Jill’s German Girl Toy

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Jill felt the wings shutter as the airliner’s air brakes began to extend. Her body tensed as the air speed suddenly dropped. It was the part of flying she hated the most as she could not seem to overcome her fear that the plane would just drop from the sky when it slowed. Flying had never been her cup of tea anyhow. She always liked to feel in control and allowing someone else to be in control at 30,000 feet was nerve racking.

She sipped her wine and tried to force herself to relax. Control ……… it had given her so much in her life and taken away just as much. Twenty-five years ago, she had started with her company as a junior exec, hired more for her looks and body than anything else. Now she was a senior VP and rumored to be the next CEO. Her ability to control everything and everyone around her had served her well.

Jill stared down at her ring-less left hand. It had not served her marriage very well. The divorce was finalized two years ago. Looking back, she was amazed that it had lasted for 18 years. She had acted as more of a mother than a lover to her husband, and as a mother to her daughter, she was a complete disaster. Her daughter had grown up in a series of day care centers, private boarding schools and college; each year becoming more and more distant from Jill.

Jill’s walk through the minefields of her past was interrupted by the sound of the pilot’s voice advising the passengers that they were approaching the runway and would be landing in just a few minutes. She checked her seatbelt, put her seat in the upright position and of course, just had to remind the passenger next to her to do the same.

‘What the hell am I doing flying into Germany, anyhow!’ raced through her mind. ‘I don’t know the language; I have no idea what she even looks like and what makes me think this can be any different from the others!’

She closed her eyes and thought of Carmen as the descending plane buffeted its way through the turbulence. They had met on-line in a chat room for singles, private messaging each other about the lame guys there and their poor pick-up lines. Carmen had become a mystery for Jill – charming, seductive and very erotic. At age 50, Jill had begun to suspect that men were just not going to be able to open the doors to the secret desires and fantasies she held so deep within her. At age 28, Carmen already knew where her desires lay. After a few failed relationships with well – intentioned guys, she met Anna at a party and had never looked back. But Anna lacked the maturity she needed and she soon grew tired of her girlish ways, parting company after a brief, but torrid affair. Carmen longed for the attentions of a mature woman like Jill. She didn’t want to be mothered, but ravaged in the arms of an experienced, passionate woman.

The plane landed without incident and Jill wound her way through customs. Carmen had promised to meet her in the main terminal with a sign. Jill strode through the exit and looked around anxiously. She made her way through the crowd, her eyes darting left and right trying to catch a glimpse of a sign with her name. Then she saw her; a beautiful young girl with long, brown hair, nervously looking at each passenger as they passed by. Jill stopped to look at her. She was petite, about 5’2″ with a soft, rounded figure that she seemed to carry very well. Her face had an almost angelic appearance. Carmen’s eyes met hers and she smiled. She knew the woman standing before her was Jill. The short stylized hair, the tight cut business suit with heels, the tasteful, expensive jewelry all contributed to an image of perfection and style. Carmen’s heart beat uncontrollably as she approached Jill.

“Are you Jill?” she asked.

Jill placed her hands on Carmen’s shoulders and pulled her close. She brought her lips to Carmen’s and kissed her as if they were alone rather than surrounded by hundreds of people.

“Does that answer your question?” Jill replied.

Carmen blushed and gave a nervous glance to the people staring. She’d never kissed a woman this way in public.

“Oh my, I’ve embarrassed you.” Jill apologized. “Well,” she laughed, “I guess they’ll not think we’re mother and daughter now, will they!” She took Carmen’s arm in hers. “They are delivering my luggage to the hotel. How about taking me to a nice restaurant, my treat. They just starve you on flights these days. Do you have a car or should we get a taxi?”

“A taxi.” Carmen stammered.

She felt herself caught in the whirlwind of Jill’s energy and sense of purpose.

“Fine. Do you have a favorite restaurant?” Jill asked as she led Carmen through the exit doors.

“Yes.” Carmen answered quickly. “I know of a very nice place.”

“Tell the cabbie where we’re going”

Jill caught the eye of a cabbie slouching against his car. He immediately straightened up and opened the door for them. ‘She’ll have no problem with the language barrier.’ Carmen thought. casino siteleri ‘Just a look and people jump for her.’

They sat across from each other sipping cordials after a sumptuous dinner. Jill had flirted shamelessly with her young partner throughout the meal, stoking her hand on the table and letting her foot playfully tease Carmen’s feet and legs. Now she smiled demurely and stared into Carmen’s beautiful green eyes as she sipped her drink.

“Do you like what you see so far?” Jill asked coyly.

“You are very beautiful.” Carmen said softly, still embarrassed being so open in front of others. Her body twitched as she felt Jill’s foot brush against her inner thighs.

“Thank you. But what I want to know is, do you want me? Do you want me to take you as the girls and boys in your life could never take you?”

Carmen felt Jill’s toes pressing against her wet slit through her panties. She stared into the drink she was holding. “Yes, I want you.”

Jill reached across the table, raising her head with her fingers, forcing Carmen to look into her eyes. “And will you trust me and do as I say?”

Carmen knew she would do anything to have this woman in her life. “Yes, I will do anything you say.”

“Good! Then it’s time to go to my hotel. But first, I want you to go to the ladies room. Remove your panties and bring them here.” Jill commanded.

Carmen hesitated for a moment, but then quickly excused herself and headed for the restroom. She returned with her panties balled up in her hand. Jill stood up.

“Let’s go. Put the panties on the table.” she ordered.

Carmen placed them on the table, looking around nervously.

Jill held her arm as they left, whispering in her ear, “Later tonight you will come back and ask if anyone found a pair of panties.”

“I …I .. don’t,” Carmen stammered.

Jill laughed. “Tonight you will gladly come back to find your panties just to please me.”


Carmen stood in front of Jill as Jill sat back in the stuffed chair of her suite. The ride in the cab had been frightening and erotic. Jill had spread Carmen’s legs and caressed her wet pussy the entire trip. Carmen knew she could not protest, she wanted to give this amazing woman everything she desired, but the cabbie watching her in the rear view mirror in such an open position offended her sense of modesty. Now she stood motionless, waiting for her next command.

“Let’s see what my little kitten has to offer me. Remove you blouse and bra!” Jill ordered.

Carmen unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra, displaying her ample breasts, still firm with youth. Her small nipples were taut to the point of aching. She had never experienced such excitement before.

“Mmmmmmm………. Very nice.” Jill cooed. “And now the skirt.”

Carmen unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, now completely naked before her lover.

“Turn around and let me see your ass! Nice, very nice.”

Carmen felt the pointed toe of Jill’s heels penetrate into her slit and then her ass. She spread her legs and Jill pushed deeper into her tight hole. Carmen began to moan and move her ass against the invading pressure.

“Not so fast, my little slut.” Jill teased. “Just a quick exploration, dear. I need to take a shower first. Lay on the bed.”

Carmen lay on the bed and watched Jill fumble through her luggage. She pulled out a handful of long, silk scarves then turned and approached the bed.

“Your hand, please.” Jill demanded

She wound a scarf around Carmen’s wrist, knotted it and then secured it to the bedpost.

“The other!”

Carmen held out her other hand. “May I ask……” she began.

“No. You may not!” interrupted Jill. “You said you trusted me, did you not?”

Carmen shook her head yes.

“Well then hush and spread you legs apart.”

Jill tied off each ankle to a bedpost. Carmen laid spread eagle on the bed feeling quite helpless and exposed as Jill began to slowly unbutton her jacket. She removed her jacket, blouse and skirt effortlessly and stood at the end of the bed in her lace bra, panties and stockings. Carmen stared in amazement at the beauty before her. Not a wrinkle or blemish anywhere on her body. Her tummy and thighs were tight and the large mounds of her breasts pushed up from her bra. Carmen wanted to reach up, hold her head against Jill’s breasts, pull them free from her bra and suck her nipples raw.

Jill saw the desire in Carmen’s face and chuckled. “I believe you like what you see, my little one. Patience, dear, patience. Don’t go anywhere while I shower.”

Carmen watched her cross the room and close the bathroom door behind her. She cursed the silk bindings and tried to bring her thighs together to relieve her throbbing clit, but Jill had tied them firmly. Her mind began to race between thoughts of the passion she would soon have, and fear that canlı casino she had so quickly and completely fallen under this woman’s spell. She heard the shower stop and waited for the door to open. She was disappointed when Jill entered the room with a large towel wrapped around her.

“Well, I see you didn’t run off while I was gone.” Jill said as she climbed onto the bed and knelt between Carmen’s spread legs. She began to run her hands along the top of Carmen’s thighs, letting them move to her tummy and then down along her hips.

“Your so soft. I knew a girl your age would be soft.”

Her long fingernails traced gently along Carmen’s legs to her toes and skirting up her inner thighs, brushing lightly across the swollen lips of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, such a full bush. Do you think my bush is as full?” Jill asked as she let the towel slip off her naked body.

Carmen couldn’t answer. She stared at the gorgeous tanned body kneeling over her. No tan lines disturbed the large, firm breasts or smooth, shaved pubic mound. Carmen marveled at the nipples. The areolas were normal size, but the nipples were full and protruded almost an inch. Carmen had seen pictures of women with nipples like this, but always thought the pics were doctored. She let her gaze drift down along Jill’s flat stomach to her shaven pussy. She could just see the full lips and the swollen clit pushing out from its protective hood.

Jill leaned forward and pressed her lips to Carmen’s waiting mouth. Her tongue slid through Carmen’s open mouth and began to dance and twirl with the waiting tongue. Carmen felt electricity run through her entire body. She wrapped her lips around Jill’s tongue and sucked up and down, pulling her tongue deep into her mouth. Jill pulled back slowly.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” she moaned. “So my little slut likes to suck. Does she?”

Jill slid forward teasingly allowing her long, erect nipple to rub against Carmen’s lips. She strained to pull one of the sweet delights into her mouth, but each time Jill pulled back frustrating her attempts.

“Do you want to suck one of my beautiful nipples? Then you have to ask properly, little slut.”

“Please let me suck your nipples.” Carmen pleaded.

“You have to show me the proper respect when you ask for my pleasures!” Jill commanded.

“Please may I suck on your lovely nipples, Jill?”

“Please may I suck on your lovely nipples, Mistress Jill?” Jill corrected.

“Please may I suck on your lovely nipples, Mistress Jill?” Carmen begged.

“Yes, you may”

Carmen pulled one of the hard nipples into her mouth, attacking it with her lips and tongue. She listened to Jill moan and turned her attention to the other waiting nipple. Jill pulled Carmen’s head firmly against her breast and began grinding her shaved mound into Carmen’s abdomen. She could fell the wetness spreading over her stomach. Jill released her head and moved her dripping pussy over Carmen’s breast letting her clit rub back and forth against Carmen’s nipple. The scent of Jill’s juices were overpowering her.

“Please let me lick you, Mistress Jill.” Carmen pleaded.

“You learn fast, my slut,” said Jill. “But you must earn the right to lick my delicious pussy.”

Jill turned herself around and placed her ass directly over Carmen’s face.

“Do you like what you see?” Jill asked.

“Yes, Mistress Jill. I like what I see.” replied Carmen.

“And what do you see that you like, little slut?”

“Your beautiful asshole, Mistress Jill.” Carmen said dutifully.

“You must show me how much you like it!” Jill ordered.

Carmen lifted her head to Jill’s ass and took a tentative lick at the opening. She let her tongue swirl around the outside listening to the moans of pleasure she produced in Jill. Jill reached back and spread her cheeks wide, giving Carmen full access to the gapping hole. Carmen stiffened her tongue and rammed it hard into the offered opening. Jill reached down and started to rub her swollen clit, thrusting wildly back onto the hard tongue pushing deep into her ass.

Carmen could barely breathe, but she knew that she dare not pull away as Jill rocked back and forth onto her tongue. Jill suddenly stopped rocking and pushed down hard trapping her tongue in place. Carmen felt the muscles contracting and knew Jill was cuming for her. A trickle of warm fluid ran down onto her neck as Jill moans grew louder. It was quickly followed by a gush of wetness splashing across her breasts. Jill’s warm pee spread over her chest and ran across her stomach. Carmen felt her clit throbbing painfully and she began to beg,

“Please Mistress Jill, make me cum. I have to cum.”

Jill leaned forward and lowered her mouth to Carmen’s aching clit. She sucked it in and out of her mouth, stretching it away from its hood. Carmen’s body tensed. She felt the waves of pleasure begin to run over her body as a powerful orgasm began kaçak casino to build toward release. Jill forced three fingers into the soaking pussy and soon Carmen’s entire body shook uncontrollably. She held her clit firmly in her mouth fucked her pussy repeatedly bringing on wave after wave of contractions against her fingers.

When she grew still, Jill climbed out of the bed and looked down on her toy. Carmen managed a weak smile as Jill stared at her harshly.

“You’re a mess. You don’t deserve the gift I will give you!” Jill chastised as she untied the silk bindings. “Roll over! On your knees!”

Carmen quickly did as she was told. Jill bound her wrists together and secured them to the headboard. She tied a scarf around each thigh, pulled them under Carmen and secured them to the headboard. She stood back and admired her work. Carmen’s ass stuck up in the air, her legs spread and tucked underneath her. She walked over to her luggage and pulled out a blindfold that she placed over Carmen’s eyes.

“Do you feel vulnerable? At my mercy?” asked Jill.

“Yes, Mistress Jill. I am at your mercy.”

“You will always be at my mercy!” Jill responded and turned to her luggage. She removed a large strap-on and stepped into it, securing it around her hips.

“I am going to fuck you, my little slut. I am going to fuck you as no man has ever fucked you. Do you understand me?”

Carmen tensed. “Yes, I understand you.”

“Yes what!”

“Yes, Mistress Jill, I understand you.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm while your boys fucked you?” Jill asked.

“No, Mistress Jill.”

“Why didn’t you cum for them?” quizzed Jill.

“It never lasted very long, Mistress Jill.”

“Should I bring up some men to fuck you? Perhaps you will cum if 5 or 6 men fuck you.” Jill teased.

“No, Mistress Jill,” answered Carmen. “I prefer to be with you.”

“We will see.”

Jill positioned herself behind Carmen’s upturned ass and pushed the rubber penis against Carmen’s swollen pussy lips. Carmen tensed but quickly forced herself to relax, not wanting to upset her mistress. Jill guided the large dong past her lips into her wet pussy.

“Mmmmmmm. Please fuck me, Mistress.’ Carmen moaned.

Jill grabbed Carmen’s hips and pulled her back swiftly, forcing the entire length into her. Jill smiled when Carmen let out a muffled cry. She began to move her hips in a smooth rhythm, mixing in an occasional hard thrust to hear Carmen groan. She thought of all the men in her life and all the lousy fucks she had received. They could never seem to get it right, either pounding her like a battering ram and cumimg in a couple of minutes, or treating her pussy like it was made of glass …………… and still cuming in a couple of minutes. She would give her little slut a fuck she had never received, a fucking only a woman could give.

Carmen felt only pleasure now as the cock slid in and out of her dripping pussy. She thrust her hips back to meet it, burying it deep into her. She had never felt the sensations she now experienced. She let her muscles tighten and relax around the hard shaft as it pushed against her cervix. Her hands clenched and her toes curled as she started to feel the familiar electricity pulse its way through her body. Her pussy tightened involuntarily around the dildo as an orgasm washed through her. She felt Jill slow the rhythm of her thrusts, sliding the entire length of the cock in and out of her box as the orgasm rose and subsided again and again.

Jill waited until she was sure Carmen’s passion was entirely spent and slowly withdrew the strap-on shaft. She moved to face her and let her lick the dildo clean.

“What do you have to say to me?” Jill asked.

“Thank you for bringing me such pleasure, Mistress.” Carmen said gratefully.

Jill removed the blindfold and untied the scarves. Carmen rolled over onto her back and stretched her cramping legs. She looked down at her spent body. It was a mess of urine, cum juice and perspiration.

“I may allow you to pleasure me later,” Jill said. “But first there is something you must do.”

“I will do anything for you, Mistress Jill.” Carmen replied.

Jill returned to her luggage and pulled out a short leather skirt, a see-through blouse and a pair of thigh high stocking. She placed them on the bed and stood back observing the putrid state of her little slut’s body. She knew this would be the final test of her control.

“Put them on!” she demanded. “You have a pair of panties to retrieve from the restaurant.”

Carmen blushed at the thought of entering the restaurant dressed like that.

“May I wash first, Mistress?”

“No, you may not! Dress and go now!” Jill commanded.

Carmen bowed her head and dressed. Jill sat on the sofa delighting in the vision standing before her. She had finally found the passion she had longed for. Carmen was hers and always would be hers.

Carmen turned to leave. As she was opening the door, Jill said coyly, “Oh, by the way, I require that you bring me back a handful of semen, also.”

Carmen’s head remained bowed. “Yes, Mistress Jill.”

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