Lynette’s Fantasy

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Lynette sat at the table by herself. She gazed thoughtlessly over the railing across the calm lake. Her eyes fixed for brief moments on the occasional jogger, cyclist, dog-walker, stroller-pushing-mom and other passers by. She never gave these people a thought. She used these calm, quiet summer afternoons to let her mind relax from the pressures of the day. She sat by the lake, looking afar, sipping gently on a daiquiri.

She was not always alone on that patio by the lake. People would come and go, pausing from their busy day, but never lingering like Lynette. They would always arrive after her and leave before her, until one day…

One that day, another woman came shortly after Lynette arrived. Unlike everyone else, this woman stayed, also sipping a daiquiri, for as long as Lynette but she did not gaze over the lake, instead, she looked at Lynette. It was not a stare but it was with intent, curiosity and interest. They never spoke and Lynette never noticed her on that first day.

From then on, almost every time Lynette visited the lake, so did this other woman. Lynette eventually began to notice the other woman and occasionally sensed her attentions. Unintentionally at first, Lynette too began to watch the woman. They eventually played a silent game as they stole glances of each other.

On the day their innocent game was to end, the strange woman stood and walked across the patio toward Lynette. She walked straight and slowly and with great grace and confidence. Her eyes looked directly at Lynette. Lynette looked back at the stranger as she approached. She was uneasy but did not look away. The strange woman was taller, close to five foot seven. She was statuesque, rounded and very lovely. Her eyes were crystal green and they sparkled in the setting sunlight. Her long golden blonde hair gently swayed in the soft breeze and framed her beautiful face as it caressed her shoulders and swept down her back. Her white short sleeved blouse while not revealing, could not hide the evidence of well curved body. The yellow shorts hugged her long slender legs that carried her with such style and feminine grace.

“May I sit down”, the woman asked after the walk across the patio. Lynette’s eyes granted the permission even if her lips did not speak.

“My name is Shelly. I hope I am not intruding?”

“No, please sit”, Lynette invited, speaking to the stranger for the first time. Her tone was strong, belying her uneasiness.

“I have been noticing that you come her quite often. You seem to enjoy the peacefulness and solitude”, Shelly continued.

“I like it here very much. I get to think if I want or just relax and enjoy the view.”

The two women chatted for about an hour and they became more comfortable with each other. They decided that they would share the afternoons together and over time, they became friends. They talked about many subjects but never violated the unspoken reason why they were there. They never talked about anything that would cast a shadowed light on the pleasant time that they were spending together.

All the while the two women talked, there was an underlying mystery that they unknowingly shared. It was the very reason why Shelly walked up to Lynette on that first day. It was the real reason why Lynette enjoyed Shelly’s company. They each wanted the other to have that same hidden secrete but each was afraid that their new and still fragile friendship could not stand the strain of discussing the issue. As the days wore on and as they became fonder of each other, each grew restless about not knowing the answer to the one question that neither had the courage to ask.

Although Lynette was listening to Shelly on the day the question would be asked, she didn’t actually hear a single word. Shelly’s voice was soft and muffled as if it was coming through a far away tunnel. Lynette was very curious about her new friend and thinking very intently about her. She wanted to hold her in her arms. She wanted to hug her friend. She wanted to be hugged back. She was looking at Shelly while thinking about all of that. It was too bad she could not hear what casino oyna Shelly was saying.

In soft sheepish tones, Shelly was saying, “I really look forward to our time together. I feel so good when we meet here and talk. I like you very much and wonder…..if…..we might….ah…be able to…..get to know each other better.”

Shelly stopped talking and thought for a moment that she had crossed that imaginary line and violated the sanctity of their friendship since Lynette did not speak. This was not the case. Shelly’s last words were echoing in Lynette’s ears over and over again. They were trying to penetrate her and then, in an instant, Lynette’s focus was back as if her concentration was never lost. She smiled a warm and friendly smile and said, “I would like that very much.”

They both knew that this meant that their relationship could now move to a more intimate level without even discussing the matter further. The fundamental thread of their female bond told them the exact answer to the question they both wanted to ask and it was an exciting, “yes” but there was one issue that had to be openly discussed.

Lynette asked what had to be asked, “What about your husband?” She asked the question because she did not know how he would fit into their relationship. Lynette had no feelings for him. She didn’t know much about Shelly’s feelings for him.

Shelly replied, “I love my husband very much but he cannot be everything I need. He understands this and supports me. I have told him about you and my feelings for you. He would like us all to be close friends.”

Lynette knew what that meant. She was again uneasy but Shelly sensed this and again spoke, “Please don’t worry about that now. Please trust me. We would like you to be our guest this weekend at our house. You and I can spend some time together. Paul will join us later.”

Lynette accepted. Her mind was filled with excitement, trepidation, apprehension, curiosity and mystery.

Lynette drove up the winding road to the hillside address. The circular drive brought her to the beautiful front doors of the magnificent home. She rang the chime and very soon the great door swung open. Shelly greeted her and was very excited to have her there. At Shelly’s suggestion, Lynette took her small bag into the quest room. As Shelly had requested, Lynette changed into her bathing suit and was to join her host at the pool. After changing, Lynette paused and looked at herself in the mirror. The small black bikini against her smooth dark skin made her look so exotic. Her brown eyes gleamed with anticipation. Her soft thick hair cascaded down her shoulders and lightly curled just above her breasts.

She wanted to be attractive to Shelly. She was. She walked across the marble floor to the grand French doors that opened up to the back of the house. The bright blue water shimmered in the sunlight. Shelly, standing at the pool’s edge, turned when she sensed Lynette’s presence.

“Oh you are so lovely,” Shelly sighed. “Your hair, everything, you are so beautiful”.

Lynette felt good about herself. She truly felt beautiful. She felt the same way about Shelly who stood before her in a small white halter top that revealed her ample cleavage. The tiny yellow triangle of her bikini bottoms clung tightly to the thin strings that shot way up and over her delightfully rounded hips. Shelly’s long legs were more beautiful that Lynette had remembered.

They decided to take a walk around the grounds and enjoy the garden. They left hand-in-hand and with nothing but conversation on their minds. They returned with their arms around each other’s waists and with anything but conversation on their minds.

They laid down beside the pool on a lounge chair easily big enough for the two of them. They hugged. Their breasts pressed together and strained against the inadequate cloth intended to hold them in place. They kissed. Their tongues softly danced and played a sensual lover’s game. Soon their embraces became stronger and more intense. They were becoming aroused. Neither spoke. They kissed harder and breathed deeper. Their bodies became canlı casino more entwined. Their legs mixed.

Lynette found her hand resting on her soon-to-be-lover’s breasts. Shelly pressed it harder into Lynette’s palm. The nipple grew erect and hard. Lynette looked down and could see the nipple poke the thin material. She deftly undid the tie around Shelly’s neck and the top fell away, exposing the large breasts that moved with each deep breath. Lynette took a nipple in her fingertips and gently tugged. It became harder instantly and Shelly sighed heavily. Lynette waited no longer. She leaned down and took the hard bud between her lips, circled it with her tongue and lightly nibbled at her friend’s breast. With her tongue, she could feel the nipple grow hard. Shelly moaned her thankful approval and encouraged Lynette further. Lynette gladly continued.

Shelly let her hand fall between the two of them. It fell between their bodies and between their legs. She turned her palm away and her fingers lay against Lynette’s bikini bottoms. Lynette wanted Shelly’s touch and sanctioned the opportunity by parting her legs. Shelly’s fingers fell naturally against Lynette’s womanhood. Her fingertips were treated with the warm sensation of Lynette’s arousal. With Lynette sucking a her breast, Shelly slipped her hand beneath the scant bikini and laid her fingers for the first time against the warm wet pedals that guarded the opening to Lynette’s sex. They both sighed and were happy they were doing this.

Lynette’s bikini bottoms were tied at the hips. As if by magic, the ties were undone, the bikini melted away and she was exposed to the warm summer afternoon air. The slight evaporation of her wetness sent tingles of delight through her body. This only resulted in the increased rate of its production. Shelly slipped a single finger between the damp lips but did not penetrate. The thick of her finger rested firmly against Lynette’s budding clitoris. Gentle sides to side motion caused Lynette to purr softly while she continued to suckle at Shelly’s breast.

Shelly whispered into Lynette’s ear, “I want to taste you.”

Lynette raised her head and they lovingly looked at each other. Shelly lifted her hand but did not place it to her lips as anticipated. Instead, her fingers went quickly to Lynette’s! The smell of her own sexual arousal was exciting. The slippery feeling of her own wetness being slid over her lips made her feel naughty but beautiful. Shelly moved closer and with extended tongue, licked the love liquid from Lynette. They both sighed deeply, savoring the moment. They kissed again and again.

Shelly suggested that they move inside. Without a spoken word, the two of them went into the great house. They entered a pretty room with a square bed in the center. It had no headboard or footboard. The brilliant sunlight was subdued by the shear drapes that swayed with the gentle breeze that came through the windows that reached from floor to ceiling.

They removed their clothes and looked at their nakedness. They were excited by each other. Lynette’s eyes slipped from the beautiful hair of her host, down the softly curving shoulders, past the round breasts with taut nipples, down her white trim waist, to the faint whips of blonde pubic hair and cascading down the sensual legs.

Shelly had already tasted the sweet nectar of her new lover but was very excited to look upon Lynette’s naked form. She wanted to again embrace and have Lynette’s dark intoxicatingly seductive skin next to her own. Her mind eagerly created the visions of what she wanted the two of them to do. With equal eagerness, her body created her own wetness to the point where Shelly felt a drop form between her legs and run down the inside of one thigh.

Together, they fell to the bed and reached for each other with fanatic energy. They kissed harder than they had done thus far, their tongues exploring eagerly. Shelly rolled over on top of Lynette, their breasts pressed hard together. Shelly’s thigh pressed hard between Lynette’s legs and against her clitoris. They kissed again. Shelly then inverted her position and placed kaçak casino her head where her dampened leg had been just moments before. She did not presume too much of her inexperienced guest. Lynette would let her know when she was ready for more.

Shelly looked for a moment between Lynette’s parted legs. Lynette’s body was obviously inviting more attention. The lips to Lynette’s pussy were very wet indeed. The only pubic hair that remained was atop her mons and even that was matted in sensual wetness. Lynette’s damp inner thighs shone in the sunlight. Shelly breathed in deeply the erotic scent of her aroused partner. Another long drop slid from her own pussy and made its way down the inner part of her leg.

Shelly placed her tongue at Lynette’s opening. Her hot breath made Lynette twitch with anticipation. Her tongue slipped into the wet pink opening and was instantly covered in a coating of hot liquid passion. Shelly’s tongue teasingly played with the pink lips and lightly sucked at the protruding clitoris that swelled with each sensual touch. Her tongue exploded with great sensations of the texture and tastes.

Lynette was breathing very heavy, her breasts swaying and jiggling whenever Shelly make contract with her clitoris, sending a flash through her entire body. She was of course enjoying this but there was to be more. She wanted there to be more. She wanted to experience what she had dreamed about so many times before. Now was the time. Lynette kissed the outside of Shelly’s leg, signaling that she was read to return the loving she was so thoroughly enjoying. Shelly knew what that kiss meant. She raised her leg and straddled Lynette. Lynette looked up to see the future object of her attentions. Shelly’s pussy lips were parted, exposing the deep pink tissues within. The sunlight glistened in the wetness that covered everything. What remained of the trimmed pubic hair was damply matted. A large drop of Shelly’s wetness clung to the folds of the hood that only barely covered her aroused clitoris. Shelly repeatedly clenched down internally, expelling more wetness, as if pleading with Lynette that she was ready and wanted to be loved.

Lynette wrapped her arms around Shelly’s buttocks and pulled her friend down. Her tongue licked that escaping drop and for the first time, Lynette tasted the sweet delicious nectar that is unique and so very special to the female flower. Lynette loved it. She thoroughly enjoyed the sweet sexy taste. The rich scent overwhelmed Lynette’s nostrils. It tickled her tongue. She did not regret the realization of her dreams. She pressed her face harder between Shelly’s legs and soon her face was slick with Shelly’s slippery juices.

There was no caution now. There were no inhibitions now. The two women were overwhelmed with passion and wanted to please each other with undaunted determination. They both wildly licked and sucked and plunged their tongues deep into the dripping chambers of their partners. Their bodies moved and swayed as one. They worked themselves closer and closer to the orgasmic abyss. Faster and faster they loved each other. Their faces were covered in wet uninhibited passion. The smell of female arousal was everywhere. Harder and harder their tongues whipped and nibbled until the result of their affair was sealed. Over the cliff they plunged together. Downward they fell in spurting spasms of passion and violently they crashed into the wet rubble that is the aftermath of orgasm. Quietly they moaned and internally twitched in blissful surrender to what they just did to each other.

They were spent. Their mouths and faces literally dripped the clear cum that is the reward for this exotic adventure. It clung cool and slippery to their lips.

After a moment’s pause, they were once again face to face. They kissed. Their sweet coated tongues exchanged the erotic smell and taste of their ejaculate while their bodies quivered in an attempt to recover. They kissed each other many times in a slow and loving way. It was a long time before they did anything else. They took time to share in the security of their embraces. Their legs intertwined, their thighs wet with lubrication and cum.

They were finished and they were happy. Although they tried several times, they would never duplicate that special day in the great house in the hills.

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