Run Rabbit Run

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Britney and Tom had been married for just over 20 years. Their life together had been a good one. Tom had worked his way up from a stock-boy at the neighborhood Kroger to General Manager, putting himself through college along the way. Britney had been contented being a hairdresser at a local chain of beauty shops. Between the two of them they had been able to buy one “fixer-uper” after another until after flipping one house every two years they had enough money to pay for a home in one of the better, if not affluent neighborhoods in Knoxville, TN. Their two children had attended the better schools on the east side of town; with Britney working part time until the kids were into middle school. She had developed her own cliental and enjoyed working more.

Early in the marriage Tom and had a voracious sexual appetite. Britney enjoyed sex as much as the next girl, but the early sex had worn her out. He would frequently fuck her slow and steady for over an hour, resulting in multiple orgasms until finally he ejaculated and rolled off her, leaving her pussy sore. Her sore pussy precluded sex for the next few days, leaving Tom frustrated and constantly pestering her for sex. Britney had worked hard with Kegel exercises and mastering talking out his darkest sexual fantasies until his orgasm came at her will more than his. While this worked to the merciful benefit of her swollen pussy, it had some long term unintended consequences.

The years had been good to Britney and Tom, too good. Britney had plenty of time to master her culinary skills and Tom’s waistline testified to her powers in the kitchen. As Tom grew in girth, this sexual stamina suffered. While she was able to get him off, their sexual encounters would more often leave her unsatisfied and secretly fingering herself to a quite orgasm after Tom had drifted of to slumber land.

The beauty shop had provided a constant stream of gossip and sexual drama. Britney blushed as she overheard the customer in the chair next to her complain about her husband’s inability to satisfy her; and her hairdresser make a comment about the benefit’s of her “rabbit.” The hairdresser described in exhaustive detail the combination of vibration, twisting, turning and the thrills wrought by the vibrating beads and the rabbit ears that stimulated her clit. Britney had heard of dildos and vibrators before, but this one sounded like something out of a very perverted science fiction movie.

That night in bed Britney told Tom about the “rabbit.”

“So, what did you think about it?” Tom asked with a sly smile on his face.

“Well, it sounds kind of kinky!” Britny giggled coyly.

“Good kinky, or bad kinky?” Tom reached his hand down to her leg and stroked her thigh casino oyna up towards her pussy.

“Why do you want to know so bad?” Britney pushed his hand down and away from her crotch not wanting him to know how moist she was becoming.

“Well, some of the guys at work have talked about them, nobody will admit that their wife has one, but they all seem to have seen them on the internet.” Tom said matter of factly.

“YOU knew about the rabbit?” Britney’s eyes opened wider in half amazement, and half anger that he had not shared this sexual factoid.

“Baby, I know everything!” Tom quipped.

“Everything except what I think about the rabbit.” She taunted.

“Ok, so do you want one?” Tom quizzed.

Tom’s masturbation had long been a part of their sexual routine. Britney’s soft voice whispering into Tom’s ear had been a compromise made long ago to rescue her pussy in answer to Tom’s incessant requests for sex. But her masturbation had been a carefully guarded secret. He had wanted more sex and she had refused him, how then could she explain wanting to pet her own kitty?

“Do you want me to have one?” Britney retorted.

“Well, now that you bring it up…..” Tom started to answer

“Why in the world would you want me to have one?” Britney interrupted him before he could finish his answer.

“I didn’t say I wanted you to get one.” Tom started to protest.

“Well that did not sound like a no to me.” Britney interrupted again before he could take the opportunity away from her. “You know it might be fun to have a cock that stays hard as long as I wanted. You sure are not staying hard as long as you used to.” Britney giggled. She knew she was pushing a button. Tom had always prided himself in the length of time he could keep his cock hard. With age his average erecting would last about 15 minutes, somewhat longer if he were masturbating. Still longer than the national average, but much short than in his prime.

With-in minutes Tom had his laptop up, running, and skillfully had navigated the web to a sex toy site. “My god, look at the price of that thing!” Tom broke the silence.

“So, I am not worth $110.99?” she quoted the price of the most expensive rabbit on the page.

“I was talking about the $55.49 version.” Tom’s voice trailed off.

“Hey, how much was that saw you bought last month?” Britney had determined that if she was going to get a toy, she was not going to full around with some half-ass version; she wanted to experience it full force. Britney pulled out the visa they had dedicated for use on the internet and started reading off the numbers. Tom dutifully entered the numbers.

Tom had successfully talked Britney out of the next day canlı casino delivery option. The next few days passed all to slowly for Britney. At last Britney’s rush to the mail box was rewarded by a plainly wrapped package. “World wide entertainment” read the return address. Her heart raced as she walked back up the driveway. She felt as tough her juices were pouring down her thighs. She knew Tom would want her to wait until he came home to open the package, but no way was she going to embarrass herself in front of Tom.

She opened the package as soon as she closed the door behind her. She opened the package “requires 4 AA batteries.” Shit! She had C batteries, but no AA’s to be found. She hastily pulled on her sundress and dashed to the car. She backed down the drive and nearly hit a pick-up truck. “Crap.” Reality sat in and she calmed enough to make the 4 minute drive to Wall-mart. She pulled into a parking space and headed to the rack of batteries she knew lingered behind the checkout counter. She found a multi-pack and headed to the checkout counter. As she placed the item down on the conveyer belt, it suddenly hit her, how will this look, my only buying batteries. She felt as though everybody in the store knew that she was buying energizer batteries for her rabbit, to keep it going and going and going until she came and came and came. She pulled out a copy of Star magazine and some breath mints to disguise her purchase, and then all to late decided it was a pathetic attempt to cover up her lusty motives.

“Hi, how are you doing?” The young girl’s eyes beamed as she started to scan the first item.

“Great.” Britney could hardly form the word.

“Kids toys run out of batteries?” The cashier said before calling out “$12.37”

“Something like that.” Britney found herself saying as she swiped the debit card, quickly entering the PIN.

“Have a nice after noon.” The pretty girl said as she handed Britney the bag.

Britney rushed home and once again made her way to her bedroom, pulling off her dress as she walked. She stood in her white bra and panties as she inserted the batteries into the device. She turned it on and started to play with the controls, “Oh, my god!” she uttered to herself. “oh, my!” Her curiosity turned to a mild fear and she lay on the bed and pulled off her panties.

She decided it would be best to start with it turned off. She started to rub her pussy with her hands, then she took the toy and worked the blue head to the folds of her labia. She gasped a little as she pushed the head of the device into her vagina. Then the best she could she started working the control, the rabbit bounded into action.

She could not help but move her hips and writhe on kaçak casino the bed as the unit pulsed, twisted, and vibrated all at the same time. She felt as though there was a magic blender inside of her. As the toy went deeper, the rabbit’s ears connected with her clit. “oh yes, oh yes, I’m going to cum, I’m cumming” she could not contain her words, in spite of the fact there was no other ears upon which her words could fall.

She pulled the toy out; her entire encounter with the rabbit had lasted less than 3 minutes. Her trip to Wal-mart had taken several times longer than the intensive solo sex. “Shit” she muttered to herself. This is going to take some time. She realized that the tool was so much more powerful than her fingers or even her husband’s cock that she was going to have to learn to control the various options to extend her pleasure.

She quickly gathered the packaging and hid all evidence of her new toy’s arrival. She washed the toy according to the instructions and carefully hid her new rabbit. She lay on the bed for a few minutes and then impulsively rolled out of the bed and retrieved the toy. She pushed the buttons and watched as the toy responded to her every command. It was not long before once again the toy was at the opening of her love tunnel. Once again, it was inside. This time she kept it on the lowest setting as even this sends waves of pleasure throughout her body. This time she is able to enjoy the sensation for several minutes until she is compelled to add the twisting movement to the vibration and send herself into another orgasm. Once again, she turned off the twisting movement and dialed down the vibration, she moaned and writhed feeling sensations that she had not unknown until only moments before. And once again, she was compelled to supercharge the sex toy and as the gyrations began, once more she climaxed. “Fuck this thing is addicting!” She gave her “B” cup breasts a quick squeeze and then let out a long sigh.

Once again, she cleaned and hid the toy, returning to the bed for a few “afterglow” moments. She wanted to sleep, but she knew this would only raise questions in her husbands mind. She got out of bed, replaced her panties with a new pair, and once again donned her sundress. She made her way to the kitchen and started dinner. She opened a wine cooler and sipped as she made a rib eye and steamed mixed vegetables.

Tom was shocked that as soon as the kids were in bed Britney pulled him to the bedroom, suggested a shower. Once dry, they fell into bed and Britney kissed him only briefly before giving him a blowjob. Minutes later she straddled him and forcing her pussy down on his shaft road him until he came in her pussy. The flood of jism pulsing into her pussy made her cum. This was what was missing, “if only that dam thing could ejaculate!” she thought to herself. She bent down once again kissed Tom, rolled off and whispered good-night as she drifted of to dreams of wild orgies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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