Lost in the Rain

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Sarah was sitting in front of the fire in her northern English home reading a Harry Potter novel. The weather had turned suddenly from bright and sunny to wet and miserable.

“How very English, but we can’t complain,” she thought, “as rain is what makes this the green and pleasant land. Look at those photos of Australia with vast areas of dry red soil stretching for hundreds, perhaps thousands of kilometres in all directions. How can people live there?”

“If only I still had Graham,” she continued. “He was really good company and we were planning to farm our few acres and start a family. All I have now, since the accident, is a meagre widow’s pension, lots of solitude and acres of weeds.”

The musing was interrupted by a timid knock on the door. Sarah walked down the hallway, peered through the window and saw a slim shadow. Opening the door revealed a bedraggled schoolboy who had clearly been caught in the rain. His bicycle was lying at the bottom of the steps. The boys from Eastlands College usually looked so smart in their neatly pressed uniforms. She felt sorry for this fellow. He had obvious good looks that were hidden under dripping hair.

“I’m sorry, Madam,” he started mildly, “but we were on a cross-country bicycle trip and I lost the others when I stopped to fix a puncture. And then the rain started. I was wondering if you could direct me to the main road?”

“Why don’t you take your bike around to the shed and leave there, while you come inside and stand by the fire and we check the map?”

“I don’t really want to be a nuisance, Madam,” he replied, “but that is a very kind offer.”

“These public school boys certainly know their manners,” Sarah reflected as she pointed out the path to the shed.

A couple of minutes later, the young man appeared at her door again. Sarah allowed him to drip his way to the sitting room and stand by the fire.

“What is your name?” Sarah asked.

“Jordan,” he replied, “Jordan Craighurst. I go to Eastlands College. I’ve been in the upper sixth since I turned 18. This bike trip was an orienteering exercise with our Geography master. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t show at the next control point.”

“Well, I am Sarah. You are welcome to use the phone to notify the College of your position, although I expect you have a mobile phone, GPS and all the rest.”

“I do,” replied Graham “but part of my trouble is that my battery is flat.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do to sort you out.” Sarah suddenly became business-like. “Take off your jacket and hang it on this chair. I’ll get you a gown so you can take off your trousers.”

Sarah went off to find a towel and a dressing-gown of her late husband’s. When she returned she saw that Jordan’s shirt was also soaked. “Take of your shirt, tie and trousers and put this gown on,” she ordered. “I’ll leave the room for a few minutes while you do it.”

“A very fine-looking boy,” Sarah said to herself, quietly going to her bedroom and removing her bra from under her blouse. “He might be inclined to show some interest. I haven’t had any for 9 months.”

When Sarah returned, she found that Jordan had done as instructed. “Let’s hang the wet clothes by the fire, and you go and use the phone to notify your Geography master that you are well and safe.”

While Jordan telephoned, Sarah boiled the kettle. “We’ll try the universal English cure for people in trouble and make a cup of tea,” she decided.

Sarah looked out the kitchen window and saw that the rain had increased. “In another hour it will be dark,” she realised. “Jordan will have to spend the night here.” She took the tea back to Jordan who smiled sweetly and said “Thank you Madam.”

“Please call me Sarah,” she replied. “We will soon have you warm inside and out. But I can’t see how you can get back to your College tonight. My car is like your phone and casino oyna has a flat battery. Since my husband died there’s been nobody to take an interest in mechanical things around here. I have some frozen lasagna in the fridge. Why don’t we heat that and have a supper together?”

Jordan was looking drier, so Sarah suggested he go to the bathroom and use a comb on his hair. Meanwhile she heated the oven and found a bottle of red wine.

When Jordan returned he looked very much better “Quite a handsome boy,” was Sarah’s private opinion.

“Take a seat and put your teacup on this little table,” Sarah advised. “Do you want a refill of tea?”

“I really would, thank you,” replied Jordan.

Sarah brought out the teapot and bent low over the table allowing plenty of cleavage to show in Jordan’s direction. “This is what I used to do to Graham,” she remembered, “Men are so predictable.” She noticed Jordan’s shy glance.

“And what are your ambitions when you finish College?” Sarah asked. “Off to University?”

“I’d like to become an engineer,” replied Jordan. “I’ve always been good at mechanical things, but my real interest is in electronics. I feel that is where the future lies.”

“Perhaps you can invent batteries that always need charging!” suggested Sarah.

There was a ding from the kitchen so Sarah went off to check on the lasagna. She returned carrying two glasses and the bottle of wine. “This will warm you better than the tea,” she informed Jordan as she placed a glass on his little table and leant forward provocatively and poured him a glass. She saw another shy glance and a slight colouring of the cheeks.

Another ding from the kitchen told Sarah that the lasagna had been heated. She sliced it in the kitchen and distributed it between two plates. Returning to the sitting room she offered one plate to Jordan and pulled a chair up beside the little table for herself. “It’s a very simple supper on a miserable night so I thought we’d be better eating by the fire,” she commented.

“It’s all awfully kind of you Sarah,” said Jordan. “Much better than sitting down at College with rows of boys.”

“So your College is a boys-only institution?” Sarah asked, as if she didn’t know.

“That’s right, it all very strict – no girls allowed. Although some do get in,” said Jordan.

“How does that happen?” enquired Sarah.

“We have a very good library and girls from nearby schools are allowed to use our books. Some of those girls go astray for an hour or two. All hell breaks loose if the Masters find out. But some boys take the girls to quiet corners and have a kiss and a cuddle,” replied Jordan.

“Are you one of the naughty boys?” asked Sarah.

“No, Sarah, I’m too inexperienced in such matters and fear the wrath of the headmaster. But some of the boys report all sorts of things happening. I suspect that they are exaggerating.”

“Yes, boys do that. But are mostly are pretty keen to try out the girls. Don’t you have a girl?” Sarah asked as she leaned over to refill Jordan’s glass, trying hard to reveal a little more breast.

“No,” he replied, “us nerd types don’t do well with girls. They like the arty-farty types who spout poetry and indulge in big talk. And they like boys with plenty of money to splash around.”

“That’s all rather sad,” said Sarah. “A young fellow needs to gain experience of these things as he goes along. A good-looking guy like you should do quite well with the girls.”

“Some of the boys score quite well when they are on holiday. They return to College with stories of girls they have played around with. Quite a lot have had sex with a girl, but I never have. I guess I am just unlucky.”

Sarah stood up to bend over and pour more wine for Jordan. He stared rather more longingly this time.

“I used to be unlucky in that department when I was your age. The boys I canlı casino knew were rather rough and just wanted quick sex. I wanted more than that. Eventually I met my future husband, Graham, who treated me well. He was the only man I ever had sex with, but I enjoyed it very much. Sadly he was killed in a crash 9 months ago,” Sarah explained. “Graham was like you – quiet, well-mannered and diffident about approaching girls. The first time we went out he only held my hand for a few minutes. Eventually, one dark night we kissed, and I raised his hand to touch my breast. After that things took off! We used to park his car in a dark spot and sit in the back fondling each other. It all seems so long ago now. The other girls used to sit around at lunch discussing what their boys did. It made us seem very tame. They also discussed the size and shape of their men’s parts. I didn’t really understand all they were talking about. So it can be quite difficult for a diffident couple to get started.”

Jordan started looking rather sad. So Sarah stood, bent over and poured him another drink. “Why don’t you come and sit on the settee – it is more comfortable than these straight backed chairs and you don’t need to be so near the fire now.”

So Jordan shifted to the settee and Sarah sat near him. “What’s troubling you, Jordan?” she asked.

“I seem to have missed out, and I don’t know where to start. My parents are very strict so they are no help.”

Sarah moved closer and put an arm around Jordan. “Don’t worry,” she reassured him, “these things work out eventually. Here, put your head on my shoulder.” She patted his cheek gently and took his closer hand in hers. He seemed no happier so she lifted his hand and kissed it. Jordan looked up and smiled. “It’s now or never,” thought Sarah and lifted Jordan’s hand again and brushed it across her breast.

“You shouldn’t do that Sarah,” he said.

“And why not, Jordan? We are both unmarried. We are both adults.”

“I guess you are right, Sarah. I’d not though of it that way.”

“Well think of it this way, Jordan,” Sarah said as she unbuttoned her blouse and placed his hand inside. “Isn’t this what your friends do?”

Jordan blushed and said “They do more than that, they say.”

“Well we can do more than that,” replied Sarah, “if I take off my blouse and you take off the gown.”

Slowly Jordan undid the belt around the gown and removed it. Sarah took off her blouse revealing a very fine pair of breasts with lovely pink, erect nipples. Jordan still was wearing a vest so Sarah gently removed that while he seemed to be in a daze.

“Now we are equal,” she pointed out. “Both topless!”

“You are amazing,” said Jordan. “So kind, and such beautiful breasts.”

“Your body looks very good so far,” replied Sarah noting the bulge in Jordan’s underpants. “No hair on your chest yet, but good muscles. And a little line of hair running down from you navel to other regions we can’t see, but can imagine!”

“It is all very embarrassing taking off my clothes in front of a woman,” said Jordan. “I am quiet used to doing it in front of the other guys at college. We all pretend not to look at each other, but I think most do sneak a look.”

“And how do you measure up against the others?” asked Sarah.

“I have better proportions than some of them and my willy is bigger than most. I believe I have a fairly hairless bottom compared with many. Perhaps that goes with the hairless chest. Do girls prefer a hairless arse?”

“I certainly do,” replied Sarah. “Not that I have seen many. But a tight hairless bottom certainly turns me on. How about you stand up and show me!”

“As I said, that’s very embarrassing,” was Jordan’s reply.

“It’s embarrassing for me to sit here with my tits hanging out in front of a stranger, so that makes us equal. Now just stand up and show me your arse.

Slowly kaçak casino Jordan stood with his back to Sarah and pulled down his pants sufficiently to reveal a very tight and very bare bottom.

“That’s very neat,” commented Sarah. “The best I’ve ever seen.” (She did not point out she had only ever seen Graham’s rear end and no other.)

“And now,” said Sarah, I’ll show you mine. She stood with back to Jordan and pulled up her skirt and down her pants to reveal a very smooth white pair of buttocks. “How does that look?”

“Again, very beautiful,” replied Jordan.

“Let’s sit down again,” suggested Sarah dropping her skirt.

Jodan quickly pulled up his pants and sat next to her. He was obviously uncomfortable with his erection. Sarah put her hand on his thigh and said “Don’t worry, that happens in this situation. A man should only be embarrassed if he doesn’t get an erection with a girl. Why don’t we both take off all our clothes? You’ve probably not seen a naked woman in the flesh before and I haven’t seen a naked man for a long time. We will both be equally embarrassed.”

Jordan looked doubtful but stood up again and slowly dropped his shorts revealing a very large erection. Sarah stood up and unclipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then pulled down her panties and walked over to Jordan and gave him a hug. This solved some of the embarrassment problem as neither could see much of the other whilst hugging. Sarah did let her hands wander down Jordan’s back and have a feel of his cute bottom. Jordan pulled away enough to let him see, and bend down to kiss, Sarah’s breasts. Sarah then fondled Jordan’s erection, making it even bigger. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze.

“Come with me,” Sarah ordered and led Jordan to her bedroom. There was just one small lamp for the whole room casting a somewhat romantic light. She kissed him again, fondled his bottom again and gave his penis a gentle rub. She could feel her own lubrication working, so led him to the bed and lay down on her back. “Come, kneel between my legs, dear boy, and then put your monster dick in here.”

Jordan meekly, but willingly did as he was told. Sarah guided Jordan’s penis and tensed as it in – it was definitely bigger than Graham’s, but enjoyed the fullness sensation. Jordan started to thrust in and out, watching Sarah’s breasts wobble in time with his thrusts. He had never had such a wonderful feeling. All those wanking sessions didn’t measure up to this!

Sarah gradually came to orgasm, and Jordan followed soon after. They then lay together until the cold night air forced them to climb under the covers.

At about midnight Sarah put out her hand and felt Jordan’s chest. She gradually moved her hand down to his tummy area and felt his belly button. She then moved further down and encountered a huge erection that came up nearly to the belly button. She then sat up and straddled Jordan pushing his penis well inside. Jordan awoke to find Sarah looking down at him with her breasts nearly in his face and a wonderful sensation coming from his penis. They both groaned as they came.

At about 4 am Sarah felt a hand feeling her breasts. She tried to ignore it but it didn’t go away. I fact it moved to kneading her bottom. A finger then found its way between her thighs to her most private place. The finger massaged her clitoris and played with her pubic hair. She put her own hand on the exploring hand and felt upward. Again she stumbled on a huge erection. “How many can a man have in a night?” she wondered. But she soon gave in and allowed the erection to enter her from the rear. Not quite as satisfying she thought, but it was different – Graham had never done that.

At daylight Sarah awoke and found Jordan fast asleep. “After a hard night’s work,” she thought. She pulled back the covers to reveal his beautiful body. He was lying face-down with his cute bottom on display. The sight made her tremble with desire, but she decided to take a shower and make some breakfast. Jordan would need to get on his way.

[For possible continuation]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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