My First Experience

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It happened 12 years ago, I was 18 at the time and working in an office in London. I enjoyed the job a lot although I wasn’t keen on the travelling. An hour every morning on the train, then the underground. Fortunately my boyfriend was working in London too so most days we travelled together. casino siteleri

We usually stayed in London Friday evenings after work and had a few drinks to unwind before catching the last train home. I remember this particular day as if it were yesterday. It was the middle of July and a lovely hot sunny day. We went to a pub close to the Thames and as usual on a Friday night it was buzzing.

We were sitting down and I was halfway through my first drink when I spotted her. She was sitting just across the bar facing me. Now let me say right away that I am straight, the only experience I ever had with another girl was a bit of a feel at a sleep over when I was 13, it came to nothing and didn’t really do anything for me. That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t admire attractive women because I do and this girl sitting across from me was gorgeous.

She was about my age with shiny blonde hair and large blue eyes with a fantastic body. It was no wonder she was the centre of attention with the group she was with. I was with my boyfriend and a few other friends and work colleagues but I kept glancing over to look at her. Maybe I was staring, I don’t know, I certainly didn’t mean to but suddenly realised she was looking straight at me. This sounds silly but I felt myself blush a little and quickly looked away. When I eventually looked her way again she was still looking casino siteleri at me and this time she gave me a smile, I smiled back and not taking her eyes off me she moved slightly on her seat so her skirt slid up a little showing me some of her thigh. Don’t ask me how but I knew she had done it on purpose for my benefit. I started to get butterflies in my stomach as, still staring at each other, I moved slightly and crossed my legs, feeling my skirt ride up a little like hers and knowing she could see up it. betgray

It was a crazy situation, we were both with a crowd of people and yet we seemed to be involved in secret seduction which just involved the two of us.

I was halfway through my second drink when she got up, she looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and gave a tiny nod of her head before heading towards the toilets. I still had the butterfly feeling in my tummy as I muttered something to my boyfriend about needing the loo. I got up and followed her into the toilets. She was not in sight when I walked in but two women were washing their hands by the sink. I stood in front of the mirror making out I was sorting my eye make up out. I could see the three toilet cubicles behind me. Two of them were engaged but one was slightly open. I waited until the two women had left and gently pushed the door open. She was standing in there; she put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet and locked the door after me. She pushed me against the door put her hands around my neck and immediately started kissing me with our tongues in each others mouths. We had to be quiet as people canlı casino were coming and going all the time.

My heart was racing as she undid my top and slid her hands under my bra and started to tease and feel my nipples. I undid hers and started to feel her firm breasts and rock hard nipples. She had bigger breasts than me, mine are 34b I would guess hers were more like 36c.

She then slid her hand up my skirt, running it up my thigh and inside my soaking wet panties. I nearly orgasmed there and then when she made contact with my clit. As she teased it I slid my hand up her skirt and inside her panties. She too was soaking wet and she gave a little moan as I slid a finger inside her. All the time we were still kissing and as I slid another finger inside her she slid two inside me. We masturbated each other for a while and then she took her fingers out and broke away. I was thinking please God don’t stop now but I needn’t have worried as she knelt in front of me and put both hands up my skirt and pulled my panties down.

I stepped out of them and lifted my skirt and opened my legs. She was inches away from my wide open soaking wet pussy; she pulled my pussy lips apart and started to lick and suck my clit and wet pussy hole. I have had oral sex a few times, I don’t mean I am a slut but I had been sexually active for a couple of years and had a few boyfriends who had gone down on me but I had never experienced anything like this.

Within minutes I was building up to my biggest ever orgasm. I had to really hold back from crying out as I exploded in her mouth. She kaçak casino licked every drop of my love juice before she stood up.

I knew then that I had to taste her. It was to be my first ever taste of a woman. I knelt down and pulled her panties off, she did what I did and lifted her skirt and opened her legs. I pulled her lips apart and saw her hard clit sticking out like a small cock.

I flicked my tongue over it and she gave a small moan then I went inside her tasting her cream, it tasted like nectar. I licked and sucked her and I could feel her tensing up. She put her hands on the back of my neck pulling me into her and then came hard in my open mouth. I swallowed and licked up every drop before standing up. We then kissed again tasting our own juices on each others tongues.

She picked up my panties and with a smile put them in her bag she then gave me hers which I put in my bag.

We opened the door slightly and fortunately no one was about. We went to the wash basins to wipe our faces and I gave her a peppermint to disguise the smell of our sex.

We then made our way back to the bar. My boyfriend said you have been a long time, I told him there was a queue for the toilets LOL.

We left shortly after and as I was going out the door she mouthed a silent “thank you” to me I mouthed back “no thank you”

That night I took her panties to bed with me and sniffed them while I masturbated…how sad is that!!!! betist

I am married now…to the boyfriend I had then. He knows nothing about it and never will. It was my one and only lesbian experience. I doubt I will have another but if I do it will never compare to that night. It was the best sex I have ever had and I will never forget it. I still have the panties even though the aroma has long gone. It will forever be a reminder of that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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