Meeting Tracy

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Sitting all alone in my room, I knew I had hit rock bottom. I had just gone through one of the most horrific relationships I’d ever had. At least it was over and I was better off for it. Our sex life wasn’t the best but at least there was some sex in my life. Not the type of sex I desired or really needed, but you know even bad sex is good sex. I knew I wasn’t going to do without sex but what was I going to do. Sure I have my toys but what kind of a life is that, go to work, come home, indulge in self pity, then indulge in self-satisfaction with my toys. Masturbating day after day by myself isn’t the life I‘d hoped to be living at 30 years of age. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my toys and enjoy masturbating but I want and need more than that just haven’t the foggiest where to find it. Then I remembered a friend from work had told me about her exploits on the Internet. She’d told me about all the steamy relationships she’d had online and now she’s met this wonderful man whom she’s been seeing in person or over a year. I didn’t know a damn thing about the Internet or computers but I decided, what the hell, I’m was going to find out. As lonely as I was feeling I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I found an online poker game that allowed you to chat with people from all over. After a few months I had met many nice people nice people, but I had my eye on one in particular. She was kinda quiet during poker games but in private chats she would open up. We talked for what seemed like years, but was really only a few months. She’s happily married to a nice fella and lives half way around the world from me. But she’s very intriguing and I’ve always wanted to meet her. We had exchanged pictures early on and I find her very attractive. She knows that I am sexually open to women, but she hasn’t made it clear whether or not she is. After talking with her for so long she has become my best friend. To some it may sound silly, because we’ve never met, but the chats we have are very intimate and I have grown quite close to her.

One day she suggested I come for a visit and I almost passed out on the spot. It’s like my every dream had just come true. Well, almost every dream anyway. I couldn’t help but wonder, how do I look at her without her knowing what I’m really thinking? What I’m really wanting to do to her? I just didn’t know if this was a good idea or not. I’ve never been very good at hiding my feeling and to look into someone’s eyes and not tell them how I feel has got to be the hardest thing in the world to do. On the other hand, how could I pass up this golden opportunity? Fuck it, if she figures me out then she figures me out. There was no way in hell I was going to passing this up. One $2000 ticket and 15 hours on a plane is nothing if I could look into her eyes just once.

That was two days ago, now here I am on a plane. The entire trip all I’ve been able to do is think of her looking into my eyes and knowing just how I feel. It’s taken everything I have to keep from vomiting. Lucky for me the hotel is close to the airport and I have a day to relax before seeing her. After this long ass ride I need the relaxation. While checking in the coincerierge hands me a letter.

My hotel room is very nice. King sized bed, Jacuzzi tub, the works. I unpack and lay down to relax as I open the letter I was given at the desk.


Glad you made it safely hun. Please give me a call to let me know what room you’re in and how you’re doing. Can’t wait to see you.

Love, Tracy

Chills run thru me… I can smell her perfume. Seeing her handwriting turns me on. Now I know I’ve got it bad. Better call her, I don’t want her worrying. She answers the phone with sweetest ‘Hello’ I have ever heard.

“I’m canlı bahis here and settled in.”

“Oh good I was beginning to worry. What room are you in?”

“1059, I’m gonna jump in the tub then get some rest. Please call me in the morning and we’ll get together first thing.” I replied, hoping she didn’t hear the trembling in my voice.

“Okay, I’ll call you then. I’m so glad you came, and I can’t wait to finally see you. Bye for now.” Hanging up the phone I could feel a sense of relief. My stomach turned in circles the whole time I was on the phone.

Think I’ll run a bath and try to relax. I get so worked up over her my panties are soaked after hearing her voice. The tub is so inviting, hell there’s room enough for two or three people in this thing. Glad I brought my bubble bath, I need something to relax me. As I step into the bathtub and feel the bubbles work their way up my leg I think how nice it would be if she were here. I lay down and imagine that she is here, laying in the tub with me. Her body rubbing up against mine. My hands find themselves sliding all over my wet soapy body. As my fingers find my vagina I imagine her fingers touching my clit. I can almost feel her lips pressing up against mine as I run my fingers thru her beautiful blonde hair. I feel my orgasm coming on and hear a knock at the door.

Shit, who could that be? I didn’t order room service. Maybe they have the wrong room. I jump out of the tub and grab a towel to pat down a tad. Reaching for my robe I yell out “Who’s there?” but get no answer. I try to cover up the best I can and open the door only to find its Tracy. In an instant my heart stops, I get a huge lump in my throat and my whole body freezes up. It’s almost as if I felt like she knew what I had been doing just seconds before.

“Sorry to surprise you like this but I wanted to talk to you alone before we all got together tomorrow.” she tells me.

“Oh, it’s not a problem at all. I’m just happy to finally see you in person.” I reply. I open the door up to show her in and she quickly throws her arms around me and gives me a big hug. Oh my god, do you have any idea how long I have been waiting to touch her? I wrap my arms around her and it somehow feels like our bodies have become one, if only for a moment.

“Did I catch you in the bath?” she asks. She seems to be almost embarrassed about it.

“Yes, but it’s quite alright. I’ll throw some clothes on real quick and be right with you,” trying to assure her that I want her to stay. Boy, if she only knew how badly I wanted her to stay and why she would shit. Hahaha.

I turn to go and get dressed and she stops me saying, “No. Please stay just as you are I just wanted to talk for a bit. You’re fine.” This doesn’t bother me a bit, if I had my way we’d both be naked already. She takes me by the hand and asks me to sit next to her on the bed. My mind goes crazy because the serious look on her face almost scares me.

“Is everything ok Tracy?” comes out of my trembling lips before I can even think straight.

Only to be worried more by her reply of “No not really.”

She takes a deep breathe, looks me right in the eyes and tells me that she is very happy to have me here and is even more pleased that we have become such close friends, but… (Now there is always a ‘but’ isn’t there?) She goes on to say that she worries there are some lopsided feelings going on that need to be resolved before we start hanging out together for the weekend. My heart shatters into a million pieces. I had no idea she already knew how I felt. I find myself at a loss for words here. What do I do now? I open my mouth to say something (yet I still don’t know what) and she tells me to hear bahis siteleri her out before I say anything. I feel tears trying to work up and I turn away for a moment to pull myself together.

From behind me I hear her say, “I’m very sorry I got you all the way here before discussing this with you but I wanted to do it in person. We’ve been friends for quite a while and I know you’re into women. I never thought it would pose a problem between us but it has. Sitting here next to you I know that the problem is much worse than I thought it was too.” See I knew she’d be able to see right thru me!

I turn back to her and tell her, “I’m sorry, I don’t have to spend this weekend with you. I can see the sites or whatever on my own and go home after the weekend without causing you any more problems.” I never should have come here with all these feelings I have for her. I knew she would see it, what’s worse is she already knew.

She quickly tells me to hush and let her finish. “I don’t want you to go unless that’s what you want to do. I can‘t help how I feel about you and while I’ve felt this way for a long time, seeing you has made me realize that I want this to be more than friendship.” Ok, now I’m confused and elated at the same time. I just thought I was at a loss for words before now I’m really fucked up. All I can seem to do is stare directly into her eyes. It’s like time has come to a complete stop until she utters “Well… don’t get quiet on me now.” Still at a loss for words I wrap my arms around her and hold her as tight as I can. After a moment of thought all I can do is whisper in her ear “I want you too.”

She pulls away and tells me in a very soft voice, “Then take me.” With my arms already around her, the urges inside me overwhelm me. I slide one arm up to put my fingers in her hair and pull her close to me. As our lips meet passion consumes my body. I don’t think I have ever wanted someone this bad in my life. The feel of her hands rubbing my body is like no other. It’s like she is reaching into my soul. Every part of my being yearns for her. My fingers find themselves unbuttoning her shirt and sliding it over her shoulders enjoying every bit of her soft skin along the way. My hands slide down her back to unfasten her bra and I begin to kiss her neck. She smells so sweet, I feel like a little kid in a candy store wanted to taste everything I see. Once the top part of her body is bare I press my body against her and we fall to the bed.

Little butterfly kisses form the trail from her neck to her tits. My tongue dances across her already hard nipples and she begins to moan. I suck them into my mouth and begin unzipping her pants. I reluctantly pull myself from her breasts and stand up to pull her pants off then drop my robe to the floor. One look into hers eyes tells me she wants this as much as I do so I position myself next to her and begin sucking her nipples again. I can’t help but want to touch her ravishing body so I grasp the other nipple between my fingers and give it a little twist. She begins to play with my hair and whispers “feels so good”. That turns me on so much I can’t resist moving my hand towards her pussy and find that she is already wet.

My finger slides right into her snatch and makes its way to her clit. Its already hard and pounding like a drum but I’m not all that surprised because mine is as well. I long to taste her juices so I maneuver myself between her legs and run my tongue around her lips. I gab her ankles and position her feet on my shoulder blades so that I may have full access to all her goodies. As my tongue touches her clit for the first time I feel her toes curl up on my back. She’s breathing very heavily at this point and I can feel bahis şirketleri how badly she wants me.

I begin to swirl my tongue in circles around her clit and she grabs me by the hair and pulls me closer to her dripping cunt. I suck it into my mouth and flicker my tongue across it and she begins to moan. The taste of her pussy has me more aroused than I ever thought I could be. I slide my fingers into her and she starts to moan louder. My fingers curve up and I finger fuck her till she moves her body back and forth into me, fucking my face. I can feel my own clit quivering while her pussy contracts around my fingers letting me know she will soon reach her climax. My tongue goes into overdrive and my fingers dig deeper into her as I pound in and out of her.

She begins saying “fuck me” and “oh god”. I know it won’t be long now so I wrap my hands around her legs and hold her tight while I stuck my tongue into her pussy and wiggled my nose around on her clit. That got her attention real quick cause the next thing I heard was “I’m gonna cum all over your face baby.” So I put my focus back on her clit and went to town. She wiggles and squirms all over the place when she cums it’s such a joy to make her feel so good that I almost cum myself. After a marvelous orgasm her whole body goes limp. I hop up to grab a washcloth and wash my face. When I come back and lay next to her I ask her if she is ok.

She rolls over towards me and says, “No, I’m not ok! I’m wonderful.” She wraps her arms around me tightly and moves partially on top of me. Her body is all sweaty and I can feel her pussy being pressed against my leg. She slowly begins to roll her body against mine, it feels like laying on a raft in an ocean of pleasure. Her face is near the side of my head and she’s breathing into my ear. Her hot breath is making me wetter than I already was. Her tongue begins touching my ear lobe and erotic pulses shoot thru me. The gentle touch of her tongue running across my neck and down toward my breast sending waves of excitement thru every little part of my body. I can’t help but say “Oh Tracy… You don’t know how badly I’ve been wanting this.” only to get a “Shhhh” in response.

Her fingers draw a line down by body straight to my eager awaiting pussy. She begins drawing tiny circles around my lips and all the senses in my body seem to go into overdrive. We begin to kiss and I feel her rubbing my mound. I automatically begin moving rhythmically against the motion of her hand. She gently pinches my clit between her fingers and begins to roll it around. This action makes alarms go off everywhere. I swear I hear sirens inside my head.

Pulling away from my face she headed for my nipples, which are rock hard and begging for attention. She slides 2 fingers into me and rolls my clit around with her thumb. I am using everything I have in me to keep from screaming in bliss but soft moans are seeping out of me already. Dammit, I can’t hold it. I beg her to stop but she persists. This has to be the most intense orgasm I have ever had. My entire body is cumming. I swear every nerve in my body is feeling the magic of her touch.

She moves her head toward my screaming cunt. Her tongue touches my clit for the first time and its like fireworks. My juices flow all over her mouth and I gently grab her by the hair and try to wrap myself around her. She presses my legs to the bed and sucks my clit into her mouth. My orgasm hasn’t stopped it just grows more intense. She forces her finger into my leaking pussy and fucks me hard while she’s flicking my clit. This is more ecstasy than I have ever felt and when I can no longer take it I shout in delight, “Oh my god!” my body goes limp and she moves up towards me. We throw our arms around one another allow our tongues to meet once more.

Our bodies lie in puddles while we bask in the afterglow until the sound of a ringing phone snaps us both back to reality. It’s Gary wondering were his wife is…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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