Loving My Straight Kendra Pt. 03

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When I woke up the next morning, I heard Kendra moving about the kitchen again making us breakfast, which brought a smile to my face, knowing that she was thinking of me even if it was not on a sexual level. I pulled on my stonewashed jeans with torn spots (I called them my poor girl’s jeans) and a form fitting blouse and scooted out to where she was.

“About damn time you got out of bed.” she said with a chirp in her voice. “I thought you were gonna leave me alone until noon.”

“No way, I want to make the most of our weekend together, girl!” I shot back.

As I drew closer to see what she was cooking, she reached out to give me a hug, in a kind of clumsy way, but I could tell it was meant to be affectionate. I slipped my arms around her waist and without thinking, pulled her right into me in a tight embrace. Kendra’s breath caught as our bodies pressed together, hips against hips, breasts against breasts, lips at our respective ears. I drank the sensations that felt downright intimate, like lovers would be, the deep warmth from bodies intertwined and woven together, as if she were already mine.

Kendra made no effort to break the hold or pull back, but instead seemed to surrender to it, to the sensations, and ultimately–to ME. Trying to be subtle, I just started swaying back and forth, not in any sort of sexual manner but continuing the connectedness that I could sense us both feeling. I felt her sigh contentedly as her body began moving with mine in a sensual dance that felt downright delicious. I knew I had to carefully draw out the experience without doing anything that might frighten her. The longer we went on like this the closer to intimate contact we would be.

I couldn’t express my thoughts out loud yet, but I was in heaven, so I just whispered to myself in my mind. “That’s it, Kendra, dance with me…let your body move with mine…let the sensations take hold and guide you to places you have never imagined…to guide you to ME.”

Kendra’s movements continued and I kept my hands firmly on her back without trying to caress her, though my desires were starting to escalate. I wanted her more in that moment than I ever had before, and my instincts whispered to me that the moment I had dreamt of…and literally ached for…was on the verge of actually happening. Her guard was down and she was incredibly vulnerable to me now, which is probably the most beautiful description of an intimate moment that I ever heard described.

I casino oyna just kept holding her, locked in our sensual dance, not making any moves other than what I had been doing for the past several minutes, until my lips brushed her ear quite accidentally, eliciting a response that surprised us both–a moan.

“Ohhhhh my gawd, Jenna.”

It wasn’t an expression of fear or outrage, or even surprise; it was desire, pure, romantic, sexual desire, which had her in its grip to the point that any other thoughts simply had no room to take root. THIS was it. THIS was the moment. Now I had to draw her into the experience fully so that she could surrender to it, and ultimately, to me.

Knowing Kendra as thoroughly as I did meant that I knew her fears, her dreams, what she detested and what she loved, as well as what aroused her. That gave me the strategy for what to do next, as I knew her neck was a deeply sensitive and erotic spot on her, and that sensual whispers turned her on. I leaned my head to one side and let my lips brush her neck just below her ear, softly and sensually and quietly said, “You are beyond beautiful, baby, I NEED to taste your neck.”

If you talked any of my exes, all of them would agree that I don’t just kiss a girl’s neck, I make love to it…savor it…worship it, every succulent inch of it. As my lips planted a warm and gentle wet kiss right on the skin so exposed to me there, Kendra’s back arched, her head turning to one side in the most erotic gestures of surrendered I had ever witnessed up to that point. Her body visibly trembled as if I had cast some sort of spell over her and she released a throaty moan that confirmed how much she was enjoying the sensations.

I felt her fumble for the knob to turn off the burner, a clear signal that all she wanted now was what she was feeling. I slid my tongue along her neck, interspersing that warm wet sensation with gentle nibbles that made her gasp “Oh GAWD Jenna…don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop.”

“Sweetie, I won’t stop until I show you firsthand what real lovemaking is like, until you feel every inch of your skin on fire and your body climaxing so hard you will see stars”, I thought to myself, knowing now was not the time to confess such things to her.

“I am just getting started, love.” I whispered, this time more vocally, starting to gnaw gently on her neck, making her slip one hand at the back of my head, fingers sliding through my hair, pushing canlı casino me firmly to her neck. Slowly I moved my right hand to her hip, gyrating my pussy against it and making her groan even more. Kendra’s body shook as she felt my heat against her, as I began claiming her one kiss and caress at a time. I could tell that she was surrendered to the sheer ecstasy of our foreplay and that virtually nothing would stop what was happening now. Emboldened by her deepening surrender to me, I slowly slid my hand up from her hip, inch by inch until I was caressing her skin, moving slowly upwards to the breasts I craved to touch. I reminded myself that there was no hurry and that she deserved to be savored bit by bit by a lover who knew what would feel good to her. Then she moaned something I had fantasized about hearing but sent a massive quake up my spine.

“Ohhhhh Jenna I want you SO much.”

My hand slipped over her bare breast, making her body lurch forward to increase the pressure of my touch, her nipple so hard that I was taken aback. “Mmmmm baby I have wanted you for so long, you haunted my thoughts and my dreams forever. You belong to ME now.”

I forced myself to pull away from her neck, and in one gentle motion pulled the baggy top above her head, my lips seeing hers as both hands cupped her amazing breasts.

Kendra’s mouth tasted incredible as her lips returned my kiss with equal passion, her perfect mouth making love to mine in a sensual dance much ice the one our bodies had been doing just a few moments ago. Gasps and moans came from each of us as we shared a deep erotic kiss, the kind she deserved to have and that only another woman could give her. My very straight best friend was making out with me in ways that made my most erotic dreams pale in comparison to the reality of the moment. I gently tickled her lips with my tongue, requesting permission to enter, which she gladly obliged. “Damn could that girl kiss,” I thought, beyond pleased at how skilled she was, even though this was her first true set of lesbian kisses ever.

Kendra had often lamented at how quickly the guys she dated rushed through foreplay in general and kissing in particular, noting that she could do it for hours given the opportunity. I guided her body away from the stove to the vacant wall a foot away and pressed her back against it, my hands caressing her ample breasts as my lips and tongue conveyed my deepest affections and passions to her.

I could sense kaçak casino that she wanted to move forward with lovemaking, but I wanted to make the kissing last as long as we could manage it. I lost track of time as our lips continued to deeply caress each other and our tongues gently dancing; more than once it was clear that she was surrendering her tongue to mine which was so damn sexy that I nearly came as mine took hers again and again. I started kissing along her cheek, nibbling the skin, slowly inching down her neck and finally down towards the valley between her breasts, planting a wet kiss squarely between them. I kissed upwards towards the top of her breast and planted more in a circle around the nipple, inching ever closer. I could tell it was driving her crazy, and in a surprise move she pushed my face right to her nipple.

“Kendra, I have always envied your breasts…they are the most gorgeous I have ever seen, on the entire planet even.” I whispered, knowing it was an exaggeration but loving the cooing it elicited from her lips.

Like her neck, Kendra nipples were incredibly sensitive and I knew from her own accounts that if a lover took the time to suckle them just right, that she could have an incredible orgasm. As my lips gently wrapped around her nipple, I made it my mission to do just that. She cradled my head against her tenderly as her chest expanded with each deep breath, indicating her intense pleasure. I moaned into the nipple as my tongue swirled around and my lips gently but insistently sucked hungrily on them.

I never stopped my patient assault on her nipple, and she began to gasp “Oh” in regular intervals, which began to get shorter and shorter until the magic moment of her first lesbian orgasm arrived, her back arching, her breath coming in short panting sounds, her hips moving in a steady rhythm, unconsciously grinding on my hop, making me feel her own heat and wetness.

“Oh GAWWWWWWWWWWD” she screamed out, so loudly that my ears were ringing for several moments afterward, a crescendo of passion that she managed to ride out for what seemed like several minutes, after which her legs buckled, forcing me to hold her up long enough for her to recover. I could tell by the intensity of the orgasm that she has been deprived of genuine satisfaction for quite some time, and hoped that it would leave a lasting impression on her. For the next several minutes I just held her up until she recovered enough to stand back up on her own.

“Gawd…Jenna, I had no idea how…how…” she said, stopping abruptly as if words simply couldn’t do the moment justice.

Grinning, I said unassumingly, “Oh sweetie I am just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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