Mrs Potter Has A New Client

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After a few days working for Mrs Potter Amy was enjoying the work. Although there hadn’t been any more sexual action between them there was plenty of signs that there would be some soon.

On Wednesday Mrs Potter said to Amy, ‘I’ve got a new client coming in later today and I think it will be good experience if you could assist me.’

Amy replied, ‘Thanks, I’d like that.’

Mrs Potter said, ‘The lady is question is called Claire, a 43 year old mother of two. She has blonde shoulder length hair and slightly overweight which is exaggerated by her large breasts. She is a nurse and often rides a motorbike, mainly because she likes the feel of the throb between her legs.’

The shop was about to close when Claire came in. Mrs Potter introduced her to Amy and they locked up the shop and went into the back office.

Mrs Potter said, ‘OK Claire remind me and tell Amy what we can do for you.’

‘Well I need some better support for my big tits, I want a bra that holds my tits up and doesn’t let them droop,’ Claire said.

Mrs P replied, ‘Amy help Claire get undressed.’

Soon, with Amy’s help Claire was standing in the middle of the room only wearing her white panties. Mrs P took her tape measure and said to Amy, ‘hold the tape against Claire’s nipples so I can get an accurate measure.’

Amy held the tape measure against Claire’s nipples and liked the feel as she brushed her fingers over them. It was a while since Claire had been naked with another female but the sudden reminder of what had happened that time gave Claire a nice feeling and amazingly she felt her nipples harden against Amy’s fingers.

Mrs Potter casino oyna took a note of the measurement and asked Claire what cup size she was.

‘I think either DD or maybe even an E’, Claire replied.

Mrs Potter said, ‘Amy can you get the cup size samples please.’

Amy went to the store cupboard and found them and returned to the others. Amy held the DD cup against one of Claire’s tits and could see it was far too small so then took an E but again it didn’t really cover her breast.

Mrs Potter said, ‘Clearly I can see the problem you have been having, you need at least a size F.’

Amy found that size and held it over Claire’s breast and it fitted perfectly. Claire loved the feel as Amy held it tight against her and felt her nipple hardening even more.

Claire said, ‘The problem is that when I get aroused and my nipples get enlarged the bra is not really large enough as the end rubs against my nipple and makes it even bigger.’

Mrs Potter said, ‘And how does that feel Claire, is that something you enjoy, that feeling as your nipples rub against the fabric?’

Claire was now getting more and more aroused as Mrs Potter seemed to be delving into more and more personal matters.

Mrs Potter asked, ‘Do you get aroused a lot or is it only when you are with a lover, as there are other options.’

‘Well to tell you the truth, I have very sensitive nipples and although I adore having them played with and sucked they can start getting erect for no particular reason,’ Claire replied.

Mrs Potter, said, ‘I think I have just the thing for you.’

She went to a cupboard and started looking for something canlı casino and returned with an all in one corset. She showed it to Claire and said, ‘It’s got small peep holes in the cups for your nipples to poke through. It’s from our very erotic range but I think it will suit you fine. Would you like to try it on’?

Claire inspected it and nodded in agreement. Mrs Potter said to Amy, ‘Why don’t you help Claire put it on’?

Amy knelt on the floor and lowered Claire’s white panties. Her face was only inches away from her pussy and thought she could even see signs of moisture on it. Claire lifted her feet and stepped out of the panties. Amy then helped Claire put on the white corset and carefully fitted the bra cups over Claire’s large tits, making sure that her erect nipples easily poked through the peep holes. As Amy touched them and eased them into place she felt them getting harder and larger all the time. Eventually both her nipples were protruding through the peep hole. Claire glanced sideways and saw herself in the mirror. The image only made her more horny.

The sight of this was also having an effect on Mrs Potter who found herself getting aroused too.

She then said to Claire, ‘This corset can also be fitted with suspenders if you wish, as the crotch is open, it doesn’t make any sense to wear tights although you can, of course, wear open crotch ones’.

‘Amy fit the suspender straps for Claire,’ she said.

Amy got the suspender straps and knelt in front of Claire. Her face was only inches away from her pussy and could easily see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips. As Amy clipped the first strap onto the corset kaçak casino she leaned even closer and could smell her juices. Amy shifted slightly and clipped the other one on the front. As the other two needed to be clipped onto the back istead of moving behind her Amy leant against Claire and reached behind her. Her face was now nestling against Claire’s ever wettening pussy. She felt Claire part her legs and her breathing get heavier. Amy moved her face slightly and kissed Claire’s pussy lips. She adored the taste of the older woman’s juices. Claire was so aroused and excited that she put her hands behind the younger girls head and pulled her hard against her and started rubbing herself against Amy’s mouth.

Mrs Potter could see what was happening and stood behind Claire, reached round her front and started rubbing and pinching her erect nipples. Amy was now licking all the way up and down Claire’s soaking wet pussy while Claire ground herself against her face. ‘Suck my clit,’ Claire demanded.

As she found her clit and clamped her lips against it Mrs Potter moved round to Claire’s front and started sucking her nipples. Claire’s orgasm was almost instant and seemed to last for ever. As it died down, Amy and Mrs Potter sucked harder and simply bought Claire to yet another huge cum. Eventually she had finished and collapsed into Mrs Potter’s arms.

Amy stood up and Mrs Potter knowing that her mouth would be covered in Claire’s juices kissed her passionately on the lips savouring her juices.

Claire dressed and Mrs Potter said, ‘Why don’t you come back next week and we can try the corset with the suspenders and stockings and also a pair of open crotch panties’.

Claire smiled and said, ‘Yes, definitely’.

Mrs Potter opened the door and let Claire out, she locked it behind her and said to Amy, ‘I need to cum’.

‘Me too,’ she replied.

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