Kelly Does Madison

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A woman on Lit challenged me to write a lesbian story. This is my attempt to capture what women want. I had a lot of fun writing it, and have to admit that I have always fantasized about watching two lesbians. This is probably as close as I will get. Let me know what you think.

* * * * *

Madison climbed off the bus and looked at her new home for the next four years. The large Gothic buildings gave her a sense of thrill and pride. She had arrived to the college of her dreams. All the hard work in high school had finally paid off.

Madison had blossomed from a skinny geek into a very attractive young woman over the last year. She was tall with long shapely legs. Her breasts were not large, but she filled out a pair of jeans like an advertisement. She lost her glasses to a pair of contacts that accentuated her big brown eyes and soft brown hair.

Madison was quite aware of the changes in her body and was embarrassed about how much time she spent naked in front of a mirror. She liked to touch herself as she watched, and often ended these sessions pressed against the mirror kissing her image as she gushed all over her fingers. Afterwards she liked to taste herself even though she knew it was wrong.

Getting the grades she needed for college had cost her socially. At times she had regrets, although during her senior year she occasionally dated a friend in her Physics class that had a crush on her. This led to some harmless kissing and petting until finally Madison let him take her virginity on prom night, just like in the movies. She was disappointed in the experience, although she was still glad to have that out of the way before college.

In many ways Kelly was Madison’s opposite. Although she was bright, hard work was not what had landed her at the same prestigious college as Madison. Basically, she had flirted her way through high school. Her good looks, take charge attitude and flirtatious personality made it easy to get what she wanted. She had most of the male teachers eating out of her hand, bestowing sexual favors only when necessary.

Kelly was Madison’s opposite in looks being only 5’3″ with full breasts, light blond hair, blue eyes, puffy lips and a great butt that stretched a pair of shorts to the brink of tearing. She had blossomed at an early age and learned quickly that her good looks and shapely body were powerful assets. These assets helped propel her to President of her class and captain of several organizations.

Kelly’s biggest challenge came during her senior year when her biology teacher refused to give her a break. She needed an “A” to ensure entrance into the college she wanted. All her charms didn’t work so she tried a last desperate resort. She went to Miss Crim’s apartment one night to beg. She wore a tiny plaid skirt and a tight white blouse to look as innocent and vulnerable as possible.

Miss Crim gave her an icy reception at first, but Kelly had it well rehearsed. She broke down into tears about how her life was ruined. Miss Crim moved over next to Kelly on the couch and tried to comfort her. Eventually her hand fell to Kelly’s leg and slowly moved up her thigh. Kelly looked up at Miss Crim and saw the lust in her eyes. She knew what she had to do.

Kelly had never been with another woman. She had seen porn movies though, and was determined to put on a good show, even if it was against her principles. She licked her lips and looked desperately into her teacher’s eyes. She spread her legs and moved a hand to her own breast. Miss Crim’s hand moved under Kelly’s short skirt and continued sliding up her thigh until her fingers brushed Kelly’s panties.

Kelly was surprised by the soft and gentle touch from the fingers probing between her legs. This was very unlike the boys at school, and even the male teachers. Their fingers were rough and overly anxious to plunge inside her. Miss Crim was taking her time to make sure Kelly was comfortable before moving to the next step. As a result, Kelly felt an unusually strong tingling in her tummy.

Kelly remembered her junior high days when she and Mary Ellen practiced kissing so they would be prepared for boys. It wasn’t so hard for her to move her mouth up to Miss Crim’s lips and brush against them. She had forgotten how soft the lips of a woman could be. Their mouth’s opened so their tongues could gently probe each other.

Kelly felt her pussy seeping more than usual. Miss Crim’s fingers finally moved under her panties and gently separated the juicy folds. She caressed the length of Kelly’s sensitive lips and softly encircled her clit. Kelly let out a gasp, only this time she was not acting. She couldn’t remember ever being so turned on from being touched.

Kelly opened her blouse and unsnapped her bra while Miss Crim continued kissing her and gently probing her pussy. Miss Crim kissed down to her neck and then slowly moved her lips over one of Kelly’s nipples. At the same time, Kelly felt a finger push into her dripping peach and slowly casino oyna move around inside her body. When Miss Crim moved to her other nipple a second finger slid into her pussy.

Kelly slid down on the couch with her legs spread wide. Her moans became louder and more desperate. This was real. With boys she had learned how to moan and gasp at the right times, say nasty things in their ears and tell them how good they felt inside her, but it was mostly an act. Most of her orgasms were fake, although occasionally she could get off by fingering her clit while she was being fucked.

The powerful orgasm that was building inside her was almost frightening. Nothing like this had ever happened to Kelly. Miss Crim slid down between her legs and removed her panties. Kelly’s entire body trembled when she felt the soft lips kiss the swollen mound of her pussy and then the gentle probing of Miss Crim’s tongue along her juicy gash. Miss Crim kept her right on the edge of orgasm, backing away each time Kelly felt like she was about to explode.

Just when she could no longer stand it, Miss Crim pushed two fingers up her cunt and sucked her clit into her mouth. Kelly lifted her ass up off the couch and let out a loud piercing shriek. The pressure in her tummy released as a powerful orgasm shook her body. Juices poured from her body and dribbled down the crack of her ass. Miss Crim pulled her fingers out and clamped her mouth over Kelly’s gushing pussy until her orgasm finally subsided.

Kelly got an “A” after several more study sessions with Miss Crim. Kelly was glad that Miss Crim never asked her to reciprocate. She wasn’t so sure that she could eat another woman’s pussy and pretend to like it, although she would have done anything for that “A”. On the other hand, she didn’t find the taste of her own cunt at all unpleasant when Miss Crim kissed her afterwards.

Despite their differences, Madison and Kelly took an immediate liking to each other when they found out they were to be roommates. Madison could tell right away that Kelly was outgoing and would help her with becoming more sociable. Kelly liked Madison’s sophistication and obvious brains. But it was more than that. Each of them found the other appealing in both looks and personality.

After the welcoming reception, they found themselves at a party in one of the Frat houses. Kelly immediately hooked up with the House President. Madison felt a little self-conscious sitting next to them on the couch while he groped her with his tongue down her throat. On the other hand she felt a slight tingling in her belly watching Kelly’s tight body respond to his touch.

Kelly let him get just a sampling of her goodies before she broke away and said she had to leave. Laughing, she grabbed Madison’s arm on the way out and told her secret.

“God, Madison, guys are so fucking easy. Now I own him. All I had to do was dangle the prospect of some pussy.”

Madison was not used to hearing girls talk like that or using words like that, but she didn’t say anything. In fact, she wished she could be a little more like Kelly. She knew she was too reserved and up tight about things like that.

“I just couldn’t do that, Kelly. I think I’d have to like the guy first. Not that I’m very experienced in that type of thing.”

Madison told Kelly about her one experience with sex and how disappointed she had been. Kelly told her that sex, in her opinion, was overrated, but it was the one power women had over men.

“But if you’re in love isn’t it like in the movies? Haven’t you ever been in love, Kelly? Hasn’t anyone ever swept you off your feet and made love to you until you were exhausted?”

Kelly thought about that for a while. Sure, she had liked some of the guys she dated but she never dared let herself get close. That would destroy her power. Sometimes the sex was better than others, but nothing really memorable stuck in her mind. Now that she though about it, the best orgasm she ever had was with Miss Crim.

“Leave that for the movies, Madison. If you want good sex you’re better off trusting your fingers.”

Madison turned red because Kelly had said what she was thinking. The orgasms she experienced in front of the mirror were much better than what she felt the one time she had a cock in her pussy. In fact, when she had returned home that night she got naked in front of the mirror and fingered herself to a gushing orgasm out of frustration. She looked over at Kelly and the two girls began to giggle.

When they were getting ready for bed Kelly stripped right in front of Madison. This was something that Madison had not contemplated. She had always had her privacy at home. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down so as not to stare, but her eyes kept betraying her and peeking up at Kelly. When her bra came off Madison stared shamelessly at her free hanging beauties capped with large brown nipples.

Kelly stood in front of Madison wearing only a pair of skimpy panties canlı casino while taking the band off her ponytail. Madison’s eyes lowered to the puffed out pussy outlined in detail through the tight and thin material covering it. She felt her nipples get hard and moisture seep from between her legs. She shouldn’t be getting so excited from looking at another girl she thought to herself. Something was not right.

Kelly had noticed Madison staring and decided to put on a little show. She knew her body was responding to being watched and wondered if Madison was aware that her nipples were hard. She turned her back to peel off her panties, leaning over at the waist as she slowly stepped out one foot at a time. She had her legs slightly spread and knew Madison could see her neatly trimmed pussy peeking out from between her ass cheeks.

Madison could feel the heat rising in her body. As she stared at her roommates puffed out pussy, she wondered how many different penises had been pushed through it and into her body. She wanted to get up and take a closer look, but she knew that would be too obvious. Her heart was beating fast and her panties were damp by the time Kelly finally dropped a flimsy nightie over her head.

“Madison, aren’t you going to get ready for bed? We have an early start tomorrow.”

Madison was embarrassed to take off her clothes in front of Kelly but knew she had to do it or look foolish. She was afraid Kelly would laugh at her skinny body with small tits. She looked down and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Next she wiggled out of her tight jeans and turned around to take off her bra. Madison decided to take off her panties and pull on her nightie before turning around.

Kelly found herself staring at a perfect ass, with nicely rounded creamy cheeks separated by a dark crevice, which tapered perfectly into her long and shapely legs. She wanted so much for Madison to turn around so she could see her pussy and breasts, but Madison quickly pulled on her nightgown.

Kelly knew that her pussy was leaking but wasn’t sure why. Once the lights were out and she was under the covers her fingers immediately moved to the moist folds. Her front two fingertips found the erect stem of her clit and rapidly rubbed it in circles. Her other hand moved to her swollen nipples. Her breathing grew heavier and more erratic.

Kelly’s fingers dipped into her honeypot and pressed against the silky walls of her cunt. She squirmed against her probing fingers until they were dripping with juices from her pussy. She went back to her clit, this time rubbing it faster and more desperately. She could feel the juices running down the crack of her ass.

Normally Kelly masturbated to an image of being taken forcefully and against her will. This night was different. Kelly remembered the feel of Miss Crim’s lips and tongue licking and sucking her pussy. Eventually, she replaced Miss Crim with Madison.

As she approached an orgasm, Kelly moved a hand underneath a raised leg and slipped two fingers into her cunt. Her other hand continued to work vigorously on her clit. Her mind became focused on the image of Madison’s big brown eyes looking up at her as she licked and sucked on Kelly’s clit while fingering her cunt. Her breathing was heavy. She began to mouth the words she was thinking.

“Oh god… Madison… lick me… right there sweetie… oooohhhhh… you’re going to make me cum… ooohhhh Madison… suck my pussy… yeeeesssssss…”

Kelly’s ass lifted off the bed. Her body stiffened. Her breath caught in her throat as she waiting for the pressure in her belly to release. Suddenly she felt juices pouring from her cunt in an uncontrollable rush of pleasure. Her body jerked as another wave surged through her body. She tried to stifle a gasp and ended up making a few cough-like sounds as her orgasm finally passed.

Kelly had never cum so hard from just her fingers. In fact, she hadn’t cum this hard since being with Miss Crim. Her ass cheeks were slimy and her fingers were completely drenched. She moved them to her mouth and gently sucked them clean, savoring the taste of her own pussy and pretending it was Madison’s lips she was licking and kissing.

Madison was in her own bed only a few feet away against the other wall of the dorm room. The image of Kelly’s pussy peeking out at her from between her legs when Kelly was getting undressed was stuck in her mind. And her breasts were so full and perfect. Everything about Kelly was magnetic, and Madison could feel her own sexual attraction, which confused her and which she tried to fight.

It was easy for Madison to understand how easily Kelly could manipulate guys. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would look like to watch Kelly’s puffy little pussy being penetrated by a hard penis. More than that, she wanted to know what Kelly felt like inside, and her thoughts quickly shifted to an image of herself on her knees behind Kelly gently running her fingers along the kaçak casino pink folds of Kelly’s pussy.

It wasn’t long before Madison was fingering her own pussy in the same manner that she imagined fingering Kelly. She plunged them into the hot pink flesh, swirled them around inside her juicy cunt, and then moved them to her mouth and licked them clean. In her fantasy, Madison moved her mouth directly over Kelly’s cunt, kissing and licking it, and finally shoving her tongue inside.

Just about the same time that Kelly was squirming in orgasm on the next bed, Madison also lost control. She became lightheaded as her whole body shook uncontrollably, and all her energy seemed to rush out through her gushing cunt. It was the most powerful orgasm Madison had ever experienced. It scared her to be so out of control, but she also knew it was an experience she wanted to repeat.

Over the next few weeks Madison found herself masturbating more and more frequently. She tried going back to the mirror and kissing herself, and even tried masturbating while fantasizing about getting fucked, but the only thing that gave her the intense orgasms was thinking about Kelly and imagining doing all kinds of nasty things to her, and having Kelly do nasty things to in return.

Madison looked forward to bed time and watching Kelly get naked. She tried to pretend she wasn’t watching, but it was hard not to stare. More than once she saw Kelly glance up at her and smile. Madison became less inhibited about her own body and would shamelessly strip in front of Kelly. She even trimmed the strip of soft curls around her pussy to show off more of her swollen peach.

Kelly could tell Madison was attracted to her and became more and more shameless in showing off her body. Besides taking her time getting undressed at night, Kelly began prancing around the room in her underwear. She liked being an exhibitionist and kept telling herself that was all there was to it. But deep down inside she knew other feelings were lurking, and these feeling scared her.

To compensate for these feelings, Kelly worked hard to prove she was a girl with normal sexual urges. During the first several weeks of college she had already slept with two professors, the editor of the school magazine and the captain of the debating club. As hard as she tried, however, she had only achieved orgasm twice, both times when she was getting her pussy licked while pretending it was Madison between her legs.

Like Madison, she found herself masturbating more and more to achieve a level of satisfaction she couldn’t reach with the men she fucked. Her fantasy of being raped gave way more and more to a fantasy of having her pussy licked by Madison. She often used a vibrator and imagined that Madison was pumping it in and out of her cunt while licking her clit.

The thought of having sex with another woman had never really bothered Kelly. She would have gladly eaten Miss Crim’s pussy for an “A”. Craving sex with another woman was different. She couldn’t control these feelings and that scared her. Before this she had always been in charge. With Madison she just wanted to lose herself.

The sexual tension between them continued to build until one night in the library. Madison was in the stacks looking for a specific article on Thomas Jefferson. Kelly, who didn’t know that Madison was there, was looking for the same article. As they rounded a corner they bumped into each other face first. Their bodies pressed together and their arms became entangled.

Kelly looked up in surprise and locked eyes with Madison who was looking back at her equally surprised. Rather than move apart they froze. Madison could feel Kelly’s soft breasts pressing against her. Kelly’s hand ended up on Madison’s ass. Rather than move it, she slowly pulled Madison’s pussy tightly against her hip and pressed her fingers into the firm cheek.

Madison’s heart was beating fast. She wanted this more than anything. Her stomach fluttered and her pussy leaked cum into her panties. Slowly Madison moved a hand up to Kelly’s breast and softly squeezed it. She felt Kelly’s finger’s tighten even more against her ass and then slide down between her legs.

Kelly licked her lips and tilted her face up to Madison’s. Their lips met in a soft and tender kiss. Kelly’s hand moved further between Madison’s legs until she could feel the heat of her pussy through the tight black shorts. Madison spread her legs and moved her ass back against the pressure of Kelly’s rubbing fingers.

Their tongues touched and their mouths opened. Madison found Kelly’s hard nipple through her halter and tweaked it with her fingers. Kelly gasped. She pushed her fingers inside the back of Madison’s shorts and moved them down the crack between her ass cheeks. Her middle finger brushed across the nub of Madison’s asshole, briefly pausing to massage it, and then found the moist folds of her pussy.

Madison broke their kiss and gasped. She felt Kelly’s finger push into her dripping pussy. A second finger followed. Madison’s hand moved under Kelly’s halter and squeezed the naked flesh of her breast. Kelly kissed Madison’s long neck, gently nibbling on the sensitive skin.

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