ones called?

She said, “In your case I think that surrendering control would allow you to experience anal sex without being responsible for wanting it. Kinda like if you were being raped or tied up; you’re not in control of what happens and must comply. If you’re not in control, you still remain heterosexual even during homosexual sex.”

I became defensive, “See I knew you’d think I was gay or something.”

She gave me a passionate kiss and whispered, “Don’t be silly I know you’re not gay. Being gay is a sexual orientation and lifestyle, not a physical sex act. You can even have sex with a man and still not be gay. It called experimenting, being kinky, or open minded. Anal sex is simply another way to experience sexual gratification it’s completely unrelated to your sexual identity.”

Needless to say I didn’t need much convincing.

My cock was throbbing hard by this time.

She ran her fingers lightly over my erection that was tenting the crotch of my pants, straining to burst free.

She unzipped my pants, and in one smooth motion pulled them off along with my shorts, discarding canlı casino them in a heap on the floor. I always loved it when she did that.

She took a step back and began to slowly unbutton her blouse asking, “So, what do you say? Will you agree to be my bottom bitch and let me use that ass of your as I see fit?”

She pulled her scrunchy out letting her hair fall free, cascading in loose curls down her shoulders and back. Her eyebrows arched in expectation of a favorable answer.

I agreed enthusiastically to being used in any way she wanted.

I was mesmerized by her strip tease, as she stepped out of her pants that had fallen around her ankles. She knew the affect this had on me.

She held her arms high, threw her head back, and gyrated her hips while slowly turning around.

I never understood how she could writhe around to music that wasn’t there.

She swung her hips slowly side-to-side pulling up her panties until the black silky fabric disappeared between her tight ass cheeks.

She slowly turned back around to face me with eyes half closed, red lips pouting sensually, hands running up and down her body.

Her taut bare tummy undulating erotically. I noticed the tight V shape wedge made by her panties.

She entertained me with her erotic dancing until I found myself on the verge of exploding. She came towards the bed making a detour at her dresser.

She pulled something out – couldn’t tell what because her back was to me. She turned around facing me with hands behind her back.

“Lean back baby and just relax, I want you to enjoy this. Close your eyes.” She said.

I discarded the last of my clothes, my socks, because I knew she hated making love while I had them on. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

She placed my stiff cock inside her mouth and tightened her lips around it, and then she began a circular motion with her head. My cock slid to different places in her mouth as she continued around and around. She went in both a clockwise and counterclockwise motion in a slow purposeful manner. I was clutching handfuls of the bed spread in unadulterated pleasure.

She explored the underside of my balls with her tongue and then with my balls resting delicately on her wet tongue, she licked in an upward motion to the very tip of my cock. She did this several times in a row kaçak casino – like she was licking a lollipop.

She put my cock into her mouth but not deeply, and then her lips closed around the point just behind the head. She softly gripped the shaft of my cock with her hand, and twirled her tongue all around the head. Her moist lips stayed sealed around the head the whole time. While doing this she gently moved her hand up and down the shaft.

Then she did started to rub something in the area between my balls and anus. Slowly she probed the entrance to my ass tentative at first then applying more pressure until it slipped inside.

I looked down and she locked eyes with me saying, “How’s it feel baby?”

I rocked my hips up and down slightly saying, “Oh yeah that feels good!”

She probed me more forcefully pushing more of her dildo in my ass. I was moving my hips when she came into contact with my prostrate or, as she would later call it my male ‘G’ spot.

I stammered, “OOOOO-God that feels …. INCREDIBLE … OH yeah … (pant, pant).”

She turned the dildo on and I experienced a tingling jolt that shot through my body as it vibrated at a low speed, “Y-y-yessss that feeeeels so gooooood!” I said through grinding teeth.

She began to thrust it in-and-out more quickly and deeper, twirling it around reaching exploring, but always coming back to my ‘G’ spot.

She turned the dildo up all the way. It was vibrating so hard I could feel it in my teeth. My balls tensed up with a copious amount of sperm building pressure waiting for release.

Just when I started to come she applied pressure to the base of my cock and exclusively rubbed on my prostrate with that vibrating dildo. I was in a state of suspending orgasm as my body twitched and jerked with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.

Finally she released me and the last spurts of hot man juice shot into the air landing on my chest and stomach. I exhaled and groaned loudly.

She smiled turning the dildo around and around as I twitched in response. I begged, “Pppplease honey Ssssstop I’m way to Sssssensitive!” She slowly withdrew the dildo and I noticed how big it was with some surprise.

She snuggled up next to me, “Well now that I busted that cherry ass of your ass how did it feel?”

I confessed it was the best I had ever had. She looked at me and said, “That’s just the start of what I’m going to do to you. With the right equipment I’ll have you down on your hands and knees taking it like a some common street whore begging me to fuck your mouth and ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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