Just This Once

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The beginning of the following story is true, and then it turns into a fantasy about how things should’ve turned out if I had tried just a little harder. After the fantasy is over, the truth will be revealed.


When I was nineteen I lived in a four room apartment with my girlfriend Stephanie, her best friend Courtney, and two girls that were supposedly selected from a pool because interviews said we would all get along. The apartment complex was sponsored by the college we attended and wasn’t much more than a glorified dorm room, and the vast majority of things they said were bullshit.

To that point, the roommates; one was an obese ginger girl from northern New York named April. She tried to dictate what groceries were shared depending on whose food she wanted to eat, and during the summer wouldn’t stop turning the AC down to the point that it would freeze up and break because she couldn’t sleep if she was hot. Nobody liked her, even her fat redneck boyfriend seemed to resent the fact that he was with her.

The other roommate, Chrissie, was a half-Philippino girl obsessed with electronic dance music, despite the fact she couldn’t dance worth a damn. She barely left her room when she was home, had her own cable subscription, and cooked most of her meals on a hotplate she kept on her desk. She and April seemed to get along until April’s boyfriend moved in, and then all three of them were constantly fighting. Chrissie wasn’t that bad of a person, she was a just a drama queen and got upset whenever we acted like her constant crises didn’t matter. At least she was easier to look at though, with her dark permanently tan skin, broad mouth and chipmunk like cheekbones, thick curly hair, and jiggly C-cups combining with her wide hips and big ass to cut an hourglass figure that would make WWII pinup girls a little envious.

Then something strange happened around the end of February. I was lying on the couch playing a video game on the living room’s TV while I thought everyone else was in class, when I heard one of the showers turn on. I shrugged it off, figuring I had a few more minutes until whoever it was chased me away to watch something stupid. I must’ve lost track of time, because before I knew it, Chrissie was standing over me in her hot pink bathrobe with her wet black curls tied up in an equally obnoxious colored towel. She smirked down at me, a slightly worried look in her black eyes, while her big cheek bones threatened to pull her lips into a smile. “What’re you doing?” she asked.

“Playing Monster Hunter.” I answered raising the controller toward the TV. “You need the TV?” I asked, attempting to not get killed by a huge dragon in my game while hoping she’d say no. She shook her head and said she just wanted to sit on the couch. I glanced over my shoulder at the three empty chairs circling the living room, then down at my legs taking up the rest of the couch. “Seriously?”

“Yeah.” Chrissie said expectantly, and then waved at my knees. “Scootch.” I groaned and swung my legs off the couch, sat up and continued playing my game. Chrissie pulled her bathrobe to a comfortable position and sat down so close to me that I could smell her body wash. “What’s this game about?” she asked, shifting closer to me as I tried to shift away.

“Monster Hunter?” I asked and she nodded. “It’s about hunting monsters.” I told her. It was a stock answer I gave when I didn’t want to explain my favorite franchise to someone that had never shown interest in video games before. Chrissie looked at me at me with raised eyebrows and I could tell she wanted to call me a smartass. “Okay, it’s like this…” I explained the gist of the game, the mechanics, my favorite features and demonstrated as much as I could while playing the game.

Chrissie nodded and seemed legitimately interested, even taking a turn or three on easier missions, until we heard the one of the double deadbolts start to slide open on the door. “Thanks for the lesson.” She chimed and kissed me on the cheek, then disappeared into her bedroom just before Steph and Courtney plowed through the door. Two days later the same thing happened, only I turned and tried to catch Chrissie’s lips with my own when she came for the cheek peck. I missed and she laughed at me before prancing off. After that, any time Chrissie and I were alone she was right next to me, being sweeter than sugar and wanting to talk more and more about me instead of her, occasionally sneaking in quick pecks on my cheek or lips, but anytime Stephanie was home, she turned cold on everyone, especially me.

A little over a week later, after a breakfast of leftover Mexican takeout, I was waiting for her on the couch in my pajamas, and not long after Chrissie plopped down next to me to watch me play I stopped the game and put my arm around her shoulders. “What are you doing?” she asked coyly and I pulled her closer to me and leaned in for a kiss. I met her soft brown lips and they parted, sucking my bottom lip and then licking the top one. I squeezed her a little casino siteleri closer to me and she moaned quietly but didn’t resist. Without separating our mouths, I slid my free hand inside her robe and across her bare skin, up to her full firm breasts, cupping one gently and rubbing across her small hard nipple with my thumb.

Chrissie moaned again, this time breaking our kiss to gasp for breath and to swing her leg over me. She held my head in her hands and started kissing me again, pressing her body against mine. I untied her robe and slid both hands under it and around her back to get a hard grip on the plump ass that I’d been watching out of the corner of my eye since I moved in. Chrissie laughed and threw her head back; slinging her head towel to the floor and rocking her body towards mine, grinding her bare crotch up across my pants-trapped erection and to my stomach. The pressure on my gut made me regret my choice of reheated fried beans and polo-rojo enchiladas.

I tried to hold it as I looked down at her dark hard nipples topping her firm breasts and her soft flat belly and neatly trimmed black pubic hair, but then she kissed me and bore down on my abs again and a fart squeezed out, booming between my cheeks and the couch cushion. Chrissie broke our kiss but didn’t lean back from me; her wet hair was tickling my face and neck and she breathlessly whispered “Did you really just…?”

I nodded, too embarrassed to open my eyes or speak. She laughed, I’m not sure if it was with me or at me, and climbed off my lap. I caught her by the wrist before she was too far away. “It was an accident. I’m sorry, bad diet choice.” I told her trying to find something to say that would get her tan and naked body back pressed against me. Chrissie rolled her eyes and reminded me that I had a girlfriend and she should be home soon. “Yeah but if you leave me like this,” I said motioning towards where my dick was making a rather impressive tent in the thin cotton of my PJ’s, “she’s gonna know something’s up.” Chrissie turned her head away with short chuckle, but I pulled her hand down to my lap and forced her fingers to rub my shaft. “Come on…”

She sighed and grinned at me, sinking to her knees between my feet. “Fine…” Chrissie said as she shook my grip off and pulled the waistband of my pants down, “Just this once.” She added as my cock popped free of my boxers inches from her flat little nose. Her thin brown fingers of wrapped around the base, barely making a full circle, and I saw something just short of amazement sparkle in her dark eyes. She took her time stroking me with both hands, feeling each ridge, bump, and vein throb in her grip. “It’s big.” Chrissie giggled out when her tour of my flesh-pole was finished.

“Thanks.” I smiled back. I considered that a great compliment from the girl whose roommates considered a club-slut. She sat up straighter and licked her lips, before leaning down and planting a sloppy kiss on the underside of the head of my cock. Chrissie grinned wider and licked her lips again, this time grazing me with her tongue, before opening her mouth and pushing it down over the top few inches of my dick. “Mmmm….” I groaned as the tip rubbed across the roof of her mouth, sliding back until it brushed her uvula. Chrissie gagged a little and jerked her head back, asking if she’d hurt me. “God no, girl. Keep going.” I pleaded, resisting the urge to grab her by the still dripping hair and force her mouth on my dick.

Chrissie smiled and repeated the act, pushing the head against her pallet on the way down, rubbing her tongue along the underside until she started to gag. Up and down she went, barely missing my crown with teeth as she bobbed on my cock. I could feel her drool start to trickle down the shaft toward her fist, and I could feel her try to swallow it back before it escaped her mouth. Chrissie clamped her dark lips tight around my shaft and pulled away from me, sucking all the loose spit off my dick as she went with a loud slurp. “Sorry.” She mumbled while I shuddered from the sensation and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and dropping it to her thigh

“For what?” I tried not to whine and this time did put my hand on top of her head. “That felt great, keep it up.” Chrissie shrugged, still smiling, and resumed dipping her mouth over my dick. I kept my hand on top of her head, trying not to push but guiding her up and down as her tongue smeared more drool on my shaft and the soft valley between her top teeth massaged the swollen head of my dick. Each time Chrissie felt a trickle of spit hit her fist at the base of my cock, she would seal her lips around it and slurp up the excess slickness left behind, and I would shake and moan and make a loose fist in her thick black hair.

I think she got lost in her work, as her eyes closed and she stopped opening her lips back up to breathe. Chrissie moaned softly and took deep breathes through her nose, tickling my stomach and my pubes. She also picked up speed, bobbing her head faster and going a little lower without gagging canlı casino with each passing minute. I was twitching under her fist and throbbing in her mouth when her eyes fluttered open, staring up at me. Chrissie popped her lips off my dick and asked “Are you about to…?” a half-worried expression on her flushed face.

I nodded, almost panting. “Yes, don’t stop.” I said and gently pulled her face back to my cock where she readily engulfed it. Chrissie stared up at me as she went back to bobbing and sucking. I groaned and did my best to keep my eyes locked on hers as my dick jumped and twitched. She let loose a high-pitched moan of surprise when the first jet of cum shoot out of me and hit the roof of her mouth. She didn’t think to stop her head’s descent and the next one splattered against the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but swallowed it, and leaned back enough to work her fist up and down the shaft, massaging the rest of my load up my shaft and onto her tongue.

Chrissie was still sucking and stroking long after there was nothing else to suck out of me, and I reluctantly stopped her. “Come here.” I smiled and she stood up. I pulled her close to the couch and leaned up to kiss the underside of one breast, then moved up to suck her rock hard nipple past my lips. My left hand circled her back to hold her by the ass as my right one ascended her inner thigh, barely making contact with her very moist slit before she asked me what I was doing. “I just want to return the favor.” I told her, gently rubbing open her outer lips and seeking out her clit with my fingers.

Chrissie gasped and shuddered and had to grab my shoulders to maintain balance, and I was suddenly beyond caring if Steph or anyone else came home as long I could keep Chrissie excited long enough for my dick to get hard again. Unfortunately, as I was working my lips down her belly and devising a way to get her to lie down so I could eat her out, the top latch on the deadbolt rasped and Chrissie was shaken from her reverie. She pushed me down on the couch and quickly tied her bathrobe as she scampered to her room. Once again Stephanie and Courtney stampeded through the door to end my fun with Chrissie, and proclaimed that we lived with a bunch of slobs when they saw the wet towel from Chrissie’s head lying on the floor. At least after Chrissie had locked herself in her bedroom I was able to go relieve the horrid rumbling in my gut.

That night Stephanie and I had sex, and I couldn’t help but imagine it was Chrissie’s round tan ass bouncing off my stomach as I fucked her instead of my girlfriend’s fat white one. Over the next week or so, Chrissie became more open and brazen with her affection towards me, rubbing against me and running her hands across me if we passed in a hallway, stealing kisses even when our roommates were home, and twice asking me to come pick her up from class so we could make out in the parking lot before heading inside. The video games became a convenient cover for when Steph would come home and end our dry-humping sessions, and Chrissie even went so far as to buy a system of her own so we could “play together” in her bedroom. Each time we went further than just groping and kissing each other, Chrissie would tell me “Just this once” or “Just one more time” and each time I would just smile and fail to remind her that’s what she said last time. The guilt chewed at me, but I couldn’t just ignore the fact that I really enjoyed the time I got to spend alone with Chrissie, that lately I’d been caring less and less for Steph’s company, and that Chrissie was a hell of a lot better at giving head than Stephanie.

It was the middle of March, and Chrissie was straddled across my barely clothed lap in her bed. She was naked except for the same garish pink robe she always wore after her morning shower. I was massaging her boobs, making sure to rub and tweak her small dark nipples each time my fingers passed over them, and she was lying down across my chest, kissing me and slowly grinding her crotch against mine. After one particularly long frenching, I glanced at her alarm clock and sighed “They’ll be home soon.” I frowned and attempted to lift Chrissie off me, but she clung to my shoulders and waist and grinned maliciously. “Come on, Chris, quit screwing around.” I said and poked her in the side with my finger.

She leaned back with a huge grin and shook her head before telling me “Your first girlfriend has a five page research paper due at 3pm, and I happen to know she’s barely written more than the opening paragraph.” I raised my eyebrows, waiting for a ‘but’ – it never came – instead, Chrissie happily let me know “We have the place all to ourselves.” She ran her hands down my chest and across my stomach, down to pull away my pants and slide my cock out to start stroking it. My hands traveled up her thighs and around her hips, squeezing her big round ass as she squeezed my cock. I gently pulled her forward and she leaned down, kissing me as I inched her body up far enough to push my head past her downy black curls and soft kaçak casino brown lips. “Wait…” she whispered as I felt her pubic hair tickling the tip of my dick. “Jeremy, wait.” She pleaded again as I started to push her hips back down, causing me to stop. When I asked if she needed me to get a condom she sighed and shook her head, then muttered quietly “I’ve never done this before.”

“What?” I blurted out, trying not to look like I was going to burst out laughing at the common misconception that Chrissie had fucked half the city “Seriously?” She nodded, frowning. I straightened my face up, moving my hands from her ass to her sides, easing her head down to mine to kiss her, long and slow. I held her firmly as our tongues intertwined, and rolled us over so I was on my knees between her spread legs with Chrissie’s arms wrapped around neck and shoulders. I managed to wriggle my pants and boxers off without breaking us apart. “I’ll go easy.” I whispered to her as I reached between us, taking my shaft and bending it to drag the head down between her moist lips that seemed to eagerly part for me. She gasped and winced as the head popped into her. I eased back from her, putting an arm’s length between our faces and ever so slowly slid more of my dick into her virgin tunnel.

Chrissie moaned as she shifted her hips, trying to get used to being filled and then started grinning so wide that her cheeks almost shut her dark eyes. “You don’t have to take it that easy, babe. I do own a dildo.” She told me, pushing her heels against my butt and urging me forward. With her permission I lurched forward, stretching open her tiny slick pussy in one harsh movement. “Aaaaahhhh!” She screamed, trying to curl up as she dug her nails into my arms and locked her legs around my back. Her insides shuddered and convulsed, trying to force me back out of her as she panted to catch her breath. “Easier than that though!” Chrissie scolded, then moaned as she shifted her hips again, twisting her twitching pit around my shaft and making me gasp for a breath. “Oh god…” she wheezed and let her head fall back to the bed “That… Thing is fucking huge.”

The compliment meant a lot less to me than it did when I thought she was a whore, but I still felt my ego swell. “You ready?” I asked a few seconds later when her chest had stopped heaving quite so much and her legs loosened around my waist. She nodded and I pulled away from her, slowly backing my cock out of her still twitching box until just the head was held by her glistening lips. I pushed back in; making her groan through clenched teeth and shut her eyes. “Look at me.” I said before pushing further inside. Chrissie’s eyes opened slowly, stared up at me, and I smiled down at her. “You feel amazing.” I told her and sunk another inch or two past her so wet lips.

“Ooh, so do you.” Chrissie moaned back as I bottomed out inside her, pushing until our thighs met and slid together and my balls rubbed against her ass. She arched her back and groaned again, her insides still contracting around me, trying to get used to being stretched and filled and fucked. “Do that again.” She mewled and I almost laughed, but granted her request; pulling my cock almost all the way out of her before forcing it back in and grinding it inside of her pussy. “Yesss…” she hissed the third time I did it and her left hand fell from my arm to maul her heaving breast. I grabbed the other one, pushing her down into the mattress as I squeezed, angling her bottom half up so I could shove more of my cock into her slick grasping cunt. “So… Ooo… good.” Chrissie cooed as I throbbed deep inside her, “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up.”

I smiled and twisted my hips, hitting some new spot in her pussy. She sucked a sharp breath and tried to make a fist around my wrist and her nipple. I kept burrowing and grinding into her gooey pink pit, spreading her and stretching her over and over as my dick made her soft tan body its territory. Chrissie threw her head back with a cracking scream caught in her throat, arching her chest toward me and rocking her convulsing pussy on my hard shaft. I kept my strokes as easy and steady as possible, hollowing her tunnel again and again as her orgasm wracked her body, making her cry out until her voice gave out. “You want more?” I asked when the screams stopped and she stared up at me dreamily, her sweaty hair sticking to her sweaty face and shoulders.

Chrissie nodded enthusiastically with a wide grin and said “I want you to fuck me.” I chuckled and stood off the bed, pulling her so her ass was barely on the edge of the mattress. I hooked my forearms under her knees and lifted her up, then thrust my hips forward to pierce her gash with my pole. She cried out and grabbed my hands, but didn’t tell me to slow down. I drove into her as deeply as I could, feeling the wet slap of her big round ass on my legs before pulling away and driving my cock home again. “Ooh! Fuck!” Chrissie screeched and I felt her pussy grip and convulse around me as I plowed into her. I watched her perfect tits roll around on her chest as her body bounced back and forth from the force of my dick impaling her wetness again and again. “I – I want you to cum inside me!” she stammered out as her head rocked back and forth on the mattress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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