Jen and Liz

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Jen didn’t know what she was doing at the hotel with Elizabeth.

It was natural for her to feel lonely and desperate after a break up, especially a harsh one like she’d just had with that John character. Whew, what a mistake!

But was it enough to drive her into the arms of a new lover, so soon?

And a woman? Jen had never had a woman before.

Elizabeth was a woman who worked in the same office as Jen, although she had a higher position than Jen did. She was about ten years older then Jen, and had a head of grey blonde hair, cut short and spiky.

I should have guessed her for a dyke a long time ago, Jen thought.

But Elizabeth had seen Jen crying at her desk, reaching frantically for tissue, Kleenex, anything to blow her nose on. And she had offered to take Jen to a hotel after work, just to give her some time to calm down.

John was collecting his things from the apartment, Jen had confessed to the older woman, who had hugged her close. Jen didn’t want to be there just now.

So Elizabeth had offered to pay for her hotel room for the night, and drive her over, to keep her company until they were sure John was gone. She had even suggested Jen stay at the hotel for the night, to make sure she didn’t run into John at all. He was the ‘ex’ now, the most recent one. And Jen would do best to avoid him.

It had sounded like sound advice. But then Elizabeth had put her hand on Jen’s thigh in the car. And she hadn’t taken it off yet.

Jen felt obligated to suffer the sudden touch, and hadn’t complained. It had felt nice to have someone touching her nicely after how badly John had treated her. It was nice to think someone cared.

But was Elizabeth making a pass at her?

At last, the car pulled up in front of the door of the motel room that Elizabeth had reserved by phone for Jen. She got out of the car and headed to the front office, to pick up the key. And she was back within a few moments.

“Come on, sweetie,” Elizabeth said, opening Jen’s door.

Jen got out, standing up in front of Elizabeth. She noticed the lovely grey color of the other woman’s eyes and blushed. But Elizabeth mistook her quick look away for a sign of more tears, and put her arms around Jen.

“There, there, I won’t leave you alone until you feel a lot more comfortable with this whole thing. This must be so sudden for you.”

Jen realized that even if Elizabeth weren’t the lesbian she seemed, she suddenly hoped she was. There was no denying there was a tingle between their bodies as Elizabeth held her, and then pulled away. They walked up to the hotel room, Jen hugging herself to keep the tingle going, and Elizabeth opening the hotel room door.

The room was horrid, small, cramped, and taken up mostly by the double bed with the ratty pink sheets on it. But Elizabeth just shrugged it off.

“Well, what can you expect for a motel that pays by the hour and takes reservations over the phone without a credit card number? They’re desperate, but hey, so were we! It’s convention week, you know. Hardly any room at the inn!”

Elizabeth laughed lightly, then closed the door behind Jen. She turned to face the girl. Jen shook her head, her dark hair spilling behind her shoulders and her blue eyes gleaming as she felt that spark again. Elizabeth seemed confused. It was as if she felt the spark, too, but couldn’t decipher where it was coming from.

Then, she must have done what Jen did, and just – gave in.

Elizabeth’s mouth moved to Jen’s. And Jen’s was open, accepting, weak and willing. Elizabeth moved her hands to Jen’s hips, suddenly pulling the younger woman close. And Jen didn’t object.

Elizabeth’s mouth was soft and sweet against her own, and she rested her hands on Elizabeth’s shoulders, her fingers gripping firmly as if she were afraid she might fall. The older woman’s hands quickly tugged Jen’s blouse out of her skirt waist, her thin hands slipping up beneath the sheer white material. casino siteleri

Jen couldn’t believe it. A woman’s hands were on her breasts. A woman’s!

She moaned as Elizabeth’s searching fingers ran over her nipples, then forced their way determinedly into Jen’s tight lacey brassiere. The fingers moved over her breasts so forcefully, squeezing and massaging each as the two women continued to kiss. Jen could feel Elizabeth sucking on her tongue, and she let her own slip into Elizabeth’s mouth, willing the kiss to go on.

And it did. Elizabeth moved her hands to the front of Jen’s blouse now, carelessly pulling the buttons apart, forcing the blouse open. Jen gasped as Elizabeth undid her bra, and began to ruthlessly tease and mash her now bare breasts.

The feeling was incredible. Elizabeth’s fingers were igniting fires no man ever had in Jen. And she wanted more.

She broke the kiss, tilting her head back. Elizabeth’s mouth immediately began to suckle at Jen’s neck flesh, her hands now pushing the blouse off the younger woman’s shoulders. She pushed the bra straps down Jen’s arms, and Jen shrugged out of the cumbersome clothing. Then Jen rested her hands on the walls behind Elizabeth for support as the other woman’s mouth began to go lower.

Lower down her neck, to her collarbones. Back and forth over each shoulder. Then down, down went Elizabeth’s mouth, to Jen’s nipples.

She looked down. Elizabeth was latched onto one dark areola for all she was worth, suckling hard on the sensitive flesh. Her hands were massaging the other mammary in circles. Jen closed her eyes, groaning.

Then Elizabeth was moving Jen to the bed, pushing the younger woman backwards until Jen was toppling back onto the blankets. Elizabeth was right there with her, mouth still latched to her breast. But now her hands were moving up underneath Jen’s skirt.

Oh gods, Jen thought. She’s really going to touch me there. Oh my gods!

Elizabeth’s hands slipped up under Jen’s tight work skirt, until she found the waistband. She moved her fingers there, slipping them beneath the pantyhose, until Jen could feel the older woman touching her hot flushed bare skin. Elizabeth’s hand went lower now, and suddenly, she was gripping Jen’s sex. Jen’s privacy was throbbing. Her cunt lips were already soaked, and Elizabeth had no trouble slipping her fingers up inside of Jen’s tight slit.

Jen writhed. But she did nothing to stop Elizabeth’s probing, thrusting fingers.

Elizabeth’s tongue was flicking madly at Jen’s nipple now. Then she suddenly stopped. She was panting hard. Jen looked up at her. She watched as Elizabeth stood from the bed and began to undress. She tore open her own pale beige blouse, exposing small breasts with pale peach nipples underneath, no bra. Elizabeth was eyeing Jen’s skirt as she pulled down her own and kicked it to the floor.

The short-haired woman was now wearing nothing more than her own panty hose. Hers were brown in color. Jen’s were a dark professional grey.

Jen gulped as Elizabeth’s eyes raked over her body and met her own. They seemed so hungry, so full of passion and fire. Jen’s breath caught in her throat, and she put her hands to one of her hot flushed cheeks. The gesture must have been a trigger, because suddenly Elizabeth was back with her on the bed. Her mouth was once again hungrily suckling on Jen’s nipple, and her hands were now tearing down Jen’s pantyhose.

She wanted to cry out in the force of Elizabeth’s desire. The woman’s passionate embraces and touches were almost too much. She could feel her own body responding, throbbing, as Elizabeth’s fingers tugged down her nylons.

As the nylons went lower, so did Elizabeth’s mouth. She was moving to the underside of Jen’s breast, then licking her way down the younger woman’s ribs. At last her tongue was settling into the curves of Jen’s hip and waist. Jen dropped her head back, gasping again for air.

Elizabeth continued.

Her canlı casino hand ran back up Jen’s thigh, leaving the nylons tight around her knees. Elizabeth’s fingers traced up the slender leg, then slipped in between Jen’s thighs, parting them. Soon her fingers were working, freely at last, on Jen’s sex.

Jen’s cunt ached for it. She couldn’t believe how it ached to have Elizabeth’s fingers against her, inside her. Her whole body was crying out ‘yes, touch me’.

Elizabeth read the signs, and did just that. She moved her mouth from Jen’s hip, rolling Jen onto her back on the bed. And quickly, her mouth dived over Jen’s sexy cunt. With her tongue, she was parting Jen’s quivering labia, flicking over Jen’s excited clitoris. Jen writhed. She tossed side to side on the bed, reveling in Elizabeth’s touches.

And Elizabeth touched her so deeply. Her tongue was parting Jen’s sex, opening her up. Her fingers were spreading her wide, so Elizabeth could see all of Jen’s privacy, the swollen red flesh, the darkened tunnel.

Quickly, Elizabeth moved her tongue against the dark slit. She lapped furiously at Jen’s pussy, then forced her tongue hard inside. She twisted it, and Jen cried out, feeling her pussy fill up with Elizabeth’s tongue. To her delight, Elizabeth didn’t stop there. She joined a finger to her tongue, sliding the digit rigidly inside of Jen’s vagina. Jen was filled now with flesh. Her fingers went to Elizabeth’s hair, tugging on the short whitish locks as she moaned and cried out. In and out of Jen went Elizabeth’s tongue. In and out went her finger, slipping wetly along Jen’s walls.

Jen couldn’t stand it anymore. She came, hard, coating Elizabeth’s mouth, tongue and fingers. And she could feel Elizabeth lapping at her vigorously, drinking her in. Elizabeth backed up from Jen’s shaking body, giving her a moment to rest. But in the back of Jen’s mind, something was clicking.

This was her first experience with a woman. And Elizabeth was so…passionate. And aggressive. And into the mood. If Jen didn’t act on her own curious desires now, right now, she might become embarrassed. And not do anything later, or ever again.

She sat up, her face close to Elizabeth’s. Then, she kissed her. At first, Elizabeth seemed shocked. Then she began to return the kiss, increasing its depth. Her hand moved to Jen’s cheek and began to stroke her face, gently, encouragingly.

But Jen wasn’t feeling gently. She was feeling brave, bold, uncharacteristically so. She pushed Elizabeth back suddenly on the bed, putting the other girl in the same position she had so recently been in. Jen got up over the prone older woman, who seemed almost shocked by the younger lady’s sudden aggression. Jen purred at her, then began to lower her mouth. With Elizabeth’s eyes locked on her own, she moved her mouth over the slight curve of one of Elizabeth’s small breasts.

Jen could taste the salty sweat on Elizabeth’s skin. As her tongue went lower, she finally tore her eyes away from Elizabeth’s, and looked at the pale skinned nipple she was approaching.

The breast was a small mound, and the erect nipple was its pale peak. Jen’s tongue moved to the slightly bumpy flesh. It was a new experience, tasting another woman so intimately. She flicked her tongue over the nipple, and it shuddered lightly.

Then, Jen wanted to go lower. She squeezed the breast in her hand, once, twice, then began to move down Elizabeth’s body.

The older woman’s skin was shivering, trembling beneath Jen’s tongue and mouth. She smiled as she licked lower down Elizabeth’s belly, looking up and meeting Elizabeth’s eyes as her fingers went before her and began to play at the waistband of Elizabeth’s nylons.

Elizabeth wasn’t wearing underwear beneath them, either, just like Jen hadn’t been. For a moment, Jen sat up. She was straddling Elizabeth’s thin legs. And she looked down at the woman’s sex for the first time.

Short bright blonde hair was poking through the woman’s kaçak casino nylons. Jen ran her fingers over the stubble showing through, and it was prickly over her palms.

Then her fingers went to the waistband again, and she began to pull them down. Slowly, carefully, Jen pulled the nylons down to Elizabeth’s thighs. Now the other woman’s sex was exposed. Jen kept pulling the nylons free, until they were completely off of Elizabeth’s legs.

Now she could get to work.

Jen carefully pushed Elizabeth’s knees apart. She was afraid to meet the woman’s gaze, afraid she was doing something wrong. She’d never done this before, and she wanted to explore Elizabeth – but she also wanted to impress and please…

She lowered her head carefully to the other woman’s privacy, breathing in the strong feminine scent. Then with careful fingers, she pried the cunny lips apart. And Elizabeth was revealed to her, very intimately.

Her flesh was swollen with lust and desire. And Jen could see her excitement in the slickness that was slipping along the delicate folds. She put her finger against the dark slit in the midst of the folds, then moved it upwards, finding the hooded clitoris that was beginning to stiffen and bud.

That thick nub of flesh was so enticing. Jen could not resist lowering her head and kissing it. Then she flicked her tongue out, touching it along the sides and rim of the delicate hood. The clit trembled slightly, stiffening even more. Jen opened her mouth, taking the clit within her lips and tugging on it. Then she lapped around it.

Elizabeth tasted very clean, surprisingly so, though Jen didn’t know what she expected. There was a sweet taste as well, a syrupy natural taste that she couldn’t place. And she wanted to taste more of it.

Carefully, Jen began to settle herself between Elizabeth’s thighs, moving her body along the bed to be most comfortable. Then she began to explore the other woman’s body. With her tongue, she went lower, seeking to taste each crevice of the cunt before her. She dipped into every bit of flesh, until at last her tongue had found the steaming slit of Elizabeth’s sex.

She touched it, and the small outer labia quivered. She flicked her tongue over them again, and Elizabeth moaned.

This must be the right thing to do, Jen thought. With one finger, she subtly traced the dark fleshed lips, teasing them and making Elizabeth writhe. Then she put her tongue back to the slit, and began to force it between the lips.

Elizabeth was incredibly tight. Jen almost wondered if the woman had ever had a man before. Into the tight canal she pushed her tongue, feeling the excited flesh around her as it sought to stroke and grip her. The feeling was unique, having her tongue massaged almost.

Jen pulled out, sucking on her tongue and tasting Elizabeth’s excitement. She liked it. And she wanted more.

Into Elizabeth she moved her tongue again, pushing it further, deeper. Elizabeth’s hands came down to Jen’s head, caressing Jen’s hair eagerly, encouragingly. Jen pushed her tongue deeper, and now, she added a finger. She slid it into Elizabeth’s tightness, twisting it around next to her tongue, feeling it begin to stretch the very tight canal.

Elizabeth was bucking now. Jen followed her lead and began to thrust both her tongue and finger deeper inside the moving woman. In and out she went, imagining she was pistoning into Elizabeth much the same way a man would.

In and out, in and out.

And then, Elizabeth came. Sweet nectar gushed like syrup over Jen’s mouth, and she quickly pulled her finger away and forced her mouth fully against Elizabeth’s cunt, drinking in every drop of the woman’s orgasm. She pressed her face hard against Elizabeth’s sex, suckling the quivering lips between her own.

At last Elizabeth pushed Jen’s eager mouth away, laying on her side, panting.

“Gods, Jen. If I had known…”

“Known what?” Jen asked, sliding up along Elizabeth’s back, pressing her own still naked and quivering body against the older woman’s bare back.

“If I had known you were a lesbian, I probably would have become one myself!”

Jen gulped. Blinked. And didn’t respond.

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