Kissing Cousins Ch. 12

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and as such, any similarities to real people, places or events are strictly coincidental. This work contains graphic depictions of a sexual nature between consenting adults. The story also refers to aspects of sexuality that may be offensive to certain people, such as BDSM, consensual humiliation and lesbian themes. If these topics offend you, then stop reading now, moving on to stories that you might better enjoy.

Kissing Cousins is a multi-part work of fiction. Taking place in the late nineteenth century, it contains references to period customs and mannerisms and is written in a style closely resembling the age.




The sound was deafening out of a sound sleep, but I only just heard it as my eyes opened. The echo of the bang could still be heard reverberating throughout the house. We both sat up in a frightened stare, and we immediately worried that the worst had happened, and Eloise had found us.

“It’s impossible! There is no way she could ever know of this place. Let us see what the noise was.” Sarah rose from the bed, the fire still smoldering, and enough to warm the room to a tolerable temperature. Neither of us had a stitch on, so she donned a robe and made for the stairs. I could feel the temperature drop when she opened the doors to the passage, and I knew that the night was as cold as the one before it.

There was a muffled cry, and I feared that Sarah had been taken as she reached the bottom of the steps. I didn’t know what to do. I ran for a small passage that led off the bedroom, it’s dark stone walls tight against my skin, as I tried to hide from what surely must be Eloise, or her men. The passage must have been used by the servants at one time, and soon came to a winding staircase. I chose to go up, away from the noise that was emanating from below.

To my dismay, the stairway ended with the collapse of the tower, which left the remainder of the steps dangling in the air. I worried that where I stood was no more stable than that which had fallen away, so many years before. I looked down and could see the rubble left behind from the collapse, but I could also see a large carriage and several horses in front of the house. I had no choice but to retrace my steps downward.

A small window was opened due to the lack of glazing, and I made an attempt to exit the staircase there. If I was successful, I would be on a steeply slanting slate roof and there was no guarantee that I could ever gain purchase. I did manage to wriggle my way through, but just as I was about to pull my feet through the opening, someone caught hold of one. I placed my other foot against the wall of the turret, and tried desperately to pull away from the aggressor.

Although I was able to pull away, the force of the release catapulted me across the cold slate tiles, and as I was already moving, I was unable to keep myself from falling over the edge of the roof. It wasn’t a disastrous fall, but it hurt a great deal when I struck the frozen ground. The air was knocked out of my lungs, and for a few moments I was unable to move at all.

The night air felt miserably cold against my naked body as I writhed in pain. If I did not get up soon, I knew that the men would be upon me and I would be taken prisoner, as Sarah had been. Forcing myself to rise, I limped into the shadow of the barns, which joined the corner of the house where I fell, slipping through into the empty stalls. There was no hay, or straw to cover myself with, so I improvised and pulled a large plank over myself and laid flat against the ground. I imagined it looked as though the wood laid directly on the ground, in the dim light afforded by the moonless night.

As I laid there, my face and body pressed flat into the peaty mud, I could hear the men searching for me. They were definitely English, so there was little doubt left in my mind that this Eloise. Eventually they were in the barn, and unlike myself, they had lanterns which lit their way. I prayed that my hiding place was sufficient to disguise my whereabouts. In the background, I could hear Sarah, screaming and crying as the men did whatever they would to her. I tried not to think about it.

“I didn’t see her fall, but I know she can’t have gone far.” One the men exclaimed, as he entered quite near to me. “How far can a naked woman go in this cold, anyway. She will be dead by morning if we don’t find her, and then we will have Madame Eloise to deal with when we return with only the red-haired bitch.”

“Well, I had her foot, and she’s as bald as a baby. I suppose Eloise did that to her?” They must be hired mercenaries, for everyone knew of my hairlessness at Markworth Hall. What a shock it must have been for him to see a young woman unclad and bald. I was on the verge of being captured and my thoughts were diverted thusly, I had no idea why. As they looked into the stall where I hid, I could hear the breathing of the man who entered. I casino oyna held my own breath, for surely the mist from the cold would be so evident as to give me away.

Suddenly, there was a rush of cold air against my back, and I knew that the board had been lifted. I immediately tried to escape, but was surrounded by three men, all looking rather put off by appearance. I looked down to see that my skin was completely coated in dirt, and I looked positively wild. That and my bald head, must have been a bit much for them.

“If it were me, I would leave her. She’s not much to look at, is she?” The one man remarked, berating me in the most poignant way.

“It is not ours to decide, Marcus. She is the quarry we seek, and Madame Eloise insisted she was the more important of the two.” I was dragged out of the barns and escorted to the front of the house, where the carriage awaited. It was not a normal carriage by any means, and appeared to resemble an animal cage on wheels. It put me in mind of something one might see in a traveling circus.

In the dim light, I could see a form in the cage, and I knew it could only be Sarah. Her robe had been torn away, leaving her as naked and I. As the door was opened, she bolted towards the opening, only to be pushed back roughly by one the men holding me. I was quite literally tossed into the cage; the door being closed behind me with a loud clank of iron. I looked over at Sarah, who had an appearance well suited to our surroundings, her eyes wild and darting, as the reality of what had just occurred sank in.

So, my short taste of freedom was at an end. I was back in the control of my nemesis, Madame Eloise. To make matters worse, Sarah was with me and I feared for her wellbeing. Surely Eloise would be extremely harsh with her, for having stolen me. I huddled close to her, for comfort, but also for warmth, for the cold of the night was bitter against our nakedness. The cage was quite well stocked with straw, and I was able to pull some of it around us as we clung to each other.

Sarah was weeping for most of the night as we travelled, and I was doing my best to calm her. I myself, felt nothing and I was not certain why. Perhaps I was resigned to my fate, as I had once been while at Markworth. I wondered if I would once again be made into her pet. I shivered at the thought, but knew that it would most likely be so.

Daylight was starting to edge over the horizon, and the men stopped to lower tarps over the sides of the cage, so that we might not be exposed to bystanders as we travelled through villages and towns on our way southward. I think it was for their own protection as well, for surely they would be arrested for having two naked women so vilely exposed. The tarps quickly warmed the cage, and we were able to release each other and speak for the first time since our capture.

“Oh, Elizabeth, I am so sorry for having protected you so poorly.” She mourned.

“I think little could have been done to protect me, cousin. Eloise has a long reach, and we would not have been safe from her, no matter what we had done.” I leaned back on the side of the cage, the straw biting into my bare flesh, causing me to itch and chafe.

“Eloise will kill me, I know it.” She cried.

“No, I think not, Sarah. She may be many things, but she is not a murderer, and she is certainly not wasteful. I think you will find yourself in a similar way as I, when we return. I have every confidence that I will be reduced to the status of ‘pet’, and you may well expect a similar fate.” She buried her face in her hands, surely recalling my condition when she rescued me. “It is not as awful a fate as you might think.” And I was not sure where those words came from, but perhaps I was much closer to accepting my role fully, than I ever realized.

We were soon traveling through one town after another, having surely crossed into England. We had a long journey ahead of us, and I hoped that we would not be ignored entirely. Food and water would be a necessity if we were to arrive in any state of health. We could hear the voices of commerce outside of our cage. To our horror, a woman peeked her head underneath the tarp, expecting to see a wild animal most assuredly. What she saw caused her to gasp. Sarah and I were both standing to brush off the straw and dirt from our skin, when she so boldly lifted the tarp. So surprised by her appearance, we both turned towards her, affording a her a full view of our naked bodies.

Such a commotion erupted, as to make us nearly hopeful of a release into the custody of the police. We heard whistles as we started to move, whereupon the cart lurched to a halt. Were we to be saved?

“What’s all this then?” The officer tapped on the side of the cage, presumably with his night stick. We saw the face of the policeman, as he poked under the tarp, immediately pulling it closed in shock.

“We have papers for their transportation, Sir.” I heard the rustle of paperwork being paged through canlı casino and I wondered what kind of explanation would be plausible enough to explain our condition.

“Criminally insane? And what sort of crimes have these young women been convicted of then?” He once again lifted the tarp slightly with his stick to see us once again.

“Why, they lay with other women, Sir. And… animals.” The officer chuffed in disgust as he looked upon us. Sarah started to plead with the officer that the charges were false, but he simply allowed the cart to continue. “Get this filth out of my town.” We looked at each other and realized that with such papers, they could easily transport us anywhere they chose, without impediment. Madame Eloise had surely thought of every possible occurrence, and allowed for it accordingly.

Sarah slumped back down into the straw, our hopes being dashed altogether. Each night, the men would push bread and water through the bars of the cage. Each day we would travel on, and occurrences such as that in the first town would repeat themselves over and over. Our nakedness discovered, and then explained away with the simple production of the appropriate paperwork.

By the third day, the cage had begun to reek of our urine and excrement, despite our attempts at keeping our temporary home as clean as possible. Sarah’s hair hung in strings from her head, and I swore to seeing lice in it. My body being as hair free as it was, afforded no hiding place for the vermin, and so I was not similarly affected.

“Elizabeth, she will surely shave my head, I know it.” I smiled, rubbing my own pate.

“It is not so awful as you might think, cousin. I think you will be quite fetching bald.” I continued to rub my head, knowing that soon, Eloise would surely have it waxed as she did before. I almost looked forward to it. In fact, the idea of returning to my lowly state aroused me more than it should have.

“Why are you not fearful of your return to Markworth, Elizabeth?” Sarah asked, my apparent acceptance of our fate being almost too much for her to bear.

“Because not all of it was as unpleasant as it might seem to be. The lashings I could certainly have lived without. I found that I was aroused by my constant exposure and humiliation, almost continually.” She seemed shocked by my admission.

“Perhaps I should have left you there then, cousin, and saved myself so much angst and trepidation.” She scowled. “Now I am to be made into something that I have no desire to become. For you it was always going to be a submissive role, but I am not built the same way. I worry that I might run mad, if I am forced to submit in the same manner.”

Suddenly, the tarp was drawn off the cage and although we were still moving, we realized that we were on the grounds of Markworth Hall. For me, it was almost a homecoming, but for Sarah it was the realization of her worst nightmares come to life. She cowered in the corner of the cage, as it drew to a halt near the rear entrance to the house. The men gathered at the rear of the cage as it was opened. There was no resistance offered by either of us as we were escorted inside.

“Bessy!” Eloise shouted, and I found myself retuning to my hands and knees almost out of habit. I scurried over to her, much to the disgust of my cousin, who looked on from the doorway. “It’s so good to have my Bessy back home.” She rubbed my head, but tweaked her nose at my apparent odor. “Oh dear, someone needs a bath.” She giggled. I felt a collar being placed about my neck and then a leash attached to it. “See to it, Kark.” I saw Eloise avert her gaze to Sarah. “You stole my property. Now you will pay for your crime, Sarah.”

I could see the two men holding my cousin firmly between them, as Eloise approached her. “She’s got crawlers, m’Lady.” The one man said, holding her at arms length.

“Then you best shave her, and put her in the barns.” As I was being led away from the kitchens, I heard Madame tell the men to put her in with Bernard and Theodore when they were done with her. Sarah was in for a terrible shock, for not only was she about to shaved bald, but I knew Bernard and Theodore to be pigs.

I worried what might have happened to Vasily, but was too frightened to ask. I had never seen this Kark before, and wondered if he would be as forgiving as my old friend had been. I sincerely doubted it. He took me to the old familiar place where I was always bathed, and I could hear the anguished screams coming from the barn as the men undoubtedly carried out their orders. I imagined Sarah, the razor being scraped uncaringly over her scalp, her once beautiful red hair falling all about her. I chided myself for becoming aroused at the thought.

“You are probably wondering what became of Vasily, aren’t you, you bad doggy.” He wet me from the bucket of cold water he had just filled from the pump. “Madame sent him back to Russia, with his tail between his legs.” He laughed, and not in a friendly way. Roughly, he kaçak casino ran the scrub brush over my skin, not nearly as gently as Vasily once did. No, I think Kark was going to be a cruel trainer. He forcefully lifted my legs to scrub my quim and ass, the brush abrading the skin harshly. When he was done, I was most certainly clean, and scrubbed pink from the feel of it.

By the time he was leading me back inside, the screaming from the barns had stopped, and I could only imagine what horrors were besetting my poor cousin. The pigs, from what I remembered of them were very large indeed. If they were under four hundred pounds a piece, it would be a surprise to me. I worried that she might be crushed by them.

“Well, Bessy, how are you?” I did not dare to speak. “Oh, surely you have regained your ability to speak.” I knew better. “Good, you have not forgotten your place then, have you?” I made no gesture, only rubbing my head along the side of her leg. “Perhaps, the hobbling devices that I used before will no longer be needed.” She ran her fingers over my head. “Your skin has been neglected while you were away. Tomorrow, I shall have Marjorie clean you up, top to bottom. What do you think of that?” I looked up at her, my tongue lolling out of my mouth to show my pleasure. She reached between my legs, and felt the moisture that was now copiously drooling from my sex. “Good girl.” Bringing her fingers to my mouth, I licked off the juices that she had harvested.

I wondered how I had so easily fallen back into my place with her. Surely, she was angry with me. Did she think that I was not complicit in my own escape? Perhaps, she thought me innocent of the crime, but once freedom was won, acted as anyone might when presented with an opportunity. “I’m afraid your friend William had to be released. He became so despondent upon your kidnapping, that his health became too much to maintain.” She could see the look of disappointment on my face. “Fear not Bessy, for he is quite well looked after. The doctors declared him quite insane when they found him, along the side of the road. He is a patient now, in the Sanitarium on Bodmin.” Poor William. As much as I hated his cock inside me, I would miss his company.

“Perhaps, you would like to see your cousin?” I wasn’t certain I did. I feared that the sight of her might be too much for me to bear. Of course, I had no choice in the matter. Madame led me through the house by my leash, heading out through the parlor and onto the lawns. The grass felt good against my knees, not used to crawling yet. I did nearly miss my braces, nearly. As we approached the barns, I could hear the squealing and grunting of the pigs, and I knew that Sarah was in with them. I shuddered over what I was about to see.

To my relief, my cousin was sequestered from the two behemoths, housed in her own small pen, but in the very center of the other. Barnard and Theodore loafed around her small enclosure, menacingly. “Up!” She had me hang my hands over the railing, so my eyes could witness her humiliation. Her hair had indeed been scraped from her head, leaving her more bald than I was. They had not been careful at all, for she wore the marks of a careless shaving. Small bumps and scrapes, were apparent on her scalp, and she was gagged tightly. The leather harness strapped securely over her mouth and chin, prevented anything but moans from escaping. I felt my sex twinge at the sight, her naked skin now covered in mud and slop from the sty.

Madame did not let this go unnoticed. “Sarah makes a good little sow, don’t you think, Bessy?” She swept her fingers through my dripping quim, and held them up from Sarah to see. “You see Sarah, even your cousin finds your predicament arousing.” She splayed out her fingers, my juices webbing between them. “Down.” I immediately obeyed, and was treated to her fingers once again. As I licked my juices from them, I looked over to see Sarah glaring at me from her pen, her eyes visible below the boards. “Oh, I think it is far better to be a dog than a pig, isn’t it, Bessy?”

I squatted down, straightening my arms between my knees, sitting much as dog would do. Madame noticed this and was pleased. Although my sex was pressed into the dirt in doing so, I think the position pleased her enough to forego any thought of returning me to my braces. My tongue hung out of my mouth, as I panted for her. “Very good, Bessie. I think that you shall sit in this manner always.” As she led me away from the barn, I could hear Sarah moaning into her gag. The dirt that had been pressed between my lips, stuck to my moisture, turning into a slick slurry of mud as I crawled.

Madame returned to her rooms, leading me, as I dutifully followed. “Well, shall I put your tongue to good use then? Come on!” She patted between her thighs as she raised her skirts. Her sex was every bit as wet as mine was, maybe wetter and certainly cleaner. She was as smooth as silk, and her scent was thick as I remembered it being. She held me by my collar, so my nose was just touching her nubbin, and allowed me to take in her arousing smell. Holding me this way for a few moments, I could feel my own quim begin to drip down the inside of my thighs.

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