Lovers and Friends

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Harry and Selena had been best friends for as long as they could remember. They had met in middle school and had been attached at the hip ever since. They were now in their freshman year at college (of course attending the same university) and they were as close as ever.

Harry was a frat boy, but he always hung out with Selena, whose idea of fun was eating pizza and watching movies rather than getting drunk. She was, after all, his special girl. Harry had a reputation on campus, although not nearly as bad as the other boys he chose to hang out with. Selena’s reputation was more of a good girl, which caused everyone to question them. How could a good girl like her hang out with a guy like him?

But things had slowly begun to change once Harry got a girlfriend. Her name was Samantha, and Selena couldn’t stand her. Some time ago, Selena had come to terms with the fact that she was in love with Harry. Despite how close they were, she never felt adequate enough to be his girlfriend, so she never made a move. But this Samantha? She had bad news written all over her.

She was an older sorority girl, with DD breasts and long blonde hair. She was tall, almost as tall as Harry, standing at 5’10. Her legs were mile long and toned, much like the rest of her body. She had an exotic look to her and Selena found out, to her dismay, that she was of Brazilian and Vietnamese descent. She didn’t stand a chance.

It didn’t surprise her when she began to see less and less of Harry, but that didn’t stop her from being sad, and a bit frustrated. Who was this girl to take her best friend from her? She wanted to rip the extensions off the girl and send her packing back to Brazil or Asia or wherever.

One Friday night, she was alone again in her dorm room, watching reruns of Friends. It was her favorite show and she never got tired of it. Her roommate, Danielle, was getting ready to leave for a big party at one of the fraternity houses.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna come?” She asked again, even as she grabbed her clutch, signaling she was ready to leave.

“I’m positive. I’d rather sit here, watching Friends and eating ice cream, than being at some party surrounded by drunks and sluts. No offence.” She grinned at the older girl, who laughed as she shook her head.

“Suit yourself. But I’m telling you, moping around in here isn’t going to do you any good.” Danielle shook her head as she headed for the door. “Don’t wait up, hopefully I won’t be back tonight.”

“You are so bad,” Selena said with a laugh as Danielle winked at her, shutting the door behind her.

Selena sighed as she realized, once again, she was all alone. She set her pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey down on her nightstand as she sat up in bed. Maybe Danielle was right, maybe she should get out more. Maybe she’d meet a nice guy, one who’d see her for her, one who didn’t like exotic girls with big breasts. Maybe.

She heard a soft, double knock on her door and she shouted for whoever it was to come in. She figured it was Danielle, who forgot her key on a daily basis. Her eyes widened in surprise when she didn’t see her roommate, but a tall male in her place. Harry.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” She asked, running her fingers self-consciously through her wavy black tresses.

“I came to see my best friend,” he informed her as he shut the door behind him, sitting in front of her. “Is that a crime?”

“No, I just…it’s been a while.” Regaining her voice, she added coolly. “Plus, there’s a huge party tonight. I figured you’d be there with Samantha.”

“Nah, I had to come see my favorite girl. It’s been a while, you know? I missed you.” He smiled that familiar crooked smile and it made her wonder how she could’ve ever thought about finding a better guy. There was no better guy.

“It has. I missed you too.” She blushed as she added hastily, “how’s Samantha? Are you guys…okay?”

“Oh yeah, Sam’s great,” he assured her with a dismissive wave of his hand. “But I didn’t come here to talk about her; I came here to be with you. How are you?”

“I’m okay. As good as a girl who gets ditched by her best friend could be.” She had meant it to sound more playful than it did, but she was hurt. She didn’t expect him to understand, though.

“Selena…” He immediately softened as he laid beside her, turning on his side so they can look each other in the eye. “I’m sorry, okay? I’ve just been busy, which is no excuse. I’m never too busy for you.”

“Is that why I’ve been best friendless for the past two weeks?” She asked sarcastically and he bit his lip, guilt heavily weighing him down.

“I already said I was sorry, what more can I say?” He asked and she turned the other way.

“Nothing, just go. I’m sure there’s some blonde waiting for your attention.” Her sniffling got his attention and he moved closer to her, his arm wrapped around her waist.

“It’s not like that, okay? I love you; you’re very special to me…”

“Maybe casino oyna if I had big breasts and looked like a Victoria’s Secret model you’d be into me, but I get that you’re not. I’m no sorority girl.” She had turned back over to look at him, big brown eyes glossy, and his mossy greens widened in surprise.

“Is that really what you think about yourself?” He asked her, and when she nodded, he shook his head.

“Selena,” he began carefully, taking her hand in his. “When I see you, I see the most beautiful girl in the world. Okay, so you don’t have huge tits. Big deal. You have a nice body and an even nicer face. You aren’t ugly, and you could be a sorority girl if you wanted to be. Okay?”

She looked up into his eyes, nodding slowly as she whispered, “okay.”

He gazed into her eyes, his own reflecting back at him, and he shivered. He had never felt this way before. He had never felt this certain. She really had no idea how she affected him.

He leaned in slowly, hot breath on her face, and her eyelids fluttered shut. His lips were on hers in an instant and she couldn’t help but put her hand on his cheek, deepening their kiss. His hand moved to her slim waist, holding her closer as they continued to kiss. His tongue rubbed against her bottom lip and she parted them, allowing the tip of her tongue to rub against his before allowing him access to her.

He slowly rolled on top of her, careful not to put all his weight on her. Their tongues rubbed sensually together as he slowly slid his free hand up her shirt, giving her breast a squeeze, eliciting a sweet little moan from her. Her breast filled his hand nicely and it made him sigh. When they were sixteen, he had come across a bra of hers while waiting in her room when she had gone to the bathroom. The band had read 34B. Ever since that day, he had been dying to get a good look at them.

He parted lips with her in order to pull the oversized sweater off of her body. He was glad she hadn’t worn a bra. She was blushing as he gazed lustfully at the soft mounds on her chest. Her breasts had filled out a bit since two years ago, but they were still the perfect size, in his opinion. Her skin was creamy with a hint of a tan to it, topped with two perky pink nipples. He wet his lips just looking at them.

As he leaned closer into her, she whispered, “I-I’ve never done this before…any of this. Please be gentle.”

“As if I’d be anything but,” he replied, voice slightly raspier as he cupped one breast in his large hand and placed the other on her hip. It didn’t surprise him to find out that she was a virgin. Despite being undeniably gorgeous, she was also undeniably innocent. At eighteen years old, he suspected there were fourteen year olds with more experience than she.

His lips wrapped around the pert pink nub and he started to suck, slowly yet sensually. He gazed at her as he did so, watching as she slowly closed her eyes, gasping in pleasure. He stroked her tiny hip slowly as he kissed her hardened nipple, continuing to suck on it. His tongue streaked out to lick around it and he raised his hand to the other breast. He pinched the neglected nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it as she let out the sweetest little moans. Her hips automatically jutted up, coming into contact with his growing erection, and he hummed around her nipple.

“Harry, please,” she whispered as he continued to suck and rub at her nipples, pleasure filling her stomach. She felt warm all over and although it was a new feeling, she liked it. He continued to suck on her nipples, alternating between breasts, as his other hand traveled down her flat stomach and to the lacy hem of her pink panties.

He kissed down from her breasts to her hipbones, leaving little love bites in his trail, before sitting up on his knees. He grabbed the sides of her lacy pink panties, hooking them around his fingers, and slowly pulled them down her legs, tossing them off the bed and onto the floor where her sweater was.

She bit her lip, blushing as she hesitated to spread her lightly tanned legs, revealing her shaved pink pussy to him. He could tell by looking at her that she was wet and his mouth watered at the thought of tasting her delicious center.

He pressed kisses on her legs, then on her thighs, spreading them apart as he kissed her inner thighs. Her breath hitched as he got closer and closer to her pussy. The closer he got the more anxious and worried she became. What if he didn’t like the way she tasted? What if she wasn’t what he expected?

Her fears, however, instantly melted once he planted a kiss on her clit. She sighed in pleasure, although her breath instantly hitched when he locked his lips around her clit and started to suck on it. Pleasure shot through her like never before. She gasped, gripping the bed sheets as he swirled his tongue around her clit, causing her legs to quiver.

He grinned as he realized how sensitive she was and he moved a little lower, wanting canlı casino to prolong her climax a little more. His tongue dipped between her folds, causing her breathing to even out a little more, which changed when he began to dart his tongue in and out of her tiny hole.

“H-Harry, oh.” She gasped, moaning softly in pleasure as she became even wetter around his tongue, slowly rocking into his mouth. This only further encouraged him and he buried his face in her mound, swirling his tongue around inside of her in figure eights. She threw her head back against the pillow in pleasure, eyes squeezed shut, as she moaned loudly.

He grinned wickedly as he moved back to her clit, sucking for all he was worth as he slid a finger inside of her, listening to her soft cry. She felt tight around his finger and he knew she’d feel even tighter around his cock. Her legs were shaking as she felt stimulated by his tantalizing lips on her clit and the intrusion of his finger inside of her soaked pussy. When he added another finger she moaned loudly and came, without warning, all over his fingers.

He immediately withdrew his fingers, cleaning them off quickly, before lapping at her pussy greedily. She tasted sweet, as he expected, and he couldn’t get enough of the taste of her sweet peach. She watched him hazily as she rocked her hips into his mouth, allowing him to clean her.

He sat up, pulling his shirt over his head, revealing his muscular and tattooed chest. She had seen it countless times and yet he still managed to make her drool every time. He hastily unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, glad he’d forgotten a belt. He felt instant relief once he released himself from the confines of his boxers, letting the cool air hit his cock.

Her eyes widened at the sight. It was nearly eight inches, cut, and curved slightly upward at the head. She was a bit nervous, seeing as this was her first time, and she tentatively reached out to grab a hold of it.

She slowly jerked his cock up and down, watching as he made a small noise of approval. He placed his hand over hers, making her fist a little tighter, and she began to pump him with slight vigor. She got into it, intent on pleasing him the way he had pleased her, and she even looked him in the eye as she kitten licked the tip, granted there was a heavy blush on her cheeks.

“You’re doing fine,” he assured her in a husky tone as he held her hair back in a ponytail, watching his sweet best friend, suck on the tip of his cock. Never in a million years had he thought he’d get so lucky.

She pumped the base of his cock a little harder, gradually taking more and more of his cock in her mouth until most of it was in. She closed her eyes, humming in approval as she sucked, swiping her tongue out to wet the underside and clean the precum off the tip. Her hands moved up and down quickly as she jerked him into her mouth, widening her mouth to take him as deeply as she could. She couldn’t quite deepthroat but it didn’t matter; her warm mouth felt heavenly wrapped tightly around his cock.

“Selena, fuck,” he growled as he gripped her hair a little tighter, guiding her a little faster by her ponytail up and down his cock. She let him, sucking eagerly as she moaned around his cock. She used her other hand to rub her clit gently, surprising him. She was just full of surprises tonight.

“I’m close,” he warned her with a grunt and, while he did want to finish in her mouth, he didn’t want to ruin the moment if she didn’t like the taste. He pulled out of her mouth when he felt he could hold back no longer, getting her to hold her breasts together. Then, he came all over her glorious tits with a loud groan.

She kissed the tip of his cock after he was done, licking it and giving it a gentle suck to make sure it was all out, and he used his cell phone to snap a picture of her cum covered tits and flat stomach. He made sure to keep her face out of the picture.

After he set his cell phone aside again, he turned to look at her. She had cleaned the cum off her tits and was now lying flat against the bed, arms raised above her head, legs wide open. She was ready and willing, and who was he to deny his favorite girl pleasure?

He immediately moved between her legs, rubbing her nipples and down her petite body to the folds of her pussy. As he gazed into her eyes, he held her lips open with one hand and positioned his cock with the other.

“This is going to hurt at first,” he warned her softly, and she nodded her head, letting out the breath she had been holding.

“I know,” she whispered, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can,” he promised, hovering over her, and she nodded her head.

Once he had the head pressed against her entrance, he placed his hands in hers, squeezing them. She gazed into his eyes as he slowly pushed into her. He felt her hymen and, with one sharp movement, tore it. She gasped, tears rising to her eyes, and squeezed his kaçak casino hands.

He winced, moaning in pleasure. She felt so fucking tight. He knew it had to have hurt, more than she led on. He kept pushing in slowly, waiting until he was buried inside her tight hole to stop moving.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered as he peppered her face in kisses.

“It hurts,” she whimpered, “make it stop.”

“It’ll stop soon, I promise,” he whispered back, and for a few seconds they waited, bodies touching. Then, very slowly, he felt her pussy unclench around him just the slightest, giving him room to move. He was glad she was so wet, otherwise it would’ve hurt even more.

He kissed her jawline down to her neck, pressing soft little kisses there as he slowly thrusted in and out of her tiny pussy. She felt so tight and warm around his cock he had to make sure he didn’t cum too soon. He wanted to please her, and he was determined to make her cum.

She let out little gasps in his ear as painful pleasure consumed her. She spread her legs a little wider, taking his large cock inside of her tiny teen body. Her hands were above her chest, causing her to squirm slightly as she tried to free them.

“Harder,” she whispered out, surprising both him and herself. He nodded, letting her hands go as he held onto the curves of her hips.

Her hands moved to his back, scraping against his back muscles as his cock pumped in and out of her tight pussy. She moaned in pleasure, the pain slowly melting away. She craved him and she wanted him all.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he whispered in her ear, giving her round little ass a squeeze as she moaned. “This pussy is mine.”

His dirty talk made her blush, but she actually liked it. She nodded, moaning as she gripped the bed sheets in one hand and his shoulder in the other.

“It feels so good,” she moaned as she spread her legs a little wider, gasping as he picked up the pace. “Right there, oh god, it feels so good.”

His balls began to slap against her ass as he sped up his movement, hips starting to smack into hers as he dug his nails into her hips, moaning her name in pleasure. She closed her eyes, head thrown back, and he took the opportunity to start rubbing her clit wildly.

“Fuck,” she moaned, legs starting to shake and twitch. “Harder, Harry, harder.”

He grunted, spreading her legs as wide as possible as he slammed his hips into hers, causing her to gasp. She felt sore, but she loved it. He looked in the mirror, getting even more turned on as he watched himself fucking her, watching her moan and spread her legs in the mirror. He looked down, watching his cock disappearing in her tiny hole, and sped up more.

Selena was panting as she scratched up his back, moaning loudly as their hips smacked into each other, her eyes squeezed shut. Harry spanked her ass once, causing her to squeal, and continued to thrust hard and fast inside of her.

She felt so tight and wet, her pussy was his oasis. He could fuck her every day of the week, he’d never get tired of the way her pussy gripped his cock, practically milking the cum from him.

“That’s it, baby, you like this? Like getting fucked? Mm, I bet you do,” he growled out as their hips snapped together, listening to her cries of pleasure.

“Yes, yes, I love it! Don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” she moaned loudly as he turned her over. She gasped at the sudden position change, gripping the headboard as he held her hips and slammed into her.

He was pounding in and out of her pussy from behind, tiny pussy wetting his cock. Her juices dripped down her thighs as she whimpered, warning him of how close she was. He spanked her ass twice, watching her fair-skinned cheeks redden, and she surprised him when she sat up.

She hooked her arm around his neck from behind, his arm wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer to him. She cried out as his cock found her g spot from this angle, breathing heavily as he slammed into it over and over again, causing her to get even tighter.

“Fuck, Harry! There, please, there!” Her cries grew and grew as he continued pumping into it, turning her back over into her original position.

Their hands intertwined again, over her head, as her legs shook. Her pussy tightened again and her body began to shake as she cried out for him again and again, cumming hard on his cock as she had an orgasm.

He groaned, “fuck, Selena, I’m coming!”

With a loud cry, he came deep inside of her pussy, flooding him with her cum, and she continued to shake against him. It felt warm, almost comforting, and she moaned loudly. Her own body was experiencing tremors of pleasure and she shook, gazing at him lustfully.

Slowly, very slowly, he came to a stop inside of her. He slowly pulled out of her, groaning in satisfaction when he watched his cum dribble out of her used hole and drip down her leg. He dropped her hands slowly, rolling off of her and laying his head on the pillows.

“That felt so good,” she whispered as she snuggled into his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“It’ll feel even better after round two,” he said with a cheeky grin, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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