Mrs. Wood Gets Hers Ch. 01

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Erica was a little surprised to get an invitation for an afternoon of “fun and relaxation” from the Bay Valley Golf and Tennis Club. The invitation contained a phone number for confirmation, as well as a business card from Valerie Wood, President.

After reading the invitation again, a little alarm bell sounded in Erica’s mind. She had recently seduced one of her professors, although after the thorough fucking she had received, she wondered if she had been the victim of a seduction. The name “Wood” may just have been a coincidence, but she just wasn’t sure. She called to confirm her “reservation.”

Erica had just graduated from Bay Valley State University and looked every bit the mature, confident woman she was. Her body was what men dreamed about – long, well-toned legs, a superb, round ass, a delicate waist, and beautiful, heavy breasts that filled out a c-cup bra almost to the point of overfill – except that Erica didn’t own a bra. She hadn’t worn one since high school. A recent trip to a clothing optional Jamaican resort had given Erica a sexy glow that went well with her confident aura.

This invitation caused a frown to creep across her beautiful face. “What to wear?” was the first thing to cross Erica’s mind. Certainly not one of the risqué outfits that she wore to work in the adult novelty shop where she was employed.

She finally decided on a pair of mid-thigh khaki shorts and a conservative top, bikini panties, and bra. Therein lay the problem. Her roommate, Lisa would gladly loan her a bra, but hers fit a very voluptuous set of 38DD tits – not an option. Erica resigned herself to the fact that she would have to go bra shopping.

Liking the displays in the window, Erica went into the Victoria’s Secret store and was almost overwhelmed. She was about to leave when a very pretty salesgirl offered to help.

“Hello. I’m Toni. How may I help you?” she asked.

“Hi. I’m Erica and I need a bra,” answered Erica, still looking around at the abundant selections.

“I think you might be in the right place,” said Toni with a smile. “What size are you?”

“36C,” said Erica.

“Are you sure?” asked Toni. “You look a little fuller to me. Let me get a tape measure.”

Erica looked around, paying more attention to the styles and material until Toni returned.

“I can do this better if you take off your t-shirt. Step into the dressing rooms with me and remove your top please,” said Toni, very professionally.

Turning her back to Toni, Erica took off her shirt. Her nipples, ever erect, did not let this opportunity to be noticed pass. When she turned around, Toni’s eyes were drawn to the center of each of Erica’s breasts.

“You have gorgeous breasts,” said Toni, “but I think those are the loveliest nipples I have ever seen. If we were better acquainted, I might make a pass at you.”

“Don’t hesitate on the account of unfamiliarity. I’m Erica, I love sex, and you have a pretty good set yourself,” said Erica, in her sexiest, sultriest voice. “What more do you need?”

Toni pulled Erica to her and kissed her passionately, slipping her tongue into Erica’s mouth and finding a willing cavern opening to her. Erica sucked on Toni’s tongue, playing with it before releasing it back into Toni’s mouth, and following it. Their kiss lasted for over a minute, and each was breathless when they broke apart. They were so engrossed in the moment that neither had laid a hand on the other.

Both girls were shaken by the intensity of the kiss, and stepped back to look longingly at one another.

“I sure wish I wasn’t at work,” said Toni breathlessly.

“Me too,” mumbled Erica. “When do you get off?”

“Every chance I get!” replied Toni, laughing at Erica’s unintended double intendre. “But I work until six.”

Laughing with her, Erica said, “Well, that’s good to know! I have an appointment soon, so we need to get the bra thing done. Here’s my number – maybe we can get together soon!”

Toni resumed her professional demeanor, and began measuring Erica, discovering that Erica’s breasts had indeed grown to a full 36D cup. Even as professional as she was, Toni couldn’t help but to cop a feel once or twice, only heightening Erica’s tension.

Pulling up her top, Toni said, “This bra is one of our best sellers. We call it the ‘Attention Getter.’” The bra’s almost sheer cups ended just below Toni’s puffy nipples, and exquisite lace covered them.

“I can see how it got its name,” said Erica. “I’ll take a burgundy one and a white one to wear now.”

After exchanging phone numbers, Erica, more dressed than she had been in years, left the mall and drove to the golf club. It was situated on the high-rent side of town and she had no trouble finding the address. Showing her invitation to the gate attendant, she was directed to a private parking area.

Entering the only door she saw, Erica was greeted by a stunning secretary who obviously had greater ambitions than working at a country club. Her casino oyna hair and makeup were flawless, her clothes were fit for a model, and her body, when she stood up to greet Erica, was the stuff men’s dreams are made of.

“I have an appointment with Valerie Wood,” said Erica.

“Oh, you must be Erica! I’m Tiffany. Val’s been looking forward to meeting you, and I can see why,” said the voluptuous secretary, as she gave Erica a head-to-toe lustful look. “If there’s anything you need while you’re here, just let me know.”

With that, she turned and walked to a nearby door, making sure to swing her ass and emphasize her invitation. After knocking gently, she looked back at Erica and winked before going into Valerie’s office. When the door opened again, Tiffany was nowhere to be seen, and an absolute vision walked out to greet Erica. Red hair, green eyes, full, pendulous breasts, legs like a model’s, and an ass atop them that begged for an adequate descritption.

“Hi. I’m Valerie Wood and I’m so glad to meet you! Come in and let’s get acquainted,” she said warmly.

Erica entered the office of a very wealthy, comfortable golf club president, and was taken aback at its opulence. The dark wood of the office appointments were quite soothing, but the arrangement of the furniture said all business. Valerie sat down behind the large wooden desk and finished quickly on the computer.

Looking around, Erica saw Tiffany in a small room to the side of the office. She saw Erica looking at her and asked, “Would you care for something to drink?”

Erica replied, “No, thanks,” and turned her attention back to Valerie, who was getting out of her chair and walking around the desk. She sat beside Erica and put a hand on her arm.

“Tiff, we’ll be leaving soon to go to the house. I don’t want to be disturbed, so handle things here for me please,” Valerie told her secretary, who had come back to stand before them.

Erica could feel the sexual tension in the room, and wondered to herself if Valerie and Tiffany were lovers. “Damn, I’d love to see that going on!” she thought.

Tiffany said, “You two have fun. If you need any help, just call me.” With that, she left Erica and Valerie alone.

“I guess I owe you an explanation,” began Valerie. She began gently rubbing Erica’s arm, and launched into her explanation. “My husband and I are adventurous lovers. We adore each other, are passionately in love with each other, and know that our love can withstand anything. This love and understanding gives us the opportunity to explore the mysteries of love and sex, and share with each other to increase our pleasure. Occasionally we will take a lover, and, if the experience warrants it, share that lover. We have done this a few times, and the results have been spectacular!”

By now, Valerie’s smooth, husky voice and gentle rubbing on her arm had Erica almost in a trance. She looked at Valerie and said,

“You know don’t you?”

“Yes, Darling, I know,” replied Valerie, quite matter-of-factly. “I know you seduced my husband, and I know he fucked you well, as he does me. I’ve explained our relationship and want you to know I’m not in the least bit jealous. In fact, I’m trying to seduce you right now!”

She leaned in and kissed Erica’s lips gently, quickly. The light kiss quickly turned hot as Erica took Valerie’s face in her hands and used her tongue to force Valerie’s lips apart. Easily sliding her tongue into Valerie’s waiting mouth, Erica explored the inside of her mouth, wrestling with her tongue, and licking the roof of Valerie’s mouth.

Valerie had moved her hand from Erica’s arm to her breast, and was amazed at the size and hardness of the nipple she found. Pinching it, she realized that Erica was a woman who loved to have her nipples attended to, and made a mental note to that effect.

Breaking the kiss, Erica said breathlessly, “I don’t think you’ll have to try very hard.”

Valerie laughed and said, “Erica, my dear, I’m going to enjoy your sexy body and see if my husband was right! He said you were incredible, and I intend to find out if he was right.”

Standing up, they fell into another passionate embrace. Valerie pushed Erica to the desk, so that her ass was against the edge. Grinding her hips into Erica’s thighs, pulling her nipples, and kissing her forcefully, Valerie could feel the heat emanating from Erica’s body.

Erica’s hands naturally cupped Valerie’s ass and she was loving the feel that greeted her hands – a skirt with no panties! Breaking the kiss, she asked, “Do you always work without underwear?”

“Only when it will be to my advantage,” said Valerie, as she took Erica’s hand and placed it on what was the smoothest pussy Erica had ever felt. “You like that?” she asked sexily.

“Yes, but is this the best place?” answered Erica.

“Tom said you were wise beyond your years,” Valerie said as she backed away and looked at Erica. “We need to get to a more private place – like my house.”

With canlı casino that, she shrugged into her coat, and taking Erica by the hand, led her to the parking lot where they were both parked.

“Follow me,” said Valerie, as she got into her luxury sedan. Erica had no trouble keeping up and soon they entered a secluded driveway to a rather impressive looking house. The gate had closed behind them, and Erica felt a little bit of uneasiness on being locked in.

Remembering that smooth pussy allayed her fears, and she hopped out of her car and helped Valerie get out. Valerie made sure to give her an eyeful as she exited her car. Taking a chance, Erica pinned her to the side of the car, and planted a very fervent, sexy kiss on her hostess.

Breaking the kiss, Valerie said breathlessly, “Tom said you were very open with your feelings, and didn’t mind showing them. I assure you, we’re going to have a very enjoyable afternoon. Feel how wet I am just thinking about you,” she said and pulled her skirt up almost to her waist.

Erica reached under the hem of Valerie’s skirt and encountered an extremely wet pair of lips. Easily sliding her middle finger into that steaming pussy, she slowly leaned in and kissed Valerie softly.

Valerie said breathlessly, “You sure know how to turn a girl on. Let’s get inside where we can really get to know each other.”

As they turned towards the house, Erica slipped her arm around Valerie’s waist and pulled her close, their hips rubbing sexily as they sashayed up the steps and onto the porch. While Valerie entered the security code, Erica took the opportunity to step behind her and raise her skirt, exposing the most delicious-looking ass she had ever seen.

“Valerie, you have absofuckinglutely the most desirable ass I have ever seen,” said Erica, as she ran her hands over the twin globes almost reverently.

“Why, thank you my dear. You keep that up and you’ll get to examine it more closely,” said Valerie, as she entered the foyer. “Welcome to our home. Now, let’s have some fun!”

Valerie took Erica’s hand and led her to her and Tom’s bedroom. Decorated lavishly, it exuded sex and pleasure. The drapes were drawn, and the only light came from scented candles located discreetly around the room. The huge four-poster bed looked big enough for six people, and Erica could only imagine the history it held.

Valerie was stripping off her clothes as Erica took in the aura of the room. When Erica looked at Valerie, nude, she realized what a sexy, gorgeous body Mrs. Wood possessed. Flawless skin, grapefruit-sized breasts, with dollar-sized nipples, a gently pinched waist, and flaring hips that emphasized Valerie’s womanly sexiness – all of this in one body built for all the pleasures of sex.

“Yes, it’s our fucking bedroom, and that’s what we use it for. We sleep upstairs. I am a tantric goddess and I need a neutral place to educate clients. This room serves that purpose,” explained Valerie. “Are you going to get naked or do I have to rip your clothes off?”

“Oh, I’m getting naked!” said Erica playfully, as Valerie began rubbing up and down her body.

Taking off her shorts and top, Erica stood before Valerie in her thong and matching bra.

“That is one sexy bra!” said Valerie as she took in the vision before her.

Erica started to explain about the purchase, but Valerie didn’t give her a chance. Cupping a breast in each hand, Valerie used her thumbs to arouse Erica’s supersensitive nipples even further than they already were. She peeled the lace from each nipple and greedily began sucking them like a hungry child.

“I love having that done by someone who knows how,” said Erica, as she rubbed Valerie’s neck and back.

She felt that familiar tingle begin to creep up her legs, and knew she was in the hands of a master seductress. Not knowing whether to give in completely and enjoy the rising tide, or to stop and give back some pleasure, Erica opened her eyes and saw their image in a full-length mirror.

Easily, the most erotic image she had ever gazed upon, their bodies about to be consumed by passion, made Erica realize that she wanted more than a quick climax from having her boobs sucked by Valerie. She gently moved Valerie’s head up to her face and kissed her deeply.

“You don’t know how sensitive my nipples are yet, and I want to explore more of you before I come,” said Erica, as she looked longingly into Valerie’s lusty eyes. “Let’s extend this little party for a while.”

“Oh, you’re right,” said Valerie. “I guess I got a little carried away. Let’s get in the hot tub and begin the relaxing afternoon I promised you.”

Taking Erica by the hand, Valerie opened a sliding glass door, and they stepped onto a very private patio, with a hot tub at one end. “We use this when we’re entertaining friends. The tub is far enough away so that it’s semi-private.”

Leading Erica to the steps, Valerie put her arm around Erica’s waist and said lustfully, “I hope this is the beginning kaçak casino of a beautiful relationship.”

They entered the warm, soothing water together and sat down on the first bench, never breaking body contact. As Valerie turned to face Erica, she said, “I feel as if I already know you. Tom told me about your tryst on his desk, and he was impressed with your amazing sexual energy. He was almost ready to shoot another load when you two finished. I really have trouble getting him off twice in a short period. He also told me how sensitive your nipples are.”

“Well, that big, fat dick of his really filled my pussy, and when I came, he lay there and made it swell and fill me more! How does he do that?” asked Erica, as she felt Valerie’s breast for the first time.

They were sitting side by side, with their legs touching and their upper bodies turned towards each other. This allowed each girl to explore the other’s body without breaking physical contact.

“I don’t know, but he does it to me too. He usually does it right after I’ve climaxed, and it gets me off again,” replied Valerie, as she took Erica’s nipple in her mouth. She began sucking gently and Erica gave in to the sensations coursing like liquid fire through her body.

She put both arms around Valerie’s shoulders and forced her face into her breasts, presenting a tit-lover’s wet dream. Valerie sucked one nipple while pinching the other, then switched. Each nipple got its fair share of loving, and Erica couldn’t help herself.

She held Valerie almost motionless and let her orgasm take over her body. Digging her fingers into Valerie’s shoulders, Erica came strongly, but quietly.

Waiting for the sensations to subside, Erica gently lifted Valerie’s lips to her own and kissed them lovingly. When their eyes met, Erica said, “No one ever made me come just by loving my breasts. I think I need to return the favor,” and lowered her lips to Valerie’s luscious nipples.

Not hard and erect, as Erica’s were, Valerie’s nipples were puffy and soft to the tongue. Erica didn’t want to suck them too hard, for fear of hurting them, so she licked and gently kissed them until Valerie said, “Look. We can stay out here all night making love to each others’ titties, or we can go into the house and have some real fun.”

Thinking she had disappointed Valerie, Erica said, “Aren’t I doing it right?”

“Oh, yes Lover. You’re doing it soooo right. I just want to get something in these pussies!” replied Valerie knowingly. “Just feel what you are doing to me,” she said as she took Erica’s hand and guided it to her now-dripping pussy.

Even under water, Erica could tell that Valerie was extremely wet and slick. She slid two fingers into Valerie’s cunt effortlessly and gently moved them in and out.

“See Darling, you know just how to push my buttons. Let’s go inside and really enjoy ourselves,” said Valerie as she stood up, taking Erica by the hand and helping her stand.

They took time to dry each other, making sure to linger in the right places and maintain their level of excitement. When Valerie started back to the house, she took Erica’s hand and put it on her hips, saying, “You know, Tom wants to fuck me back there, but I don’t think I can take it. Maybe you’ll get a chance.”

Erica recognized this as an invitation, and gently slipped her fingers into the crack of Valerie’s exquisite ass. Probing deep into the space between the two perfect globes, Erica encountered a very relaxed asshole and slipped a finger into it.

“If that’s any indication, you shouldn’t have any trouble. All it takes is preparation and patience. Believe me, the rewards are worth it,” said Erica quietly, as they entered the house.

Leading her to the bedroom, Valerie opened a closet and rolled out a massage table. Helping Erica onto it, Valerie retrieved some towels and oil. Erica lay on her stomach and Valerie started gently massaging each calf.

The lotion was warm and smelled heavenly. As Valerie’s hands moved up to her thighs, she slowly spread Erica’s legs and rubbed the inside of each thigh, getting nearer to her dripping pussy with each stroke.

Moving to Erica’s ass, Valerie realized Erica’s pussy needed more attention. She said quietly, “Be patient, my Love. I’ll get back to that special place soon.”

Massaging up Erica’s back and shoulders, Valerie rubbed Erica’s neck, then turned her over. Kissing the luscious lips briefly, she then started down the front of Erica’s body.

She blew warm air over each nipple as she rubbed it. Although they quickly came to attention, Valerie left them and massaged Erica’s stomach and then her pubic region. Giving each thigh its own share of attention, Valerie finally returned to Erica’s pussy.

By this time, Erica was in exquisite agony, loving the adoring attention Valerie was giving her body, and wanting to have her smoldering pussy attended to.

Well aware of Erica’s wanton desire, Valerie said, “My Darling, I’m going to devour your pussy and love it as only another woman can. You may think that you’ve had your cunt eaten by experts, but I assure you – they were amateurs. When I finish, you may never want to leave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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