Magic Carriage Ride

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“How are you still not packed Izzy?” I yelled down the hall. I stood in her dorm which looked more like a dishevelled mystical laboratory. While admiring her many alchemical ingredients, magical components and enchantment tools, I caught my reflection in an extravagant silver mirror. I paused to study myself. My long blonde hair was perfectly held up by intricate braids, which showed off my small peaked ears. My soft make-up brightened my hazel eyes. A simple but elegant green dress with a brown leather waist cincher showed off my slender taught frame; comfortable clothing for the long journey we had before us.

Isabella entered the room handed me a ten foot pole with brass collars down it and started rummaging through a wooden trunk.

Perplexed I asked “What on earth do you need this for?”

“Don’t worry, it collapses, the collars unthread.” She assured me.

“It’s so like you to pack everything but the larder wash basin.” I chided her.

Sunlight shone through a large window and illuminated an interesting shape on her desk. I leaned the pole against the wall as I walked toward the glowing magical device. I picked it up to inspect it. It was about 8 inches long, translucent and smooth like glass, but weighed almost nothing. It was warm to the touch. The tip of the shaft was soft and rounded like a mushroom cap. Although it was clear, I could see and feel light blue veins pulse through it, a gentle ribbing along its smooth surface. As I handled it, the colour deepened and the veins became more embossed. I felt my nethers moisten and my mouth gape open in disbelief as I realized what it was. Attached at the base was a soft, supple deerskin pouch. I gently grasped the cushy sac which made a milky oil flow through the center of the shaft; spill down the head and onto my hand. I giggled aloud. Isabella looked over at me and blushed somewhat embarrassed but proud of the device she noticed I had in my hands.

“It’s exactly what you think it is.” Isabella grinned “It was a project for an enchanting class. From a mystical academic standpoint it’s not that impressive, but it got me a course credit and it sure is a lot of fun to play casino oyna with.”

My gaze riveted to the device, I smiled and said “Throw this in your pack, it’s coming with us. Now hurry up the carriage is waiting.”

It was a long carriage ride from the Mage’s College Isabella studied at to my mother’s village in Crag Marsh. I was approaching my 24th birthday and looking forward to visiting her for the occasion. I heard the sharp crack of a whip and the driver yell to the horse as the carriage started out with a sharp jolt. I could feel every bump resonate through my body. Isabella and I talked about how excited she was to be finished school and start training the shaman at my mother’s village. After a while, Isabella fell asleep and with no one to entertain me I was bored. I stared at her as she slept. Isabella was stunning. She was the same age as me, but didn’t look a day over 18. Her wavy inky black hair tumbled down over her small perky breasts which were held up by a blue paisley bodice. Her tasseted skirt was slit to her long powerful thighs, showing off her glowing tan skin. She wore leather sandals with straps crossing her ankles and up her shins. How did she always look so impeccable I often wondered? It must have been magic.

I slid open the tiny window and yelled to the coach driver “How much longer until we reach the Marsh?”

“Hour and a half at least” he replied.

I crossed my arms over my chest, slouched down in my seat and contemplated what to do for the rest of the ride.

The road was rough. Extremely rough. The rigid iron construction of the carriage and the hard wooden bench transmitted every bump in the road right into my tailbone. I sat up nice and straight pressing my buttocks tight against the seat. With not a whole lot of material between my labia and the firm bench I began to appreciate the rough ride. If I couldn’t sleep I may as well enjoy being awake and trapped in a carriage. My body began to writhe as I let every impact rouse me. I lifted my leg to rest my foot on the door handle. Gently, I guided my hand up my thigh to my damp lips. I ran my middle finger across my wetness before rubbing canlı casino my clit in small circular motions. I slid my hand from my clit to my tight tender pussy slowly thrusting two fingers knuckle deep, wiggling them back and forth. A quiet moan formed in my throat. I plunged deeper and harder again and again building intensity. Biting my lip I tried to stifle a euphoric scream. My body convulsing on the verge of ecstasy, I heard Isabella stir from her slumber. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked at me with a devious grin. “Couldn’t sleep?”

Without a word I smiled back at her, set my foot back on the floor and stretched my arms above my head. She flicked her wrist and a static shock leapt from her finger. My hands were stuck. It was as if they were invisibly shackled to the roof of the carriage; I was completely unable to move them.

I smiled coyly at her. She looked me over and smiled as she said “I can’t take you anywhere.” Slowly moving toward me she undid the first few laces of my dress to expose my plump voluptuous breasts. She began kissing my neck just below my ear. Continuing to kiss and run her lips down my throat and across my chest, she methodically kissed around my breast before allowing her lips to graze my nipple. She took my nipple between her teeth and bit down, causing me to cry out in pleasure. Releasing her teeth’s grasp, she tenderly licked around my areola then sucked firmly on my erect nipple. Running her tongue between my breasts, up my throat and plunging into my mouth, we kissed passionately. Her forehead pressed against mine for a moment before slowly kneeling down in front of me. She hiked my dress up and started lightly nipping at my thigh, working her way over to my pink velvety folds. Her wet tongue skated across my clit, sending a wave of pleasure through me.

Watching me, she sat back on her bench, parted her skirt and spread her long legs wide. I could see her pussy lips were already sopping wet. A shiver ran through her as she plunged her fingers deep inside herself. Still bound by her magic; my pussy aching for more attention, I sat and watched anxiously. I licked my lips as she repeatedly drove her kaçak casino fingers in and out of her perfect tight pussy. She threw her head back and moaned. I felt my arms fall to my sides. My arms now free, I dropped to my knees in front of her. Isabella’s eyes shot open and smiled as she looked at me “I guess I lost concentration” she said through a moan. I softly kissed her inner thigh and began to lap up her sweet juices. She spread her lips open and forcefully grabbed the back of my head with her free hand. I stuck out my tongue as long and hard as I could, as I pushed my face again and again into her silky slit. She slowly drew her hands up her body to untie her bodice. Her breasts now free, she pinched and pulled on her nipples. I slid two fingers inside her and sucked her swollen pink button. Her moans turned to screams as she thrashed rhythmically and came in my mouth. She placed her hand on my throat and pulled me up toward her, kissing me deeply and sucking her cum from my mouth.

Resting her hand on my sternum, Isabella gingerly coaxed me back to sit on the edge of my bench. She kissed my lips and said “Here, let me show you a new trick” as she winked at me. I leaned back against the carriage wall anxiously awaiting what Isabella had in store for me. Placing her left hand on my thigh, her eyes fixated on mine; she slowly brought her right hand up between our faces. I felt a static charge through my body and hanging thick in the air as a myriad of pink and purple flashes swirled and wove between her fingers. She took a deep breath as she slowly clenched her fist. My eyes widened; I could see her hand pulsating with energy. She lowered her hand between my thighs. I grabbed the edge of the bench, clenched my teeth and stared intently at the swirls of colour around her fist, unsure of what exactly I was anticipating. Her hand shot wide open as a pillar of energy burst into my sopping wet crevasse. My body shook with intensity. I let out a deafening scream as I gushed out into her hand.

We held each other close and kissed. “That was some trick” I panted.

“I thought you’d like that” Isabella giggled.

There was a loud wrap on the carriage wall. The driver yelled “Be there in 20, better clean yourselves up.”

Isabella and I stared across at each other in shock for a moment, and then laughed as we prepared to pull ourselves back together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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