Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

A slave-girl joins the fun

Six months later the divorce papers had been signed with the settlement agreed without the need for expensive lawyers. Miranda agreed with her mother for Geraldine to keep the house and her inheritance, which was a substantial amount.

Geraldine, the important wealthy woman, was unable to make any contribution to the procedures except to sign papers. So submissive and dependent on her mistress she simply signed, whatever was presented, without reading the documents or objecting.

Miranda’s mother had a wealthy man, with a high powered job, to look after her so she was happy too. The house was signed over to Miranda together with the bank accounts and investments. Everything was taken care of without a fuss. Everyone was pleased with the outcome of the plan, even Geraldine.

Her mother had a man with a good salary and a powerful sex drive. He was happy with a feminine woman who responded to him with affection. Sometimes it overflowed in a local park or in the car or anywhere they could escape a stuffy function. Miranda laughed at her mother that the pair of them was at it all the time and her mother enjoyed the jibe.

Geraldine no longer attended functions or meetings having signed resignation letters. She did get out of the house with visits to a pet store, a sex store, and suitable clubs. She enjoyed all of these, even enjoying being shown off in the clubs, but on the whole, she preferred to be at home with her mistress.

Miranda wasn’t exactly set for life but she was used to being careful with money, as she and her mother had never had any. She wanted to show off her new home to friends though it didn’t work out so well.


When throwing a party for school friends, showing off her new home, it ended up in a disaster. They were fellow eighteen-year-olds, yet with responsibility Miranda had developed some sort of maturity. She was responsible for the house, careful with money, and cared for her pet.

Geraldine was dressed as a naughty French maid serving food and drinks to Miranda’s young friends. The humble position, in what had once been her home, was obviously giving the woman a thrill.

It was humiliating serving these young raucous kids, from the wrong side of the tracks, being treated like a humble maid by them. The shame was arousing her, or so Miranda assumed.

What she had missed was the guys taking advantage of her pet. Once one of them had patted the maid’s bottom and gotten away with it, the others joined in, becoming bolder with every stroke of her body. She stood behind her mistress waiting for instructions, while a young student from the university, fingered her.

In this very room she had entertained local dignitaries, though now, she was the entertainment, or at least her body was. As an obedient pet-girl, Geraldine couldn’t resist them, she just couldn’t say no to her mistress’s guests. She had tried to complain to her mistress but had been summarily dismissed, as a show of power by Miranda before her friends.

Geraldine had been an important woman in the community. She had even been on an influential committee at the university, which the two guys with her, attended. Yet here, in her kitchen, she was stretched over the kitchen table, with the little dress up around her waist, exposing her bare ass.

Geraldine knew her mistress was enjoying the attention of her friends and had forgotten all about her. It was dreadful knowing what was about to happen and that she had become so compliant, it was impossible to resist them. She had mumbled complaints but they had brushed them aside, as though she were the hired help, and available for their brutish entertainment.

The two guys were either end of her. One was standing between her legs, ready to fuck her, while the other was holding her head, ready to fuck her mouth.

Miranda was enjoying the attention from a little group sitting around her as she explained an aunt had left a substantial amount in her will.

She could feel an atmosphere, a tension common in a classroom, sensing something was wrong. A couple of glances toward the kitchen, by the guys, told her where the wrongness was. She hadn’t seen her pet for a little while and two of the guests were missing. She stood up and marched across the lounge down the corridor and kicked open the kitchen door.

“What the hell is going on here?” Miranda demanded. “Get out you fucking bastards,” she yelled at them furiously. The two guys were bigger than Miranda but slunk off at the double, seeming to shrink under the onslaught of anger and vitriol.

“Where are you’re knickers!” Miranda demanded, in a voice hardly less angry.

“I don’t know mistress, sorry mistress,” Geraldine answered, in a little quavering voice.

“Get to your room, now!” she growled. Her voice had hardly been raised above the usual volume, yet the strength and rage had shocked everyone into silence. The girl they had known at school had always been demanding, though canlı bahis not a bully. They nevertheless knew when they were in the wrong, and she was behaving like a parent, so they made a hasty exit.

Miranda marched back into the lounge ready to tear a strip off the so called friends. They had disappeared. They had eaten and drunk their fill, had a bit of fun, all at her expense, leaving the debris of a party behind them.

She hadn’t noticed the abuse of her home, as it was gradually being trashed. A beer stain on the carpet, a cushion ripped, empty glasses and beer bottles left anyhow, though now it came home to her in stark clarity. Her eyes alighted on the mantle piece, set above an ornate marble fire place. Everything had been stolen! Even her pet’s butt plug key was gone!

The ornaments had been antique, worth something, but she was too ignorant to assess how much. Fortunately her pet wasn’t wearing the special butt plug, so a rather dire situation had been avoided.

In resignation she walked down the corridor to her pet’s room. Geraldine was curled up naked in her cage, looking sorry for herself.

“Where has everyone gone?” a plucky voice chirruped, from behind her.

Miranda turned on the young girl standing behind her. “Out of here,” Miranda fumed. Concerned and protective of her pet, from prying eyes, that would be critical and spread rumours, she tried to block the girls view.

Led by a firm grip on an elbow, the girl stammered out an explanation. “Sorry, I didn’t know everyone had gone I was in the bathroom. What happened? Why is your maid in a cage?” Feebie asked, innocently.

“Oh! No! Just look at the place. Do you want me to help clear up, I’m so sorry, I didn’t have a drink, it’s awful,” she apologised, while standing in the centre of the lounge.

The girls concern mollified Miranda but she was still worried what might be revealed about the secret relationship. What would people think if this girl put it around she kept a woman in a cage? It would be discovered she had once owned the place and all this would unravel, maybe ending up in court.

“Do you really want to help?” Miranda asked. Her tone was neutral and careful, trying to remember what the girl had been like in class.

“Yes, of course! I feel terrible that they were invited here and trashed your place,” the girl said.

Miranda watched her nervously twiddling a pair of pudgy fingers, looking shy.

“Do you remember sticking up for me when Judy was bullying me? She didn’t once you sorted her out and neither did anyone else, after that,” Feebie shyly smiled.

It was a genuine warm, grateful, recognition and Miranda began to remember the incident. “You can do me a favour in return,” Miranda said. She sat down in an arm chair, her favourite, especially when her pet was doing her duty, by licking her crotch. Geraldine had become an expert at pleasing her mistress, over the last few months.

“Of course, anything I can do for you,” Feebie smiled.

“You’ve just seen a woman in a cage, so you should be careful when you say anything,” Miranda stated, looking carefully at her for a reaction. The girl went red with embarrassment but didn’t say anything. Though, her body language was revealing far more than an answer would. She was the same age as Miranda and the others, yet she stood like a little lost orphan before Miranda.

“How are you doing at college?” Miranda asked, wondering how to get to her, to avoid trouble.

“Not so good. I’m sharing with Judy. She makes me do her work and there’s been no time to write my own essays, I’m going to be thrown out of college. I’ll have nowhere to stay,” she sniffed.

So that was it! She was looking at this large house where there were plenty of spare rooms. The girl hadn’t thought it through yet. Miranda knew all about blackmail and it was probably only a matter of time before this girl started to try and get what she wanted.

“You could stay here,” Miranda stated. The girl’s reaction told her all she needed to know. There was a certain glow of excitement she now clearly recognised.

“That would be great, I could cook and clean for you,” Feebie enthused.

“There are conditions,” Miranda started to say.

“Anything, I’d do anything to stay here, it’s a wonderful home,” she gushed.

Miranda put a hand up t stop the flow of praise. “Again with the anything word. You are too free with it, young lady,” Miranda stated, as though she were an adult chastising a child. Her past classmate was reacting to the attitude too, by falling into the role of a younger girl to her adult power.

“I’m not a bully, as you know, though I am strict and demand adherence to the rules of the house,” she stated. “Two of the guys had that woman over the kitchen table, ready to fuck her,” Miranda said. The girl winced and she wondered if the girl heard a whisper of what was going on.

“So what do you know about it? Tell me, we need to start off honestly,” Miranda demanded.

“I saw them touching her up. It wasn’t bahis siteleri her fault, honest. I should have said something, I’m sorry, miss. I mean Miranda,” Feebie stuttered.

“I know it wasn’t her fault. I’m angry with them and angry at myself for not protecting her. She got in the cage for protection. It’s a game we play. We play lots of naughty games. Do you like to play naughty games, girl?” Miranda asked.

Feebie looked as though she were about to say something, though each time the words couldn’t be uttered. She was obviously thinking about it and becoming excited. Eventually she nodded her head. She looked like a young girl before the school principal, being reprimanded.

Miranda continued tapping a finger nail on the arm of the chair. “If I let you stay here you would have to play naughty games too,” Miranda watched her eyes grow wide for a moment as she toyed with the idea of what was being suggested, yet unable to accept it.

“What do you fantasise about? Tell me, I don’t want to have to guess. You need to tell me, what do you want?” Miranda demanded, in a strict tone of voice.

“A slave girl, Miss,” Feebie croaked, as though the awful truth were being strangled out of her.

“You can play out your fantasy here, in safety. I’ll be your mistress and you can be my little slave girl,” Miranda smiled. She watched Feebie squirming in turmoil at having her dirty little secret revealed. She had obviously never shared such an intimate secret with anyone before this.

“Don’t worry, I understand, your secret is safe with me,” Miranda said, reassuring her. “Down on your knees, slave girl,” she firmly ordered. By this time she had become familiar with giving orders and had the right manner off perfectly. The girl was grateful to collapse onto the floor, for she had been almost swooning.

“Come here to your mistress,” Miranda demanded. “That’s a good little slave girl,” she said, while stroking her hair. “All you have to say is, ‘Yes, Mistress’, got that,” Miranda carefully asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Feebie answered, in a little pathetic voice.

“You’ve never played these games before have you? You’ve played them in your head, haven’t you?” Miranda asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” the girl answered.

“This will be so much more fun, I assure you,” Miranda told her. “You can help me look after my puppy-girl. That’s the woman in the cage. Oh! I had better get her out of there. I look after her all the time, and I’ll look after you too, slave girl,” Miranda cooed. “Come with me,” she ordered. “No need to crawl,” she added, with a look of amusement lighting her face.

Looking embarrassed and aroused Feebie followed her, wondering what she had gotten herself into

“Puppy-girl, out of your cage,” Miranda ordered. “I’m not angry with pet. I was angry with those nasty young shits and I let my little puppy-girl down. It won’t happen again, your mistress promises. Mistress will look after her pet,” She said while cuddling her.

“Thank you mistress, I’m sorry mistress, your puppy-girl adores her wonderful mistress,” Geraldine cuddled her back with a tight squeeze.

Feebie watched with a look of wonder on her face. This is what she wanted, more than anything in the world, to be cared for and loved. She watched Miranda genuinely caring for the woman, as they kissed and hugged. She desperately wanted to share in the mutual affection they had for each other.

“Come puppy-girl, we have a new friend, let’s get her dressed,” Miranda announced.

Feebie noted the tears glistening in their eyes and almost bawled in happiness for them. Instead she walked behind the strange pair, amazed at the way the older woman crawled alongside her mistress, waggling her hips as though she had a tail. It didn’t look strange, that a mature adult was on hands and knees beside a young girl, rather, it looked as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

In a spare room the infamous maids outfit had been abandoned on a bed, though Miranda ignored it, as she rummaged around in a closet looking for something.

“Get out of those clothes, slave-girl,” she casually told Feebie, from inside the closet.

For a moment Feebie did nothing, until she realised she was being talked to. With pet-girl naked on all fours, taking little notice of her, it was a little easier to strip off, down to her underwear.

“Those too,” Miranda chided her. “Try this on, it was meant for pet-girl before I realised what she was meant to be,” she said. Feebie stood uncertainly before Miranda, who was holding up a costume to her now naked body.

“You’re breasts are bigger, though your both little, so this will do until your mistress gets something special for her slave girl,” Miranda enthused.

Once the sheer pantaloons and blouse were on, Miranda faced her slave-girl before a floor to ceiling mirror. “What do you think slave-girl?”

“It’s perfect, mistress, thank you, mistress,” Feebie bowed in supplication.

Geraldine felt left out, so nudged her mistress bahis şirketleri with her nose, wanting attention.

“All right, pet, I haven’t forgotten puppy-girl; let’s get something for you too. How about a nice tail to wag?” she patted her head, watching her hips swaying back and forth with eagerness. Puppy-girl was showing off before the slave-girl, and Miranda knew there would be some rivalry between them.

Geraldine and Feebie quickly cleaned up the party mess between them almost falling over themselves to obey their mistress. Miranda watched Feebie’s large breasts bouncing freely in the tight see-through blouse. She had overcome the initial embarrassment of wearing an outfit that hid nothing of her charms.

Miranda wondered how submissive this girl was. She had certainly caved in quickly but she surmised the slave had been frustrated for some time, playing out her fantasies in private, maybe just in her day dreams. She had hinted that Miranda was a part of one of her fantasies, connected to the time when she been rescued from bullying at school.

“All is ready for mistress,” slave-girl announced.

Puppy-girl licked her mistress’s hand and barked. It was good to have someone else to share the house with. Puppy-girl was demanding and tended to bark rather than speak, which was tiring at times. She would have to make sure they had equal attention though.

“Does puppy-girl want to play?” Miranda asked. The enthusiastic barking answered the question which she already knew the answer too. The woman had gone too far with the role as far as Miranda was concerned. Still, it was all very convenient, having a pet to do the chores, provide a house, and money too.

They played fetch for a little while, with slave-girl fetching a drink for her mistress, who still preferred a beer, over the fine wines available. She was thinking of sending them to this woman’s ex-husband, who could appreciate them.

“Roll over puppy-girl,” she noticed out of the corner of her eye, her slave watching everything intently. Puppy-girl was on her back with legs parted, still naked. She was enjoying this moment of freedom from the paw pads she wore most evenings. Miranda tickled her tummy, stroked her breasts and grazed the shaved pussy. She noted how pet glanced at the slave, as though to say, ‘I’m getting all the attention’.

“Here, slave-girl, tickle puppy-girls tummy,” Miranda ordered. At first Geraldine pulled her legs together, letting them know she didn’t want a stranger touching her.

Feebie started demurely doing just as ordered, tickling the naked woman’s tummy. She gasped quietly, hesitating for a moment, on recognising her. This was the chairwoman of the university fund raising committee. She was on first name terms with most of the university professors.

It gave her a shocking thrill to be stroking such an important woman, stretched out naked, in such a vulnerable position. It was deliciously thrilling to have a powerful, wealthy woman, helpless under her fingertips.

“Go ahead, stroke her breasts,” Miranda encouraged.

Geraldine had a fit, slim body, worked on over the years in her own gym, to keep it firm and trim. In her home, that she no longer owned, she was laying back naked, on an expensive lush carpet, being stroked by a stranger. The girl was the same age, though she seemed younger than her mistress. It was all the more humiliating to allow it and so much more arousing.

She couldn’t resist for her mistress had ordered it, and as her mistress knew it would be, the touch was deliciously sensitive. Her body quivered with every touch.

“Do it properly, slave-girl,” Miranda firmly commanded.

With the responsibility of her actions removed, Feebie obeyed, as a dutiful slave girl should. The movements over the woman’s body were hesitant. Obviously she had never touched anyone like this before. Both hands caressed a breast each until the nipples became big, brown swollen teats.

“Use your other hand between puppy-girls legs,” Miranda told her. She sat back with the cold beer, feeling refreshed, as the label promised. This show was fun and she was orchestrating it!

Geraldine had parted her legs before Miranda spoke, from arousal, rather than from a conscious effort. Miranda noticed it, and watched the slave become more enthusiastic from pets reaction to the busy hands stimulating the prone pet-girl. Her lips were glistening wet as usual.

“That’s so good, mistress, thank you mistress,” puppy-girl cooed.

Miranda thought she could detect slave becoming wet too, through the thin gauze of her pantaloons. Slave’s heavy breathing promised a fruitful evening.

“Slave, kiss puppy-girl,” Miranda said.

She watched the tentative touching of lips. Feebie’s full luscious lips touched and pulled away from pet-girls open mouth. Another anxious press of lips found their tongues lightly flickering together. Soon the nervous embrace became established, looking permanent, with fervent kisses mirroring the faces, peck for peck.

Heavy breaths whispered between them as they devoured each others tongues, lips, noses, chins, eyes, and throat. Tongues flickered over each others faces as they became desperately passionate in a tight embrace.

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