I Didn’t Even Get His Name

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I’ve written this story more times than I can recall, but I’m giving it another try. It takes place a few years ago, when I was twenty years old. Everything I am telling you I true and actually happened, which is still surprising to me. casino siteleri

I guess I have to give a little background information first. I had never really considered myself interested in guys. My first occasion of any thought of it was in my senior year of high school. I had been talking with this girl I liked, Amanda, and became friends with some of her friends. One of them was a guy named Alex.

Alex was pretty cool to talk to. I was never bothered by the fact that he was gay and very flamboyant. Eventually Alex began hitting on me, which I just took as a compliment. I’m not sure why but at one point we got on the conversation of Alex sucking my dick. It was a short conversation that never really went anywhere, but I guess it was the spark of such thoughts for me.

A couple years down the road the thoughts had grown. I can’t recall a specific moment where it really sparked, but the idea interested me more. Although I was very dominant with females when it came to sexual situations, I had the complete opposite feeling when it came to guys.

I found myself online looking for random guys to talk to, which eventually led me to browsing through personal ads. I would read the ads that guys would put up. There were bottoms looking for tops, tops hosting bottoms, and quite a bit more. Usually I found myself just reading through them, stroking myself until I finished. Afterwards I would always feel ashamed of myself and immediately close it all, pretending it never happened.

I didn’t find myself doing this too often. It was more of an occasional fetish that popped into my mind when I was unusually horny. Over time I started to develop a particular interest. I preferred to read the ads by older guys looking for young submissive boys. The idea of an anonymous older guy doing what he wanted with me turned me on the most.

Eventually, reading the ads wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to advance a step further. I started to reply to some of the ads. I would usually quickly receive an email back from the guys, demanding that I come to them right then. The idea worried me. What if I showed up and didn’t like it? So for a long time, I would reply a little and then just disappear after I got myself off as usual. cratosslot

Then I began posting my own ads. I was in search of an older guy, but I guess my tastes were a little odd. I wanted a guy who was what I guess would be called a bear. I received many replies but usually most didn’t seem too interesting. They were either too stupid with their emails or didn’t really fit my desires.

One night I was up really late, sometime in October I believe. The night before I had posted an ad, so I was checking to see who emailed me about it. There was quite a few, most disappointing as usual, except for one. He was very blunt. I don’t remember exactly, but I seem to recall him asking where we could meet right now.

Now usually such a reply wasn’t interesting to me. I didn’t ever really want to actually meet. I was simply turned on by the idea. However, this time I replied telling him the general area of where I lived. After replying I went back to browsing the ads, stroking myself slowly as I read or viewed some of the pictures guys would put up.

After ten minutes or so I looked at my email again to see that he replied. His message said that he lived close, and he asked if I knew where a certain place was. I replied confirming that I did. His message came back quickly, telling me to meet him there canlı bahis in fifteen minutes.

Now this is where I would usually disappear and never reply again, but something in myself pushed me to go further that night. Perhaps I was just really horny and didn’t want to just finish myself off as always. I replied with hesitation, telling him I wasn’t sure about it. He messaged back telling me to either meet him or we were done talking.

I don’t know what I was thinking but I answered, telling him I would meet him there. The moment after I sent the message, my head started to spin. He replied quickly telling me to wear gym shorts. Fifteen minutes? I started watching the clock as it ticked away. Fifteen minutes seemed a lot shorter at that moment.

I started doubting my decision, dancing between whether I would really go through with it or just not show up. As the thoughts ran through my head, I switched out of my jeans into gym shorts as he had said. I believe I was wearing a simple black t-shirt or something close.

Ten minutes. The place we were to meet was five minutes from my house, so I had almost no time left to decide. I started thinking about how I didn’t even know the guy. I didn’t even know his name! Would he see me and change his mind? I wasn’t the most attractive of guys. I mean I wasn’t ugly but I was a little heavier set.

Eight minutes. Fuck. That was pretty much my last chance to back out or leave the house right away. I imagined in my mind about having a stranger bend me over and fuck me. The idea was enough to reassure myself. I snuck out of the house, making sure not to wake my mom who was sleeping. It was around 1 a.m. when I got into the car, shaking out of nervousness.

As I drove there, I hoped that every stop light would turn red, giving me more time to seriously consider my decision. However, every one of them was green. Within four minutes I was driving into a neighborhood I had never been to. I had no clue who or what I was looking for to know where to park. I circled around the parking area, and as I approached the entrance I considered leaving.

Suddenly, the high beams on a parked car flashed. That must have been him. I slowly pulled in a few parking spots down from his car. I sat in my car for a moment, nervously wondering if I should get out. He turned his car off and stepped out. I couldn’t really see much of him since it was fairly dark, but I could see that he was around my age, a little heavier set than me, and Asian.

As he started towards my car, I turned the engine off and opened the door, slowly stepping out. I closed the door and locked the car, standing there not sure what to do.

“Mark?” he asked. I had told him my name before but since I never thought we would meet I never bothered to ask his.

“Yeah,” I replied, my voice shaking a little. dinamobet

“I know a spot. Follow me,” he said.

He seemed a little nervous and awkward as well. He began walking across the grassy field and I followed, hanging back about fifteen feet. We walked for about five minutes, traveling into another neighborhood nearby, and crossing the parking lot. We walked along this pathway that led between two houses towards a canal behind them.

It was dark and he slowed down, turning towards me.

“Here,” he said, although I wasn’t really sure where he meant.

There was a dark corner to my right that was underneath a large tree just behind the fence of some house. It seemed like a good spot if any. However, the guy stepped over towards the canal to a small tree that was right next to the pathway and next to a small light that dimly lit the area. bahis siteleri It seemed that that was the spot he meant.

“What about over there?” I asked, pointing towards the darker area that I had noticed.

“No just here,” he replied, unwilling to choose anywhere else.

The spot he chose seemed a little open to me and I began to freak out a little, thinking about leaving. He moved under the smaller tree and put his back to it, facing me.

“Come on,” he demanded, motioning me to come to him.

I stepped towards him, obtaining a somewhat better view of him. He certainly wasn’t the most attractive. He had somewhat of a beard and glasses. He seemed like he was the nerdy gamer type. I didn’t really care though, stepping towards him and stopping about two feet in front of him.

Suddenly he pulled his sweat pants down enough to let his dick fall out. He was average size or maybe smaller and unshaven. I looked around quickly, seeing if there was anyone coming or watching. I noticed a house behind me to my left with the second story window’s blinds up. It was dark in the room and I wondered if anyone might be watching.

“Hurry up,” he commanded, growing impatient with me.

I immediately dropped to my knees, feeling them dig into the cold dirt beneath me. My face was now a foot away from the stranger’s dick. I slowly reached forward, my hands all clammy from my nerves, and grabbed his dick. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

My heart started pounding and I could feel my face burning up. Was I really about to do this? What the hell was I thinking? I moved my head forward and stuck my tongue out, gently licking the head of the stranger’s dick. I was starting to feel like I didn’t really want to do it, so I pulled my own dick out and started playing with it a little, hoping I would get myself in the mood a bit more.

That was when I wrapped my lips around their first, and to this day only, dick. The first thing I can remember was the taste. It was a little unpleasant but not horrible. I sat there for a moment nervous and really not sure what to do. I began sliding my lips up and down his shaft, while trying to wrap my tongue around it.

He grabbed the back of my head and gave me a slight push forward. I took it all into my mouth and could feel his pubic hairs brushing against my face. Luckily for me he wasn’t too big and hadn’t grown to full size yet, so I didn’t really gag. I continued stroking the stranger’s dick with my lips and tongue.

“Ohh baby,” he groaned.

I didn’t really like the idea of him calling me baby, but at least I knew then that I was pleasuring him. I’m not sure how long it lasted, but it didn’t feel like more than a minute to me. I was kind of tired of sucking and stroking my own dick made me want more. I pulled his dick from my mouth and looked up at him.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” I asked, my voice dry and cracking from my nervousness again.

“Okay,” he answered.

I rose from my knees and he moved to the side, which I took as a motion for me to replace his spot against the tree. I did so, placing one hand against the bark and using the other to reach down, pulling my gym shorts to my knees. I guess he wanted me fully naked though, because he reached down and pulled them to my feet. I stepped out of them, feeling entirely exposed, and he threw them off over towards the darker area I had discussed maybe twenty feet away.

I bent over slightly, waiting for the stranger to continue. He placed one hand of my lower back, and then I felt him fidgeting around near my ass. I felt the tip of his dick brush against my bahis şirketleri cheeks.

“Bend over,” he demanded. I bent a little more.

“More,” he said. I bent even more, pushing my ass in the air as much as I could.

I braced myself against the tree with both hands. I looked around and my mind raced as I wondered if anyone was seeing what we were doing. Suddenly I felt the tip brush against my asshole. Then it spread as he entered, pushing himself inside me. That was it. I was letting a stranger fuck my ass in public. I felt so dirty and ashamed but so turned on.

I felt his other hand grab my hip as he started the motions, sliding in and out. Again, he wasn’t big so it really didn’t hurt at all, but I could feel the strain against my asshole and it felt great. He continued pumping away, his balls slapping against my ass.

“You like that baby?’ he asked.

I really wasn’t fond of being called baby, so I didn’t respond. That’s when he suddenly stopped. I turned my head around to look back at him.

“Beg for it,” he demanded.

“Please,” I responded.

“Please what?” He continued.

“Please fuck my a..,” I started, but was interrupted when he rammed back inside of me. The push knocked me down, losing my position against the tree. I fell to my hands and knees beside it with the stranger still inside and not stopping. He pushed more forcefully then as I reached one hand under me to stroke my own dick.

I guess I didn’t realize I would need both hands to keep me up because as soon as I started stroking he pushed into me knocking me flat on the ground. I just felt like such a slut then. I felt like a toy for him to use to his desire as he pounded as deep into me as he could.

A sudden police siren shrieked from what sounded like the parking lot across the canal in front of us. I looked up to see the red and blue lights breaking over the trees. I freaked out thinking we were about to get arrested and tried to get up. I couldn’t move however.

The stranger was still on top of me, pressing me into the dirt. He started groaning and pushing his whole body into me. I gave up trying to get up, even though there was a cop probably about to arrest us. I felt him thrust into me one last time, shooting his warm cum inside of me. He laid on top of me as it continued to spill in.

“Let’s go,” he said, jumping off of me and pulling his shorts back up.

He started back towards where we came from. I hurried to stand up and find my shorts he had thrown earlier. I pulled them back on, feeling his cum drip out a little as I did. I hurried after him, looking back to see if the cops were anywhere around.

We walked quickly back to our cars. I was ready to get out of there before getting caught.

“Do you want to go to my friend’s house?” he asked.

“Why?” I replied.

“We could do more there. He’s probably asleep,” he said.

It sounded strange to me. If we were able to go there then why did we come here to begin with? I started to think that maybe he wanted me to go there so he could share me with his friend or friends. Half of me was tempted, but the other half was worried.

“Um.. I think I am just going to go,” I replied.

He didn’t really say anything after that and got into his car. I returned to mine and drove off. After I returned home and walked up to my front door, I could really feel the stranger’s cum leaking from my ass. I quietly crept upstairs and into my bed.

As I lied there in the dark, I found it hard to believe what I had just done. I let a complete stranger fuck me in public and cum in my ass. Was I gay? Would I do it again?

Unfortunately that was my only experience with such sexual activities to this day. I must admit I do fantasize about letting another stranger have his way with me. Perhaps one day the opportunity will come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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