Midnight Kiss

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Abbey Williams knew that years from now, she’d always remember this moment.

She never dreamed this night would come, the night when she’d share a bed with someone so sexy, so unique, so unlike herself. She thought this night would be a permanent fantasy, the stuff of erotic dreams and visions to rub herself to, not something real, tangible, physical.

As she stroked Zoe Horton’s long dreadlocks, she thought back to the first moment she saw her in Roberta Montgomery’s acting class in Manhattan. All she could do was think about her beautiful dreadlocks, her gorgeous brown eyes, her lovely smooth cocoa skin, her radiant smile, her cute waist. Zoe was flawless in every way-and she knew it. All the guys wanted to be with her…and at least one girl, too.

Abbey and Zoe became fast friends. Zoe liked the sound of Abbey’s sweet Sydney accent, her encyclopedic knowledge of old movies, her passion for travel and life. Abbey was inspired by Zoe’s stories of growing up rough in Florida and her determination to become an actress, a determination sparked by watching Halle Berry’s Oscar victory speech as a child. canlı bahis After acting school, they moved in together, enduring seemingly endless auditions for two years before finally securing consistent supporting roles in television and films.

As Abbey kissed Zoe on her soft cheek, she remembered the night she told Zoe. She remembered how she stammered over her words, saying she didn’t know how Zoe would react, but that she had to tell her, had to get it off her chest. She remembered telling Zoe that she knew since she was fifteen that she was different-and that she couldn’t tell her immediate family because they’d never understand, that she had to come to America to have anything close to a fulfilling romantic life. She remembered telling Zoe that she never wanted anyone this badly, and that she hoped they could at least be friends if Zoe wasn’t interested.

She remembered how stunned Zoe was, how tears immediately flowed from those lovely brown eyes. She remembered Zoe saying, “Abbey, I’m bi.” Zoe said she had been with guys but never had any real connection with them, that she always envisioned bahis siteleri herself being with a girl. Abbey remembered Zoe asking her why it took so long to express her feelings, why Abbey had never even given a slight signal before. Abbey admitted that because she didn’t know Zoe was bi, she didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

She remembered Zoe approaching her, her gold nose piercing glistening, her sweet smile seducing.

“This doesn’t make me uncomfortable,” she whispered, kissing her full on the lips.

She remembered the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months that led up to this moment, how Zoe insisted that their first time be special, that it be the right moment. It couldn’t just be fucking, she said, it had to be lovemaking, the sort of lovemaking couples talk about decades later.

She remembered what it was like just an hour or so earlier: the feel of Zoe’s hands as they removed her bra and panties from her body, while stroking her long chestnut-brown hair; the sensation of Zoe’s lips as they kissed her neck, shoulders, breasts, stomach and thighs; the touch of Zoe’s tongue as it bahis şirketleri licked away at her pussy; the pleasure of Zoe’s fingers as they slid in and out of her; the vision of Zoe’s black body against her pale-white skin as they scissored.

She also remembered what it was like to taste Zoe, how thrilling it was to rub her breast while licking her, how magnificent it was to hear her cum, how beautiful it was to hold and caress and kiss her afterwards.

It was now 1:00am. Abbey wanted to freeze time, to live inside this moment forever. For a brief moment, fear overtook her-fear that Zoe would fall in love with another woman, fear that she’d be forced to return to Australian permanently, fear that somehow, someway, this relationship would not last. Yet just as quickly, that fear drifted away, replaced by a warmth, a sense of peace, a knowledge that this would indeed last.

The next morning, Abbey and Zoe took a shower together; it wasn’t long before the erotic intensity of the previous evening resurfaced, and Abbey’s pale hand was between Zoe’s dark thighs, her fingers leading her lover towards orgasm. As they stepped out of the shower, hand in hand, and shared another kiss, Abbey realized that there was nothing to worry about in terms of how long this relationship would last…because it was destined to last forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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