Love and Support Your Stripper

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A chauffeured town car stops in front of an upscale strip club called “Diamond Ladies Gentleman’s Club” on a raucous Friday night in the city. Once the car is parked next to the curb, the door opens and four women in search of a wild night spill out. All four women are clad in revealing dresses or gowns and heels, while underneath their sexy outfits, they’re either naked completely or wearing an adhesive strapless bra. Those aforementioned women are Marjorie, Yolanda, Jennifer and Leigha, and they’re eagerly taking in all of the nightlife that the city has to offer. While the night is winding down, the ladies have gotten in some clubbing before they decided that they needed to stop at an Adult Video Superstore to pick up a few necessities.

Leigha, the wild one of the girls, had purchased a skimpy pair of vibrating panties at the store and proceeded to put them on in front of the cashier. The cashier, who happened to be a girl, stared at Leigha in wonderment as she nonchalantly put the total amount of money on the counter.

“Would you like to put the underwear in a bag, ma’am?” The cashier asked, checking out Leigha’s body in complete subtlety.

“No thanks babe, I’ll just put them on right here. Me and the girls are going to check out the luscious ladies of ‘Diamond Ladies Gentlemen’s Club’ and I need some stimulation just in case the stripper line up doesn’t impress me. You been there before?” Leigha told, then asked the cashier.

“I’ve heard of the place, I’ve never been in there because I wasn’t 18 yet. I just turned 18 last week and I’ve been working here for a few days now. I really don’t have any plans to celebrate, however, I have wanted to gather some sex friends of mine here close to closing time and have an orgy.” Upon hearing this, Leigha checks out the cashier with a look of lust on her face.

“Really? Mmmmmm, just turned 18 and already she’s a wild one. I like that,” Leigha purred. “Are these sex friends girls, guys or both?”

“Mostly girls, but a few of them are lesbian and some are bisexual, so they’ll bring their boyfriends or their male sex friends along.”

“Sounds like fun, can there be room for one more? If I see a stripper I like, maybe I can arrange for her to provide some entertainment while I could show you all a few tricks I picked up in the arena of sex?” Leigha queries, licking her lips seductively.

“I’d like that…what’s your name?”

“Leigha, the name is Leigha. What’s yours?”

“Nicole, but to a select number of people, I’m Nikki,” the cashier purred. “Maybe you could take me along to visit the strip club you and your girls are visiting sometime.”

“I sure can, babe. This is just the start of something good, Nikki, I can tell.” Leigha casino oyna smirks.

Nikki gets a pen out and scribbles her phone number on piece of paper and writes “Call me up sexy! ¦” Leigha tears off some of the receipt paper, takes the pen from Nikki and writes down her phone number. After writing down her phone number, she then holds the paper up to her lips and kisses it, leaving an imprint of her lips. The two women exchange numbers, and look at what the admirers left for one another. Leigha smirks seductively at Nikki, who blushes after looking at the kiss Leigha gave her.

Leigha then looks at Nikki and blows her a kiss, waving to her. Nikki catches the kiss and touches her cheek, smiling broadly. Meanwhile Leigha struts over to the mirror, and reapplies her lipstick, turning back to NIkki and air kisses her. As her friends turn to head out to the car that’s outside waiting for them, Leigha follows.

“Leigha!” Nikki shouts.

Upon hearing Nikki calling her name, Leigha and her friends turn around.

“Yes?” Leigha asks.

“You forgot your panties, hon,” Nikki said, holding up the vibrating underwear.

“I guess I did, thanks Nikki. Now ladies, I will put my panties on,” Leigha declared.

Following her declaration, Leigha begins to remove her gown by pushing it off of her lithe, curvy body for until it falls in a pool of silk on the floor. Jennifer elbows Yolanda, who has taken out her cellphone to capture Leigha’s stripping routine, as they glance over at Nikki noticing that she’s liking what she sees. Sure enough, Nikki, stares at Leigha while she removes her dress. Leigha glances over at Nikki, liking the reaction that she’s managed to get from her and begins to become aroused. As soon as Leigha manages to free her breasts from her dress, Nikki bites on her lower lip in an effort to stifle a moan and immediately feels her pussy getting wet. Smirking at Nikki’s reaction upon seeing her breasts, Leigha continues to get out of her gown as Nikki licks her lips. Turned on already by Leigha’s actions, Nikki wishes she could undress also and masturbate for Leigha. Since that can’t happen, she decides to instead purchase a vibrator and a dildo for her to use as soon as she is off of her shift.

Leigha continues to push her gown to the floor, glancing at Nikki when she’s able to. Once her gown reaches the floor in a pool of silk, Leigha is completely naked as Jennifer now starts to take a few photos on her phone. Nikki’s jaw has hit the ground when she sees Leigha standing naked and oblivious to a few people who have managed to watch from outside. As soon as Leigha’s gown is on the floor, she steps out of it revealing her bald pussy to Nikki, who looks as if she’s either about to faint or canlı casino just ravish Leigha and eat her pussy. As Jennifer advances towards Leigha, phone in hand, she manages to grab some shots of Leigha naked and even manages to grab more shots as she struts over to Nikki in only her heels. Nikki licks her lips at Leigha as she hands over the panties.

Jennifer continues taking photos on her phone and even manages to take a few of Leigha posing in a rather sexually suggestive tone. She manages to get plenty of shots of Leigha’s bare breasts and her pussy also, she takes one last photo of Leigha bending over as she puts her vibrating panties on. As soon as Leigha’s panties are on, she wiggles back into her gown and adjusts herself. As Jennifer finished with the photos, Yolanda also finished with the video, all of which would soon be sent to Nikki’s phone soon enough. As soon as the ladies walk out of the store, Leigha turns around and waves to Nikki and gestures for her to call as soon as possible.

Once the group has left, Nikki walks out from behind the counter before realizing that she practically creamed herself while watching Leigha’s show. Sighing to herself, she goes over to the selection of vibrators and dildos available and she puts some of her cash at hand into the register, the total and final costs of her vibrator and dildo, that is. Even though her shift is almost over, it seems as if it could go on for eons as far as her aroused self is concerned. She moves back behind the counter, where she crouches down so she can remove her soaked panties she wore under her skirt. Once her panties are off, she puts them in a separate plastic bag and runs out of the store to see if the town car carrying the women has left yet. It hasn’t since she sees Marjorie dissipating the small crowd that has formed outside of the store. Had they stayed any longer, then the police would’ve had to break the crowd up and Leigha would’ve been arrested for indecent exposure.

Nikki folds the bag up so it can fit into Leigha’s handbag, a handbag that she sees lying on the counter in the store. As soon as the crowd dissipated, Marjorie noticed Nikki standing outside the store.

“Hi Nikki, is everything okay?” Marjorie asks.

“Not really, but I think Leigha may have left her handbag in the store. It’s right on the counter where she left it after she paid for her panties.”

“Yeah, that’s Leigha for you. I’ll tell the driver to wait while you retrieve her handbag okay?”

“Fine, thanks Marjorie.” Nikki said.

“No problem Nikki, the crowd’s gone. I told them that the dressing rooms are being renovated and the toilet is out of order except for the urinal. I told them that the bathroom stank to high heavens when you kaçak casino walked inside there.” Marjorie explained.

Nikki, relieved that the police weren’t called after the spectacle had taken place in her store, walks back in to get Leigha’s handbag. Once she has the handbag, Nikki slips in the folded up bag containing her soaked underwear before closing it up and returning it to Marjorie.

“Here you are, Marj. I slipped in a present for Leigha, a memento of what her strip show did to me.” Nicole said wagging her eyebrows and smirking.

“Oh, okay. Thanks Nikki.”


Marjorie walks to the car with Leigha’s handbag wondering if she even realized she left the bag there. Opening the door, she climbs in to the car and the girls move over to make room.

“Hey Leigha, it appears you forgot your handbag. Nikki came out and told me before she went in to get it.” Marjorie said.

“No I didn’t Marjorie, it’s right here with me along with my clutch,” Leigha replied. “You sure I did?”

Leigha looks over to where her clutch was on the seat, not finding her bag there and realizes that Marjorie was right. “Hopefully Nikki left a present before turning the handbag over to Marj.” Leigha thought.

“I would be, Leigha, otherwise I wouldn’t have your handbag in my possession now, would I?”

“Okay then, hand it over! I’d like to be able to see the dancers before the sun comes up.” Leigha exclaimed. Marjorie hands it over, rolling her eyes at Leigha’s theatrics. The driver starts the car and pulls away from the curb and into traffic.

” I wonder if we’ll see anyone from high school dancing?” Yolanda wondered aloud.

“It’s possible, Landa, it’s very possible.” Jennifer replied.

“If so, then Nikki better be willing to share Leigha with one of the dancers who may have gone to high school with us!” Yolanda joked as the rest of the girls laughed. Leigha made a face and playfully smacked her over the head with her handbag.

Soon, the car pulls into the valet lot to drop the girls off. Marjorie tells the driver that she’ll give him a call when they’re all ready to leave. They enter the strip club and pay the cover cost before they’re shown to their table. Leigha takes a look around, loving what she saw before her. The decor was just right as far as her own personal taste was concerned, the stage was state of the art and the strippers who were on stage believe it or not, met what she considers to be the diamond standard.

“Jen, I think Leigha has her new favorite strip club!” Marjorie said.

“Wait for it girls, she hasn’t said anything yet.” Jennifer joked.

“This is definitely my kind of place!” Leigha exclaimed.

With that, the girls took their seats and Leigha walks over to where the owner/manager are sitting, hoping to learn more about the club as far as rules go for dancer/customer interaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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