Learning Curve Pt. 02

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“You know what’s hotter than a kiss from the right person?”

Although May heard her words, it took her a few moments to realise she had been asked a question. She thought for a few moments.

“I don’t know,” she stared into Scarlett’s eyes.

Scarlett coiled herself around May a little tighter, she put her mouth close to May’s ear and whispered, “A kiss from the wrong one!”

May absorbed those words. They could be taken in many different ways, but most of those ways were filled with excitement. Even with her familiarity with words, May had swiftly been put under a spell with a few incantations and whispers.

Beginning with the softest of kisses, Scarlett began to explore May’s emotional and physical boundaries. She began around her ears and worked down over her jaw-line. Avoiding the lips for now, she kissed all the way up to the other ear. Using only her soft lips she gently sucked and nibbled on the bottom of May’s ear.

May was losing herself more and more in the moment. Even though she had never had any form of physical experience with another woman, this felt right.

“Soft breath, soft kisses, soft skin, soft bodies,” Scarlett continued to whisper in her companion’s ear.

“Oh fuck.” May’s notebook dropped from her hand to the floor. The steel binding rings on its spine clattered then scraped to the floor.

Suddenly, Scarlett ground her hips into May’s body. She pushed as firmly as the last time a man pushed himself inside her.

Though she’d intended to push her groin against May, she had found the buckle of her clunky belt instead. She was more than pleasantly surprised by the find. Seeking the stimulation, she continued to grind her clit against the hard steel that was now warm to the touch.

May felt the sensation of something against her body. She couldn’t be sure if it was warm, wet, or both. She could definitely feel her own juices flowing. The heat was building inside her jeans like a fire had been lit.

“How does your character feel now?” Scarlett whispered her question.

The only answer May could come up with was a tiny wince.

Scarlett edged herself away from May’s body. Still facing each other, Scarlett was perched right on the edge of May’s knees.

May ran her hands through her hair and tried to take a few deep breaths. Having only met her fifteen minutes ago, Scarlett didn’t know if May was truly being herself or if she was looking at the experience through the eyes of the character in her book.

Unsure if she should, Scarlett reached out to the buttons of May’s blouse. She undid two.

Staring at May’s breasts; which were much like her own; she fought the urge to touch them. But she quickly lost that fight.

Pretending that she was straightening out the lines of May’s blouse, she delicately ran her touch all the way down her body. Her breasts were trying to push out the side of her clothes. There was a little more flesh on May than there was on Scarlett, but they were still very alike. Like all women of a healthy weight, May’s waist synched in and her hips quickly widened out again.

May loosened up her hair again, but this time she held her arms in the air. She stared at the roof and waited for Scarlett’s touch. At first, she gently cupped her ample breasts in her hands before squeezing them together to make an even more seductive cleavage.

When Scarlett released them and let them take their shape, she watched for May’s reactions. May stared back at her as if waiting for her to continue. Somehow, the movement of May’s arms had escaped Scarlett’s notice. May’s hands had fallen onto the tops of Scarlett’s bare thighs.

Scarlett was beginning to wonder just how much in control of this situation she really was. She reached out and began to unbutton the rest of May’s blouse. The bottom of her blouse was tucked tightly into her jeans. When Scarlett tried to pull it out then, it wouldn’t budge. She couldn’t even expose the next button.

Again, trying to make eye contact with May first, she instead found that May was actually looking down and her own crotch. May flicked her eyes up to Scarlett, then back down to her own zipper.

Scarlett obliged. She needed both hands to undo the button that was pulled tight. Once she had released it, she gently eased the zipper down half way. She could now access the last two buttons of May’s blouse.

With her hands already down there anyway, it took just a few moments. May had already lifted her arms for Scarlett to lift the shirt off. As it slipped over May’s body, the material sliding against itself made a hypnotic sound like a combination of rain on a roof and steps in the snow.

When Scarlett finally got May’s blouse off, she examined it and realised it looked expensive. As spontaneous as she wanted this moment to be, she couldn’t bear to simply drop it onto the floor. She had to stand up from May’s knees and turn on the spot so she could hang it up on the hook on the back of the door.

Without Scarlett realising, May had casino siteleri swiftly stood up behind her. She felt a pair of gentle arms wrapping around her waist and grasping onto her as if to stop her from falling over a precipice. May began to kiss the bare skin around the neckline of her dress.

Scarlett found herself enjoying it so much that before she knew what was happening, the zipper of her dress had gone from the nape of the neck to between her shoulders. Once it got past the shoulders, the weight of her breasts began to drag the straps down over the tops of her arms. With her arms hampered by the straps, her movements were more limited and for a few moments, she was at May’s mercy.

The dress began to drop down over her back. As May pulled the zip further down, the dress slowly dropped to reveal her naked shoulders. Scarlett wasn’t wearing a bra under the dress. She was then suddenly pulled down onto May’s knee again. Scarlett could feel warm breath on her back.

“Would someone do this?” asked May.

No sooner had she asked, May then began kissing the skin between Scarlett’s shoulders again. Her well-toned body still had soft spots. She was much more than just skin, bone and sinew.

“They would,” Scarlett answered back.

She felt the kisses smothering her back. She was happy to let May explore her. But as pleasing as the kisses were to both of them, May wanted more.

Scarlett turned around to sort of ride side-saddle on May’s knee. She cupped May’s face in her hands and kissed May squarely on the lips. The kiss was a lingering one. Their soft, moist flesh mingled together. They acted together in perfect unison. After working their delicate lips together, their tongues also got in on the action. With gentle licks, they tasted the sweetness from one another.

This kissing didn’t last that long. Not because there was anything wrong with it… but because both of them still desired more. Scarlett thought that all May would be up for was a tease. But now, she seemed to be up for so much more.

Scarlett stood up, with a few wriggles she slipped the dress down over her shoulders. It got temporarily stuck over her hips.

She covered up her bare breasts with crossed arms, but it was not for the sake of modesty. If May wanted to see more then she would have to get down on a level playing field.

Scarlett wasn’t sure if it was simply taking a few seconds for May to figure it out or if she was just plucking up courage.

Not breaking eye contact with Scarlett; May reached behind her own back and unclipped her bra. Crossing her own arms to catch her bountiful breasts as they fell out of the bra. Without revealing herself, May dropped the plain white bra to the corner of the toilet cubicle.

The pair stood looking at each other’s bodies, Scarlett scanned down May’s slightly more curvaceous figure. She looked at the white cotton panties that were peering out from the open zipper of her jeans.

“How does she feel?” Scarlett asked. She was still referring to May’s experience as if was she was a character and not a real-life person. It was an instinctive thing, and for now, it appeared to be how May wanted to deal with it.

“Nervous,” May began. ” Excited,” she added.

“Good,” Scarlett smiled.

“Curious,” she also added.

“Very good.” The smiled on Scarlett’s face beamed even wider.

After a few more comforting breaths, the two women slowly dropped their arms to reveal themselves.

Earlier in the club, while they had been talking, May had surreptitiously checked out Scarlett’s body. She hadn’t noticed her pierced nipples through her dress. But then again she hadn’t been looking for them.

The silver rings hung down from each nipple, a jade coloured sphere weighed it down like an old fashion knocker on a big oak door. Scarlett’s nipples were tan in colour, they didn’t stick out all that much but they were almost as big as a beer bottle cap. Her areolas were about the size of the bottom of that same beer bottle.

Scarlett’s body had much more muscular definition than May’s. Her shoulders were square and her arms were strong. The muscles of her thighs were what gave her her curves, not like the normal body fat on most women.

Her musculature still didn’t make her look butch. She had retained every curve that made her look feminine. She was just toned as fuck. Because she worked out so much, her breasts were so firm and perky that they looked enhanced; but they were all natural.

Scarlett found May’s body to be so warm and feminine looking. If she was honest, May’s breasts were a little bigger than hers. They weren’t as firm as her own, but they definitely didn’t sag either. They just hung there in their full, seductive glory. May’s nipples were so cute too. Tiny pink areolas were capped off with tiny, hard nipples. They were so tight that they looked like they could cut glass.

Scarlett was still convinced that they were so similar that they could wear each other’s clothes. canlı casino She mentally dressed May in all of her own outfits she tried to imagine which one would suit her best.

Gently, with her warm fingertips, May began to explore all the marks where May’s bra had pressed into her body. She followed every line, from her shoulders, down around the sides of her breasts and back up over the tops of them. The underwire had cut so deeply into her skin that Scarlett didn’t know how May could bare it.

Every circuit Scarlett made with her fingers soothed the discomfort just a little. It would take more than a couple of minutes for her skin to plump back to normal.

Scarlett watched the almost expressionless face of May as she stared at her pierced nipples.

“Have you ever seen ones?” Scarlett asked directly.

May swallowed to moisten her throat, but she still sounded a little hoarse when she answered. “A friend of a friend has them,” she said, “but I’ve never actually seen ones.”

“Touch them,” Scarlett told her without hesitation.

Although May didn’t move at first, her fingers began to twitch.

Scarlett bunched her arms into her ribs to present her perky breasts.

May continued to stare.

A kiss on the nape of the neck was one thing, but this was much more intimate than May was used to being around another woman.

Scarlett slipped her arms under her breasts and lifted them. It was as if they were being presented to May on a platter. After a little more coaxing from Scarlett’s eyes, May finally gained the courage to reach out and touch.

She almost touched them, then withdrew her fingers at the last second as if they were scalding hot.

“It’s okay,” Scarlett whispered softly.

May moved her fingers closer again, but this time she actually touched them. The touch was so gentle that it was like the crackling of static electricity against her skin. But when May touched the ring with her fingernail, it was like discharging all that pent-up electricity at once.

With her short, but well-manicured nails that were painted jet black, she lifted the ring and held it between her fingers. She didn’t pull the ring, but Scarlett could feel the ring twisting around inside the skin of her nipple. Concentrating on the subtle sensation was the only way to intensify it.

After closing her eyes, Scarlett felt May lift the other with the same delicate touch. The steel ring, kept eternally warm by her own body heat, twisted around inside of her and it felt so good. Ever since having them done, she often encouraged her lovers to play with her nipples. She often played with them herself. Rough play was what she enjoyed the most. But there was still plenty of time for that.

“Are you okay?” May queried.

Scarlett could hear the concern in May’s voice. She kept her eyes closed.

“Great. Just great,” she moaned.

“Do they hurt?”

“They did for the first couple of days. Now they just feel amazing all the time,” Scarlett explained. “Harder,” she then said.


“Pull on them harder,” she encouraged May.

May looked at Scarlett, but she had her eyes closed and was grinning with the softest smile. Using both hands, she carefully lifted the rings with her fingernails and put on the slightest tension.

The smile on Scarlett’s face widened.

May kept checking just in case she was doing something wrong. After tweaking them several times she unhooked her fingernails and let the rings settle back down. Her nipples had swollen a little and become more flushed with colour.

She began to pinch them between the edge of her finger and thumb. There was a different technique for playing with someone else than when she was exploring her own body.

May didn’t have enough experience to know if pinching the rings would hurt. But Scarlett was loving the sensation. She rolled them back and forth for a while. Tweaked the nipples. Then tugged on the rings again.

Out of the blue; May found herself pushed back. There was so little room in the cubicle that her feet never actually moved. She just tripped over the toilet and sat down on the seat.

At first, she thought that she had done something wrong. But Scarlett was still grinning from ear to ear.

Once again she sat down on May’s lap, as she leaned back a little it was clear what she wanted. Scarlett leaned all the way back until her head was almost upside down like a gymnast doing the crab. She placed her hands on the cubicle door to stop herself from falling any further. With a few shakes, she loosened her wild hair even more.

May leaned slowly forward and put her mouth near one of Scarlett’s nipples. Scarlett could feel May’s breath on them. First came a lick that was so delicate that neither knew if her tongue had touched it or not. The second lick definitely made contact. May’s warm tongue lapped over one of Scarlett’s nipples

Without spending too much time on one alone, she shifted to the other. She licked kaçak casino them. Moistened them so they could feel each breath cooling them. With her tongue, she flicked the ring up over the nipple then pulled it back down with her teeth.

Scarlett moaned as May sucked on her nipples and began tugging the rings with her teeth. She was getting braver and was now pulling harder with her teeth than she had done with her fingers. After pulling for a while and making an attempt to bite her actual nipple with her teeth. She began sucking them, then kissing and soothing them.

As Scarlett wriggled around, May had to grab her to support her. Something was happening deep within Scarlett. She was getting warm and wet, almost at the push of the button. It wasn’t often that her body reacted so quickly to the stimulation that was so natural for her to desire. It’s was getting difficult to breathe.

Something then clattered outside and drew their attention. The main door opened and voices began talking. There were clearly at least two women out there.

The pair looked at each other for a few seconds, but within moments May’s eyes were looking in every direction; as if looking for a way out. Scarlett just grinned. All the muscles in her neck were pulled tight. To Scarlett, this just added to the excitement. May, however, was much more worried.

Scarlett could see that her heart was beating a million times a minute. She reached out and cupped May’s face to capture her attention. May’s cheeks puffed out as she tried to slow down her exhale, she looked like someone trying to blow out a candle. Staring straight into her eyes, Scarlett managed to slowly calm May down.

While they heard one voice coming from where the sinks were fixed to the wall, another body came into one of the cubicles. Of all the empty ones the woman could have chosen from in the row, she had to use the one right next to them.

Scarlett clasped her hands around May’s neck to anchor herself. She lifted her feet in line with May’s shoulders and somehow planted both feet silently against the back wall like someone repelling down a rock-face. She had tried to make sure she didn’t accidentally take out one of May’s eyes with the spikes of her stilettos. If anyone looked in, then they would only see one set of legs. Scarlett wasn’t worried out that herself, but May was definitely thinking about it.

The pair stayed still and silent as they listened to the semi-private conversation as one of the women used the toilet. It wouldn’t have seemed so voyeuristic if they weren’t sitting in complete silence.

Within a minute the woman had finished. From the sound of the door, she left with even more urgency than when she had entered. They could still hear the conversation continue as the woman washed her hands before leaving with her friend again.

Scarlett bit down onto her bottom lip as a wave of heat that she had been holding in was finally released. She wasn’t sure of what had just passed over her but for a few moments it left her weak and she fell into May’s arms until she could catch her breath again.

“Exciting, huh?” Even though Scarlett was convinced that there was nobody here any more she still felt the need to whisper.

“Wow,” May replied in between her short sharp breaths.

Being careful not to fall off of May’s knee, Scarlett carefully dropped her feet back to the ground. She noticed how intently May was checking out her calves and her ankles. May drew her hands over Scarlett’s firm, smooth legs as she helped her stay balanced. No matter how gently she tried to put down her feet, her high heeled shoes still clattered loudly to the tile floor. This time being silent hadn’t been life or death.

When Scarlett got to her feet, she was still a little shaky. The time had come for her to take off her dress. She reached behind her back and unzipped the last few inches.

May’s ears were still on edge. They were so attuned and sensitive to sound that when the shiny sequin dress dropped from her body it clanked and rattled like a set of chainmail armour.

Without hesitation, Scarlett flung the dress onto the floor in the corner. Although the dress might have looked expensive, it really wasn’t. The shoes were worth much more than the dress and there was no way that they were coming off.

May was so captivated by Scarlett’s firm body that she ran her eyes all the way from the toned shoulders, down over her perky breasts and firm stomach. There was a little mound where her belly was, but there were a few lines around the edge that almost suggested the hint of a six-pack.

When her eyes got down to Scarlett’s panties, she found herself almost stunned by what was keeping the last piece of her for dessert. The panties were leather; they were tight fitting and almost fetishistic in appearance. They bristled with shiny buckles and straps.

She sat down on May’s lap again, with her legs spread to either side. The leather creaked a little as she moved. When it had been hidden by Scarlett’s dress, it hadn’t made a sound. Or if it had, her ears hadn’t been tuned in to hear it.

Scarlett grabbed her sizeable clutch purse from the floor. The purse made it’s distinctively common sound as the button seal was popped open.

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