My Sister’s Friend Is Hot!

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Kate and Laura had been friends for years. They did everything together and even at the age of 18 they still loved nothing more on a Friday night than having sleepovers and dishing juicy gossip, watching movies and reading style magazines. On this particular Friday night though something was different, Laura’s older brother Alex would be there. deneme bonusu veren siteler

Alex was away at college all year and didn’t come home much only during the summer. Kate had always thought Alex was super sexy and he had played the leading man in many of her fantasies. He was tall around 6″2, and very toned and tanned, had strong arms and great abs. He also had the most piercing big blue eyes Kate had ever seen and jet black hair that he wore long and messy. He always had fabulous hair and Kate just wanted to run her hands through it which she did many times in her head as she masturbated thinking about him.

Alex on the other hand didn’t think much of Kate she was his sisters friend and was nothing special, but he hadn’t seen Kate in a whole year and hadn’t seen the woman she had blossomed into. Kate was 5″8, had blue eyes and long dark auburn hair that sat beautifully on her shoulder and framed her pretty face. She was big busted, had legs to die for, curvy hips and the most amazing tight little ass.

It was late in the evening and the girls were about to watch a movie. Laura was sitting on the floor on a blanket she had pulled from the couch and Kate was in the kitchen popping pop corn. She heard the garage door and her heart started pounding. She knew it was Alex and she couldn’t wait to see him. Alex walked in the side door placed his keys on the counter top and caught a glimpse of Kate’s ass as she bent over to reach for sodas at the bottom of the fridge. She was wearing small blue cotton shorts with no panties and a small white strap top. As she turned around to greet him he could see her small nipples which had become hard from the cold of the fridge.

“Hi Alex!” She said, with a huge smile knowing he was looking at her tits. “Nice to see you again! How are you?”

He felt his cock twitch he blushed as he replied

“I’m fine, I’m just gonna go upstairs and unpack. Where’s Laura?”

He left the kitchen pretending to look for Laura. Although he wanted to see his sister he was more focused on making it up the stairs and getting rid of the hard on that had formed in his boxers while talking to Kate. He went to his room and lay on the bed. tipobet

“When did Kate get so hot?” he mumbled all the while rubbing his cock from over his jeans. His cock was throbbing and he knew he had to relieve some of the pressure. He unzipped his pants and slid them down to his ankles, took his cock out of his boxers and started stroking it.

Alex had a nice sized cock above the national average and he was proud of it. He was stroking it slowly, rubbing his pre-cum over the head and then down the shaft. As he did so he thought about Kate in the kitchen. He thought about her firm nipples and how he wanted to suck and bite them, about her legs and thighs, about her smile and lips, how he wanted to kiss them so badly. Most of all he thought about her tight little ass and how he wanted to fuck it, to pound her till he was about to explode so he could shoot his load all over her back. With that thought and a few final strokes he blows his load all over his hand and up his stomach. He lays there with his hand still wrapped around his cock thinking about Kate and soon his jagged breathing returns to normal.

He wanted to fuck her so bad. He needed to fuck her. But how would he get to her!? The idea struck him like a bolt of lightning. A party!

Alex heard footsteps coming up the stairs and a tap on the bedroom door. He jumped up wiped himself clean as best he could and kicked his jeans to the other side of the room. Kate walked in and saw him throw tissues into the bin

“I’m not disturbing you am I?” Kate giggled, blushing a bright pink.

“No not at all.” Alex blushed a scarlet red, he knew she had seen him throw away the spunk filled tissues. “I was just about to go down stairs.”

“Good!” Kate smiled as she lowered her gaze to his boxers. “I was sent up to ask if you wanted to watch the movie with us”?

Alex sat on the couch but couldn’t focus on the movie. He was too busy planning in his head what would be the party of the summer. He looked down and watched Kate who was stretched out on the blanket beside Laura, he had a perfect view of her ass. He felt his cock harden again just by looking at it. Moans came from the TV as a sex scene played out and it pushed Alex over the edge. He started to gently stroke his cock over his pyjama bottoms. The man on the TV was fucking the woman hard as she played with her tits. Her moaning got louder and louder as she started to cum and Alex knew he was about burst. He jumped up from the couch and ran down the hall into the down stairs bathroom. He pulled his cock out of his bottoms and wanked himself off until he felt his balls tighten and jets of hot cum spurt out over his hand. He returned casino siteleri shortly after to watch the rest of the movie with the girls.

“Where did you go?” Laura asked half hearted. tulipbet

“Just to get another soda, did you want one or something?”

“No was just asking is all.”

Later that night before Alex went to bed he told the girls about his party idea. They were really excited about it and knew it would be filled with hit college guys. He had planned it for the following night and though it was short notice no one had anything better to do on a Saturday night but party. Laura and Kate were up chatting till all hours and making notes about what to buy and what to wear. It was a great excuse to go shopping and to top it off they would have their very own slave/bag carrier/personal driver.

Alex was woken early the next morning by the sound of the shower. The one in the main bathroom was broken and was waiting to be fixed, so he and Laura had to share the one in his en suite. Alex was dying to take a leak, so he left the room to use the toilet in the main bathroom. When he returned to his room he noticed that the en suite door was slightly ajar. Peeking in he could see Kate standing naked in the shower washing her hair. Water trickled down from the shower head and onto her stunning face, down her perky tits, along her flat stomach and onto the shower floor before disappearing down the drain. Her skin looked so soft Alex just wanted to rub his hands all over her. He was frozen by the naked beauty and was rock hard at the site of her shaved pussy. He contemplated stroking himself when suddenly he heard his bedroom door open. It was Laura. Alex quickly jumped back from where he was standing and pretended to be looking for something. “I’m going next!” she commented and pointed to the bathroom. Smiled politely at Alex she sat on the bed and waited for Kate to finish. When Kate exited the shower and entered the bedroom she was wearing nothing but a tiny towel that barely covered her. Laura ran past Kate and into the bathroom. The shower started running and she shouted out to Alex “I won’t be long!”

Alex didn’t pay any attention to his sister as his eyes were fixed on Kate. As she turned round to leave the room he could see the bottom of her ass where the towel was not long enough to cover it. He wanted her so bad and he was going have her every which way he could tonight at the party. Although he didn’t know it Kate had a similar plan of her own.

With a car load of beer, spirits, soda and snacks the three happy shoppers headed to a little boutique. It was filled wall to wall with tops, skirts and dresses. Laura grabbed all she could and went to the changing room assisted by an employee. Kate took her time and picked out the sexiest dresses and skirts she could find, she wanted something that would catch Alex’s eye and assist in her plan in bedding him. She asked Alex to help carry the clothes she had picked out over to the changing room and asked him to sit on the chair outside in case she needed anything else. Alex was all too happy to oblige. Kate clumsily pulled the curtain across the bar leaving a gap so Alex could glimpse a perfect view of her getting changed. He watched in awe as she took off her clothes until she was standing there in her nothing but her tiny silk pink panties. He watched as she stood there looking at herself in the mirror. She started fixed her hair in the mirror and then to Alex’s complete shock she started to rub her breasts. She rubbed them slowly and gently and squeezed her nipples as she did so. She made her way down her stomach until her hand vanished into the inside of her panties. Alex could hear that she was wet as her fingers slipped inside her sex. His cock started to grow inside his jeans. He could do nothing but watch Kate as she raised one leg onto the chair in the dressing room and feverishly wank herself with one hand and play with her tits with the other. He watched her knees buckle from under her as she started to shake he knew she was cumming. He wanted to help her but knew he couldn’t not with his sister and the shop owner at the other side of the room. He looked back through the curtain and saw Kate sucking her juices off her fingers. She looked up at him with a sexy little smile that almost made him cum, a smile that said “I hope you enjoyed watching that as much as I enjoyed doing it” and he did enjoy watching it very much so.

On the drive home Kate chatted with Laura and acted like nothing happened but Alex was busting out of his jeans and couldn’t wait to get home to set up the party and take his mind of his raging hard on.

Kate, Laura and Alex were very impressed with themselves and the job they did setting up the house for the party. They locked away all breakables under the stairs and had the kegs in the kitchen along with the vodka, jagermeister, tequila and all the mixers imaginable to man. They placed huge bowls of chips and dips around the dining room, kitchen and living room areas and even transformed several corners of the house into comfy make canlı casino out areas with cushions and blankets. Alex went outside and set up the back yard. He turned on the lights and the hot tub and placed ash trays on the table. Prep work done!

It was approaching 6 o’clock and people would be arriving soon so Kate and Laura went up stairs to get ready. Laura had the most beautiful long blond hair and she wore it up with long spiral earrings. She wore a short black dress with black high heels and a belt that had a bow around her waist. Kate was just as beautiful and sexy and Alex knew she was the sexiest girl he had laid eyes on. That fact was only confirmed when he saw her walking down the stairs to the party. She was wearing a short black ruffled skirt that barely covered her thighs and showed off her tan legs perfectly, a tight red top that was embellished with black lace and ribbon and high heels which only made her long legs look even longer. She wore her dark auburn hair down and it fell around her face and onto her shoulders. She looked stunning. Her mesmerizing blue eyes scaled the packed hallway until she found Alex and Laura. They were drinking and talking to Chris who was a college friend of Alex’s. Laura beckoned her over and gave her a drink as the four party goers set out for the back yard. They chatted casually about their summer plans and what the girls were going to be studying in college the following year. Kate was going to be attending the same college as the boys and had wanted to be a doctor since she was five. Alex was really impressed at how much Kate knew about medicine, things that even he himself didn’t know as a second year student. He knew she wasn’t just pretty but smart and witty too. He watched her mouth as she talked, she had amazing lips and Alex had to hold himself back from reaching across the table where they were sitting and kissing them. When they were finished chatting and Chris had finished smoking they headed back inside to join the rest of the party. Chris and Laura went in first and just as Kate got up to leave Alex pulled her back. He gently pulled her face down to his and whispered in her ear vdcasino

“You’re amazing, you know that?” Alex then kissed her on the cheek she blushed and went inside to join Laura.

The party was a great hit, there was a great buzz and vibe throughout the house and everyone was dancing, drinking, laughing, and chatting. Many of the corners were occupied with couples kissing and flirting, but crisis soon struck as they ran out of beer. Alex being head of the party set about getting more beer from the fridge in the garage. As he rummaged through the fridge for cold beer he heard the garage door open. He looked up from the fridge and saw Kate standing there.

“Need a hand?” She asked as she slid her hand down into his jeans and grabbed hold of his cock. Alex dropped the can he was holding in shock. She kissed him on the lips as she undid his belt. Alex’s cock was throbbing when Kate let it free from his jeans she stroked it as she knelt down to meet it. She looked back up at Alex, their eyes met as she took him in her mouth. She started to lick the tip and let his pre-cum envelope her tongue as she did so, he tasted so good and she wanted to milk his cock till he was spent. She started to suck his cock taking it in little by little with each and every suck until he had hit the back of her throat. All Alex could do was watch her as she eagerly sucked his rock hard manhood. Alex stood there with his jeans around his ankles and watched as this beautiful girl sucked his cock. His knees were on the verge of buckling beneath him as Kate who was still sucking on his member started to wank him with her right hand covering it with spit and pre-cum. With her other hand she gently cupped his balls and started to play with them between her fingers, all the while she looked up into Alex’s eyes. Alex was on the verge. He couldn’t hold on any longer, he wanted to shoot his load into her mouth and just as he was about to cum Kate took his cock to the back of her throat, swallowed and started to hum, Alex couldn’t stand any longer and his legs failed him, he fell to the ground and Kate released him from her mouth. She kept wanking him and ribbons of cum shot freely from his throbbing cock and down her hand. His cock lay on his thigh twitching and she mopped up the cum on her hand She then took his cock back into her mouth and cleaned him off.

“Damn you’re so fucking hot!” Alex exclaimed

“Did you enjoy it?” Kate asked.

“More than you will ever know.” He pulled Kate in for a kiss and lay his hands on her tight ass. She was wearing little cotton panties and he could feel how wet she was through the fabric. A moan escaped Kate’s mouth. With that Alex stood up, pulled up his jeans, and lifted Kate onto the chest freezer.

“Fuck that’s cold!” She yelped as Alex lay her down across the freezer and pulled her legs above his shoulders. He slid her panties to one side and started to kiss her wet pussy lips, her juices tasted amazing and Alex wanted to ravish her with kaçak casino his tongue there and then. He started to lick Kate’s cunt from her ass to her clit and back again and as he did Kate thrust her hips encouragingly. Alex slipped a finger into her tight cunt.

“Holy shit Kate you’re a virgin” Alex almost came again with excitement. As he slipped a second finger into her cunt Kate began to squirm and moan with pleasure. She was so wet. Alex began to finger fuck her hard as he played with her clit with his tongue. Kate was now positively dripping and it tasted so good. This wasn’t the first time Alex had eaten pussy but she had tightest most sweet tasting pussy he ever had the pleasure of eating. Kate had her hands on the back of Alex’s head guiding him and his he licked her clit she pushed his head down harder into her cunt as she began to convulse. He could feel the walls of her cunt tightening around his fingers and soon her whole body was shaking she let of a series of moans and sighs as she arched her back grabbing hold of Alex’s shoulders as she came. After some time her body started to relax and she was breathing at a steady pace again. Alex kissed her once more on her soaking pussy then kissed her lips so she could taste herself. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

“That was amazing.” She cooed at him as she played with his hair.

“We should get back people will be waiting for their beers.” Alex replied as he gazed at her and kissed her again deep and passionately. Kate then stood up fixed her panties and helped Alex bring in the beers to the kitchen.

All night after their encounter in the garage Alex and Kate chatted and flirted with each other. They talked about music, movies, sports and everything under the sun. Kate heard her favourite song come on and begged Alex to dance and he was more than happy to indulge her request. He pulled her hips in close to his and she pushed up against his crotch. Alex could only think of two words to describe it “fucking hot”. Kate turned around so her ass was rubbing against his cock and Alex wrapped his arms around her. She tilted her head back and Alex reached down for a kiss. He really liked Kate not just sexually but really liked her how did she get so hot and funny and clever? Why hadn’t he noticed any of this before? He danced with Kate for the rest of the night. He had accomplished what he set out to do, he had her and he wasn’t letting her go. youwin

It was late into the night when the party started to die down and people started to leave. Many of their friends took to chairs and couches and where ever else they could sleep off what would become a theme to carry on the rest of the summer with. Laura had already gone to bed in a huff after seeing her brother and best friend kissing and dancing, but Alex knew she would get over it. Kate was the next to go upstairs and Alex raced up after her. She caught him by his belt and pulled him into his bedroom, stripped him of his t-shirt and jeans and pushed him on the bed. He sat up against the head board as she straddled over him. They started to kiss and Kate pushed her cunt against his boxers. Alex could feel himself getting rock hard and he pulled her in closer to his body and began to grind back. He began to kiss her neck slowly making his way down to her shoulders and then to her perky amazing tits that were almost falling out of her top. He kept her close to his body with one arm round her waist and ran his free hand through her beautiful auburn hair, down her back and rested is on her ass which was firm and tight. He ran his fingers up and down her slit through her cotton panties and he could feel that she was drenched. She let out soft little moans that was lost in their passionate kissing as he moved her panties to one side and slipped a finger into her warm aching cunt He slipped in a second finger and began to finger fuck her as she buried her face into his neck and began kissing it. She began to ride his fingers faster and harder and harder. As her juices flowed down them she began to shake. Alex knew she was coming. He held onto her tight as ecstasy rippled through her body in waves. She sat there breathless with his fingers still inside her, she kissed him again on the lips and wanted to return the favour. She helped his fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth she traced her lips with his fingers and started to suck the juices clean from them. Kate could feel how hard his cock was and was only too eager to relieve him of the pressure. Without uttering a word she spread his legs she started to massage his cock and balls over his boxers. She reached in and pulled out his large manhood and began to stroke it. She held it in a tight grip and wanked him hard. She wanted him to cum hard and fast. She scooted down in the bed to take him into her mouth not once breaking eye contact from him. She took him in deep, fast and rough, she relaxed her throat and with that she began to hum, how he loved it when she hummed! She released him from her throat and began sucking his cock feverishly once more all the while humming and wanking his member with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. Alex placed his hand on the back of Kate’s head and gently pushed her down further and further onto his cock until she began gagging on it.

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