Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 06

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I was watching the young man from a distance at the marriage hall. He was handsome and was looking eager in all ways – talking to the bevy of beautiful women and all the men who were chasing these women, young and old – all were after him. It was a quite while now that my marriage had taken place and post honeymoon and a few months later Surya my husband was posted to the UK on a short assignment and this made me think on whether to continue staying at Pune – where he was working or go back to my parents at Tuni. The decision was not a difficult one – but it was just that after getting used to all luxuries of a marred life – going back to the old ways and days is not so easy too – it becomes and is more of an adjustment.

As all these were going on in my mind – Surya left and told me to take my own decision and if needed call his uncle who was staying in Aurangabad to come and help – if needed or atleast ask him to send someone to take the Cooler which they needed badly – and since I will be away and he was going to off for a while- these folks could use it. Finally – after a few hours of Surya’s departure – I decided to leave for Tuni, and called up Uncle at Aurangabad. He promised to come the next day along with his wife and kids – spend a few days with me and see me off and leave for Aurangabad.

I had a long night sleep – maybe for the last few days using the cooler and was fast asleep – when the bell rang and kept ringing incessantly. Slowly woke up to realize that it was a new day and most of the old order was no longer applicable – my hubby was gone and will be away for a while – and then the bell rang again. This time with a thumping fist knock on the door. I scrambled to cover myself with the chuni and reached for the door. A set of kids were standing and behind them a rather demure woman of say 35 years and behind her- what do I see – I nearly fainted. Professor Dhond.

The man who was my external VIVA and Practical examiner during my Graduation days – he had come for that on that fateful day and today – he was standing in front of me – well – I did not know that he was related to Surya – now I understood – Savithri – his wife was Surya’s aunt married to this gentleman who was from Maharashtra and was serving as a Assoc Professor at Osmania and had come to Vizag as an External examiner.

Well – how could I forget him and that day – more the night and the morning which followed – he and Adinarayana.

Professor Adinarayana who had finally busted my cherry with the help of my best friend Nandini whose wedding we had all gone to attend at Kolkatta – and the person who provided him logistical support in screwing me and taking my cherry neatly was my own mother – Jaya Rani. I hated her after that day – more for the pleasure she made me get out of the primal, carnal game of sex – a game which began that day in the Taj at Kolkatta and nearly made a nympho for a long time to follow that day – and as a result on that fateful evening in Vizag – because my Lab exams were going nowhere – Adi set me up for the Professor – who fucked me in all possible positions and in all orifices – along with Adi – the whole night and the better part of the following day. By the time he left – I was a spent whore – fucked in all holes and perspired over and over again – left to stink and stink like a garbage can. How I came out of that guest house that day is a mystery – but well I did clear my Bsc with honors – Thanks to the Professor and Adi – who gave me max marks in all the Labs luxuriously.

“Wow you are Surya’s wife – sorry I could not come to the marriage- but you know Savithri . You would not have met the kids since they were having exams and I had to baby sit – so how is Pune. Wonderful am sure” he breezed past me and took all the luggage by himself to the guest room. It seemed to me that he was very familiar with the house. We all went inside and I excused my self for a while and quickly washed and brushed teeth – and by the time I came out – they were all settled – she had kept milk on the gas burner and he was already in the front courtyard reading the newspaper. I did not dare to go his side. I knew it would be one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

I did not realize or notice when Savithri left the kitchen and oblivious of course – I was busy concentrating on some breakfast with the chuni tied around my waist – in the somewhat sultry Pune weather was finding it hard to keep the sweat off the forehead when it happened – “Wow – the figure has not changed much – of course you have added some flesh in the right places, especially around the arms and the breasts – must be due to the intense pleasure and comfort of fucking all these months – am sure you will miss him. He is a master driller – has a nice dick.” and even before one could react, the Professor slowly inched next to me on the other side – my right side so that even if Savithri or the kids were to come they would just see him a bit late – it was a patch dark that side.

He was an intelligent man and was good in using it in canlı bahis all occasion – he let his left hand linger on my back side and started to feel my buttocks – first the left – then the right and quickly turned my face towards him and drilled his tongue into my mouth and started to lick the palate – I knew he was sucking in a lot of the sweat around my chin – but that only increased his libido.

I resisted for a while and untied my chuni around the waist to wipe off some of the grime trickling off the mouth when we heard some sound outside and he quickly got on to the other side, “Shanti, do you want to spend some time with us at Aurangabad before going back to your parents. We could take you around quite a few historical places… Now what are you doing here Mr Dhond my husband. I thought you promised to go and get some nice rose saplings from the Nursery nearby. We missed it last time – I need them to take with us this time for sure.”

“Yes – my wife- I was just getting acquainted with our new family member – as you know I missed the wedding, do we have some albums or videos to watch? ” he had reasons for all occasions. He left the place but not before pinching me hard on the crevice between the ass cheeks.

As soon as he left the kitchen the women got down to serious work and Shanti forgot the past for a while but it was not to be for long – he came in after a while asking for a Towel – Shanti went into the bedroom to get a fresh towel for him only to find the fat set of arms belonging to the flabby Professor encircling her waist,” Uhmmmmmm – no bath yet for you too and no fuck last night- uhmmmmm – you smell so good. Sweat and grime – smell the same like that night – remember …?”

And she did remember – how could she forget it – impossible.

It all came back like a flash. The guest house and the nice afternoon fuck with Adi and then went fast asleep only to be awakened rudely by Adi.

“Shanti, wake up.”

She stirred in her sleep and burrowed into the covers.

“Come on, Shanti, it’s almost one. Dhond will be here soon.”

“Oh god,” she mumbled. “Tell him to come back later.”

“No. Finish it off now. Then we won’t be interrupted later.”

“Mm, oh, all right,” she murmured, turning on her back and stretching.

Adinarayana smiled and bent to kiss her, his hand on her breast. She caressed his hard back gently and her hand slipped down into his crotch. He had brought Shanti to the Guest house only to make her fuck the Professor.

Dhond had demanded his pound of flesh not only to bail Shanti out of the mess – but also to provide Adi access to universities in other states for guest lecture opportunities. He fucked her the whole evening and now in the night – the Professor was supposed to return to his room and knew that his prize money – Shanti will be waitng for him.

Shanti rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash. Adinarayana switched on the TV set and began munching an apple from a basket on the sideboard.

“Adi,” she called from the bathroom.

“What?” he said with his mouth full.

“What shall I wear?”

“Anything. Nothing. Whatever is easy. It’s coming off anyway.”

“Don’t be a pain, Adi. Something to turn him on quickly.”

“The nightie then.”

“Or the – Lehnga voni(Ghagra Choli in Telugu)?”

“That will be fine. Very sexy.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. Come on, hurry up, I can hear someone.”

There was a knock on the door. Adinarayana strolled to answer it, his muscles rippling smoothly, barefoot and clad only in his trousers. Dhond stood at the threshold, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hello, hello, good afternoon, sir, is everything all right?”

“Yes, fine, come on in, Professor.” Adinarayana locked the door behind him.

Dhond looked startled, and then grinned sheepishly. “I really like fucking young college girls they are so easily available some of them, you know.”

“I know. Is this a normal observation for most of the colleges?”

“100% – You are angry about it?”

“No. I don’t care one way or the other. Just get on with it, would you?”

“She is hot and ready for me, then?”

“Presumably.” He called to her. “Shanti! Dhond’s here!”

“Coming!” she called back. “Be there in a minute.”

Adinarayana bit into his apple and flung himself into a chair, hooking a leg over the arm. He looked at the TV, bored. A silly chat show was on, a fat black lady firing questions at a particularly inane audience. Dhond shuffled his feet, sat on the bed, got up, fiddled with the air-conditioner, sat on the bed again.

Shanti stepping out of the bathroom and looking at him, she turned and smiled warmly at Dhond. He tottered to his feet, sucking in his breath sharply through a gap in his front teeth.

“Oh my,” he said. “Oh my, oh my.”

Adinarayana grinned to himself and tossed the core of the apple into the waste-basket in the corner. He looked at them. Shanti was wearing her outrageous string ghagra choli and Dhond couldn’t bahis siteleri take his eyes off her.

She looked devastating. The choli and the bra had thin, fine strands, the cups little more than small covers, narrow strips of cloth that barely covered her nipples. It was small and taut and her heavy breasts strained at the cloth, forming a deep and enticing cleavage in which her gold necklace nestled.

Beneath the Ghagra, the panties were small and tight and utterly ridiculous.

A long narrow strip of cloth descended from the strings that girdled high on her hips and low beneath her belly and above her buttocks. The triangle of cloth barely covered her cunt-lips, leaving most of her crotch exposed.

It tapered between her thighs and narrowed again to a single strand that rose between the curves of her buttocks, leaving them entirely naked.

Dhond gulped, his eyes popping, his jaw open.

Adinarayana grinned at the sight.

Shanti giggled softly at Dhond’s expression and moved across the room to him, her hips swaying sensuously, her breasts bouncing excitingly. Dhond quivered as she came close.

Shanti had to perform – desperately for saving the year and graduating – she had lost a complete semester to poor marks and the last 2 years had been mediocre, if she did not do well in this final year – her graduation will be a farce more because of her indifferent behavior with Adi. It was only after her mom’s visit last semester that things improved between her and Adi. It was imperative to get the Visiting invigilator happy, external practical marks were substantial and were enough to make overall difference to her total and percentage.

Shanti smiled up at the Professor from Osmania, her dark eyes, lined thickly with mascara, glittering erotically. Moving with deliberate slowness, she hooked her fingers in the tight waistband of his trousers and plucked open the button and slowly peeled down the zipper fly. His trousers collapsed in a puddle to his feet, and his shirt hung loose.

Shanti slid her hands under it, stroking his round pot-belly, curving them down to his crotch. His penis was already hardening rapidly, growing long and thick, springing proudly from the thick thatch of pubic hair. It was a respectable eight and a half inches long, over an inch thick, with low, heavy balls.

She stroked it delicately and the fat man grunted thickly, licking his lips.

Slowly, she unbuttoned his shirt, from the bottom up, and pulled it open, running her hands over the rolls of fat that rippled from his neck to his thick waist. His torso was smooth and hairless and he had thick, low breasts.

She squeezed them gently, flicking his small nipples with his fingertips.

Professor Dhond gasped.

“Do you like my choli, Professor Dhond?” she teased gently.

“Yes. Oh, yes!” he gasped, gulping.

She smiled. “Come, Sir. Squeeze my tits.”

His hands trembled as he slid them up her mostly naked torso and cupped her generous, full breasts. The choli barely covered her midriff. They were heavy and warm with unfailing excitement. Despite his unattractive figure, Shanti was able to turn herself on by teasing him and watching his reaction to her. He squeezed her breasts in his pudgy hands and her nipples shot erect under the bikini bra.

“I want your cock,” she murmured, lazily tonguing his lips, his ear, making him shudder and groan, her hands working his crotch. “I want it in my hot slit, Professor. See, feel my cunt – I’m hot for you, lover – very hot – yes, come on, feel my butt, too, yes – put your finger there, Prof, on my ass – you will fuck my ass later, won’t you? I like it when you fuck my butt. Oh, yes, lover, you’re so good – mm, yes – here, give me your hand – now feel my cunt – isn’t that nice, Professor? See, I’m so wet already –,”

Her words aroused him as she knew they would. The obese Professor squeezed her breasts, her naked buttocks, pushed his hand into her crotch and felt her wet slit. Shanti bent her head and gently sucked his nipples one by one.

The man groaned thickly.

She kept masturbating him slowly as she moved from one to the other. Then she slid lower, licking his round paunch, tonguing his navel, going lower and lower till she was on her knees before him. His erect cock bobbed and throbbed at her face. She groaned and caressed her face with it, deftly slipping back the foreskin to expose the bulging cock-head. She kissed his penis and then, cradling it in one hand, lifting her eyes to watch his reaction, swirled her tongue wickedly over his cock-head. The fat man gasped, his head snapping back, his mouth jerking open. His penis quivered and throbbed and his body jiggled. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Shall I suck you, Prof?” she murmured. “Shall I suck your cock?”

“Oh yes!” he gasped. “Oh my, oh please yes!”

“Ask me, Prof. Ask me nicely, with dirty words.”

“Please – suck me! Suck my cock – please – suck it.”

“Call me a whore, Prof. Call me a bitch, a slut bahis şirketleri and say it again.”

“Please – suck my prick, whore – suck it hard!”

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “It’s so sexy when you talk like that.”

Encouraged and emboldened, the corrupt teacher lover grinned. “Yes, bitch – suck my cock – Come on, do it, whore! Do it!”

Shanti took his penis in one hand and slipped her lips around it. The man gasped, a hand flying to her head. She drew his cock deeper into her mouth, working the cock-head cunningly with her tongue. He gasped and pumped his hips back and forth. His buttocks wobbled and the rolls of fat on his chest jiggled as he stuffed her face with his cock.

Shanti sucked him slowly and deeply, her face distending and bloating with the size of the penis, her head rocking to and fro, back and forth between his thighs.

Professor Dhond groaned and gasped, moving her head to suit his pleasure.

“Yes! Oh yes, sir, yes! Ohhh yes – suck it harder, bitch – yes – ohhh fuck yes – do it – suck me, baby – suck me hard!”

He was perspiring freely now, sweat trickling down his fat body. He gasped and groaned, his chest heaving, his belly trembling and wobbling as he moved. Male jism leak shot from his cock-head and she groaned and shook his cock eagerly, swallowing his shoot, taking more on her face and breasts. Rising slightly, she kissed his protuberant belly and bent his cock down into her cleavage, squeezing her breasts in a warm, tight sheath over his cock while she fingered his balls gently. The man gasped and groaned. Ducking her head, she sucked his testicles, flipping her tongue erotically at them, then rose again to suck his cock once more.

The man whimpered in delight.

She sensed the imminence of his orgasm and slowly released his cock, gently slipping it out of her mouth, coiling her tongue sexily around the bulging cock-head.

Dhond gasped and moaned, panting heavily, his face flushed. Shanti smiled and rose to her feet, caressing his body, her hands working his cock gently, rubbing herself against him. Her lips and face shone with his Male jism leak. Grunting, he squeezed her breasts and buttocks, pressing her body to his.

“Come on, Prof,” she hissed. “Fuck me. I’m on fire.”

Shanti took a step back and, smiling lasciviously at the professor, shrugged off the Choli and the scant bra. She slid her hands up her body and lifted and squeezed her breasts, rolling her palms sexily over the fleshy mounds.

“Take me, Prof. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she murmured.

Moving forward again, she pushed him down onto the bed on his back. The fat man sprawled on his back, his chest heaving, his belly trembling and wobbling, his body shiny with sweat. Shanti hooked her fingers in her panties and pulled them down. She got on the bed, straddling his hips on her knees and smiled wantonly down at him, fondling her breasts, caressing her slit. The Professor groaned, staring at her, and ran his hands up her thighs to her breasts. She took his cock in her hand and jerked it gently. Suddenly, bending, she pushed her face into his crotch and took his cock in her mouth again.

“OHHHHH uhhh ahhhh yes!” the man gasped, arching his back.

Shanti sucked his cock furiously, her head rocking and jerking rapidly up and down over his lap. He gasped and cried out, his hips bucking and writhing and twitching, his hands on her head, moaning desperately for her to stop.

She ganged it to perfection again and stopped just in time. He was panting heavily when she rose and straddled his hips and took his cock in her hand again. Her eyes glittered with excitement, and her face was soft with lust, her nostrils flared, her lips parted. Her breasts were hot and swollen. Moaning softly, she moved her cunt over the thick penis and lowered herself slowly onto the upright shaft. Her cunt-lips slipped around the thick cock-head and she gasped and arched her back, her face tilted up.

Professor Dhond whimpered and quivered under her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Oh god yes!”

She looked down at him again, naked lust on her face. Her eyes were hooded, glassy with lust; her mouth was open and now she hissed softly, running her tongue over her upper lip in an utterly wanton action.

“Ohh baby yes, that’s so good!”

Opening her palms, her fingers spreadeagled, she slid her hands up from her buttocks and over her flanks to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them sensuously, then moved them higher, up to her face and then to the back of her neck, her elbows high above her head, her face turned to one side, lips against the inside of her arm. Her belly trembled and sucked inward.

Dhond watched her, transfixed and squeezed her hot, heavy breasts. Her nipples were nut-hard and he pinched them sharply, making her gasp and wince.

“OHHHHH uhhh yes!” she gasped, still hovering over his crotch, her cunt holding the tip of his cock delicately within her. “Ohhhh uhhh yes!”

Whimpering ecstatically, she leaned forward with her arms outstretched and her hands on Dhond’s chubby chest, her fingers digging into the soft flesh, and began to grind her hips in tight, snapping circles, whipping them at each turn, her buttocks flexing and unflexing rhythmically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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