Roll With It

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I was watching my wife Donna masturbate when she brought the idea up.

She was lying on our bed, cupping her right breast with her left hand and rubbing her thumb over the nipple, while her right hand was pushing a dildo idly in and out of her vagina. She was breathing heavily and I was too. She had just orgasmed, and I was getting there, as I sat in the chair in our bedroom, watching her come down and fisting my cock through a light coating of lube.

It was Saturday morning, and we had slept in, like most Saturdays. And we had woken up horny, like most Saturdays.

We like to masturbate for each other. I had been pleased to discover after we got married that not only was Donna energetic about all things sexual, but she liked to watch too.

So even though we liked to pleasure each other, sometimes we just did it from a distance.

But anyway, Donna looked over at me in the chair and said “I’d like to put this in you.” My eyes jerked up to meet hers.


“You heard me. I’d like to see how you looked getting fucked with this dildo.”

I kept jerking. We didn’t break eye contact with each other. Donna’s dirty talk usually turned me on. This was doing the same. Her long dark hair was fanned out behind her head on the pillow, and her breasts, perky as ever, were pointing up toward the ceiling.

“You naughty little skank. You want to fuck me with your own dildo?”

She smiled. “Yup. I’d like to blow you at the same time. Would you like my mouth on your cock and my dildo in your ass?”

I began to gasp. I was at the cliff’s edge. “Ohhh, yeah…”

“Cum, then, Steve. Show me how much that would turn you on, you big man…”

And being obedient, I did, ropes of cum boiling out of me and decorating my stomach.

Later, after showers and breakfast, we were sipping coffee at our breakfast nook.

“That was hot,” I said.

“Mmmm,” Donna smiled. Her foot touched mine under the table.

“Donna – did you mean it?”

“About the dildo? Yeah. Would you try it?”

Donna had played with my ass a little – rubbing it with her fingers, sometimes putting one finger up there – and I liked it. But I’d never really felt penetrated by something other than that. But why not? We were both free, white and 21. I’d been with Donna six years, and it had been long enough that I knew better than to say no to a new idea. Her ideas usually worked out well for at least one of us, and both most of the time. We’d experimented with tying each other up once in a while, and one weekend we’d ended up with a friend of Donna’s in bed with us.

Heather had been part of a high-school gang that Donna was part of, and apparently there’d been more than a bit of experimentation among the girls. Donna was not averse to checking out a girl or two even now. Heather, sadly, had been moving to Germany (I think part of what saw us end up in bed together was Donna’s sadness at losing her friend), so we’d never had a repeat. But we talked about it sometimes.

“Yeah, I’d try it.”

“What about tonight? Wanna date, lover boy?” Her eyes hooded and she looked at me over the coffee cup with her “smolder” in full force. A “date” usually meant a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, and maybe a porno to watch, followed by some hot and heavy.

I smiled back. “Alllllll right, then.” And that was it.

We split up for the afternoon. Dinner was bahis firmaları my job; wine was Donna’s. I liked to cook, and I knew that a full belly for Donna meant a happy wife, and a happy wife meant … more sugar later.

I told her to get something that went well with beef, and hit the grocery store. Osso bucco, I thought. I got home at about three, with veal, veggies, and everything else I needed, and started to cook. Donna had been ordered to stay out until about 5:30. I liked it when she came home and there was nothing for her to do except open the wine, pick at appetizers, and marvel at my awesome culinary prowess.

She came home with a bunch of bags, including a nice 2000 Sebastiani California Cabernet. She gave me the wine, and then hit the stairs. “Don’t come up!” she ordered me.

“I’m too busy down here,” I said.

“I’m serious, Stevie. I have stuff to do. Open the wine and let it breathe.” I did as she ordered.

When she came down, she was wearing a new outfit. Black t-shirt, scooped low enough in the neck to expose some of her nicely-proportioned cleavage; cranberry-coulored low rise pants, zippered in the back and VERY nicely snug; black necklace and earrings. Instead of the contacts, she was wearing her glasses – black plastic frames that sort of gave her a “yes, I’m smart, but I’m damn hot too” look.

“Wow, Sweets, you look niiiice.”

“Why, thank you.”

I needed to change, since I was in cooking mode and had flour where I should have had aftershave. “Let me just run upstairs.”

As I turned to climb the stairs, Donna said “Hey – go to the spare bedroom. I picked out clothes for you. Stay out of our room until after dinner.”

“I love secrets,” I said.

She’d made good choices for me – dressy enough without being fussy or comfortable. It was Saturday, after all, and I had to wear a suit at work all day.

I came back downstairs to two glasses of wine on the coffee table and a wolf whistle from my wife.

“Dinner’s about 20 minutes out. Appetizers?”

“What’s going?” I served up some pita bread and tzatziki, apologizing that it was Greek and dinner was Italian, but it was no big deal for either of us. After that, I went to the kitchen and served up (if I do say so myself) a fabulous veal stew.

Dinner was a success. I had copped out and bought a tiramisu for us for dessert, so we finished dinner, I put away dishes, and went back to the living room, where Donna had poured us some Frangelico. Cassandra Wilson was playing on the stereo.

“A liqueur, signor?”

“Don’t mind if I do.” I sat down next to her.

“Dinner was amazing.” She leaned over and kissed me. “You’re going to make me fat.”

“Well, I assumed that you were going to burn all those calories off with me after dinner. If you just wanna go to sleep, I can’t be held responsible…”

“If you put it that way, maybe we better go upstairs right now.” She stood up and took my hand, pulling me up. As I stood up against her, she pulled my head down and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips, and mine stole out to touch hers.

“Come on. There are better conditions upstairs.” She led me upstairs by the hand.

She opened the bedroom door and said “Stay here for a sec. I have something to get ready.” I heard a match strike behind the closed door. Candles? Incense?

She opened the door and brought me in. The room was kaçak iddaa illuminated in warm candlelight, and I saw that she’d brought our Liberator out. This was promising. She had change from her “street clothes” to a white camisole and boy-short combination that, combined with her tan from our trip to Cuba and her dark hair and eyes, made her ‘pop’ in the room. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and thought again about how lucky I’d been to marry her.

“C’mere.” She sat me on the bed, and said “Take off your sweater.” I complied. She reached for my pants. “This is going to blow your mind,” she said.

I raised up my butt to let her slide my pants off. She took my socks off next, then slid her hands up my legs to my cock, twitching in my underwear. “Eager?”


“I can tell…” She grabbed my cock through my briefs and gave it a couple of pumps. One hand pulled down the waistband, and she leaned forward. Her lips (oooh, fresh lipstick, I noticed) closed around my cockhead. Oh, lord. She did give good head.

“Lift up, baby.” I did. She pulled the underwear down.

We lay on the bed, kissing each other, exploring each others’ bodies and finding the places we knew so well would make each other feel the best.

Once we were both warmed up, she broke off the kissing, and reached over me, across the Liberator. Her breasts brushed over me, my stomach, my cock. I loved her breasts.

“Surprise, baby.”

She opened the box sitting next to the Liberator. Oh my God.

“Do you like it?”

She’d bought a strap-on. I hadn’t quite been thinking of this. She stepped into the thing, and buckled the belt around her waste. “I got one that can change the dildo. This is a four-inch. There are bigger.” She grabbed her ‘dick.’ “Man, this is weird. Is this what it feels like for you all the time?” She giggled.

“Not quite.” I looked at her, and she was, strangely enough, sexy. She stood in front of me, her nipples hard, her eyes glinting, and an erect cock at her crotch.

“Are you ready?” I nodded. “Then come here, baby. Suck my dick.” She walked to me, and pushed gently on my shoulders. I went to my knees, and there it was. Black, and big. She reached for a tube in the box, and squirted something from it onto the dildo. “It’s edible. Try it.”

I put my mouth on it, then a hand around it. I had never seen this coming, so to speak. “Tell me what you’re feeling, Steve.”

“Mmm, baby.” I couldn’t talk, really.

“Do you like my hard cock? I’m gonna do you, baby, and you’re going to love it…”

I was sucking my wife’s ‘dick’, and she was enjoying the role playing. “All the way down, baby. Show me you can take it all.”

I felt her push it all the way into my mouth, and felt my throat constrict. I hadn’t realized this was what it felt like. She thrust back and forth, and then grabbed my head. “Yeah, baby. Take it.”

I could feel my dick bouncing at ground level as I gave my wife her first head. “Come on, baby. I wanna fuck your ass.”

I got up and walked to the Liberator, and lay down on it, my butt in the air, my chest down. Donna was rubbing my ass with one hand as the other strayed down to my balls. “MMmm, you shaved for me. I love your balls when they’re shaved, but you know that.”

I watched her reach for more lube. She put some on a finger, and slid it into my ass. I felt it work past the sphincter, and suddenly kaçak bahis felt relaxation. “You’re tight, baby…”

She touched my balls again, and my cock twitched in response. She brought the re-lubed dildo to my ass, and gently pushed at the opening with it. “Ready, baby? Here I come.”

She pushed in, and I felt filled to the brim. “Oh, my God.”

“Did I hurt you, baby?”

“No, but just stay there.” I felt full, as full as I could ever. She shifted slightly, and I pushed back. “Oh, baby. Fuck me.” She began to thrust, slowly. “Ohhh, that’s it, baby. Slow. Let me get used to it.” I was a bit worried when I had first seen the strap-on. I was concerned that I would be somehow effeminate, or gay, getting screwed. But I didn’t feel that way. It was … just different. Still my wife, still her sexy self. I looked back and she bent over. We stretched to kiss. It was just that she was dominating me, in a fundamental way.

I was leaking precum almost continuously now, and Donna was picking up a rhythm, of stroking in and out of my ass and of talking dirty, even for her. “Mmm, baby. I think I like fucking you almost as much as you like fucking me, baby. Do you feel me in you?”

I did. “Ohh, I feel you in me.”

“Well, roll with it. Show me what you want.”

I lifted my ass up, letting her in deeper and allowing me to reach underneath and stroke my cock. I started to rotate my hips in rhythm with Donna, and I touched my nipple. Christ, I hadn’t imagined tonight like this, but I liked it. A thought suddenly occurred to me.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Imagine Heather here.”

“Heather? Where?”

“Right underneath me. Imagine you fucking me while I’m fucking her.”

Donna pushed all the way into me. “Like a chain?”

“Yeah. Just like a chain.” She started thrusting again. “Every time you … uh… push into me, you’re pushing me into her, and she’s pushing back into me. I can feel your tits on my back. She can feel my cock, and your force, and I can feel you in me and me in her.”

Her breathing quickened. “That’s nasty, Steve. That’s dirty…” She kept thrusting. I kept stroking my cock.

“Then” … in … “It’s all so hot… when I come,” … out … “you can feel it,” … in … “with your dick in me,” … in … “you can feel the spasms of my cock,” … out … cumming in Heather, and you can hear her scream,” … in … “and then we all…” … out … “just fucking collapse.”

“Is that what you want, baby? You want to be part of some two cock, two-cunt daisy chain with your ass full of my cock and Heather’s pussy full of yours?”

Things were getting faster. Heart rates, stroke rates, breathing. I could feel the edge coming towards me, or vice versa. “Yeah. That’s what I want. Do you want it?”

We were moving together now, fucking without thinking. “Yeah. I want that too. Come on, baby. Cum.”

She was holding my hips by now, really working on me. I was working on myself. I felt the first spurt. “Nnnngggghhh, ahhh.”

“Oooh, baby, fuck, look at that, look at your cum.”

“Oh my God.” She pulled out of me. As the dildo slid back out, I felt… empty, suddenly. Vacant. I rolled over on my back, and she crawled up to lie on my chest.

“I want to cum, baby.”

I pushed her up on her elbows. “I’m a little hungry. Get up here.” She started to move toward my face. As Donna lowered her pussy to mouth, I thought of her and Heather in a 69. Was Donna wearing the strap-on, or was Heather eating her out the way I was going to? I couldn’t see, even though it was my fantasy. But I wanted to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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