More than a Nap

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It was just supposed to be a nap. They were watching the game on his couch, in his apartment, sipping on root beers and talking during the commercials. He rooted for his alma mater and she rooted for the opposing team just to add some fun. It was their third official “date” and when the game was over, they both stretched, yawned and then looked at each other and laughed. Her team had won. He got up to rinse their soda glasses and she stretched out on the couch, laughingly telling him that he was “keeping her up.” He looked at the clock and said they had a couple hours until dinner and suggested a nap, since they were both a little drowsy. She agreed and he told her she could have his bed. In a tank top and sweats, she crawled in between the crisp, cotton sheets and curled up with her head on his pillow, and when he came in and asked if they could snuggle, she willingly scooted her warm body over to his and enjoyed the envelope of his arms around her. bahis siteleri

“You’re burning up,” he complained, saying that the autumn weather was too warm to wear all the clothes she was wearing. He cajoled her to remove her sweatpants, and as she did, he stripped down to his boxer shorts. She sighed, rolling her eyes, but cuddled into his arms again. They shared a couple of kisses, wrapped in each others’ arms, and his hands caressed her back, slipping inside her tank top and enjoying the silk of her skin. “I want to see you,” he whispered, and she lifted her tank over her head and unsnapped her bra. They laid there together, skin against skin, breasts against chest, just breathing, and then kissing before he moved away. His eyes traveled over her form and he sucked in his breath. “You have beautiful breasts,” he praised, and then his hands followed in the journey began by his gaze, skimming over the creamy surface of her breasts, short, smooth nails dancing along hardening nipples. “This is all we’ll do,” he promised, saying they’d take it slow and just hold each other. But his mouth descended in for another kiss, and then he trailed his lips and tongue down her neck, kissing and nipping and sucking, until he found her breasts. He kissed the right one, holding onto the left breast with one hand, while the other hand stayed around her in an embrace. He whirled his tongue around the nipple, teeth gently scraping and his hot mouth suckling and her breathing became labored. canlı bahis Her head was thrown back against the pillow, eyes closed, and she arched her back so her breasts could reach his searching hand and his kissing mouth.

They laughed at their lack of self control. She turned her back to him, fitting her smaller body into the curve of his, backside against groin, back against chest, and her head fitting in the curve of his neck. “Enough,” she ordered softly, allowing him to kiss the back of her neck and to reach both hands around her to stroke her breasts. As they laid there, she drifted off into sleep for a moment, turning on her back and leaning her legs to the left, so she’d be leaning on him. betnano

His hands stayed on her body; stroking, caressing, tickling lightly and her tummy tightened as he traced a trail from between her breasts to her stomach and then teased the waistband of her pink panties. Her eyes opened slowly and she chastised him a little, but didn’t complain as his hand moved over her panties and brushed down to her thighs and back up again. “You’re already wet for me,” he whispered and his hand dipped between her panty’s waistband and her soft flesh. She laid on her back and he leaned on his right elbow facing her and watching her face carefully. His left hand inside her panties, he started to explore. He slid a finger into the slick folds of her womanhood, running a knuckle across her clitoris. At her gasp, his fingers began to dance. Her legs opened more and her heart beat wildly as his fingers mated with her. He asked her how she felt.

She panted out a sarcastic, “what do you think? I can’t breathe!”

He laughed and told her, “you feel hot and wet and tight and I love watching you lose control.” Her hands clenched into the sheets, making fists and wrinkling the sheets into her palms as his fingers danced into a faster crescendo. Her hips began to move along with his hand and her body began to sing. Her orgasm began, reaching a peak, where she thought she’d stop living, but he continued, not letting up and the orgasm peaked again, resembling a lie detector test’s pattern from lows and highs and even higher. By the time she shuddered into a breathless gasp, a fine sheen of perspiration dotted her forehead, her breasts rose and fell as if she’d run a marathon, and she pleaded with him to let her rest for a moment.

He bahis siteleri rolled on top of her, kissing her gently, suckling on her lower lip and inhaling her little gasps. He brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked on his fingers. Her eyes widened as he smiled and told her she tasted wonderful. “Let me look at you some more,” he kissed her again and then his mouth descended down her body, taking a not so brief tour of her breasts, teasing her belly button, kissing her inner thigh. He pulled her panties over her hips and down her legs, biting her ankle gently and then sliding the panties off, throwing them on the floor. He moved his mouth up her legs and nipped at her inner thighs again. He pulled back, spreading her thighs open, and leaned forward to just look. He stuck his nose against her pussy and took a deep whiff, before resting on his arms between her thighs and staring at her pink and creamy slick wetness. Then, he kissed her, licking at her clitoris, applying pressure and dancing his tongue inside of her wetness.

“Oh my god!” she gasped. His tongue slowly drove into her wet cunt and her gasps came out in moans and high pitched cries of mostly unintelligible words.

He looked up and gave a quick admonition to “Shh, the neighbors”, but she had no control over her cries. When she came, she screamed his name and trembled. He kissed her a final time and then rolled to his side again, pulling her into his embrace, “God, you’re hot. I love watching you cum.”

She took deep breaths, trying to still her wildly beating heart and her pants of exhilaration. “And God, you’re talented,” she gasped out. “Where did you learn that?”

“I have a confession,” he admitted, and she stiffened in his arms, waiting for bad news, willing herself to not be surprised or hurt. He rolled onto his back and a thick silence blanketed the room.

She sat up, trying to cover up the dread as she wondered if he was married, gay, diseased, or other terrible thing that might befall. “Well?” she asked with a worried expression.

“Ok, well, you see, uhm…how shall I say this?” he paused, taking a breath, and then rushed on, “I’ve never done this before. I’m a virgin.”

“What!?” She shouted. “There is no way! I’ve slept with three other guys and none of them have had this same effect on me.”

“What can I say?” he smiled bahis şirketleri sheepishly, “I guess I’m talented.” betpark

“I can’t believe you’ve never done this before? I mean, how old are you again?” she didn’t know if she should laugh or not, but it was pretty hard to believe.

“The opportunity has never come up.” He replied and she laughed. “Ok, bad pun. But really, I was so focused on school and my career and I’ve never met anyone I wanted to be with in that way, but I have a great fantasy life, and,” he gave a sheepish grin, “I stole one of my sister’s trashy romance novels in college and gave it a good read.”

She gave another laugh and then rolled out of the bed, standing there, shaking her head as she pulled her panties back on and put her tank top on again. “My friends are gonna be here soon. You’d better get dressed.” They dressed quickly, made the bed and returned to the living room to await her friends.

“So, tell me about your other lovers,” he asked.

And she listed them. In junior high, she had two boyfriends, not at the same time, she rushed to say. She and those previous boyfriends had explored each others’ bodies, but never had sex. In high school, she had sex with Joey, both of them virgins, neither of them really knew what they were doing and so it wasn’t very exciting. In college, she slept with Matt, another virgin, and she was so frustrated with him, she offered to draw him a map and get him a flashlight. He lost his erection and it took her a while to help him regain his, uhm, er, confidence. She broke up after their less than stellar sex and had a one night stand with Mark, who went down on her and gave her her first orgasm. And that was her list.

As she ended her list, a knock sounded on the door. It was perfect timing, and he stood up to answer. In walked her friend Stephanie with her date. Introductions were made. Jade met Stephanie’s date, Jason. Stephanie met Vic. And the foursome left for dinner out. Stephanie and Jade communicated with their eyes and facial expression and without a word, Stephanie knew before dinner was done, that Jade and Vic had spent some time in the bedroom. Jade expected to return to Stephanie’s apartment that evening to spend the night, but there was a change of plans, when Steph said she had an early morning the next day and Jade really didn’t want to have to get up early. She looked at Vic, “we can just watch a movie, or something, right?”

He nodded and said, “or something.”

Steph and Jason drove off and Jade and Vic curled up on the couch to watch a movie…..or something.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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