New Secretary

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I applied for a job at an institution of learning, where I would teach children and a few adults, mainly after school. We dealt mainly with children who were either behind their grade level, or extremely gifted, and adults who wanted to further their education in a more intimate setting. When I went for my final interview, I was introduced to the secretary, who I was informed was also new, as she had only begun work a few weeks prior.

My first day of work, I was formally introduced (handshake/exchange of last names) as is professional. I thought nothing more of this meeting except for the slightly shy but yet confident look in the eye of the otherwise normal young lady. She was a bit on the heavy side and rather short, with a complexion a shade darker than a caramel toffee. Perhaps her most attractive feature was her face, which usually wore a smile as friendly and inviting as a beach in Barbados.

A few days passed with barely any interaction, aside from my customary greeting upon arrival, and then my goodbyes as I left on evenings. One evening this week, an interesting thing happened. I had just finished conducting my final class, and I decided to spend a few extra minutes behind, to read a story on Literotica which I had started a few days earlier. As I read “Sir Bondage and his Private Secretary” by Jamaican author Cinner, I began to feel a lewd tingling in my balls. It was as though some slender female with spider-like fingers had begun to deftly caress them into action.

It was about 6:30 in the evening and the fading glow of the sun was diffusing through the room. I was so engrossed in my reading, that I hadn’t realized the secretary lightly opening the door. In an attempt not to disturb my obvious concentration, she lightly walked across the room, and without my knowledge had begun to survey the contents of my computer screen. Her voice broke the haze I was caught in; “What’s this site you’re so engrossed in?” I knew she had seen the overlapping words proudly proclaiming “Literotica!” on the side of the page. It was too late to hide and way too late to conjure up an explanation. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I started to realize by now that the bulge in my pants which had snuck up on me was all too prominent as I was not sitting fully forward to my desk.

Normally, two individuals with such little knowledge of each other avoid certain types of contact and conversation, but what happened next shattered my perception of life. In one motion, Ms. Secret (that became my name for her) shoved my small desk away, computer and all, and while backing me dropped her plump, soft ass into my lap and began to grind down painfully on my hardness. I was wearing a brief that day, and so my cock was hard and bent in the middle, which made the pressure of her weight both extremely pleasurable and yet painful all at once. I felt pre-cum oozing from the tip of my stiff meat, which was straining to be unleashed like a hungry pit-bull into the buttery depths of my horny assailant.

The incessant grinding of my clothed dick seemed as though it went on for hours, although in reality, only a few minutes had passed since Ms. Secret had begun her conquering of me. Surely a man cannot be raped by a woman, but somewhere in the depths of my wantonness, I felt a certain level of violation being wrought by this ravenous woman. Who the hell is she to think she can just gyrate on me without my consent? This thought though, was buried deep in the urgent need I now had to blast my white hot spunk somewhere on her abundant body. Her breasts, bouncing and jiggling as she bore down on me rhythmically attracted my hands like ants to sugar. I soon was beneath her blouse, pinching, twisting and grabbing her almost kiwi sized nipples, determined not to be fully overtaken in this brazen woman.

Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt a brazenness of my own, and in one motion which required a good deal of strength, lifted the secretary of my lap and face forward onto the table which wasn’t far in front of us. Almost as a part of that motion, I had her skirt bunched up around her hips. It threatened to rip as it stretched desperately across güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her wide ass for its own well being. I pulled her panties aside roughly the big kind meant to cover the cheeks. In this case, they were fitting almost like a thong. Moans of pleasure began to fill the room as me hands began kneading the heavy bumper laid bare before me. I sucked my middle finger and rammed it to the hilt, not in her pussy, but deep down in the flesh of her butt and into her puckering anal orifice. It squeezed against my impaling finger like a hunger leech, as if trying to such the blood from my body.

I fingered the hot secretary’s ass until she began to scream, at which point I stuck the fingers of my free hand forcefully into her mouth. I finger fucked both holes until she seemed to be losing stability on her feet. This, I knew, was my moment to complete the turning of the tables on her, almost literally. I lifted her right leg onto the desk and in one upward motion, shoved my stiffness into her wet pussy. I had freed the chocolate candy stick after removing my finger from her butt, and now I was mercilessly pounding my tool as far as it could reach into her. My fingers we still in her mouth, and she was biting them now, the intensity of our humping was becoming too much for her to take.

Somewhere in the back of my mind amidst the fog of pleasure closing in around me, it remembered that the door to our room was mostly glass, and that we carelessly had not checked to see if the school had been empty. After the last student left, I thought I was alone, and Ms. Secret’s presence had been a most welcome surprise. It was then that I looked over to my left, and noticed that the canteen operator was standing at the door, in a tight jeans, mouth open, hand in her pants, fingering her clit furiously at the scene set before her. This was enough to throw me over the top and I pulled out just in time to spray white hot jets of Barbadian splooge across the secretary’s butt, skirt and the middle of her blouse. She would be mess going home for sure but she had begged for this.

By güvenilir bahis şirketleri this time, the cook had also climaxed, and now she was standing there staring, recognizing that we had finished before she did and had seen her display just as she had witnessed ours. There was an awkward silence as the gravity of what had just occurred finally began to sink in… The first person to move was the cook. She had seen enough to know that she wanted a taste of what Ms. Secret had just experienced. The cook though more shapely than the secretary, was, if anything, heftier than her counterpart. Her rearmost assets were more defined and her breasts were separate globes of flesh, almost as large as the planet she lived in.

My rigid penis, although it had just fired off a shot across the stern of the M.S Secret, was as upright as a World War 2 English cannon at the Garrison Savannah. Having had a taste of pussy already, I thought it best to stir it up with the cook, and sample her delectable derrière instead. As she strode towards me, I was stroking myself and she seemed to be reading my mind; as she came within an inch of me, then turned around, bent over and spread her voluminous cheeks. It was as though she needed to be reamed in the bottom unless she would not be able to live. Knowing that I had orgasmed already, and needing to leave in order to make it home to my wife by a certain time, I plunged into her warm depths with no care for the pain it might have caused. This seemed only to arouse a beast within, as she corkscrewed her voluptuous ebony buttocks against me as fast as she could, all the while screaming “FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!” In no time I was exploding again and she was shuddering through another shattering climax too, since by now she had almost her whole fist buried deep inside herself. I shot maybe a gallon of sperm into her bowels, knowing full well she couldn’t get pregnant in there. You would never have guessed this was my first time doing anal.

As soon as the last spurt subsided, I was out of her and quickly dressed to leave. The two women (Ms. Secret having stayed for scene 2 and splayed her hefty thighs apart on a table across the room) left the classroom, one behind the other, not saying a word. All of us knew what had happened, and somewhere in the deafening silence, we conspired to return to our normal day-to-day operations, but each of us knew we had turned a corner…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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