Mistress of the Mansion

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Rita was sobbing at the kitchen table; she worried how she could survive and take care of her 18 year old daughter Kimberly. The 37 year old mother was distraught; her whole world had turned upside down in an instant. No sooner had Kim went off to school when her husband called to tell her that he cleared out their bank account, was running off with another woman and not to try to find him as he was leaving the country. Rita had no experience in the work force but knew that she had to find a job as soon as possible.

She plowed through the want ad section of the morning paper and found an opening for a house cleaner with an excellent starting salary. She dialed the number and was encouraged to get an appointment at noon. The 5’2″ blond dressed in a cute pink sun dress and drove to the address a few miles from her modest home.

As she maneuvered her 16 year old Ford up the long drive-way she was in awe of the mansion and sprawling estate. Rita was greeted at the door and ushered in the lavish abode by a stunning young black woman in a revealing French maid outfit. Rita was led to a dining area, served coffee, and told that she would be joined by Mistress Madison momentarily.

A few minutes went by, then a striking black woman wearing a flimsy red satin robe entered the room. Rita stood to greet her and felt shivers run up and down her spine when they embraced. Rita could feel the woman’s huge breasts press into her small ones and became dizzy when a pair of big red lips kissed her full on the mouth. Rita was trembling when the kiss broke and she looked up into the deep brown eyes of the imposing woman. The six foot black woman introduced herself as Madison and told the intimidated white woman to be seated.

Madison sat directly across from Rita, her robe had opened, Rita blushed as she stared at the huge black tits, and thought to herself that this place was too weird for her and that she should seek employment elsewhere when Madison spoke, “My dear Rita, I usually employ only black women but you seem very nice and I will consider hiring you as one of my cleaning ladies. If you are offered and if you accept the position there are a few things that you should know. I am the owner of a very successful line of lingerie and other sexy attire for all size women. Many buyers from around the world visit my home, that is why my help is always dressed in my designs. It attracts the buyers interest and they end up begging me to sell them what my help is wearing.. I like you and am willing to hire you, if you accept the position we will fit you for your work outfits. The work is not too difficult; you will be assigned a small area but it must be kept spotless, no dust, no smears, and nothing out of place. I fully realize that this position is unusual to say the least but I am prepared to pay you $250.00 a shift five days a week and as you progress so does your compensation. What do you say?”

Rita decided to endure the odd place and go for the money that would provide for her and her daughter and replied, “Yes I will take the job and thank you so much!”

“Good, welcome aboard. When can you start?’

“Any time, as soon as possible.”

“Well then, we will give you a fitting now and you can start tomorrow.” Madison took her by the hand and led her to a large room with sewing machines, tables, and a variety of sexy lingerie. Rita blushed when the attendant told her to strip. Madison scolded the timid white woman and reminded her that it was only ‘us girls’. The 29 year old Madison and the elderly black woman assisted Rita in disrobing. She felt so embarrassed when they removed her bra and panties and stared at her tiny tits and sparse patch of blond pubic hair. During the fitting fingers touched her thighs, butt, nipples, and pussy. Rita was becoming aroused and hoped that the two women hadn’t noticed but Madison clearly did notice and let her robe open all the way. Rita could not keep her eyes off the naked black woman that was to become her boss. She was puzzled when she could feel her pussy moisten as her eyes traveled between the huge black tits and the lush patch of dark pubic hair between Madison’s legs. The look of desire in Rita’s eyes, the pointy nipples, and the dew forming on her pussy lips caused Madison to smile as she knew that she would soon seduce the white woman.

Over dinner Rita informed her daughter that her father had run off with another woman but that she had found a great paying job that would amply provide for them.. Rita even hinted that perhaps Kimberly could even get the car that she so desperately wanted when she graduated from high-school. Kim was disappointed when she learned that her mom would be a cleaning-lady but was both surprised and intrigued when she found out how much money her mother would be earning. Her curiosity really peaked when she learned that the Mistress of the Mansion and all of the other help were female and black.

Rita reported for work the next morning at 9:30 AM. Her work hours were casino siteleri from 10AM to

6 PM and she was able to see her daughter off to school, Kim had house keys and would only be alone for a few hours before Rita got home so the work hours were great for them. The maid escorted Rita to a dining area where Madison and another black woman were drinking coffee. Her boss complimented Rita for being early, offered her some coffee, and introduced Myra, the head of the cleaning department. Myra was very black, tall and thin, was 44 years old, her breasts were small but she had a stern authoritative look about her. After coffee, Madison instructed Myra to show Rita to her room, don her work clothes, take the new employee to her assigned work area, and inform her of her duties.

Rita was amazed to find that she had her own room and asked why. Myra looked her in the eye and said, “You need a place to change, take a nap, and entertain.” Rita had no idea what she meant by entertain, nor did she ever hear of a job where workers could take a nap but before she had a chance to inquire she was instructed to change. Myra went into the closet and produced a frilly, flimsy, see-through pink nightie that barley covered her buttocks.

Rita was aghast and asked, “How can I wear this thing; it doesn’t hide my privates. Can’t I at least wear a bra and panties with this thing?”

Fire burned in Myra’s eyes as she hissed, “This is the very last time that you will ever tell me no or you can’t. You are getting paid a lot of money to do a small amount of cleaning; the clientèle want to see something that is revealing, enticing, and arousing. So let’s get your bony white ass out there and get to work. The next time you talk back to me I will kick your ass! Do you understand?”

“I… I… umm …uh..yes Myra I understand” The cowed white mother followed Myra to her assigned work area and began cleaning. As guest and other workers walked by and stared at her Rita felt so humiliated being on display for all to see but she kept thinking of the money that she was earning.

Several hours later Myra walked up to her and patted her on the ass and said, “That’s much better baby, you are doing a good job. Mistress Madison wants you to join her in her room for lunch. She must really like you; she rarely bestows such an honor on the help. Come with me, I will lead you to her chambers.”

When Rita entered the spacious room she was impressed with the elegant furniture and huge round bed with mirrors on the ceiling. A voice from the bathroom that she recognized as Madison told her to sit at the table and she would be right out to join her. When the big black beauty emerged from the bathroom she was drying herself with a light-blue bath towel. When she finished, the ebony goddess just let the towel fall to the floor and stood before her stunned employee in all her glorious nakedness. Noticing the mixture of discomfort, embarrassment, and yearning in Rita’s blue eyes Madison said in a sultry voice, “Honey, you are going to see a lot of women in little or no clothing at all, so get used to it” There was a tap on the door and a scantly clad young black girl brought in a tray with club sandwiches and red wine.

As they dined, Madison inquired, “What was the change in your circumstances? I noticed that you have no work record at all. Why the sudden need to earn money?”

“My…hu…husband left me for another woman, he withdrew the money from our bank account, and it is now my responsibility to take care of my daughter and myself. I feel awfully conspicuous walking around like this but I do need the money and realize that it would be impossible for me to earn this much anywhere else.”

“Don’t worry baby, you will get used to it. How old is your daughter and what is her name?”

“Her name is Kimberly and she is 18; she is a senior at high-school and I am hoping to buy her a car for graduation.”

“Well Rita, if you keep up the good work your daughter’s dream of a car will become a reality, I notice that you are extremely shy and you keep looking at my big tits, then divert your glance away as if you have been caught doing something wrong. Here let me help you overcome your timidness.” The sultry siren walked slowly to the trembling woman, lifted her tiny white hands to her black boobs and told her to squeeze and fondle them.

As if in a trance Rita groped both breast and marveled at the size of the giant globes. She felt the nipples stiffen at her touch and felt moisture form between her own legs while gazing up at the black beauty; she admired the saucer sized, darker circles surrounding the protruding nipples that were larger than her own breasts. The ebony seductress lifted the woman to her feet, tweaked her tiny nipples, then ran a long finger down to her sopping slit and pumped it in and out. She ordered Rita to do the same to her. The submissive mother complied and soon shook to a rousing orgasm.

When she came down from her orgasm canlı casino Rita sobbed tears of shame. Madison consoled the shaken woman and told her that it was only normal. Rita cried out, “But I am not a lesbian and this is not right. I don’t know what came over me to act so shamefully; please don’t fire me. I have never done anything like this before but you are so captivating, please forgive me!” The ebony Mistress kissed the confused woman full on the lips,assured her that everything was alright, and told her to go to her room and take a short nap before returning to work.

After Rita left the room Madison smiled and realized that her new white employee was totally submissive and would soon be her sex slave but she didn’t want to push it too soon. Strict orders were already given to the staff to keep their hands off Rita. Her puffy black cunt flooded when she envisioned the pretty blond’s face buried between her legs. Then she thought of Rita’s daughter and summoned Nadine the maid to her room. The sexy maid entered the room and stated, “Yes Mistress, how may I be of service?”

“How old are you Nadine?”

“I am 19; why do you ask?”

“Very good, Rita has an 18 year old daughter. Her name is Kimberly Clark; I will give you her address and I want you to watch her and report back to me. Find out her hang-outs, her interests, and befriend her for me.”

“How friendly to you want me to be with her?”

“Just friends for now; nothing more until I tell you. After I have trained the mother then we will work on the daughter. I have noticed that our clients have shown considerable interest in Rita and have decided that we need more white women working for us. You are dismissed for now and your regular duties will be suspended for the time being and I want you to devote your time to befriending Kimberly. Remember just be her friend, nothing more.” Nadine said she understood and would soon be Kimberly’s best buddy.

Rita managed to finish the rest of the day. When she got home her daughter’s enthusiasm about getting a car caused Rita to abandon all thoughts of quiting her job but she didn’t know how she could ever face the Mistress of the Mansion again after behaving so badly. After all, she thought, Madison was only teaching her to get used to displaying her body for the women that wanted to buy the lingerie. The white woman blamed herself for losing control and having an orgasm; thinking back on it made her feel naughty again and she went to bed and used her vibrator while images of Mistress Madison danced through her head. She felt guilty and ashamed again; she had never been attracted to another woman before, why now?

The next day at the mansion she was dusting when one of the buyers slapped her ass and started fingering her pussy. Rita pushed the woman’s hands away and yelled, “Stop that!”

Madison apologized to the British woman, explained that Rita was new, and that she would be taught a lesson immediately. Myra heard the commotion and ran into the room. Madison locked the doors to the room and ordered Myra to give the white bitch a spanking. Myra carried Rita to the sofa and threw the frightened woman across her lap. Her flimsy nightie was tossed aside and tears flowed from Rita’s eyes as Myra’s open hand smacked her butt over and over until her little buttocks were deep red. Madison commanded, “Stop! Have you learned your lesson on how to treat our guest or do you want more punishment before I fire you? Answer me you stupid little cunt!”

“Yes, yes, I will be good and do what ever you say, please don’t fire me, I will do anything.”

“Very well then, Myra kiss it and make it all better for our naughty little girl.” Myra grinned, then kissed and licked the inflamed buttocks; then her long tongue traveled down to the moist cavern, she licked, sucked, and chewed on the aroused pussy until Rita screamed out in ecstasy. While her mouth worked the heated pussy Myra’s fingers filled the white woman’s pussy and ass hole. Rita moaned and groaned like a street whore before collapsing in exhaustion.

After the mother regained her composure she was pulled to the floor on her knees. Madison and the English client were both naked except for their stockings. Rita sheepishly looked up at the white bald pussy and the black pussy surrounded by thick black pubic hair. They were both just inches from her face, she stared, inhaled the strong aroma of the aroused women, and felt her own juices begin to flow once more. Madison inquired, “Have you ever tasted another woman’s cunt?” Rita just shook her head no. The black mistress said, “I thought not and I had planned to be your first but you have offended our guest so she will have the honor. Get her off now bitch; just do to her what Myra did to you.”

Madison shoved the blond head into the bald pussy and Rita licked and sucked with passion until the woman quivered and shook to an orgasm. Rita lovingly licked the bald pussy clean. Then her face was pulled into the black pussy kaçak casino and as she licked and sucked she was told to chew on the thick pussy lips. As she did Rita was astonished at how much she love the taste and smell of her boss’s pussy. She licked and sucked with fervor; she just couldn’t get enough of the juicy blackberry pie. Madison turned and made Rita worship her big black ass just as she had done with her cunt. The white woman lovingly complied, she kissed all over the big butt, and then probed her anal canal with her tongue while finger fucking the sopping black pussy. Madison told her that she was a good cunt lapper and asked if she wanted to keep her job. Rita excitedly answered, “Oh yes, please let me stay, I will do anything.”

Madison said, “I have one more task for you and if you do it then your job will be secure, come with me.” Rita was led to the employee dining area where eight black women were eating, The Mistress of the Mansion told the blond to crawl under the table and eat all of their pussies and not to stop until they were all satisfied and had big smiles on their faces. The women were grinding their cunts into her face, pulling her hair, and shouting obscene encouragements. When she finally managed to satisfy them all her knees were sore and her tongue felt like it needed to be in a sling.

Madison took the disarrayed mother to her office and handed Rita her pay check and then a second envelope. The paycheck was more than she had expected and the other envelope contained fifteen-hundred-dollar-bills. Rita exclaimed, “All this money for me! This is wonderful, you are so generous, how can I show you my gratitude?”

“I told you that there would be bonuses as your skills improved and today they definitely did that. By now you must know that it is required of you to cater to my guests every whim and desire. The nicer you are to them the more compensation you will receive over and above your regular pay. As an added bonus I will allow you to feast on my juicy black cunt that you love so much. You do love it don’t you darling?”

“Yes, you know I do. I have never desired another woman before but just being near you drives me insane with carnal lust. Your wish is my desire Mistress!”

“Good girl, I like your sweet mouth on my cunt as much as you love servicing me so we will get along fabulously. Now go to your room and clean up before you go home. You look like a cheap whore with your hair a mess, lipstick smeared all over, and your face glistening with pussy juices. We wouldn’t want your precious little girl to see her mother looking like that, now would we?”

“No, of course not. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow Mistress.”

“So do I Rita, so do I!”

On the drive home Rita knew that her life would never be the same again. She was resigned to the fact that she would do her Mistress’s bidding no matter what it was. All her life Rita considered two women having sex to be disgusting but now just the thought of it was a huge turn-on. She chuckled when she realized that she would never look at other women the same way again. When she got home she excitedly showed Kimberly her paycheck but not the bonus. Rita decided to put the bonus money away and save it all for a car for her daughter. After dinner Kimberly informed her mother that she was going to a movie with her new friend Nadine.

The next morning she was in her room at work changing when Myra walked in and told her that Mistress Madison was waiting in her room for her. Rita hoped that the Mistress was not angry with her for some reason but she could think of nothing that she did wrong since they said goodbye yesterday. Rita softly knocked on the door and opened it when she was told to enter. Madison was sprawled out on the bed with her ebony legs spread wide. Madison beckoned with her finger for Rita to join her in bed. They kissed passionately, Rita’s head was then pushed down to the heaving breasts, she lovingly kissed and nursed on the giant globes. Madison hand fed the blond each black tit, Rita went back and forth and suckled with fervor. Madison observed, “You do love my big black tits don’t you girl? You are slobbering all over them; enough of that for now. I want you to slowly kiss your way down to your favorite treat in the world. That is what you want isn’t it baby?”

“Oh yes, I want to taste your scrumptious love box and suck the cum out of you! Thank you Mistress for offering me this special treat.” The white woman kissed her way down the alluring ebony body and lingered at her navel and thighs before sticking out her tongue and sampling the sweet nectar of her lover’s honey hole.

The voluptuous black temptress bellowed, “Shit yeah! Eat the mother-fucker, gobble it all up. Chew on my fat pussy lips and suck them into your mouth too. Oh, oh, oh… I’m going to cum all over your pretty white face; lick it all up bitch, drink every drop of my cum, and savor the taste. You love it don’t you bitch? Do you want more? How would you like to start work every day with your face buried in my horny black cunt?”

“You know I love your black cunt and whenever you want I will adore and worship at the alter of your womanhood. I am all yours Madison and only live to serve you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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