Long Time Coming

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They had been friends for a long time, but tonight their friendship was about to become something more. Lexi and Kate and been teasing with the idea for some time over a series of drunken texts and lustful gazes across the table whenever they were out with friends, but neither of them had been brave enough to act on their desires until tonight, when the mix of Sambuca and grinding with strange men on the dance floor finally pushed them both over the threshold of their longings and Lexi could feel the desperate ache between her legs for something to happen with her friend and she made no point in hiding it.

She sat as close to Kate as was possible, their legs rubbing together as they moved to the music where they sat in the secluded booth in the darkness of the night club, their drinks full and their bodies longing for much more than what they’d ever had before. Lust was there in Lexi’s emerald green eyes and Kate could see it as clear as crystal, reaching her hand out to brush along Lexi’s exposed thigh, her dress riding up slightly as Kate moved her fingers along the pale skin. It was enough to entice a desperate whimper from Lexi’s lip as electricity shot through her body, her inhibitions fading completely at her friend’s simple touch.

Kate took control in her normal fashion and grabbed Lexi by the back of her neck, crashing their lips together hungrily and wasting no time in exploring the crevice of her mouth with a hot tongue. Lexi wasted no time in tangling her fingers in Kate’s long, brown hair, deepening the kiss and moaning openly into her mouth, the vibrations of the sound making Kate shake, yearning for something that this club couldn’t offer them. She pulled away, lips swollen, breathing heavy and pulled Lexi from her seat without another word, leading her towards the toilets, sneaking glances for any of their other friends who may try to follow them, not aware what was happening between the two girls.

Inside, Lexi pushed her way to a large cubicle and yanked Kate in behind her, slamming the door shut, locking it and turning to her friend with a drunken, horny gaze that said all that Kate needed to push her friend up against the wall and attach their lips again, this time with clear intentions as her hands roved over Lexi’s tight, slender body, pausing over her heaving chest to squeeze her breasts, seeking out the stiffened nipple with finger and thumb, drawing another passionate moan from the smaller red head, whose hands fell limp at her sides. Kate smirked at her friend and then began kissing down her neck, pausing at that sweet spot beneath her ear that would instantly turn Lexi into a pool of water. Her hands made their way back down Lexi’s body and grabbed the hem of the short dress, pulling it up over her hips to expose the lacy black Brazilian panties that were already soaked casino oyna through with pussy juices.

Kate snaked a hand under the lace, slowly teasing the shaved mound before dipping a slender finger into the folds of Lexi’s pussy, groaning softly at how wet her friend was as she sought out her clit, rubbing small, gentle circles over the sensitive area as she reached up with another hand to tug at the low neckline of Lexi’s black dress, freeing her 32C breasts and greeting them with her lips, sucking at the stiffened nipples in turn, flicking her tongue over them as she moved her hand deeper, slipping two fingers into Lexi’s dripping pussy, causing the legs of her friend to buckle as she moaned loudly, the reality of the cubicle only muffled by the intensity of the hand dryer. Kate finger fucked Lexi’s pussy, her thumb occasionally brushing over her swollen clit as she pushed her friend closer to orgasm, still sucking on her nipples as Lexi held her close to her chest, the pleasure intensifying as Kate slipped another finger into her wet pussy, speeding up and finding that spot that would push Lexi over the edge entirely. Her moans almost became screams. “Oh fuck, Kate.” slipping from her lips in hot breaths as she squirmed beneath the burning touch of her friend. She gripped Kate’s hair in her fist as she closed her eyes, her friend fucking her pussy furiously as Lexi succumbed to her orgasm; gasping, writhing and crying out Kate’s name as she came hard around her friend’s fingers, covering them in her juices as Kate moved to kiss her mouth again, breaking away only to offer Lexi a taste of her own pussy. Lexi took her fingers into her mouth one at a time, swirling her tongue around them as she licked her juices off them, savouring the taste of herself as she realised it had been the friend she’d imagined for so long who had made her cum harder than she had in a long time.

Lexi kissed Kate hard, not wanting this encounter to be over, but knowing that they really couldn’t spend much longer in the toilets without people knowing what they were doing. As though Kate could read her mind, the taller girl leaned closer to her ear. “Let’s get out of this place.” She whispered, her breath husky as Lexi nodded wordlessly and fixed her dress to be more presentable as Kate unlocked the door and grabbed her wrist to drag her through the club to the taxi rank outside.

In the taxi, the girls were silent, their eyes conveying the level of their lust for the other as their hands remained teasingly on each other, innocent enough to avoid a show of voyeurism but guilty enough to reveal what they would do the moment the car returned them to Kate’s apartment.

Inside, Kate pressed her friend against the door again, this time wasting no time in tugging the dress from Lexi’s body completely, leaving her standing canlı casino in just panties and heels as she reached around to unzip Kate’s dress, the chiffon material pooling around her ankles without much effort as Lexi quickly moved to cup her breasts in her hands, kneading them and tweaking her nipples as Kate groaned into her mouth, spurring her friend on as she herself slipped her hands into the back of Lexi’s panties, groping her ass in a desperate, lustful manner. The red head hooked her thumbs into the sides of Kate’s white thong and pushed the piece of fabric to the floor, dropping to her knees after it and kissing her way from Kate’s hips to the folds of her pussy, the heat and wetness obvious to Lexi before she even pushed her tongue into her friend, slowly, teasingly dancing from her opening to her clit and then back again. Kate fell back against the nearest wall and Lexi followed, keeping her lips attached to Kate’s wet pussy as she sped her tongue up, sucking and licking at her swollen clit faster and faster. Kate felt her orgasm building in the depths of her stomach and pushed Lexi closer to her most intimate area.

She smiled and pushed her hot tongue up inside Kate’s pussy, tongue fucking her as best as she could from this angle before pulling away completely. “Sit on my face.” She instructed breathlessly as she repositioned herself on the floor. Kate wasted no time in complying with the order and lowered herself over Lexi’s awaiting mouth where the red head pushed her tongue deeper into Kate’s soaking pussy, her nose teasing her clit as she began to eat her friend out as best as she could, hooking her arms over Kate’s thighs to hold her close to her mouth as the brunette moaned, grinding against her sweet mouth as she squeezed and played with her own breasts, longing to be able to touch Lexi, but not trusting herself to do so as her need for orgasm became desperate. Lexi sensed this and increased her speed, flicking her tongue over Kate’s clit repeatedly before diving right into her pussy, licking up her juices as Kate sped up, grinding harder against her friend’s face, smearing her juices over her chin as she approached orgasm, grabbing Lexi’s hair to try and pull her friend even closer to the wetness she had caused. She let out an elongated cry of passion as her body began to shake and Lexi didn’t let up, licking her friend through her orgasm and beyond, only pulling away when Kate rolled off her body and lay there, breathless as Lexi licked the cum from her face, sitting up and smiling at her friend who only took a few moments before recovering.

Kate, grabbing Lexi and pulling her unceremoniously into her bedroom, threw her on the bed and grabbing the lace between her legs, tugged it down to the floor before pushing Lexi’s legs apart, sticking her tongue out to lick her clit, tasting kaçak casino her friend like she had done to her. Lexi arched her back, moaning softly at the sensations coursing through her before closer her legs around Kate’s head, holding her friend in place. However, Kate had other ideas and simply chuckled against Lexi’s wet pussy before pulling away and walking to a drawer at the side of the bed. “I got this after imagining us together one time.” She whispered as she pulled out a strap on and proceeded to step into it, grinning at Lexi’s shocked, but turned on expression.

Kate crawled between the legs of her friend and positioned the head of the large dildo against the opening of Lexi’s pussy, rubbing it through her wetness to lubricate it some before pushing it gently into her awaiting pussy, climbing over her as she pushed it deeper into her friend, smiling as Lexi’s eyes rolled back and closed. Kate lowered her body enough so that their nipples were touching as she began to rock in and out of her, slowly at first, the electrifying sensation of her breasts rubbing against another woman’s causing her to moan too as she fucked Lexi harder. It wasn’t long before her friend was close to orgasm again, but this time Kate pulled out of her, leaving Lexi unsatisfied and groaning.

Before she could explain herself though, she had grabbed her friend by the wrists and flipped her over onto her knees, bending her into position before slamming the strap on back into her wet, awaiting pussy. Lexi cried out in surprise and pleasure, the dildo deeper than she had anticipated as Kate fucked her faster, this time reaching around with her hand to rub Lexi’s clit furiously, bringing her friend to orgasm in no time at all, Lexi screaming and writing beneath Kate as she continued to push in and out of her until Lexi all but collapsed on the sheets beneath her.

Kate pulled the strap on off and moved to lay next to her friend who looked at her with bliss filled eyes as she reached out to wrap her arm around Kate’s naked body. Kate thought the evening was over, but Lexi soon changed that plan by pulling her friend’s body flush with her own and pushing her legs apart before moving to position her pussy against hers. Kate looked up at Lexi with wide, excited eyes before biting her lip as the first touch of her pussy pressing against Lexi’s, their juices mixing together as they slowly increased the speed, grinding their clits together and fondling their own breasts as they scissored on the bed, desperately rubbing against the other at an intense speed, their cries and moans filling the air as both girls grew wetter, orgasms coming hard and fast from their sensitive pussies as they furiously fucked, eyes meeting as they tipped each other over the edge, their bodies nothing but rapid quakes and shaking limbs as they fell into each other’s arms, moaning and gasping for air as their orgasms subsided, the sheets beneath them damp with cum as they kissed again, for the final time that night.

Oh, but just wait until morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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