Jewell “the Maiden” Blakemore Ch. 04

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Jewell “The Maiden” Blakemore

Jewell sat across from her longtime rival Ashleigh Kendricks and smiled softly at the woman. Both women were ruthless and dangerous, neither trusted the other anymore than she had to.

Ashleigh was everything Jewell was not, she was tall dark-haired with skin the colour of sun kissed wheat. Where Jewell was small and fit, Ashleigh had a much more imposing physique. Her body was thick and muscular, yet she lost nothing of her femininity in the exchange. Her flaming red hair was as recognizable as Jewell’s own silver mane. Her eyes were deep and brown, flecked with just a hint of amber in the iris. She was dressed today in a pair of black leather pants and boots, with a green and black bodice with front lacing. Her long flowing red hair was worn loose to her mid back, curling naturally and looking like fire reflected over waves in the darkest of night.

Jewell herself wore a black simple doublet of fine silk along with plain canvas petticoat pants and her trademark knee high black leather boots, Her hair was tied back in her customary ponytail, held in place by the leather binding with the silver skull she always wore in her hair.

The two women had known each other a very long time. They have been shipmates once, friends even. Both had served on board the vessel of Lady Meredith, The legendary pirate queen who had paved the way for the younger generation of women who would follow in her footsteps. Jewell and Ashleigh were first and foremost among these.

The two captains were meeting to try and work out an agreement. There had been tension between the two as of late. Ashleigh had returned from an expedition in the southern seas and the crew of her ship ‘the Salty Succubus’ had been at odds with that of Jewell’s own ‘Black Widow’ ever since. Both crews hoped to claim the lucrative spoils of the northern sea passes near Clew Bay. The two corsairs might not have liked each other but they both recognized the current arrangement was bad for the bottom line, their profits.

The dry cave where they had decided to hold their meeting had been a favored hideout of thieves , cutthroats and pirates for almost a hundred years and a carefully guarded secret amongst the underworld community. Over the years it had been turned into a comfortable, if somewhat small hiding and gathering place for those who ended up on the wrong side of the law.

The two women had called a truce long enough to at least be able to discuss the matters over.ha While each would like nothing more than to pull a hidden dagger out of her boot and stab the other woman through the heart, they also recognized that such an action could just as easily result in their own demise. Neither woman had reached their position by taking dangerous risks.

They heard the cough of one of Ashleigh’s men standing guard outside the door to the small room the two women shared. Two men from each crew stood outside with strict orders to let no one bother the two pirate captains. Jewell smiled and thought to herself, provided they do not kill each other first. Then again, the same could be said for Ashleigh and her.

She reached for her goblet of wine and brought it to her lips to sip lightly from it. “Listen Ashleigh, the fact of the matter is this is our territory. My crew and I have been working these waters for the better part of two years while you have been off down south. I don’t see why I should just let you come in and lay claim to it just because you have returned.” Jewell’s tone was hostile, but deep down casino oyna she was not against the idea of sharing, provided that her counterpart offered suitable compensation. Reaching a mutually acceptable compromise was always more profitable than bloodshed.

Jewell carefully looked over her rival. She had always considered Ashleigh to be a very beautiful woman. Even now in this close proximity she was very conscious of the other woman’s beauty. A part of her wished to take her and make her her own. A plan of approach was needed though. Ashleigh was nothing like the other women that Jewell had broken over the years.

Jewell stood and walked around the table , coming to lean on the side of the table next to where Ashleigh sat. The silver haired pirate gave her rival a disarming smile and said softly “We are both women of reason here, and we both know that striking a deal is much more profitable than needless bloodshed. I have been working these waters for a long time but I am more than happy to share in the spoils, provided I have a reason to do so.”

Ashleigh smiled as she met Jewell’s gaze. Her eyes took in the other woman’s body as she leaned against the table a few mere inches from her. She had always found her deep green eyes captivating, Such a rare and vibrant color, she had first seen them years ago aboard Lady Meredith’s ship and while their friendship and rivalry had waxed and waned over the years, those eyes had always continued to amaze her. She found herself once more drawn to her as they were in close proximity.

Ashleigh looked up into those eyes and her smile deepened “What is it you have in mind Jewell? I am always happy to listen when an offer can be beneficial.” The redheaded beauty sat back comfortably in her chair and fixed her gaze squarely on her rival’s face.

Jewell laughed happily and lifted a foot, before setting it next to Ashelgh’s leg on her chair “Well you know sometimes the greatest treasures are not the ones you hold in your hands but the memories and moments you can create which will be with you forever.” She licked her lips softly as she stared into the deep brown eyes of the other woman. Ashleigh found her gaze was charged with palpable energy and it sent a bit of a shiver down her spine as she met it.

They stayed in this position for a moment which seemed to drag on forever and then Jewell turned away with a laugh “Of course I am sure you are a much more practical woman and are not interested in such things are you?” Her eyes twinkled with a teasing light as she said the words. Ashleigh was torn between admitting her curiosity for the other woman’s offer and remaining poised and aloof for the purpose of the negotiations.

Curiosity got the better of the woman and she leaned forward and gently ran her own tongue along her soft lips. She smiled coyly and looked at her former crewmate “W-what exactly did you have in mind?” her voice had a barely perceptible stutter to it as she asked the question. For all her worldly ways and experience in life, Ashleigh was still very much a novice when it came to lust, love and sex. Unlike Jewell who enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh as much as any other of the spoils of her victory, she had always sent such rewards to her crew while abstaining from partaking for herself. She had to admit now though that the offer was quite tempting.

Jewell saw the look in her eyes and gently reached out with a slender hand, stroking Ashleigh’s hair softly “Relax and enjoy yourself, I have no intention of hurting you… Unless you would canlı casino like that” she added the last part with a playful laugh and Ashleigh found herself smiling back. Their heads moved forth and their mouths met, as both gave into the growing desire they felt.

For Ashleigh it was like a shock through her whole body. The touch of Jewell’s lips against hers was like nothing she had ever felt and her mouth melted into the kiss off this woman that she both hated and felt a deep affection for. Her hand moved to cradle the other woman’s head , softly stroking her smooth silvery hair as their kiss deepened even more.

Jewell’s hands moved to the front of Ashleigh’s bodice and fumbled a bit with the cords. Her fingers found purchase on the lacing and began to loosen it. Ashleigh pulled back from the kiss and started to protest, but Jewell’s mouth followed her and immediately silenced her once more as she kissed her again.

Her thoughts of protest quite forgotten, The red haired privateer let her hands wander down the back of her once rival now lover, touching her with tenderness. She slid her hands beneath the fabric of Jewell’s black doublet and caressed the other woman’s skin. It was strange for her to run her hands over the soft skin of another woman but the more she did it, the more she found she was enjoying the experience. Her kisses became more urgent and her fingers and skinned seemed to burn with eager lust as they caressed and kissed one another.

Ashleigh stood and lifted her arms as the silver haired beauty finished untying her bodice. Jewell slid her fingers underneath it and pulled it up over the taller pirate’s head. The sexy red haired buccaneer trembled slightly as the cool air of the cave brushed over her suddenly bare skin. Jewell smiled as she moved her mouth to Ashleigh’s nipple, taking it between her lips and suckling on it gently. In the same movement she spun her lover around and laid her back on the table, climbing atop her half naked form as she straddled the taller woman’s hips.

Ashleigh slid her hands to the bottom of Jewell’s doublet and started to clumsily undo the buttons holding it in place. She could feel the beautiful young woman’s breath become more heated and passionate on her breasts as she undid each of the buttons. They had stopped talking altogether and the only sounds that reverberated through the small cave. Ashleigh was a bit worried that her guard outside the door would be able to hear but the feelings that the argent haired temptress were simply too good to ignore. She moaned loudly and cupped her one time rival’s head in her hand and pulled her more firmly against her breast.

Jewell reached down and firmly cupped Ashleigh’s ass in her hands, taking charge of the situation. The two women may have been evenly matched in many things but the young pirate could sense right away that she was the one with the upper hand when it came to matters of seduction and lust. Ashleigh’s gentle and timid touches told Jewell all she needed to know about how experienced the other woman was in such matters.

With a smile for herself, Jewell held the pretty redhead’s ass in her skilled hands and kneaded it firmly. She left one hand on the girl’s firm backside as her other hand slid up the girls back, her long fingernails caressing her now bared skin with a mixture of tenderness and insistent firmness. She felt the beautiful Ashleigh rub back against the and on her ass as Jewell’s hand firmly groped her wonderful ass.

Jewell planted a few gentle kisses on Ashleigh’s kaçak casino neck and moved down her body, kissing her full breasts once more as her mouth and tongue slid down the curvy girl’s shapely and comely body. Her tongue teased and excited the skin with it’s skilled movements. Ashleigh arched deeply and whimpered her lust as she had never felt arousal such as this. No one she had ever been with had ever touched her or kissed her body the way Jewell was at the moment.

She reached down and ran her hair through the long silvery hair, pulling on the leather strap and letting it fall free around Jewell’s slender shoulders as the girl’s mouth moved down her body, pausing to play with her tits for a few moments before continuing to explore Ashleigh’s body.

Jewell was loving feeling her rival react to her mouth. She could sense every shiver and every squirm of her skin as her mouth continued it’s unchecked progress towards Ashleigh’s pussy. Her tongue darted and danced against the pale skin as she savoured the power she felt in this situation There was something so empowering about showing someone the pleasures that a woman could give them.

Jewell’s mouth reached Ashleigh’s sex and softly swirled around her clit, rolling it in a circular motion, She felt the other woman’s grasp on her hair tighten and a heard a loud moan escape her lips. Jewell took a moment to smile and gently licked over the folds of the girl’s pink labia. She felt the fingers in her hair release and clench again and the redheaded pirate whisper in a husky voice “That feels so amazing, please don’t stop.”

More than happy to oblige, the red haired beauty slid her tongue between the folds of her lover’s pussy, lapping up and down as she worked her tongue in a little deeper with every movement. She could feel the moisture and the heat between Ashleigh’s legs building with every flick of her skilled tongue.

Ashleigh’s back arched and Jewell climbed atop her, sliding her pants down and turning to straddle her head. Jewell lowered her own sex to her one time rival’s mouth and grinded against her sexy full lips a few times. The other woman did not need to be urged anymore as she began to lick at her sex. The tongue was clumsy and rough at first but quickly began to settle in as Ashleigh seemed to sense instinctively what Jewell enjoyed.

The smell of sex filled the room as each woman lost themselves in the pussy of the other, focusing on giving pleasure, knowing full well that their effort was being well rewarded by the eager tongue of the other girl.

Ashleigh had been aroused for a long time now and her body could take no more. Feeling her begin to shake as her body was inflamed by the rising climax, Jewell sat up and pushed her sex down on the beautiful pirate’s mouth, riding her face hard as her right hand’s index finger moved to Ashleigh’s clit. As she did this she brought her left hand to her own engorged button and teased it hard between her index and thumb. Her hips writhed and bucked against the eager tongue and lips of the woman between her legs and she tossed her head back with a loud scream. Her smooth silver mane flew wildly as she came hard, her own orgasm refusing to be denied.

Much later, as both women stood in the much larger main cave of the outlaw hideout and announced to their respective crews that an agreement had been reached for the share of the spoils in the passes near Clew bay. While both captains were very happy with the agreement that had been reached, both agreed that it would be very important to renegotiate the deal on a very regular basis, to make sure that they would both continue to be very satisfied with the terms of the pact. Both women looked forward to that very much.

To be continued.

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