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There it was again! I looked up only to find Her staring straight at me. I didn’t speak. I couldn’t. As it happened I didn’t need to. Now that She had my attention She didn’t need a reply.

“Could you hand me that riding crop, please?”

Shit! What? No! This didn’t happen. I wasn’t meant to be a part of this. I wanted to scream, “I’m only here to watch!” Despite this, I found myself slowly reaching out and picking it up. The crop felt alien in my hands; I had never handled anything like it before. I crossed the room and handed it to Her … it would have been impolite not to … right? I walked back to my chair, only too aware of the deafening sound of my heart beating in my ears.

She used the crop on Zoe’s arse, flicking it almost casually over her pale skin. Each bite of the crop seemed only to increase the flow from Zoe’s cunt. Abruptly, She stopped, pulling Zoe’s mouth from Her clit. Standing, She moved Zoe to the back of the couch, pushed her over it and kicked her feet wide apart.

“Don’t move!”

Then She left the room, idly tossing the riding crop onto the table next to where I was sitting. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. What was wrong with me? All I had done was hand it to Her! You’d think the damned thing was going to leap up and bite me the way I was acting!

Slowly I pulled my eyes away from the crop only to have them fall on Zoe, face first over the couch, her pert red arse just begging to be fucked.

Before my imagination could go any further She walked back in wearing a large, black strap-on and carrying a big, thick whip.

The sight of this whip made me tremble … what with? Nerves? Anticipation?

She walked straight over to Zoe and I was shocked to hear Zoe moan with delight. She whipped her slave over and over again whilst she squirmed and humped at the air. Zoe was loving every lash, even as the pools of mascara and tears slid down her face.

She threw down the whip and swung Her hand up hard between Zoe’s legs, slapping her soaking wet pussy so hard she screamed as she came so fiercely that she shook from head to toe. She waited no further and thrust the dildo into Zoe’s ass whilst her body still jerked and convulsed.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. My own clit was begging for some attention, begging to be allowed to join in. God what was I thinking? This was not something I had ever thought about before, and yet there I was watching the horniest sex and all I could think is that I wish it were me getting whipped and fucked.

I couldn’t take it anymore and got up to run. Run home, only to endlessly masturbate and replay the images over and over in my mind.


Shit, where had the week gone? There I was lying in bed with a clit three times the size it should be. Well I knew what I would do, I would just phone them and apologise (regretfully) that I would no longer be coming to their house. No longer watching their lives. No longer seeing the full extent of their kinkiness.

NO! I need to stop that thinking. I needed to get up and phone them before my fickle self tried to stop me. I pulled on a pair of shorts and my favourite basketball vest and headed downstairs to make the call. Just as I lifted the phone there was a knock at the door.

I got a shock when I opened the door and there stood Zoe. Looking confused? Or was it concern? Was she truly worried about me?

“Jade, I have been trying to ring you all week! What’s wrong? Are you ok? Why did you leave like that? Are you mad at us?” she blurted out.

“Slow down, Zoe. I’m fine. I just remembered this … um … thing I had to do”.

“A thing??” Zoe repeated, raising one eyebrow in that all too knowing way that she has.

How had I never noticed the gold flecks in her large brown eyes before?

“Ok, so why didn’t you answer the phone?” she asked.

“Zoe, let it go, please” I implored, “there’s nothing wrong, it’s just personal.”

I moved backwards away from her but she just stepped forward, invading my personal space, forcing me to look at her, to smell that damned perfume she always wears, and the soft delicious smell of the lavender and jasmine shampoo that She always bought for her.

Crap. I’m hopeless!

“Jade Jones.”

That’s what she calls me when she’s being serious.

“You are in big trouble!”

God, didn’t I just know it.

“You know all my personal stuff” and she made quote marks in the air with her fingers. “So you can just spill! Besides, I thought we were friends,” and she took one step closer to me.

Shit, shit, shit.

“We are friends,” I reassured, “I’m just not ready to talk yet. Please don’t push me.”

She paused, and I found myself holding my breath.

“‘K,” she grinned, “but you’ll come out for dinner tonight.”

Before I could even begin to think of an excuse she grabbed me into a big hug. Oh god, that woman felt good. I hugged her back resisting the temptation to nuzzle my lips into her neck, and before I knew it, she was out of my embrace and saying, “Cool, we’ll pick you up at 8.” Then she was gone, leaving casino siteleri behind her intoxicating scent to torment me a bit longer.

Shit, Jade, how did you let this happen?!

I’ve asked myself this question all week. I’ve never been attracted to a woman before, much less been with one. So what makes Them so special?

I went into the bathroom to take a shower. Yeah, that would help … a nice cold shower. But then I remembered something, and returning to my bedroom I found what I was looking for: a bottle of that shampoo, lavender and jasmine. Needless to say, I took a very long shower.

Oh shit! What to wear? I think I tried on about twenty different outfits. Had I ever been that flustered and indecisive about a date before? Wait! Get a grip! It wasn’t a date!

I finally settled on my favourite jeans, a white linen shirt and a pinstripe blazer.

When the bell rang, my heart quickened. Jeeze, this is a mistake. Walking to the door I told myself, “You go out with them all the time, Jade, just get a bloody grip!”

“What?” She said.

“Nothing,” I replied, as I felt myself blush. “I was just talking to myself.”

She glanced down and asked, “Did you tell yourself to put shoes on, or do I need to carry you to the car?”

I blushed furiously, and in my embarrassment I fumbled with my laces.

“Here, let me help,” She said, kneeling at my feet.

Oh my god. My heart went into overdrive. Calm yourself, Jade. Standing up, She opened the door for me and we headed towards the car.

Sitting in the restaurant, I felt more relaxed as I was on my third glass of champagne. We were discussing the meaning of names, and Zoe was telling me that Jade is a type of precious stone that is revered by the Chinese. Ok, so I already knew that, but what she says next shocked me.

“One definition of Jade is slut.”

I nearly choked on my champagne, and She gave me an all too knowing smirk. Then Zoe gasped, her eyes widened, and her pupils dilated. Our eyes made contact, and I couldn’t look away. Couldn’t even if I wanted. I was consumed by the absolute lust in her eyes.

“Tell me. How does that feel, Zoe?” She asked.


The waiter approached the table with our meals, and I could only presume that because Zoe didn’t move that She was still fingering her. Zoe’s eyes remained locked on mine, then I became aware She was talking.

“These two beautiful ladies would like some more champagne. Right, darling?”

“Please,” Zoe managed to say, then quickly excused herself to go to the bathroom before dessert. I am certain that it was to clean herself up as She had been using her throughout the meal. She licked Her fingers, and for the first time I found myself wondering what she must taste like. Jesus, Jade, what is going on with you?

“What does it taste like?” I found myself asking. Whoa, where did that come from?!

“The escargot?” She queried. “Didn’t you have some?”

“I didn’t mean the food,” I replied, blushing.

She chuckled, a throaty sound that made me quiver.

“Have you never tasted your own?” She asked.

“Um … well … yes. But I was …”

“Oh, you were specifically asking what Zoe tastes like.” It wasn’t a question. She already knew what I meant. Fortunately, I didn’t have to answer as Zoe returned, and I hastily drained another glass of champagne.

She drove one of those big old American cars, so on the ride home Zoe insisted that I sit in the front with them. She insisted that Zoe take her dress off. Well, the bottle of champagne was already enough to make my head spin, but the smell of her already warmed cunt combined with her perfume was enough to make my clit swell until it felt like squeezing a tennis ball between my thighs!

She had Zoe spread her legs as wide as she could and slide down in the seat, tilting her pelvis up so that She (and I, though I tried hard not to stare) could see everything as She told Zoe to finger herself. Very clearly, without rushing, She talked Zoe through a lewd but calculated finger fuck.

“That’s it, baby. Show me what you’ll do for me. Show your mistress what a horny little slut you are.” As She said the word slut, it resonated in my clit. Was She saying these words on purpose, perhaps talking to me? After all, had Zoe not told me that my name means slut? All I wanted to do was take my clothes off and join in with Zoe, let Her voice lift me into the heights of bliss that Zoe was experiencing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, fascinated by her fingers. I wanted to fall to the floor and bury my face in her pussy as she cried out her mistress’ name.

And then I realised they were quiet, and the engine was stopped. We were at my apartment, Zoe was relaxed in Her lap, and my hand was down my pants. Fuck!!

I pulled my hand out, mumbling something totally incoherent about too much champagne and then jumped out the car, then practically ran up the path to my house. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“Jade, wait!” I stopped in spite of myself (this is the power that She has over me). “We want to be sure you get in safely.”

“I’m canlı casino fine,” I said, making a lavish gesture with my hands, tossing my keys straight into the hedge. Fuck!

She scrambled in the hedge and returned my keys to my hand but didn’t let go.

“We’d also like to invite you to stay with us tonight.”

And just like that, I was back in the car with them. It was like a giant magnet was pulling me. I had no control over it. Was I already giving Her all the control?

She opened the car door for me as She always had, but this time She was holding my hand as I got in.

Zoe had put her dress back on and was smiling at me reassuringly. We didn’t talk in the short ride from mine to theirs, but Zoe held my hand, occasionally squeezing it for reassurance.

Inside the hall, Zoe removed her dress again and knelt as her mistress buckled the black, leather collar around her neck. I looked at her, not knowing what to do, but she gave me a grin that assured me I was ok. She turned towards me and although I didn’t even know if I wanted to, I started to kneel. She chuckled and, grabbing my hands, pulled me to my feet. Her face grew soft but serious as She tenderly brushed my face with Her knuckles.

“Anything that happens tonight will be strictly up to you, Jade. Zoe and I have discussed and agreed that there is a place for you in our lives that cries out for further exploration. This is not something we have ever considered with anyone else. We trust no other in the things we do … except you. We have been discussing it for some time but you have never given us any indication that our way of things would appeal to you … until now.” She grinned at me, and I felt myself start to melt, but before I could respond She continued.

“Still, we want you to feel comfortable, so tonight we will do what comes naturally to us, and you may join in if you want.”

Then She kissed me softly on the lips, and I glanced nervously at Zoe as my heart started to race, but she was smiling … proudly.


I began to ask a question, but She silenced me by kissing me once again, then said, “For tonight, let’s just enjoy finding out what we can about you.”

I smiled a little, sighed raggedly, and blushed profusely. She kissed me once again, and I felt my clit jerk in response. I wanted to wrap my arms around Her, but I didn’t know if I was allowed to touch.

She turned to Zoe and said, “Why don’t you two go upstairs and get comfortable? I’ll give you some time to relax a little and then I’ll bring up some more champagne. Alright, darling?”

“Yes, my love.” Zoe smiled, stood, and taking my hand led me up the stairs, telling me how happy she was that this was finally happening.

Oh my god. I think I might faint!

I took a deep breath. I’ve been in their bedroom before. Of course, I’d never been in it whilst a naked, delicious smelling Zoe was taking off my blazer. I started to shiver with anticipation as she stripped me of my shirt. Her nipples were so hard against me, and her skin was cooler than mine. Well, that made sense, she’d been naked longer.

Wait, when did she take my jeans off? Shit, did I put my good underwear on? Get a bloody grip, Jade, you want this!

I felt Zoe’s hands on my hips and slowly, oh so very slowly she eased my underwear down until I was naked in front of her. Zoe led me to the bed and sat me down. She pushed me back on the bed, then ran a lazy trail with her tongue up my body. I gasped as her mouth found my nipple and she gently rolled her tongue round it, teasing it. Zoe then lay on top of me. I felt all of her, her soft skin, her full round breasts, her sweet lips, her warm, wet tongue in my mouth and her hot, wet cunt on my thigh.

I found myself pushing my body up to her, wanting her, aching for her touch. Zoe’s body slid to one side, so she was still on top, pressed against me, but her full weight was no longer on me. Her fingers began to wander their way down my body, gently stroking and teasing me. I held my breath in anticipation as they crept lower and lower. Then her finger was on my clit. I let out a deep moan as she began to circle it in a steady firm rhythm. I thrust my pelvis up to meet her, and my orgasm ripped through me.

I heard the tinkle of the champagne flutes but not Her footsteps as She entered the room. I opened my eyes from the bliss I had been experiencing and gazed at Her magnificent, lean body. She had undressed already — she is so beautiful.

Again, I was struck with all the times I had seen that amazing body in the same state of undress, and yet that time … that time as She approached Her slave, I was underneath her. That time as She reached out Her hand it could just as easily have brushed my tingling skin. It didn’t and I cannot begin to describe the disappointment I felt as She trailed her fingers down Zoe’s spine. Zoe lifted her head from my shoulder, and her eyes and mouth widened in pleasure. Then her body was moving against mine in tiny up and down thrusts, and I realised that She was fucking Zoe with her fingers. Zoe’s eyes, filled with greedy lust, were kaçak casino locked with mine.

“Jade?” She was talking to me, but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from Zoe’s quivering, panting, pre-orgasmic face.

“Let’s do this together, shall we?”

“Yes!” Oh my god, yes. What other answer could I give?

Oh god, oh god … filled with trepidation, I released my grip on the sheets with my right hand and slowly slid it, palm up, between my body and Zoe’s. I found her engorged clit with ease and began to slowly circle it with my trembling fingers.

Zoe’s breathing intensified.

“Mistress? Please!”

“Yes, Zoe, you may cum. Cum for me. Cum for Jade.”

Fuck, how she came. I felt her whole body stiffen and then tremble on top of me as she screamed and moaned into my neck. She bucked against both my fingers and Hers. As Zoe ground her pussy onto my fingers it forced the knuckles of my upturned hand onto my own soaking wet sex. When I started to cum, I spread my legs as wide as I could and lifted my knees, making Zoe’s weight settle more solidly on my hand, bringing on my second orgasm of the night, an orgasm so strong I couldn’t silence it, and I came calling out Her name. I moaned loudly, and Zoe answered with her own primal lust.

I felt the wet spot beneath me from the flood of pussy juices. It was Zoe — it was me — it was us! That thought alone made my heart leap and my clit thrum. I could get used to this!

I felt Zoe’s weight shift from on top of me and, opening my eyes, I realised that She was lifting Zoe onto her hands and knees. Looking at Her, I saw she was wearing the very same black strap-on from that fateful day.


Pulling Zoe’s head back by her hair, She said, “Does my little slut (my heart leapt again at the use of that word) want to kiss Jade?”

“Yes! Yes, Mistress!”

“Good, because I very much want to see your hungry mouth on Jade’s lovely lips.” With that, She released Zoe’s hair.

Leaning forward and panting heavily, Zoe asked me, “May I kiss you?”

Fuck, yeah! I nodded my head without voicing what was screaming in my head.

As Zoe’s lips found mine, She pushed that hard black strap-on into her sweet wet cunt, and Zoe moaned into my mouth. I imagined that She was taking me; I could almost feel the cold smoothness of that large dildo sliding into me … almost!

That night, with very little sadism, She fucked her beautiful Zoe and, through her, me. She mounted her from behind whilst she was still atop me, and I kissed and caressed every bit of skin that I could reach. I so desperately wanted to touch Her, but I was afraid. Not sure how to. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but Her dominance was so complete, and I was so unsure of the rules. How do I reach out and wilfully touch a dom? Do I need permission? How do I get permission? For the time being, I was content to enjoy Her through Zoe.

Suddenly She pulled Zoe to stand at the edge of the bed, but kept her bending over so that Zoe’s head was level with my dripping, needy pussy.

“Does Jade want my little slut to lick her out?”

Will I ever be able to hear that word again without it making my clit jump to life?

“Oh god yes,” I managed to breathe out.

Chuckling, She pushed so hard into Zoe that her face was forced into my soaking wet sex. I have no adequate words to describe the way her soft face and her tender lips felt when they touched my clit. Zoe’s mouth worked on my pussy, and I felt myself twining my fingers through her hair and raising my pelvis up to meet her face. Holding her head in place I writhed on her tongue like an animal, frantically bucking up to her whilst forcing her head down on my hungry cunt. In what seemed like seconds, like a string of firecrackers, we each exploded. She was still fucking Zoe, who answered with her own orgasm while she moaned loudly into my pussy. It was all too much! The sweet tongue on my clit, the sweat from Her body, the moaning, the gasping, the lingering champagne buzz … my orgasm ripped through me like a steam train. I was loud! Boy, was I loud, and I was loving every second of this amazing new way.

This was ME. This was what I wanted. All I could think as I softly drifted back to earth was, when? When would I feel this amazing again?

I received my answer sometime during the night when Zoe woke me with soft, questioning kisses.

“Mistress wants me to eat her out. Do you want to join me?”

“Yes, yes I would.” In my haste to sit up I almost bumped heads with Zoe.

She and Zoe had swapped places so that She was lying in the middle, and I found myself next to Her beautiful, lean, bronzed body. My need to touch Her was intensified now that I was so close without Zoe between us. I didn’t have to fret over how to do it this time as She took my hand and placed it on Her taut stomach. Beneath Her skin I could feel Her hard stomach muscles, and leaning forward I placed a tentative kiss on Her stomach. When I heard Her slight gasp, I grew bolder and trailed my tongue up Her body, just as Zoe had done to me earlier in the night. Taking Her nipple in my mouth, I gently rolled my tongue round it, feeling it stiffen as I did so. My right hand found Her breast, and I squeezed it slightly, nervously. Then I felt Her strong hand in my hair, tilting my head up to meet Her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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