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My name is Rebecca I am eighteen and I’m a small female with a small butt with a 32-a cup breast. I am a straight girl, but there has always been a friend of mine I’ve been curious about. Her name is Ashley. She is a pretty girl with big eyes, with a small butt and ridiculously large breasts. I mean they had to have been a least a c cup going on a d cup. She’s caught me staring at her breasts, but I don’t think she knows I want to fuck her bad.

Ashley was an average girl, but she was so fuckable. She was just so cute, but I didn’t know how to approach her as a girlfriend. I wanted to tell her that I wanted to touch her breasts, but I had an idea on how to set her naked for me. We were finishing our last days of high school and we were both in track, so I was hoping she would shower with me before the season was over.

“Hey Ash how are you doing,” I said.

“I’m doing well I’m just ready for track to end,” she said.

“Yeah I’m can’t wait for it to end,” I said.

“Oh, and I’m probably going to have to shower today,” she said.

When she said that my heart stopped and figured this was going to be my day.

“Okay well I look for you in the locker room.” I said looking down at her breasts that were showing some great cleavage.

“Hey eyes up here girl,” she said smiling.

“Oh I’m sorry I get distracted easily,” I said laughing.

“Okay see ya,” she said.

I watched her walked away with her small ass, but I couldn’t help but feel horny. I wanted to touch my pussy casino oyna right then and there, but I was already late for class so I ran as fast as I could to my class.

All through class I couldn’t concentrate on my work, thoughts of Ashley’s breast rubbing against my body and our wet pussies rubbing together. Just those thoughts made my pussy wet. I couldn’t wait until next period when I would get to shower with Ashley and I could see if she was interested in women or not.

The bell rang and I ran straight towards the locker room hoping to catch Ashley changing into her track outfit. I was in luck because as I arrived to the locker room so was Ashley. She smiled at me and we walked together to our lockers. I was also so fortunate to have her as my locker neighbor. Our lockers were right next to each other which was great because I got to see her breasts everyday.

“Oh hey Becca you’re never gonna believe what happened. I broke up with my boyfriend,” said Ashley removing her shirt.

“I’m sorry Ash, but if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be,” I said trying not to look at her gorgeous breasts.

“Yeah I know I just wish I could find someone who likes me for me and not my boobs,” Ashley said.

“But everyone likes your boobs. They’re so nice, round and firm,” I said removing my bra and pant to reveal my small breasts and panties to Ashley.

“Whoa…that’s a little to lesbian for me, but I can tell you that you have a nice butt,” she said smiling.

I was a little disappointed canlı casino that she didn’t seem like she was into girls, but her complement on my ass made me feel good. We got changed and went out of practice. Today’s practice seemed like the hardest yet. We ran six laps with out stopping then another five after a short five minute break and then ten one hundred meter sprints, but I was happy when it was all done. I knew I was going to have my chance with Ashley. We went inside and stripped down to our lingerie and got our towels. Luckily for me none of the other girls wanted to shower and they left as soon as they could which just left me and Ashley alone in the locker room. I removed my bra and panties to show my naked body to Ashley. She seemed to stare at my little breast and cute ass. And then Ashley removed her bra. Her breasts were huge and her nipples were average size and didn’t cover most of her breasts, and her pussy hair was trimmed into a nice strip and her ass was firm. I turn on two showers for me and her. We got our breast wet and our hair and we started to lather up. Right before Ashley washed her boobs I asked her a question.

“Ashley, I don’t have big boobs, would you mind if I washed yours,” I asked hopefully.

“Sure,” she said.

I lathered my hands with soaped and gently moved my hands up and down her boobs. They felt so good in my hands I just wanted to kiss them. But before I could move my head Ashley grabbed my head and kissed me. We kissed passionately with tongue, and then she moved her kaçak casino hands to my small breasts and rubbed them.

“Is this what you wanted,” she said.

“Yes,” I answered.

We kissed and rubbed each other until Ashley moved her head to kiss my nipples. Her wet saliva made my nipples hard and she eventually moved down to my pussy. She licked me in a place I didn’t know I had. Her tongue on my pussy felt great I thought I was going to cum until she brought her head up and told me it was my turn. I kissed her nipples and her boobs and slowly made my way down to her clit. I didn’t know I had skills at licking pussy. I licked her pussy in so many different ways.

“OH… Becca you’re so good. Lick my pussy make me cum please,” moaned Ashley.

I finally picked up my head, and kissed her again.

“Now what,” I said.

“Let’s scissor,” Ashley said.

We both sat down on the floor and wrapped our legs around each other. We thrust our pussies together softly, and then harder.

“OH…Ashley I think I gonna cum,” I said.

“Me too. Let’s cum together,” Ashley said.

We cummed right there on the shower floor, and kissed one more time. We got up turned off the shower and kissed even more.

“Did you like that, I asked turning off the shower.

“Yes I did,” said Ashley standing up.

“We should do it more oft..” I was interrupted when I saw my friend Sara standing in the shower door way staring at Ashley’s and my naked bodies.

“I heard you all. I’ve been here since you all started. I had to touch my pussy, but I can’t satisfy myself like you all,” said Sara.

I look at Ashley and we got close to Sara with our naked bodies and started to kiss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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