In the Supermarket Restroom

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Browsing through some of the gay hook-up sites earlier I got a message from a hot guy. We talked a while and both of us seemed eager to meet… I was already starting to gather the standard trick supplies and sliding on a cock ring. Unfortunately, we had neglected to discuss where we would play and it turned out he couldn’t play at his place. Just as my hopes were crashing around my feet, he messaged me asking how I felt about fucking in a public place.

I asked him where he had in mind without letting on that the though turned me on. He said that there was a restroom in a grocery store that never got used at night because the few employees who worked that all used the one near the break room. I knew the store he was talking about and realized that the restroom was located in the fast food dining room, which was closed at this hour but accessible. Better yet, it was the kind where the door locked even though it had a stall and a urinal inside. I agreed and he casino oyna told me to go in first and that he would make sure it was clear and follow me in, but added that we would need to be quick about it. I let him know that was no problem with me and told him I would be there at 2am.

I arrived as scheduled wearing sweat pants and a jock strap, figuring that would be easy access, and spotted him as I walked in. We only made eye contact, then I walked quickly to the restroom before any employees noticed me coming in. Once inside I quickly squeezed some Wet on my fingers and reached back to lube my ass. In no time I heard the door open and turned to see it was him. He just said hi and locked the door behind him while undoing his pants.

“Suck my cock a little,” he said, pulling out an average, but nice-sized uncut cock. I hit my knees and wrapped my mouth around it, licking underneath his foreskin and sucking him to erection. I immediately noticed that his cock drooled canlı casino precum by the buckets, which really turns me on. I love the taste of a guys precum. Soon his rod was hard as stone and jutting out firmly in front of him with a nice upwards bend.

“Lean over the sink for me,” he ordered and once again I complied. I pushed my sweats to my ankles and leaned forward over the sink counter to offer him my bare ass.

“Nice,” he commented appreciatively as I felt his hand against my butt guiding his penis between my cheeks. He milked his shaft and swirled his cock head around in a circle, sliming my puckered hole with the natural lubricant. It felt so fucking good that I moaned and flexed my hole open against his dick. He pushed about half of his dick inside me, then barely pulled back an inch. Realizing I was lubed enough and ready he fed the rest of himself inside my hungry ass all at once.

I braced myself against the counter as he took hold of my kaçak casino hip bones and started long dicking me from behind. He was fucking me good for a few minutes when I started to try to tighten my ass on him, but he told me to stop, saying that when he barebacks a bottom he likes to feel a nice loose and sloppy ass. Hearing him talk about it totally got me hot and I relaxed my hole as much as possible. I guess he did like that, because he started to fuck me harder, pulling cock completely out of my gaping asshole and slamming it back in.

Suddenly, he warned me, “I’m about to nut up inside you!” He didn’t wait for approval, and emptying his seed in my guts, still pounding my ass, but keeping his cock fully inside me the whole time. When he was done, he slid out of me and before I could turn around he bent down, spread my ass open and licked the cum that was leaking out all over my anus with broad swipes of his tongue. I returned the favor and got down to suck his cock clean. We got zipped up and I left first while he stayed behind to piss.

I got home and sent him an email saying I enjoyed it and to let me know next time he wanted to get his rocks off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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