Jessica Visits Holly

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I had a great job offer, to dance at a new strip club. First I called Jessie and invited her to my first night, but she could not make it as she had her own show on the weekend. I called up Sugar

and he was well up for the date.

I got him a VIP seat right at the front of the stage, and my words to him were, “just think while I am stripping, your the one who is going to fuck me.”

I got practising my routine when there was a knock at the door, I opened it to see Jessie standing there with a bottle of champagne.

“Hay my Darling, I was on my way to the club, and thought I would bring some bubbles to celebrate your job.”

“Well kitten get yourself in here and we will celebrate.”

Jessie peeled off her jacket, to reveal a sexy red knee length prom dress, strapless and puffed out at the bottom half, her tits just about holding in. She looks so good in these dresses, and just above the knee with sexy heels, her legs are just to die for, she always gets me horny as fuck.

After seeing my sexy red haired girlfriend standing there, her back to me her bare shoulders, and running her hands through her hair, letting it run through her fingers, so flirting with me I knew exactly where this was going to go. And I was as always up for anything. Working tonight or not, I am going to have you lady! I said to myself. Jessie turned around and saw what I had on, a black body stocking.

“You always rehearse in that? she asked with a horny look.

“Well yes Kitten, and I must say I so love your dress.”

“Thank you darling” Jessie replied.

We sat and drank and chatted, mostly about our threesome with Sugar, and I mentioned Andre and Mac those two I had in the club that night.

“Jessie it was incredible, they were rampant, good bodies, good cocks you need to meet them, it was my first time with two guys, and let me tell you, sucking a cock and getting fucked is something else!” I said excitedly.

“Well Holly, err….I don’t really know” Jessica answered in a unsure voice.

“Hay I am thinking you got someone on your mind! am I right?” I questioned to Jessie.

“Well Holly, to be frank with you yes, my feelings are going crazy, I am not like this normally but he makes me feel so special.” Jessie explained.

“And who is this guy? let me guess…is it Sugar?” I asked.

“Well yes, that’s what I mean Holly, you know what you and me are like, but he has hit a nerve in me, I really like him, and when he took me to dinner, and after at my place, like I say he has hit a nerve.” Jessica replied.

“Wow kitten that’s really deep, so let me ask you this, if I went round to his tonight and fucked him, how would you feel? if I jumped you now how would you feel? lets face it we both love our lives we love each other and the things we do, and lets be honest, if a hunk of a man came onto you, you would be on him like a shot.” I explained.

“That is so true Holly, I never really looked at it that way, maybe I just went to jelly because he paid me so much attention during the whole evening, you and me aren’t really used to being treated like that.” Jessica replied, playing with her hair as she spoke.

“So come on then, how about I arrange something with you and those two? I know you would love it.”

“I tell you now Sugar is coming to see me perform, and boy am I going to have him after, that my love is us” I commented.

“I will let you know Holly, it does sound an exciting thing to do, I must say.” Jessica replied smiling.

“That’s more like it lady, just let me know and I will arrange a meet with them.” Jessie smiled and took a drink from her glass, and gave me a look of want as she answered.

“Now Jessie let me show you what I am going to wear for my act”

With that I went off into the bedroom to change. I peeled off my body stocking, pulling it off my tits slowly as I began to get horny thinking about Jessie in the other room. I then put on a black mini dress, with a zip front, that casino oyna went top to bottom, I stuck my heels on, a bit of scent, and left the bedroom.

“So what do you think?” I asked running my hands up and down my sides.

Jesse’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

“Oh my I love it, it is so sexy, oh my.” Jessie said drooling.

I walked over to Jessie, and leant over her to get my drink, making sure my tits were right in front of her face. Jessie smelt so good, and as I stood up, I looked down the top of her dress and I caught a sight of her cleavage.

Jessie knew exactly what I wanted, lets face it she is three hours early for the club,and she is here, she knows what she wants, we can read each other really well. she placed her drink onto the table, and un crossed her legs, as I sat next to her.

“So Holly darling…you want some sex?” Jessie asked.

I leant over and we kissed, slow but hot, she found my tongue, and drew it into her mouth. I placed my hand on her knee and stroked upwards inside her dress, and along the side of her thigh stretching round to her butt.

“mmmm…Jessie darling I can’t get enough of you” I said as I pecked her neck.

Jessie got up, and walked over to the bedroom door, I got fixated on the back of her legs, the height of the heels bringing out every shape and muscle.

Her hemline finishing off her sexy look. She grabbed the door handle, and looked over to me. “Come on Lady, I want you.” Her thick pouty lips blowing me a kiss.

I got up and walked over to her, we kissed again, with more lust and want than before.

We walked into the bedroom, and Jessie walked over to the bed, throwing her clutch bag onto the bed. I rushed over to her before she could turn around and I took her tits, rubbing them through her dress. She leant her head back, and found my tongue, as we kissed I pushed the top of her dress off her tits and cupped them, and pushed them together, then apart again.

Our tongues carried on as she turned herself around, and still kissing me slowly

undid the zip on my dress, she stopped just after my tits, and pulled the dress off them. She took my right tit in her mouth, her hot lips pecking at my nipple, as she rubbed the other.

“Oh fuck!..Jessie” I whispered, my hands playing with her hair.

My hands went onto her shoulders downwards to her tits, I love the feel of her tits when she is leaning forwards, I played with them as she carried on taking mine with her mouth.

Jesse’s hands went down to my waist and round onto my butt, stroking it gently.

She turned around again, pressing her back on my front, and I took her tits again from behind, her nipples erect, I lowered my hand down and fumbled through the layers of her dress, and got to her pussy, I began to rub her slowly, her breathing and sighing turning me on even more, which made me rub her wet pussy harder. I then went back up to her tits, and massaged them as I pecked her rigid neck.

I took my hands off her tits and fully undid my zip, the dress with no straps to hold it on fell to the floor. Jessie then began to kiss me under my tits, down to my belly, the feel of her wet tongue sending me into a frenzy.

She then began to tease the top of my pussy, she began to slide her tongue up and down me, I was wet, and she was loving it, her tongue went in a bit deeper finding my clit, she teased me with her tongue and then dropped down and slid her tongue fully in.

“Jessie yes! fuck me! oh fuck yes! honey!” Fuck she felt so good.

I pulled her up and took her tongue with mine again, I sat her on the edge of the bed, and worked my way down, kissing her knees I began to push up the layers of dress up to her hips, she held them up as I kissed my way up her inner thighs to her pussy, I went straight in, fucking her hard with my tongue,

she tasted gorgeous, hot and wet, her pussy lips smooth, my saliva making her wetter. I then heard a zip go! and she pushed a vibrator into canlı casino my hand.

“Fuck me honey!” Jessie demanded, my she came prepared!

I switched it on low speed, and teased up and down her pussy, kissing her inside thigh as I teased her. I could hear her moans of delight, which made me take her again with my mouth, my tongue flicking her clit, and rubbing her lips with my fingers. Then I slowly pushed her toy into her, then out again, then back in, doing her as though a cock was fucking her.

“Ooh my Holly…Ooh My! she purred.

She began to move her lower end backwards and forwards pushing herself fully onto the vibrator. She then laid flat on the bed, her right leg bent up, her foot resting on the edge of the bed.

“Holly…quicker! do me quicker!…oh fuck yes! oh fuck turn it up and fuck me!”

Job done, up went the speed and faster I went, fucking and kissing her pussy.

I stopped and offered it to Jesse’s mouth, and she took it with hunger, taking her left tit in her hand, I could imagine her taking a cock, as her lips took the vibrator in her mouth. I went down on her right tit, as she carried on sucking.

I had a sudden thought, why not two toys?

So I reached over to the drawer of my bedside cabinet and pulled out my favourite toy, nine inches of thick hard rubber cock. I began to work her butt, getting it ready for her treat, but instead of forcing the nine inch into her I used the vibrator. I slipped it in, and then the big boy into her pussy.

“Holly fucking hell…oh fuck! do me with them both…oh my oh fuck!”

“You like that Jessie? you like two cocks fucking you?” I asked

“Oh fuck yes! so fucking good….oh ya! Oh my is this what it’s like baby?..I want it!”

I agreed with her even though I never got the chance to have the two guys in me at once!

I carried on, yes my purpose was to get her ready for Andre and Mac, toys are good, but the real thing? oh fuck! I looked up at Jessie, laying there taking both, rubbing her tits and her head right back, her lips pouting and her tongue licking them as I thrust both her holes.

“Holly don’t stop! oh fuck change round…” she lustfully pleaded

so into her butt went the dildo, she went rigid for a moment then relaxed and took her double fuck again.

Still laying on her back, I climbed up and sat on her just below her tits, legs bent either side of them. my hand behind and holding the dildo in her butt.

I pushed my pussy to her mouth, and she began to take me, she bent her legs up so I could lean back on them.

“Come on Jessie fuck me with your toy! oh fuck your mouth feels good! awww fuck!”

I removed the toys and handed them both to her, With that she stuffed the dildo straight into my pussy, and pumped it in and out.

“You like that honey?….you want it harder?” Jessie asked.

“Fuck yes kitten…fucking yes!” she gave it to me, “Oh Jessie…oh fuck yes!

harder! fuck me harder…yes…awww fuck yes! quicker! yes! oh Jessie fuck yes!”

I screamed out.

Then she stopped, slid out from underneath me, and forced me down onto the bed on my back. She turned around to take the 69, still sitting up, she unzipped the side of her dress and pulled the top totally down, her bare back now visible, and the sides of her tits showing.

She then went down on me, I threw the layers of her dress up over her butt, and went into her hard and fast, stroking her butt. She began to finger fuck me as I took her, the feel of her tits pressing on my body drove me crazy, as I returned the pleasure and fucked her with my fingers.

“Awww Holly fucking yes!” she said, as yet again the vibrator entered my hand, I began to fuck her with it, her fingers now rampant fucked me good and hard. Then she fucked me with the dildo, going down on me as she took me with it.

I was loving this, and took the vibrator out and we swapped, I squeezed the dildo into Jesse’s butt, and licked her pussy, with kaçak casino that she sat up, still with the dildo in her, and began to do her pussy with the vibrator.

“Oh fuck! what are their names Holly?” Jessie asked.

“Andre and Mac” I replied.

“Oh yes….Oh fuck Andre is fucking my ass! oh fuck he feels good! Mac come on keep up!”

She was in another world, I helped by stroking her body, lifting the bottom of her dress up. One arm over head as she still sitting on the dildo that was resting on me, continued to do herself. I must say I was beginning to feel like a spare part. Jessie seemed oblivious to my presence.

She lifted her dress up and off, I wriggled my way out from her and sat up against the headboard of the bed and forced Jessie back onto my front, my hand down on her and rubbing her pussy hard. She removed the dildo from her butt, and took it in her mouth,as she carried on fucking herself with the vibrator, and me rubbing her.

“Holly I want to cum….oh fuck yes..I’m cumin honey I’m cumin aww fuck yes!

yes! yes! fuck me girl…oh yes! fucking yes!!” she yelled as I felt her come.

Awww..fuck Holly Hmm…so good.” She sighed.

She then got off me and repositioned us our pussy’s against each other, her leg hanging over mine, she began to grind onto me..

“I am gonna make you cum Lady…oh fuck yes!” She said to me.

“Do me Jessie pump me…oh fucking hell yes that feels so good, oh fuck me hard..

awww….awww..fucking yes….harder Jessie! I’m cumin oh my oh fuck yes” I yelled out as I came onto her pussy.

“Hmm…Jessie come here.”

She came up to me and we kissed, and laid there in each others arms. After a while Jessie had to get ready to finally leave for the club, she got up and went off for a shower, but I wasn’t done with her yet, I wanted her again, I got up and walked to the shower room. There she was wet and soapy. I went behind her and massaged her wet soapy tits.

“Oh Holly…mmmm….you are so naughty!” Jessie joked.

“Fuck me again before you go honey!” I begged.

With that Jessie went round behind me, put her hand on my shoulder giving me the hint to bend over, I bent myself forwards, my arms crossed on the wall, my butt sticking out, and Jessie slid her fingers down between my cheeks and found my pussy, she began to do me hard, shit I knew she was in a rush, but fuck me she showed it.

“Go on Jessie finish me…fucking finish me! Aww fuck yes…harder girl! fucking harder…yes…yes that’s the way fucking yes! ooh fuck yes!”

“Sugar is fucking you Holly…he is fucking you from behind….can you feel him?”

“Oh Jessie yes….Fuck me Sugar….oh fuck me!” I began to imagine Sugar pumping me as Jessie now with three fingers in me fucked me hard. It was as though she was returning the fantasy, she had, had my two guys and now she was giving me “her” Sugar!

“You want to cum Holly? you want to cum on his cock? you like his cock honey? He wants to cum in your pussy…you want him to cum?” Jessie asked then began kissing my back. Her other hand on my tit, I kept imagining Sugar doing me, kissing my back and cupping my tit, I began to move my pussy backwards and forwards.

“Oh fuck yes Jessie…make him fuck me harder!” My fantasy was beginning to over take me. Imagining Sugars cock sliding in and out, oh fuck yes! The hot water pouring over us, as Jessie carried on..I felt myself cumin and it was Sugar fucking me from behind.

“Oh fuck I’m cumin Jessie make him cum! fucking make him cum in me! Oh yes…OH FUCK YES!! Sugar fucking do me YES! YES! YES! oh fuck Jessie oh fuck!!”

I came in a rush over Jesse’s hand, and collapsed myself against my arms on the wall. Jessie came up behind me and put her arms around me.

“Are you done now honey?” She asked.

“Oh fuck yes Jessie…and I loved your tease, that was just the most.” I replied.

We finished showering, and whilst showering Jessie confirmed to me that I should arrange the threesome with my two male buddies.

I managed to get her composed and ready to leave for her club, we kissed and off she went.

As for me I got busy on the telephone to speak to Andre and Mac.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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