In For a Penny, In For a Pound

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My wife’s big round ass ground against him hard and she could feel his big, erection and throbbing in his pants. She had never done anything like that before. She wasn’t a swinger or a hot wife and she had never been unfaithful to me in over ten years of marriage. kaçak iddaa

“I’m so fucking wet,” she whispered as she pulled my lips to hers and kissed me deeply. Her tongue slid into my mouth and entwined with mine as she moaned softly. Her thick curvaceous body was trembling with excitement.

“You want him don’t you Honey,” I said softly as I ran my hands over her body on the crowded dance floor. Her wide hips swayed from side to side and a huge smile crossed her pretty face.

“I do Baby. He is so young and hot. Ih fuck. Does that bother you?” She asked sincerely. Her pretty green eyes sparkled brightly and she planted soft butterfly kisses on my face and neck as ty continued to rub her big ass against him. He looked to be in his mid twenties and he had a hard muscular body that looked like it had been torn from the pages of a magazine.

“No honey, ” I replied honestly. “I want you to be happy and enjoy yourself. That’s why we came here right?” We were in Cancun at an all inclusive resort, situated right on the beach, to celebrate our 40th birthdays. We were 3000 miles from home where no one knew us and we knew no one. It was quite simply a perfect storm.

“If you say so Baby,” my wife giggled softly. She kissed me again before turning around and wrapping her arms around him and drawing him close. Her big ass rubbed against me and I put my hands on her hips and ground hard against her. I was fully erect and her soft cheeks felt great against my throbbing dick. I had never imagined that I would ever have a threesome with my wife. Even in my frequent fantasies about threesomes there were always two women not two guys and yet I didn’t feel any jealousy.

My wife pressed her lips tight against his and kissed him hard and aggressively. I could hear her soft coos and the wet sounds of their lips and tongues as they kissed passionately. He was the first person besides me that she had kissed in over a decade and watching it was both surreal and incredibly exciting.

“My husband said I can bring you back to our room and fuck you,” she said to him softly between kisses. She was as excited as I had seen in years and I had never seen her so sexually aggressive.

I ran my hands up her body as I spooned up behind her and cupped her big natural breasts. I could smell the fresh scent of her hair and I kissed her head. My cock nestled in the crack of her ass and she pushed back against me and groaned soft and low. She was purring like a kitten and sandwiched between us.

“Is that what you want?” He teased confidently. He knew my wife wanted him but he wanted to hear her say it. He flashed a playful crooked smile at her and then at me letting casino oyna us both know that he was into what she was proposing. He exuded confidence at such a young age and I was sure that I would have reacted much differently than he if I had been faced with the same situation when I was in my twenties. bahsegel

“I don’t care where we go. I just want to feel this inside me,” my wife said excitedly as she reached down and grabbed his big hard dick through his shorts. She moaned deep and low as she felt his hard dick in the dark but crowded room.

We stumbled out of the club and walked quickly to our room. My wife held both of our hands and took turns kissing each of us as we made our way across the resort to our room. She was careful to include me but I knew it was he that she really wanted. I opened the door to our room as they kissed and groped like young teenagers experiencing sex for the first time. The door opened wide and it was like opening a damn as we spilled inside.

My wife pinned him against the wall and kissed him as she pawed at his clothes. I couldn’t believe how aggressive she was and I stood silently beside them as she stripped him naked and dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with soft puppy dog eyes and wrapped her lips around his thick hard tool.

I was instantly erect as I watched my wife suck another man’s dick. She had always been a somewhat reluctant cock sucker but she attacked his big dick like it contained the secret of life. Her head bobbed and she slurped noisily on it, taking it deeper with each stroke. Her hands roamed over his hard muscular body and raked down his tight rippled abs leaving deep red welts in their wake.

I moved behind her and pulled her shirt off, freeing her big dd tits to our hungry eyes as I knelt, fully clothed, behind her.

He groaned encouragingly and his hands massaged my wife’s head as she sucked his dick. His eyes moved back and forth between my wife and me and he smiled brightly. He was clearly enjoying my wife’s mouth on his dick and he was unfazed that her husband was in the room.

“Get on the bed,” my wife panted loudly. She guided him to the bed and pushed him down so he was sitting in front of her. Her huge tits were at eye level with him and he leaned forward and began kissing, sucking and squeezing them as I pulled her shorts and panties off.

The rich fragrant scent of her arousal hung heavy in the warm air. I pressed my body against her and slid my hands around her tapered waist to her neatly trimmed pussy. She was wetter than I had ever felt and she moaned loudly as I rubbed her hard clit between my thumb and forefinger.

“I need you inside me,” my wife panted to him. She spun around quickly and straddled him reverse cowgirl style as she looked at me with lust glazed eyes. She lowered her dripping wet cunt onto his throbbing canlı casino cock as she sighed loudly. She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me hard.

“Thank you Baby,” she said quietly. Her pretty green eyes rolled back in her head and she bounced on his dick. Her big tits jigged and her head thrashed about like a fish out of water as she whimpered and yelped like an excited puppy.

“I’m gonna cum, ” she panted. “Oh fuck yes,” she hissed as her body shook from a powerful body quaking orgasm. She looked into my eyes and clutched her tits as she came. Her eyes fluttered wildly and she cried out with pleasure.

“Lick me Baby,” she pleaded. Her eyes were glazed with lust and sweat covered her beautiful face and body. She looked radiant and I didn’t consider what she was asking me to do. I merely dropped between their splayed thighs and ran my tongue over her hard clit.

I was just inches from his dick and I could smell my wife’s juices on him as she rode him languidly. Her body twisted and writhed. Her tits bounced and swayed. Her hands moved to my head and held it steady as she came again. Her legs quivered and shook and she exhaled deeply as the waves of intense pleasure subsided.

She pushed meoff down and away from her hypersensitive clit and my mouth pressed against his wet cock. Her eyes were closed but when she opened them she squealed with delight.

“Oh Baby yes lick his dick,” she said loudly. She held my head against him and I lapped at his juice coated dick and balls without a second thought.

My wife rose off his dick and guided it into my mouth. I had never had a gay or bisexual thought before but I didn’t fight her when she forced him down my throat. His cock felt strange yet comfortable in my mouth. I didn’t know exactly what to do so I tried to mimic what my wife did to him.

My head bobbed and I sucked hard on his soft spongy head making him moan softly. His reaction inspired me and my hands moved up his legs and caressed his balls. He moaned again, deeper and lower, and I knew he was close. dumanbet

His legs twitched and he grunted like a wild animal as he exploded in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do or how to react as he filled my mouth with cum. The taste wasn’t bad and I instinctively swallowed some but most spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin dripping onto my shirt.

My wife pushed me onto my back on the floor and pulled my hard dick from my shorts. She guided it into her frothy cunt and rode it hard and fast. Her thick curvaceous body jiggled and shook as another climax rolled through her voluptuous body. Her pussy clenched hard on my dick milking it as she came and I erupted inside her womb filling it with hot cream.

She slumped forward and kissed me deeply tasting the still present flavor of his cum mixed with her juices on my lips. She cooed contentedly and rolled kaçak casino off of me.

“I love you Baby, ” she sighed deeply to me as she finished undressing me and lead us all to bed with her sandwiched in the middle.

I awoke to the bed moving and my eyes opened to see my wife on her side facing me as he fucked her from behind.

“Hey Baby,” she whispered softly in the dark moonlit room. Her eyes sparkled brightly like stars in the nighttime sky and she kissed me softly and tenderly.

I could head the squishy wet sounds as his dick moved in and out of her and I moved closer until my body was mashed tightly against her. My cock nestled between her thighs and I could feel his dick rubbing against it. It felt deliciously wicked and I moaned deeply into my wife’s mouth.

My hips thrust against her and my hands moved over her body. I reached around her and felt his body and hers. Our warm flesh molded together as though we were all one being. Our bodies writhed and moved together.

“I want you both inside me,” my wife cooed in the quiet night air. She rolled on top of me and guided my cock inside her well fucked and soaking wet hole as he slid between her legs and joined me inside her.

She yelped and groaned as we stretched her pussy wide. I could feel his dick moving against the underside of mine and it was incredible. We thrust into her hard then slow, deep then shallow. We moved as one and as individuals. She came once and again. Her climaxes blended together as we moved in sporadic yet rhythmic fashion.

She went limp when her final climax ended. We were covered with sweat and he rolled off her, aware that she couldn’t take anymore.

“Finish each other,” she said weakly. She looked into my eyes and kissed me. She looked at him and kissed him.

He turned around and straddled my face. His cock hovered inches from my mouth. I opened it wide and accepted him into my mouth. It was natural and I sucked him deep as he lowered his mouth to my stiff dick. süperbetin

We sucked hard and slurped noisily on hard throbbing flesh. I felt his legs tremble and mine did too. He grunted and spewed his hot cream into my mouth. I was ready for him and I swallowed it all as I came in his mouth erupting like a volcano making him gag and gulp.

We fell back to sleep, again with my wife sandwiched between us, and slept until morning. I awoke to bright sunlight streaming through the window and two warm mouths on my dick.

My wife looked up at me with soft puppy dog eyes as she licked my shaft and he sucked the head.

“We’re not drunk anymore, ” she giggled. “Are you still okay with this Baby?”

“Yes, ” I moaned softly. Her fingers were buried deep in my ass and both of their mouths felt amazing. She pushed a third finger inside me and I noticed that he was balls deep inside her thrusting slowly and sucking me hard.

“When I told him he couldn’t cum inside me Jared said he wants to fuck your ass and fill you up,” she said playfully. “Okay?”

My eyes opened wide. “In for a penny, in for a pound,” I replied weakly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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