Never Looked Back

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As he stretched and rose from his bed he gazed lovingly at the woman lying beside him, in a deep peaceful sleep, her skin effervescent in the half light of the early morning. The subtle aroma of her skin was still in his nostrils as he pissed, he felt the unmistakable surge of blood to the now thickening muscle he held in his hand; stroking the full length several times to express the final drops of fluid from his cock he turned and wondered back into the bedroom and the warmth of his bed drifting off to sleep semi-erect.

As she turned she felt the familiar presence of his raging hard-on naked against the softness of her hip, she had heard him earlier, getting up to piss knowing full well he would return to bed stroking his cock, and then falling back to sleep with it still hard. It was still early, opening one tired eye she blearily gazed over at the clock; 05:15, the smell of sex filled her waking senses, smiling to herself she slid from under the covers remembering the wonderful feelings she had experienced and padded to the bathroom to piss.

Returning to the bedroom she saw that he had rolled onto his back the thin sheet covering his ageing but still well formed body hiding nothing, the tell-tale bulge in his groin was impressive to see, her juices flooded her loins as the memories of the previous night filtered into her minds eye. Slipping under the sheet she lay motionless listening to his deep restful breathing her hand stroking her lower abdomen gently to the trance-like rhythm, electric shocks coursed through her as the thin cotton grazed against her blood filled nipples, shooting through her womb straight to her highly sensitive clitoris. Tentatively she moved her hand to her mound twisting the fair curls gently round her digits, lifting her heels and allowing her knees to fall slightly sideways her thighs naturally spread giving her the access she wanted, her index finger traced its way from the base of her anus along the ever swelling flesh of her vulva until she reached its upper most reaches and the flexible hood of her erect clitoris. She put her fingers to her mouth tasting the salty sweetness of her pussy sucking them and soaking them with her own saliva before returning to her leaking Yoni. After another two full strokes from base to top she used her thumb and fingers to draw the covering folds of skin back and forth over her bud as if she was masturbating a small cock, her mind drifting away to the first time she became aware of her good fortune in having such a beautiful erection.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * casino siteleri * * *

It was Maggi’s eighteenth birthday. The other girls had locked her best friend and herself in the gym store room as a prank, and after what seem like hours of shouting and banging on the doors they resigned themselves to the fact of being in there for the duration of the afternoon session (School teams would be using it after school hours and finally let them out). Their girly fantasies about boys, male teachers and the close confines of the dusty windowless room began to take their toll, both girls were flushed and hot, stripping down to their flimsy sweat soaked bras. The now all familiar sensations in her erect nipples and sticky, wet pussy became all too apparent, the nagging irritation of her cotton underwear against her nipples and her embarrassingly “deformed” pussy was becoming unbearable, to the point where she finally ripped off the rest of her clothing collapsing in a flustered heap her legs splayed exposing her soaking virgin pussy.

Her friends eyes widened in a lustful stare as she fixed on the sight being presented to her,

“Maggi! What the hell are you doing? Miss Sander will surely punish you if she comes now!”

“I don’t care Shanni, I can’t bare my clothes touching me any longer they’re driving me mad!”

Moving across Shanni knelt and cradled her best friends head stroking her dampened hair, beads of sweat traced their way down Maggi’s neck between her firm breasts over her flat belly and into her button forming a shallow pool before spilling over and down to the thick matted bush of curls that covered her treasure. Feeling the same, Shanni knew exactly what her friend meant and was surprised that she was unaware that the feelings she was experiencing were sexual……

……Was now the best time for her to find out?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Her breathing was becoming faster, shallower with each stroke, her mouth was now dry, her eyes closed as she resisted the uncontrollable urge to plunge her fingers deep into her sopping wet hole. Drawing her legs up higher she felt a cool breeze against her wetness sending shivers up her sweat soaked spine, she glanced across at him praying he was still asleep…..he was!

She was now moulding her tits and pinching her aching nipples with her free hand, electricity racing through her body, her head swimming with mind blowing visions and colours, her limbs, uncontrollable as the hormones took over every action of her now convulsing form. She bit her lip as the first wave of her orgasm exploded deep canlı casino in her chest emanating down to her stomach and up into her head, her tongue swelled and her mouth gasped for air, the second wave followed immediately from within her womb a flood of girl juice bursting their banks and soaking her pussy, thighs, ass and under-sheet, the third and final wave was the most intense causing her to leave her body – she seemed to float above the bed her physical body gone…

As she looked down she saw herself naked in Shanni’s arms many years before, back in that school store room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Maggie and Shanni had grown up together as cousins, doing everything together and going everywhere together for as long as they both could remember, but now on this unusually hot Autumn day in the gym store room their relationship was about to take the next step forward.

As the dark skinned girl comforted her friend her own Yoni began to moisten as it had many times before, picking up Maggi’s damp tee-shirt, Shanni began to wipe her friends soft brown skin drying off the sweat, hesitating at her breasts, the darkened nipples swollen to the point of bursting, she decided this was not the time to take one into her mouth. The smell of girl filled her senses as she carried on down and across Maggi’s stomach. Her face now flushed with excitement her lips dry with anticipation, Shanni was tending her friends body with all the care of a lover, tenderly caressing the silky skin of her arms and torso with teasing fingertips, Maggie twitching uncontrollably with each passing stroke of her stomach. Maggi’s head was now resting in Shanni’s cross-legged lap allowing access to the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

Maggi absent-mindedly stroked Shanni’s thigh gently, admiring her friends velvety skin, turning her head towards her friend she noticed the dampness soaking through her pale blue sports knickers, the size of a tennis ball around her Yoni,

“You hot as well cousin?” She enquired innocently

“Yes, of course I am Mags, why do you ask that?”

“Oh, it’s the dampness in your knickers I can see, it’s the same as in mine. Why don’t you take them off Shanni, it must be uncomfortable for you. I won’t tell anyone!”

Shanni’s heart skipped several beats as she lifted her hips, knealing Maggi peeled off her friends knickers gasping at the sight of her friends open, soaking wet Yoni, her clitoris protruding from under its hood & through the dark pubic hair that surrounded it.

“Is that normal Shan?”

“Is what normal Mags?”

” kaçak casino That thing, there sticking out from your Yoni? Is that normal, is it not a deformity?”

“No, my darling cousin Maggi, that is my clitoris, it swells when I become hot. Why do you ask me that?” Shanni replied knowing that Maggie was obviously curious about it.

“Ohhh,” she sighed “Thank God for that my dear Shanni!” Maggi exclaimed in relief,

“I thought it was just me, I thought I was a freak, I thought I would spend the rest of my days alone as an outcast!!”

Maggi returned to Shanni’s open lap and began to spill out all her fears about her abnormally large clitoris.Her friend becoming hotter and hornier with every sentence, she was also bolder with her caressing, teasing the soft breast flesh around Maggi’s increasingly painful erect nipples. It all made sense to Shanni now, the embarrassment in the school showers, not getting changed openly like everyone else…………….

………..”Can I touch it please, Shanni?” Maggi asked her eyes fixed shyly on her younger friend’s face as she lay in her now disrobed lap.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The surreal almost spiritual effects of the three orgasms began to subside and she felt herself again drifting off into a restful, albeit exhausted sleep, 06:30, the click of the clock numbers changing was the last thing she heard as her dreams took over from reality.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A familiar sensation stirred him from his sleep, not opening his eyes he listened intently to her masturbating, slowly and gently wanking her engorged clitoris as though it was a little penis, the sperm in his balls was stirring and he craved to feel her sex engulfing his manhood again, but he knew she needed this self satisfaction as much as he needed to spill his seed into her. Again the same name over and over again “Shanni, my darling Shanni, what are you doing to my Yoni? It feels so beautiful!” She repeated over and over again.

Who was this Shanni? She had never mentioned him/her before, well, not consciously. He decided to lie there and listen to her breathless pleas for satisfaction allowing himself to drift into a dream world imagining himself wherever she was; watching the two of them pleasing each other. As she entered into the throes of her mind-blowing orgasm he felt his balls tighten and the ever familiar sensation of sperm rushing up his shaft as it pumped involuntarily blasting out of his swollen glans onto the top-sheet and his stomach, he had ejaculated by listening to this wonderful woman satisfying herself even though he hadn’t touched himself throughout the extraordinary experience. That was it, he needed to know who this Shanni was, how and why he/she had such an hold on ‘HIS’ Maggi.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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