Legs for Miles

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The eve of her nineteenth birthday; a lovely young woman slowly walked up the stairs and into her room. He closed the door to her bedroom, and slowly clicked the lock. She froze with anticipation and fear. She was afraid he would. She was afraid he WOULDN’T. It was so confusing. But here they were, and there was nothing between them. He admired the lovely woman, and she stood still as he gazed.

Light blonde hair, almost straight, but with that little touch of wave that made it look so much more natural. Long bangs down to the middle of her cheeks. Pale pink lips, slightly parted. Her eyebrows narrowed ever so slightly to betray her emotions. A round ass covered by thin denim fabric. She wore an unassuming pale blue shirt, and summer shorts that, despite their ordinary length, revealed long, slender legs, legs for miles. She tried to stand tall, to look confident, but her inexperience was undeniable. Everything about her clothing, her manner, was so innocent, so nonchalant. It was nothing like the way she felt.

She looked at him expectantly, and he moved to her and kissed her. Slow but confident, it was everything she expected. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. She reached her arms around his neck and pulled him in, kissing back with intensity. She wanted this so much, she needed this. As he began to pull her shirt over her head, she smiled in that instant that she knew he couldn’t see her face. This was going to happen! She was so excited, and so nervous all at once. He reached behind her and deftly unfastened her simple cotton bra. He leaned back slightly to see this young lady exposed. She looked down and flushed slightly, but couldn’t help smiling, because she wanted to be admired, and she knew she had a beautiful body.

He reached out and gently lifted her chin until their eyes met. Her light blue eyes shone with her presence in this moment. He leaned in and began kissing her neck. She slowly tossed her head back and moaned slightly; this was wonderful! He ran his hands up her sides, and brushed her breasts slightly as he did. Her nipples began to stiffen. canlı bahis Then his hands wandered down past her slender waist and settled on the curve of her round hips. She let him continue for a moment, enjoying the wet, warm sensations on her neck, and the emerging wetness in her pussy. She reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head, then she stood on her toes and began kissing his neck and shoulders while his hands explored her soft body.

Finally, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her backward onto the bed, then he quickly moved on top of her. Her heart fluttered with anticipation as he kissed her again and slowly moved down her face and down her body. Each gentle kiss sent a rush through her center, and she felt herself getting wetter as his head moved ever closer to her crotch. He unfastened her shorts and lifted her legs in the air as he slid them off. He caught one leg before it could fall, and he sucked on one of her toes.

“Oh, what- wow! Oh, wow!”

It was shocking, and hot, so hot! She moaned with pleasure, surprised that she could feel this way. This man was some lover! He dropped her leg and moved between her legs, then he began blowing gently on her thighs, across her pussy lips, and over her clit as his hands moved under her legs and grabbed her thighs.


She moaned and pressed her hips toward him. He lapped his tongue quickly across her clit as a reward, and she began pumping her hips gently toward him. A little blow, and slight lick, a gentle kiss. He continued to give her just enough to encourage her to keep moving her hips in that sexy rhythm.

“God, please, do it,” she half moaned, half begged, and he pressed forward suddenly, closed his hands around her thighs, and began licking her pussy in earnest. Her eyes shot open.

“Oh, wow,” she exclaimed, halting the movement of her hips and staring with desire at his mouth, which was making her juices flow. He moved his tongue in circles over her clit and slowly moved his bottom lip against her pussy lips. There was so much feeling all at once, and she loved it! He reached his bahis siteleri hands all the way around her legs and pressed gently against her inner thighs, opening her up and holding her down, as he continued to work her over.

Her hips bucked forward, this time of their own accord. She put her hands on his head and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Wow, this is- keep doing this,” she said, rocking her hips as she began to lose control. Her center was throbbing, and the feeling moved slowly toward her pussy. She knew when the sensations met, she would be overcome with orgasm, and she wanted to orgasm so badly. She pressed his head into her pussy, and he intensified the motions of his tongue.

“Yes, yes, yeesssssss!” she shouted, reaching her hands up suddenly to grab her breasts and kneading them as her eyes rolled back with pleasure.

“I’m getting close…”

Her hips were thrusting forward now with a strong, even rhythm. She pinched her nipples and tossed her head from side to side.

“Keep doing that, please, I’m so close, so close…”

She panted as her orgasm built, and she whispered “oh God, oh God, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

She cried out as her orgasm finally rolled over her. Slow waves of pleasure hit, and she rode them all, entering another world as her pussy flooded with moisture. Finally, her hips slowed and stopped, and she lay there, breathing heavily.

He climbed on top of her now, and guided his dick slowly into her. Her walls parted to allow him inside her, and he stopped at the head, and slowly pulled out and in. She was still coming down from her first orgasm of the night, and she kept her eyes closed, running her hands across his back. He pressed farther inside her with each slow, steady thrust, and she felt the discomfort of her pussy expanding, combined with the incredible pleasure of her sensitive skin being rubbed again and again. Soon he broke her, and she gritted her teeth and opened her eyes. He slowed.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed, and he continued his thrusts. It felt wonderful, and she watched bahis şirketleri his abs as he went in and out, faster and harder. He groaned slightly as he bottomed out, his balls gently pressing against her skin.

“Yes,” she begged, encouraging him.

“Yes, please, fuck me like that, like that…” He grabbed her shoulders and began pumping harder, slapping against her with every thrust, and she smiled, knowing that in that moment, he belonged to her. Then he thrust hard, his dick touching her cervix, and suddenly, it hit her.

“Oh God, I’m gonna-” Her eyes opened wide and she looked at him in shock as her body erupted into a second, hard orgasm. Her chest heaved and she pulled him into her as she moaned and cried into his shoulder, thrusting her hips over and over as this amazing surprise orgasm shook her whole body.

Her toes curled and she bit into his shoulder, her nails scratching and her throat letting out a feral growl. It was a little embarrassing; she didn’t want to be a rough lover! But this was her at her most vulnerable, and she had a fierce energy about her. And she thought he liked it. As her orgasm left her, she smiled again and kissed him deeply, then laid her head against his shoulder and moaned into his mouth. He continued his assault on her fresh, tight pussy. She breathed slowly into his ear.

“Keep fucking me until you come. Can you do that for me? Can you come for me too?” He moaned in response. Did he like that? She could keep this up.

“Yeah, it feels so good when you pump inside me, keep pumping me, keep pumping me, I can feel you inside me pumping so hard, so good, are you getting close?” She blushed a little as the words came out. Her first time, and she was already trying to be that sassy lover! She could tell it was working though. His eyed narrowed, and he grabbed her hips and pumped with desperation.

“Yeah, do it, you’re gonna come for me, aren’t you? Are you gonna come?” He pressed into her hips and arched his back as he came, and jet after jet squirted deep inside her. She felt the warmth, and it made her so happy to give him the same pleasure that he gave her.

Finally spent, he dropped to his elbows and kissed her once more. She broke their final kiss and smiled at him.

“Thank you. That was amazing.” She knew she would do this again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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