Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 01

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Kelly & Haley’s Summer Of Sexual Adventure

Chapter 1: Coming Out

It was the last day of school, summer was set to start, hazy spring sunshine made way for brighter longer days, the cool breeze that kept the temperature down was easing down to still hot days that would only be interrupted by the occasional thunder storm. However, the weather was the last thing on Kelly’s mind as she walked back to Haley’s house. Her body was changing, hair had grown in places were it had never been before, her breast’s had changed from flat mounds to a full and rounded c-cup. Her body was feeling differing emotions, she found herself becoming sexually excited, although not always at the thought of a boy’s touch, although she always found herself getting excited at the thought of her own touch.

‘Hay what you thinking about’ asked Haley as she opened the door into her home.

‘What oh nothing, just how great it is to be free of college’. Kelly lied to mask her true emotions.

‘Yeah, pretty fucking great isn’t’. Kelly laughed at her friends swearing, as she looked over at her friend she noticed her long tanned legs, she must have been nearly six foot. Unlike herself Haley only wore stockings in winter to keep the cold out. In many respects the two girls were the opposite of each other. One tall tanned, with short blond hair and striking features, while the other was small and porcelain white, with long black hair and soft features. Their personalities too where almost the direct opposite of each other, Kelly quite, restrained and reserved, Haley loud, outgoing and playful. But the two girls shared a bond that went back many years. They had both gone to the same all girl school which they left at he age of 16 after finishing their GCSE’s. The town they lived in was too small to have a proper college, which meant that they had to do their A-levels in a six-form, which was part of a school. This had major disadvantages, they still had to wear a uniform and do sports and religious education. Although it also meant that they were no-longer in an all girl school, which Haley found to be most interesting, although Kelly was less pleased. However, now this was all over, they were both 18 and had finished their A-level’s and soon to be off to university.

‘What you looking at Kelly’, Haley said as she sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV.

‘Your legs, I wish I had legs like yours, their so long and brown’. Kelly realised what she was saying and become slightly embarrassed by her utterances. The girls sat and chatted for awhile, talking about their plans for the summer and the end of another year of school. Haley took a great deal of pleasure from the fact that her friend found her to attractive.

‘Let’s go up to my room, there’s nothing on the box’, Haley said.

‘OK’. As Kelly followed Haley up the stairs she was given a close up view of her best friends legs, and her firm and rounded arse. Haley lay on her bed and Kelly sat in the chair opposite they continued their chat and eventually the topic of discussion turned to boys.

‘What do you think of tom’, asked Haley.

‘His kind of a arsehole, his always teasing me’.

‘He only does that cause he fancies you’.

‘He does not’, Kelly said with a tone of embarrassment.

‘Oh of course he dose, most of the boys fancies you, they love those huge tits of yours’. Kelly noticed how as Haley said this her eyes lingered over her breasts. ‘Did I ever tell you about the time I saw him and Phill in the locker room’

‘No’. Kelly wasn’t as interested in this as she felt she should be, although she noticed the twinkle in Haley’s deep blue eyes as she remembered whatever it was she had seen.

‘I happened to walk by the changing room after swimming and I heard the two of them talking about whacking off. I kind of got curios and edged my head around the corner and caught a look in. I didn’t get a good view because I heard someone else walking by, but’. Haley paused for dramatic effect, and could fill the wet heat growing in her panties. Kelly could also feel a similar wet heat, she also knew her nipples were growing, a fact that her light cotton bra couldn’t hide from Haley eyes. ‘They were hung like donkeys’ Haley again paused she noticed Kelly’s prominent nipples and also felt her own begin to harden, both girls could feel something different in the atmosphere of the room. This was the same room in which they had played together in as children, but they were no longer children anymore.

‘What do you mean, “hung like donkeys”‘, Kelly asked rather naively.

‘Tom was at least six inches and Phill ten, this was when they were slack’ As Haley told her friend this she put hands out and showed her what this meant, like a fisherman telling the tale about the one that got away.

‘Slack’, Kelly again asked naively.

‘Slack, you know don’t you, when his not erect’, Haley caught the unsure look on Kelly face. ‘When a boy gets excited casino oyna his cock gets bigger, sometimes it can double in size. Imagine the size of Phill’s cock if it doubled in size it would be fucking huge’

‘Wow’. Kelly said, she was excited but not from the tale that Haley had told her, but rather from the excitement that it had generated in Haley. ‘do you,…’, Kelly left her half unuttered sentence hanging in the air.

‘What’ Said Haley, as she spoke she steered at her friends beautiful face, she had long straight black hair that came down to the middle of her back, that she wore in a pony tail. Her skin was porcelain white unlike her own rich golden tan. Her eyes were a deep dark brown, almost as dark as her hair. To round this off she had large pouty lips that screamed to be kissed.

‘Do you ever play with you self’.

‘What do you mean’, Haley knew exactly what she meant, but enjoyed making Kelly feel uncomfortable.

‘You know, touch yourself’, Kelly waited for a answer that didn’t come. ‘Touch you pussy and stuff’. As she said the words she moved her eyes away from Haley’s in embarrassment and looked down at her hands in her lap.

‘About once every day now’. With this Kelly’s eyes shot back up and steered directly into Haley’s. Haley realising that she once again had Kelly’s attention continued. ‘I must have started about a year back, kind of rubbing myself then for the last couple of months I kind of do it every time I get home from college when my parents aren’t home’. She could feel the heat in her pussy grow, it was spreading to her small breasts at the same time. ‘What about you’

‘I play with myself but I’ve only just sort of started, I mean I don’t do it as much as you’. Kelly felt the atmosphere in the room begin to heat up as the conversation of the two girls became more sexual.

‘Do you ever think about stuff when you rub your cunt.’ Asked Haley.

‘Some times, why, what do you think about’.

‘OK, but promise you won’t tell anyone’. Kelly nodded. ‘I’m in the boys changing room at school with Phill and Tom and some of the other boys, their taking it in turns to fuck me, in all my holes. Sometimes it’s just me, Tom and Phill, and Tom’s got his dick in my cunt and Phill’s got his cock in my arse at the same time. The bit that gets me most turned on is when after fucking me they cum all over my face’. Although this was a shocking fantasy for a girl so young, it was by no means Haley’s most darkest dream, this involved the changing room next door.

‘What do you mean “cum”‘

‘His seamen, you remember from sex ed right, the stuff that gets you pregnant’

‘Jesus, women like that sort of thing’. Kelly was shocked at the filthy nature of Haley’s fantasy. She had always know that Haley had a dirty mind, she had started to swear at the age of eight, but this was on another scale altogether. ‘How did you come up with that’

Haley was pleased to see her friend taking such a interest in her fantasies. ‘My Dad’s got some porn films that I sometimes watch and that’s one of my favourite scenes. In one of his magazines, that I read, it said there was one woman who was fucked by 600 different guys in one big gang bang’. The heat in her panties rose as images of the various porn films she had watched flashed across mere mind. At the same time Haley squeezed her thighs together applying the slightest of pressure to her pussy. ‘So what do you think about when your playing with yourself’

‘Boys touching me and stuff’, Kelly said, although this was not the whole truth, more often then not it was girls touching her.

‘Show me what you do’. To Kelly this almost sounded like a order coming from Haley.

‘Now’, Kelly replied quizzically

‘Yeah now, in front of me, I’ll give you some tips on how to play with that sweet cunt of yours’, Haley said with a dirty grin.

Again this sounded like a order, but Kelly found her usual wall of restraint beginning to crumble as her best friend practically ordered her to masturbate in front of her very eyes. Without saying a word she stretched her legs out resting them on the bed in front of Haley, giving her friend a perfect view up her skirt. She began to peel her black stockings down slowly, as she bent over to pull them away from her toes she could smell Haley’s thick arousal. Kelly then stood up and began to loosen her red tie, slowly she pulled it away. Then she began to unbutton her shirt, button by button, taking her time, eventually slipping it off leaving it laying on the floor. Then she turned around facing away from Haley reaching behind her she unfastened her light grey pleated skirt which she slowly pulled down bending over as she did, she paused for a moment with her bum only inches away from Haley. She had no need to do this, she could have stripped off in seconds rather then the minutes it took her now. It was not simply that it was in front of her friend, she had done this hundreds of times canlı casino before in sports, but there was something strange and new happening today and stripping this way, today, felt right. As she turned to face Haley once again she noticed a red glow to her friend cheeks and the now obvious hardness of her nipples, she could even make out the contours the aureole the puffy area surrounding the nipples trough her pure white shirt.

‘And your pants and bra girl’. Again Kelly noticed Haley ordering her and again she followed her orders. I felt good to free her “huge tits” as Haley had called them, letting them hang free and in part reliving the pressure on her nipples. Again Kelly turned her back to Haley, slowly she peeled off her panties, bending over as she did this. Peeled was the operative word, she was so damp they had stuck to the contours of her pussy. Again she took her time, giving Haley a good view of her soft backside, that was now slightly glistening with its wetness.

I sat back down in the chair, and pushed myself back then I put my feet on the edge and spread my legs as far apart as was possible. I could see that Haley had moved forward on the bed and she was now sitting on the edge, her face was only a couple of feet away from my now naked body. With my audience paying me complete attention I began the main section of my show. With my left hand I took hold of my soft breast and began to pull at my nipple. With my other hand I began to rub by stiff bud, it was harder and large then I had ever know it to be before. Then…

‘It’s called you clitoris’, Haley said.

I began to rub my “clitoris” gently with my index and middle finger, while my other fingers massaged those other parts of my pussy they could reach. My soft gentle movements eventually changed. My left hand began to painfully pull at my, now sore, nipple, although this hurt the pain gave me a deep feeling of pleasure. At the same time my movement across my clitoris became harsher and faster, all my fingers began to concentrate on the part of my body that gave me the most pleasure. Juices began to pour out of the opening of my pussy and the air became heavy with my sweet musky aroma. I never actually told my hands to do the things the were doing they just seemed to do it all of their own accord. I was reaching my peak, that glorious feeling was almost upon me, quicker then it had ever come before. I closed my eyes and flopped my head back and imagined that the hands giving me such extreme pleasure were not my own but rather those of Haley. As a image of Haley formed in my mind I exploded in ecstasy. I screamed out as pleasure erupted all over my body, and for a brief instance the whole world faded away and I was left only feeling pure golden pleasure.

‘Not bad for a novice’ Haley’s words brought Kelly back to reality, she slowly lifted her head up, as she did she noticed a broad smile of delight across Haley’s face, to which she replied in kind.

‘Now girl watch closely and lean form a expert’. Haley said with a air of cocky confidence.

After Kelly’s show it was my turn to put on a exhibition one she would never forget. I all but ripped my shirt buttons off my in my haste to get at my tits. I couldn’t afford the time to do a slow striptease as Kelly had done, the need to get to my cunt was too great. I opened my bra at the front and left it to hang open alongside my shirt. I didn’t even bother to take off my tie just slightly pushed to one side so I could get to my tits, although I had the filthy feeling that I would be concentrating on my cunt too much to play with my nip’s. I hiked my black mini skirt up to my waist. Then I stretch the crouch of my grey cotton panties to the side of my now considerably swollen cunt. Now with my spots exposed I moved back from the edge of the bed resting against the wall, bringing my long golden legs up and spreading them apart. As I did this Kelly moved forward for a closer view and I caught a filthy dirty look in her eyes. She was obviously not a impartial spectator leaning how to please herself, this meant more to her. I realised the extent to which I held her in my sway. As I leaned back I rubbed my right index finger over my slit, then I brought my finger up to my month and let my juice ooze onto my out reaching tongue. While I did this I looked directly into Kelly’s eyes, I made a big show off swallowing the delicious juice down.

‘What does it taste like’, Kelly asked me, as she said this I knew I was going to make this girl mine, I just had to work out the how.

‘Sweet and warm’ I replied finally. I used my left hand to rub my clit, not slow and unsure like Kelly, I started as I meant to go on, fast and furiously. With my right hand I began to rub the folds of my cunt. My breathing soon became heavy and quick. Then I inserted the middle finger into my gapping cunt, as I did this I heard Kelly gasp and I threw her a smile. The heat in my cunt grew immensely now as I began to push kaçak casino my finger in and out, in and out, in and out. I could feel my nip’s getting harder and harder as the pressure within me began to build. Kelly had by now shifted further forward, her delicate face was only about a quarter of a foot away from my cunt. I withdrew my middle finger and slowly moved it downward towards my arsehole, then I slowly moved it in, once it was all the way there I pulled it out and then quickly pushed back in, then again quicker and quicker and quicker, in and out, in and out, in and out. With my spare hand I put my middle finger back into my cunt and used my thumb to rub my now huge clit. There was a burning stinging feeling in my arse, but this combined with the pleasure from my clit and cunt into one of pure ecstasy, then as my orgasm drew closer I stopped.

‘Were did you learn that’ Kelly asked, with her head still only inches from my cunt and still looking directly at it.

‘Porn… Film…’ I said breathlessly.

‘Does it hurt’

‘No… feels… fucking…great’, her head was still in position, I knew what kept her there, I often fucked myself in front of the mirror, and always loved the look of my gapping holes after a good fingering.

‘That looked great’, I wasn’t sure if she meant for herself or me.

‘not… finished…take off…my pants’


‘NOW’, it was all the energy I could muster to scream out. Kelly did as she was told, and slowly pulled off my pants. As she got to my feet I noticed how she brought my dripping pants to her nose, although she tried to hid it. What a fucking beautiful sluty sight I must have been. My shirt and bra open exposing my tiny tits, rock hard puffy nip’s and my tie hanging down in-between. My black mini skirt pulled up around my tummy exposing my now slimy cunt and arsehole, which were gapping open and begging for more attention. To top it off my best friend was laying down in front of me naked with her face once again only inches away from that most glorious of places.

‘Your pussy, it’s bald’. Kelly was now paying very close attention. ‘Have you not grown any pubic hair yet’.

‘Shaved…it off’. For the past couple of months I had been shaving my cunt and arse so that all was left was a thin strip of blond hair running vertically from just above my clit for about two inches, just like the girls in the porn films and magazines I looked at.

I again moved my left hand to my clit and began to rub, although this time slower. I pushed three fingers into my cunt at the same time with my other hand. I slowly began to ease them in and out, in and out, in and out. I quickly began to reach my orgasm again, I stopped rubbing my clit, and slowly pulled out my fingers, along with a good deal of juice. I let my cunt juices flow down from my finger tips until my whole hand glistened in the light. Then I slowly began to push all my fingers in, leaving only my thumb outside of my cunt. I pushed again, in and out, in and out, in and out. The pleasure was almost too much. My hart felt like it was going to exploded as it pumped my boiling blood down to my cunt then back up to my tits and back down again. Then at the brink of my orgasm I pulled my fingers out of my cunt so that only the tips were inside of me. I waited for a few seconds until my orgasm subsided once more, then I pushed them back in along with my thumb, again I had to stop as I reached my peak. By now I had my eyes closed, but I knew that Kelly’s eye were looked onto my cunt which now had half my hand imbedded within. I caught my breath as my impending orgasm subsided, then I began to push in deeper, deeper, deeper until my whole hand was wrist deep in my cunt. I began to push in and out, in and out, in and out, quicker and deeper, quicker and deeper, quicker and deeper, my hand was like a slick piston in a Ferrari engine, pounding away. I again began to rub my clit furiously with my spare hand, I was once more reaching my peak, this time I didn’t stop I just kept pounding away at my cunt, quicker and quicker. Then my first orgasm hit me, quickly followed by another then another.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’. I screamed out until I couldn’t scream any more. As wave after wave of bliss swept over me I pulled my fist out followed by a tidal wave of cunt juice. My orgasm continued as a rubbed my clit and now began to pull had and painfully at my nip’s with my beautiful glistening slimy right hand. I knew what was coming and it would be a sight to behold. I continued to rub and pull faster and harder, and then as I reached the point of blacking out, my cunt erupted like a volcano. I began to squirt juice like a fountain, far more beautiful then those in Rome or Madrid, my hands stopped my body shuddered as orgasm after orgasm hit me and gush after gush of cunt juice burst out of me. The last thing I saw before closing my eyes and giving into bliss was some juice hit Kelly in the eye. With one last shout of fuck I slipped away to nothingness, the world was black, all I could feel was a warm wetness and my cunt and arse holes twitching, I was in nirvana and it was the best it had ever been.

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