Lustful Art Ch. 02

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It was a cloudy nasty Saturday in the early spring and I had told Elle to come by around 11am to my condo. I use my apartment to teach private students to amplify my income. Unfortunately, I use the room towards the back, and its on the other side of the complex from lovely Lisa’s window. It has the best light for a studio and I’ve added a comfortable dark leather couch and a few chairs for models to use. With the clouded sky, I didn’t want Elle to be uncomfortable in the studio, so I boosted the floorboard heat even though it costs me a lot of money. I made some fresh hot coffee and got some great pastries for munchies if she wanted to indulge herself.

Elle arrived promptly at 11 and greeted me with a meek smile.

“Thanks for letting me come by on your day off, I really appreciate this,” Elle said as she took off her winter coat and handed it to me.

“Is something wrong Elle, you look a bit sullen?” I asked, concerned about the young woman’s mood. The young student had purposely not worn much clothing and was only adorned in a tee shirt and tight jeans. I was surprised she hadn’t worn a bra either, she must feel comfortable being around other women, I thought. How nice!

“My mother told me I’d have to find a part time job soon, to help bring in some cash for the house, that’s all. I have no idea of what to do for a part time job right now,” Elle said pulling out her sketch pad and charcoals.

“Elle with your figure, you could do modeling and make some extra cash. I could put you in contact with a local artist who may hire you right away!”

“I’m not that comfortable taking off my clothes for strangers, Stacy. I’ve never done anything like that before,” Elle said. “Especially for strange guys, it would be very weird for me!”

“Lisa is a good friend of mine who usually will only have you in the room so she can sketch you. There won’t be any guys around, how’s that sound?”

“That sounds okay to me, I’ll give her a call and try it. Give me the woman’s number before I leave,” Deb said, as she set up her pad and charcoals ready to sketch.

I took a piece of paper and wrote down Lisa’s number on it. I knew that once Lisa told her the address she would realize they were neighbors. Things could get interesting, I thought.

“Lisa is a fitness instructor and works out of her home and she wants to be an artist also, so she has sessions in her house, like I do, which are a lot of fun for everyone!”

Elle was appreciative of my interest in her monetary issue and took the lead and promised to check it out.

“Okay so lets forget about money and the outside world for a bit and concentrate on our art today! Since I could not get a model to pose for casino oyna you today, we are going to draw from photos for a while,” I said as I retrieved a thick book of nude photographs especially collated for use in my drawing classes. The book had many different black and white photos of young men and women posing nude in various standard poses. I asked Elle to choose a photograph, and she chose one of beautiful French woman with her legs splayed wide open in a comfortable chair. The woman was in her twenties and had long black hair which fell all over her svelte shoulders. Her perfectly shaped round breasts had quarter sized areola with erect nipples, and she looked as if she was casually touching her inner thigh. The woman’s vagina was in shade but it was obvious that she had never shaved herself.

“This is a good place to begin, why don’t we draw this woman and see how we do?” I said, as I grabbed my pad and charcoals too as I also intended to practice my sketching.

We worked in silence for a few hours and I discussed the shadings and contours that made the photo important and wanted Elle to grasp the concepts that would make her a better artist.

“Stacy you always make me feel so at ease around you, I am always amazed how much I learn from you in every class!” Elle said, as she sketched on.

“Well thank you, Elle, I really appreciate your kind words about my efforts in school,” I couldn’t help but noticed that Elle had not worn a bra and her nipples were very noticeable through the soft fabric of her sweater.

A while later, Elle was very annoyed with the way she drew the woman’s torso and captured the posture. She had always had difficulty with sitting figures and this lovely woman was no exception.

I was much more distracted with how lovely Elle’s body looked. I imagined Elle drawing her Mother with those lovely tits staring her in the face and became overly aroused.

“Stacy, I’m not sure I can draw much longer, my concept of this photo is changing drastically,” Elle said in a frustrated voice.

“Do you think this woman’s breasts look like that?” Elle asked.

“She has breasts like mine, in a way. Do you mind if I show you my breasts and you can compare them and maybe they will help you see them in three dimensions?” I asked her innocently.

“Sure, I’d love to see your breasts, Stacy.”

I unbuttoned my shirt and revealed my perfectly round 36C tits to Elle. The young artist compared the photo to the lovely woman staring her in the face and made some corrections to her sketch. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Elle, her breasts were firm and so inviting to my mind. Elle stared at my breasts as if she hadn’t seen a mature woman’s breasts canlı casino up close before.I sensed that she secretly had always thought about caressing and kissing my body, especially during class time.

“Hmmm, well Stacy, you’re much more endowed than this woman in the photo!” Elle said, licking her lips and putting her pad down.

Elle stood up off her stool and came a bit closer to Stacy who just stood there modeling.

“Can I touch them, Stacy?” Elle asked me, as she bit her lip.

“Oh, of course dear, please!” I could sense she was getting very aroused, and I could feel my own cuntjuices beginning to lubricate my pussy.

Elle fondled my left breast, and gently squeezed my light brown nipple, drawing it between her thumb and forefinger.

“Uggnnnhhh, that feels so good, don’t stop now dear,”

“I’ve never touched another woman’s body before, Stacy, but I want SO much to touch yours! Your tits are so perfectly shaped, large and very round the way I’ve always wanted mine to be.

“You can do anything you want to me, Elle,” I wanted her to feel comfortable, but inside I was squirming to taste her wetness. Elle continued to suck on my nipples as I cradled her head, I stroked the soft skin of her arms.

From that moment, on the rest seemed to be like a dream. It was as like our love making moved us to another dimension, where our bodies communicated our desires easier than any words could.

Elle reached down and licked my stiff nipple slowly and cautiously, savoring the texture of the dark nub on her tongue. Warm lustful thoughts of sucking on Elle’s pussy shot through my mind in a flash, I knew there was no turning back now and I didn’t want her to hesitate to be taken.

“Ummnnn, that feels so good, do you want me to undress for you now Elle?” I asked in an low voice.

“Oh yes, let’s get naked now. I want you to rub yourself all over me, and smell your warm pussy,” Elle admitted. Years of lesbian dreams and fantasies must have flooded Elle’s consciousness as she desired to fulfill everyone of her desires.

A moment passed. I drew her closer and we kissed passionately. I thrust my tongue into Elle’s wanting mouth and the young woman received it gladly. The young student groped my taut body and I pulled off Elle’s sweater, exposing her perky tits. Elle had elongated brown nipples that seemed to want to be suckled forever. I was amazed at her skin texture and her svelte body as she took off her tight jeans. I noticed that Elle wore a red cotton thong, possibly in anticipation of our first tryst.

“Stacy please take me, love me, show me how to please you also!”

I led her into my bedroom where we faced each other, and we embraced kaçak casino slowly and lovingly. I gently took off her cotton thong and was amazed at the sight of this beautiful young woman in my room at last. Some how I couldn’t believe Elle had never touched another woman. Elle relented and admitted touching another girl in the shower in high school. It was an electrifying experience for her and it began a phase in her life when she admired women’s bodies than ever before.

I told Elle to lie down as I mounted her body and rubbed my thighs into hers as our bodies melted together. I wanted to take her and please her so much, to feel her climax in my mouth after sucking her clit for hours. I went down on her lightly shaved muff and parted her labia with my fingers while my tongue attacked her thick clitoris.

“Ohhh, Ohhh Stacy don’t stop don’t ever stop, suck me hard make me cum baby!”

I was so satiated after we made love that first time, I was sure we would be lovers for a while especially when I noticed how much Elle loved wearing my black strap on cock with the spurting sac which we filled with milk and honey mixture of course!

Elle mounted me and parted my thighs, with that huge dark dong dangling over her pussymound. She licked my cunt and slowly slurped up any leftover juices from just a few minutes ago. Then she plunged that hard rubber cock in me while she massaged my tities and fucked me like I’ve never been before. I came so great my body was steaming with lust as she pulled out the huge cock and squeezed out a luscious stream of thick white milk and honey all over my erect nips. We kissed and caressed for hours before falling asleep together.

In the morning with the sun streaming in through my curtains, we awoke and caressed each other kissing and touching.

“You know this will change out relationship, but we need to be very discreet with each other, Elle. In school, we won’t be able to kiss or fondle each other, but I will let you email and text me as much as you want,” I told her.

“And I will do the same,” Elle said as she kissed my breast.

“I know what you are saying, and I can do it, but I feel this is just my re awakening to a new sexuality for me, I am very attracted to you, and I don’t want to hurt you, but I…”

“I know Elle, we’ll keep it simple and not get too far ahead of ourselves for now,” I relented, although I felt sad inside, I hoped we could get together regularly and have this again soon.


Although Elle enjoyed being with me and I felt she’d want me again, I sensed that she needed something else from another woman that I either couldn’t give her or didn’t have. The young woman was confused, but we both knew that she had to keep her options open to whatever may come her into her life. I think she needed the love of an older woman than me and I was happy she was planning on contacting Lisa about the modeling job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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