Lawyers Need Love Too

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The law firm of Osborn and Wilke was big. With 350 attorneys, it ranked third in the state. So, Sarah felt proud to be a new associate…and intimidated. Never the most secure person to begin with, she tried to convince herself she belonged.

She knew there were many other 25-year-old attorneys ready to take her spot if she faltered. One way or another, Sarah was determined not to let that happen. But, it didn’t mean she wouldn’t be insecure. That was just her way.

Sarah also knew her looks alone wouldn’t help her now. She was an extremely attractive young woman with short blonde hair. But, one of those was in every third office. And if the attorney was average, the secretary might be a model. Showing a little cleavage wouldn’t buy Sarah any breaks within Osborn and Wilke.

This was not a good day for showing skin anyway. It was late November, but felt like January. Sarah rushed from her car to the office with her head down against the biting wind.

She took the elevator to the third floor and headed down the hall. The smell of coffee made her feel somewhat warmer as she neared her office.

“Good morning, Chris,” Sarah said cheerfully as she passed the secretary’s cubicle.

“Hi, Sarah. Can you believe how cold it is?”

Sarah turned the key in her door and it swung open.

“No. This is crazy. I’m not ready for it,” she said while throwing her coat over the back of a large chair.

“We have white chocolate cappuccino again in the machine. Do you want one?”

Chris was leaning around the corner of Sarah’s office, watching her settle into the chair behind her desk.

“Oh, cool,” Sarah said. “Yes. Please.”

Chris enjoyed working for the young attorney. Although Chris was 34, she looked much younger and the people in Human Resources were probably the only ones that knew she wasn’t in her twenties.

Chris did little to dissuade people from thinking she was younger, but her maturity couldn’t be denied. She was particularly adept at picking up on other people’s strengths and weaknesses.

In Sarah she saw an intelligent, beautiful attorney capable of going wherever she wanted in life, but with a fear of being revealed. What was behind this insecurity, Chris didn’t know. She was still working on that one.

Chris returned with two cups of steaming brown cappuccino, setting one on Sarah’s desk.

“Thanks,” the young woman said.

In the three weeks they had worked together Chris learned to tell when Sarah wanted company or to be left alone. The tone of the attorney’s voice, the shuffling of papers—they all gave clues.

This morning Chris interpreted things as “leave me alone.” So, she was surprised when Sarah invited her to sit and talk.

The conversation took no specific direction until Chris mentioned how well she thought Sarah was adjusting to the firm.

Sarah stared at her intently.

“You really think so?” she asked.

“Sure,” Chris replied. “I’ve seen older attorneys take longer than you to figure everything out. Especially the guys. I think it’s their egos.”

Chris stopped, looking up at Sarah a little sheepishly.

“I mean, you have the right to be proud and all, but…”

Sarah didn’t let her finish. Or rather, didn’t let Chris dig a deeper hole.

“Oh, stop it. I know what everyone thinks of attorneys. Especially ones like me right out of school,” Sarah said. “But I can’t believe you think I’m getting it.”

“Sure you are. Just remember that I’ll help you with anything you need.”

Sarah took the opportunity to ask about some billing procedures she still wasn’t sure of and, soon, nearly an hour had passed. She felt better after their talk; something that was happening more and more as Sarah got settled in.

The two women often met one last time late in the day. On this day the discussion was non-business related and very casual. Sarah complimented Chris on her sweater and jacket combination, which accentuated the secretary’s full and firm breasts.

Sarah had already determined that Chris probably didn’t own anything that didn’t highlight some part of her perfect, long body. And she was jealous of the woman’s dark blonde hair that fell gracefully over her shoulders.

But, it was a mutual appreciation of beauty. Chris was stunned the first time she met Sarah, despite the surplus of stunning people at the firm. Sarah’s was a natural beauty with minimal help from makeup and never a lessening of good taste by way of cheap, revealing clothes.

In fact, both women could have whichever man they wanted. And they both knew it.

Sarah was looking forward to the firm Christmas party. It was scheduled for the second week in December and she was anxious to officially kick off the holiday party season. The two attorneys she was paired with…both men…promised to make her feel comfortable among all the new faces.

She went to Chris, of course, for better advice on what to wear. Chris’ advice: “Knock ’em dead.”

Chris assured her that anything she put on would impress the crowd. Chris, casino siteleri herself, would be wearing a dress she found on sale the week before. Sarah could sense the excitement in Chris’ voice and she couldn’t wait to see it.

Chris also listed who to avoid and who to “suck up” to. Sarah took mental notes between laughing spells.

By the day of the party, Sarah had worked at the firm for almost two months. Chris had become her most trusted confidante, but Sarah tried not to let the other attorneys know to what extent she relied on the secretary.

It was a caste system, she told herself, which was undeniably under the surface. And then there was the problem with the fact that Sarah just really, really liked Chris. They never socialized despite both women being single. Neither felt that the other necessarily needed the company.

An hour before leaving for the party, Sarah slid on the black pants of a suit she decided to wear. They were half a size too small and she turned in front of the mirror with an approving smile. The top was a cotton blouse with a large collar. As she often did, Sarah went braless. The material felt good against her skin and she stopped two buttons from the top before tucking it into her pants. The blouse fit snugly against her breasts without giving away her lack of a bra. In the mirror, just a hint of her cleavage appeared.

Sarah pulled her arms through the waist-length jacket and watched it settle into place. She was ready.

The party was at a private club downtown that Chris said had several floors and rooms off of rooms, which made getting away from people you didn’t want to be with easy. Sarah assumed there was a good chance she’d have to use the escape routes before the evening was over.

She parked and walked quickly in the cold night air to the club. Two couples were just ahead of her and they, too, entered through the ornate wooden doors of the club.

The small group checked their coats and went up a set of three steps to a large, open lobby. Christmas light and decorations were everywhere. Overstuffed chairs were sprinkled comfortably throughout the area. Two or three were occupied with older gentlemen conversing with other men standing beside them, drinks in hand. It all reminded Sarah of Dorothy Sayers mystery novels. She hoped there would be no “unpleasantness” at this club tonight.

“Sarah. I’m glad you made it.”

The young woman turned at the abrupt sound of the voice to face Brian, one of the attorneys she was paired with in her litigation group.

He was a short, dark man of about 35 who she had found to be extremely helpful and friendly. They got along well and often went out to lunch together. Brian was married and Sarah trusted his friendship to be just that.

Tonight she suspected it had been his role to watch out for her and lead her into the heart of the party.

“Hi, Brian,” Sarah said. “This is a really neat place.”

“Yeah. We’ve been coming here for a couple years and everyone seems to like it. There are lots of places to hide.”

“Geez,” Sarah said. “That’s exactly what Chris said. Is the party THAT bad?”

Brian laughed. “No. You’ll see what I mean. And I just saw Chris about fifteen minutes ago. She was asking about you.”

“Great. That’s two people I’ll know then.”

Brian led Sarah into a large room with a massive bar along one wall and clumps of chairs and coffee tables everywhere else. The sound of voices almost drowned out the holiday music floating down from above. In one corner of the room, a huge Christmas tree was brightly decorated.

“What do you want to drink?” Brian asked, as they got closer to the bar.

“Oh, wine is fine. White wine.”

Sarah surveyed the room, picking out a half dozen faces she recognized from the fifty or so people in the room. Within seconds she had her drink and was taking a sip, attempting not to reveal her nervousness to Brian. She scanned the room again for Chris.

This time she saw the familiar figure of her secretary standing next to a pair of gentlemen she did not recognize. Immediately, Sarah was taken by the simple elegance of the dress Chris wore. It was dark and sleek. Sarah could tell, even from a distance, that it plunged at the neckline in front.

“There’s Chris,” Sarah said above the din to Brian. “I’m going to say ‘Hi’. Want to come?”

“No. That’s OK. You go ahead. Have a good time.”

Sarah worked her way through the crowd and approached Chris. She walked up behind the secretary and slowly moved to her side, not wanting to interfere with the ongoing conversation.

When Chris noticed the two men looking beside her, she stopped in mid-sentence.

“Hey. Where have you been hiding?” Chris asked when she saw Sarah.

“I just got here. Brian took care of me until I saw you…talking as usual.”

Chris introduced Sarah to the two men with her—partners of the firm. Sarah wondered why only two men were with Chris when she got a better look at the secretary’s dress. It almost forced you to follow the canlı casino line of the neck down to the top of her breasts, then took it all away from you with just a hint at what was beneath the fabric.

Sarah felt outclassed, standing there in her black pants and blouse. She could have unbuttoned the blouse to her navel and not looked as good as Chris.

Eventually the partners moved on, leaving the two women to talk. Within fifteen minutes, Chris had introduced Sarah to a dozen people. Sarah had a new appreciation for Chris’ charm in public…and her ability to attract men.

Sarah found herself with a second drink in her hand, thanks to a young associate she had met briefly a half hour before. Conversations started and ended at a dizzying pace. Faces came and went.

Chris and Sarah moved from one room to another until Sarah was completely lost. In the middle of a boring conversation with a middle-aged, female attorney, Sarah realized she was once again alone without Chris. Excusing herself, Sarah escaped into a hallway on the second floor of the club.

She took a couple awkward steps toward what she thought was a stairway before a tall man circled around her from behind and cut her off.

“Hello, Sarah,” the man said.

The young woman froze. She thought she had seen his face before, but certainly couldn’t think of his name.

“You aren’t leaving yet, are you?” he asked.

“Oh, no. I was…well, I thought Christ might be down there.” Sarah looked pensively at the stairs.

“You mean that doll of a secretary of yours?” the man drawled. “Isn’t she the cutest little thing? Between the two of you that’s got to be the best pairing in the office.”

Sarah watched as the man smiled the kind of smile only a drunken male can produce. She watched his eyes disappear down the opening in her blouse, only to slowly work their way back up to her face.

“It’s good seeing you. But, I really have to…,” Sarah began to say.

“Let me fill that drink for you one time, at least,” he said.

“Nah. That’s…”

Sarah felt a hand grasp her arm.

“There you are,” a woman’s voice rang out. “I’ve been looking all over for you. “C’mon. There’s somebody I want you to meet.”

Chris tugged Sarah away from the man, nearly causing her to spill what was left of her wine. Sarah glanced over her shoulder and gave the man an innocent smile.

The two women rounded the corner into a narrow hallway and didn’t look back again.

“Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you,” Sarah said enthusiastically.

Chris didn’t answer. She led the pair down the hall until reaching a closed door, which she opened tentatively. Chris stuck her head into the dark room and looked around.

“Anybody home?” she asked.

They heard nothing. Chris pulled Sarah into the room and the attorney heard the door lock behind her after Chris closed it. The secretary found a light switch and the room—a small office—came into view. They stood between a large desk on one side and a chair and couch on the other.

“I appreciate being saved, but you didn’t have to take me prisoner,” Sarah said.

“You can thank me later. Collins wouldn’t have stopped at offering you another drink. I’ve been there,” Chris said.

She watched Sarah back up to the couch and flop down on it. She sat as a teenager would, with her legs stretched out in front of her, slouching clumsily.

“So. Where are we?” Sarah asked.

“Beats me. It just looked like a good place to hide. For now.”

Sarah took a big drink, leaving a small amount of wine in the glass. Chris sat beside her.

Sarah patted the other woman’s leg and said softly, “Thanks again. I mean it.”

“No problem. It was the least I could do. Give him another hour and Collins won’t be so subtle.”

“Maybe I should stick to that crowded room downstairs,” Sarah said with a sigh.

“No. Isn’t this comfy?” Chris asked.

Sarah had to admit it was the most comfortable she felt all night.

“What’s that?” Sarah asked, pointing to one of Chris’ hands.

Chris held up the hand in question and spread open her palm to reveal a small leafy plant.

Chris laughed. “It’s mistletoe. I took it away from Joe Akers before he could use it on another unsuspecting female.”

“And you’ve been carrying it around to hold above some unsuspecting guy,” Sarah said.

Chris smiled. “Well, maybe. Or unsuspecting attorneys I like.”

Chris slowly lifted the little branch until it was over Sarah’s blonde head. Neither woman moved for what seemed an eternity. Chris stared at the beautiful, young attorney and waited for a reaction.

Sarah looked into Chris’ eyes, frozen on the couch.

“I’m supposed to kiss you,” Chris whispered. It was an uncertain statement; almost a question.

Sarah clutched her glass. She just nodded.

Chris felt her stomach tighten as she leaned over. She moved her lips towards Sarah’s. They touched softly.

Neither woman pulled away, but, at the same time, the kiss didn’t proceed any kaçak casino further. They just appreciated the feel of the other woman’s skin on theirs.

Sarah’s eyes were closed when she felt the glass being taken from her hand. The kiss had ended. Chris raised the glass to her mouth and took the last drink, placing the glass on the floor when she was done.

After leaning back up, Chris raised the mistletoe over Sarah again.

“May I have another?” Chris asked.

“You may,” Sarah replied quietly.

This time the kiss quickly evolved into a passionate one. Chris dropped the mistletoe onto the couch and pulled on the back of the attorney’s head. Sarah moaned, but Chris didn’t know if it was a moan of approval or not. All she knew was she wasn’t letting go.

Sarah put her hand on Chris’ arm, feeling the soft skin. She wanted to hold her secretary, but resisted the urge. Sarah gave in as the kiss lingered and their tongues met.

The women embraced tightly. Chris felt her breasts press against Sarah’s. She realized then that she wanted more.

Chris pushed her body against Sarah’s and they reclined onto the couch. Sarah let out a hushed gasp of surprise. Eventually, Chris moved her lips to the side of Sarah’s face and, finally, to her neck. She licked and kissed her way to the top of the attorney’s blouse, separating the collar as she went.

Chris felt her dress creep up her thighs as she shifted her body onto Sarah’s. She kissed the skin under Sarah’s blouse and opened the first button she came to.

Sarah looked at the woman on top of her, afraid to make her stop. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t standing by the couch telling her secretary she had to go. Instead, she watched Chris open another button.

Chris took a second to lean up and gaze at the blouse that now lay half open, revealing a large portion of the young attorney’s breasts. She didn’t look Sarah in the eyes for fear of rejection.

Chris lowered her head once more and pulled aside Sarah’s blouse. A nipple appeared; an erect, pink nipple extending from a beautiful breast. Chris slid the fingers of her right hand slowly over the nipple until the palm of her hand covered Sarah’s breast.

Chris let the hand rest there. Gradually, she increased the pressure of her hand and squeezed gently. Sarah felt a shiver between her legs.

A moment later, Chris’s lips were on top of the nipple, kissing it lightly. Then the nipple disappeared into the woman’s mouth and Sarah felt Chris’ tongue. When the secretary’s actions became more frenzied, Sarah felt the first involuntary twitch deep within her body.

Sarah’s eyes were closed tightly and she did not see it when Chris finished unbuttoning her blouse. She only felt it. She also knew when Chris laid open the blouse, exposing the attorney’s chest completely.

Chris’ hair spilled onto Sarah’s skin as Chris moved her mouth from one breast to another. Sarah fought the desire to push her body against Chris’—and lost.

The secretary felt the lower half of the attorney’s body rise off the couch and she sucked harder on one of Sarah’s breasts.

“Oh God, Chris. Please. No.”

Chris didn’t stop. The more she licked and sucked on Sarah’s nipples the harder the attorney pressed against her. Sarah felt the wetness between her legs increase with each new attack on her breasts. She wanted to cum.

Chris suddenly lifted her head from Sarah’s chest and moved up until they could kiss. With arms tightly wrapped around each other the women kissed lovingly.

Sarah ended it by sliding to the edge of the couch and nearly rolling off. She got one leg free and put it on the floor. Awkwardly, she crawled out from under Chris and stood up.

The secretary watched silently as Sarah nervously buttoned her blouse and tucked it into her pants. Chris expected the worst.

“Come on. We better get going,” Sarah said. With that, she reached out a hand and pulled Chris from the couch. If that was Sarah’s way of saying things were OK, then Chris was satisfied.

“Sarah, I’m…,” Chris started to say.

“C’mon. Please,” Sarah said.

Behind them, an empty wine glass and a twig of mistletoe was all the evidence of anybody having been in the room.

The two women stayed at the party for another hour and a half, then headed for their respective homes. Neither slept well at first. The events in the small office were replayed over and over in each of their minds.

The party was on a Saturday. The following Monday, Chris found a small envelope on her chair after getting coffee for herself and Sarah.

Her hands trembled as she opened the envelope and the simple card inside.


Thank you for being at the party Saturday. Thank you for your help in picking out the right clothes. Thank you for rescuing me from Collins. I’m not sure how to thank you for the few moments we had alone. I did not anticipate that. I did not ask for that. I did not deserve that.

I’m sorry for how it ended. Perhaps you’ll let me make it up to you. May I ask you to join me at my apartment this Saturday for dinner? Please.


Chris could hardly put the note back in the envelope she was shaking so much. She wanted to cry. She wanted to run into the attorney’s office and kiss her.

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