I Am A Medical Examination Model

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This all happened over thirty years ago, when I was in my mid-20s. I was a graduate student, and I lived on a small stipend from my teaching assistantship. To make extra money, I worked as a figure drawing model.  casino siteleri

One day, during break, I was talking to a female model who was posing for another class at the university where I both posed and studied. She told me that she had started working as a model for the medical college that was part of our university. More specifically, she was working as a model for gynecological exams, and that this paid much better than modeling for art classes.

She also told me that they were also looking for male models, and gave me the phone number of the office that hired models. I called the office the next day, and made an appointment to speak to the model coordinator.

The model coordinator was very glad to see me. She told me that it was difficult to retain male models, and they hoped that I would be interested. As part of their education, medical students learn how to perform genital and rectal exams. They use live models.

The coordinator had me watch a video so I would understand what I would be doing. She told me that I would make $25 per student, and that exams would be held in the offices of urologists who were supervising third year medical students during their internal medicine rotation.

The coordinator asked me whether I had ever had anal sex, and I told her no. She told me that I should relax as much as possible during the rectal exam. I should take deep breaths, and maybe try to think of something else when the students had their finger in my anus.

A few weeks later, I got my first call. I was to go to a urology office where I would be the physical exam model for three students.

When I got to the office, I was walked to an examination room where I was told to remove all my clothes and put on a gown. After waiting a few minutes, the doctor and three students (one male and two female) walked in.

The students had already been prepped and knew what to do. The first student was very nervous. She put on a pair of gloves, pulled up my gown, took my penis in her hand, and started to palpitate it. I could feel her hand shaking as it held my penis. The doctor told her to tell him what she observed and felt. She didn’t say anything, so he started to ask her some questions. I remember that he asked her if I had a male or female pattern of pubic hair. She asked him what a female pattern would be like, and he told her to look at herself sometime!

She then put her hand on my testicles and felt for any masses. She didn’t find any. She then put her fingers to the side of my testicles, and asked me to cough. No hernia. She was finished with this part of the exam. The other two students were less nervous, and they went faster.

The doctor then asked me to bend over a table and spread my legs wide. Now was the part that I was dreading a little. Each of the students in turn put lube on their forefingers and inserted their finger into my anus. dinamobet

I was pleasantly surprised. When each student entered me with their finger, it actually felt great. My asshole felt very warm, wet, and not tense at all. The first two students just stuck their finger in a little, moved it slightly, announced that they felt my prostate, told the doctor it was the size of a walnut, and pulled their finger out. I could tell that neither had actually found my prostate.

The third student was a little different. She was the nervous one. She put her finger in, and announced that canlı bahis she couldn’t find the prostate. He told her to move her finger deeper in me, and move it from side to side, and in and out, until she felt a little knob. She did this for a full minute.

She actually was on the prostate, though she didn’t know it. I don’t know what she was expecting to feel. Moving her finger in and out stimulated my sphincter, but now the movement of her finger against my prostate brought another pleasure source to me. I could feel myself getting an erection. I started to thrust my hips a little, coordinating with her finger movement.

One of the students noticed that I was hard, and asked the doctor if this was normal. He said that for some men, rectal exams are quite stimulating and they involuntarily get an erection. When this happens, he usually just ignores it. Occasionally, a man might even ejaculate, with or without an erection. Again, this happens sometimes. When this happens, he just silently hands the man a tissue.

Eventually, the student announced that she found my prostate – she actually had found it a minute ago – and removed her finger. Each of the students had put a lot of lube on their fingers, so my anus was very wet. I could feel it ooze out when I stood up. The doctor and the students thanked me, and left the room. I wiped my butt and got dressed.

The next day, the model coordinator called me and told me to expect a check for $75. She also asked me if I was willing to do this again. I said yes, and she told me that I was to go to a different urology office the following week. She told me that there were twelve students this time, but there was to be another model besides me.

When I arrived at the second urology office, I was told to go into a large room, and take off all my clothes. There were too many students for an examination room. And she told me that the other model had cancelled at the last minute, and there wasn’t time to get another one. So it was to be just me, and I would get twelve genital exams and twelve rectal exams! I would make more money, but I wasn’t sure how it would be to have so many fingers examining me.

I took off my clothes, but I couldn’t find a gown this time. When the doctor and the twelve medical students arrived (eleven men and one woman), I was still naked. I told the doctor that I couldn’t find a gown, and he said that I shouldn’t worry about it. I would be examined completely nude. Since I was being paid to be a model, he treated this as a educational opportunity. He wanted the students to have complete access to my body in case there was anything unusual about me.

As before, the students were to be start with the genital exam. When the last student, a male, held my penis, he twisted it around to look at it from all sides. None of the students had done this before. He told this doctor that there seemed to be a very thick, dark ridge on the underside of my penis, and was this normal?

The doctor came over, grabbed my penis, and flipped it over. He said yes, this is somewhat unusual, but there was nothing wrong with me. He called it the perineal raphe. All men have this, but it was much more prominent on me.

He then asked if I would lie on the examining table, and put my feet in the attached stirrups. He told me that he wanted to show the students something.

When I was all set up, I was quite exposed. That was the point. The doctor again flipped my penis over, and the students could see the very prominent, dark ridge that ran from my anus to the head bahis siteleri of my penis. I had noticed this before on myself, but never really thought about it. dumanbet

The doctor explained that the genitals of men look just like a vagina at one point in their fetal development. Eventually, the vagina-like structure closes and the perineal raphe is what remains. But in some men, the closure occurs relatively late, and then the perineal raphe is much more prominent.

Such men also have some other characteristics, he went on. For example, look at this man. He has very little body hair, just a little pubic and axillary hair. He probably does not need to shave his face very often even though he is in his mid-20s. He is very late in developing all his secondary sexual characteristics.

But such men do mature their sexual organs earlier than most. He asked at what age I first masturbated to orgasm, and I told him when I was nine. The doctor said that this was much earlier than usual.

In addition, he said that the prominent raphe itself is highly sensitive. Holding my penis with one hand, the doctor took the forefinger of his other hand and lightly stroked the raphe slowly and gently from the penis to the scrotum to the perineum and then finally to the anus. I reacted by thrusting my pelvic area towards him, as it just felt so pleasurable. No one had ever done this to me before, and it felt so good! The doctor told his students that this reaction was typical of men with a prominent raphe. It is as if they had an additional sexual organ. Stroking this young man like that is exactly like stroking a woman’s labia.

The doctor kept his finger on my anus, and told the students to look closely and see what happens now. One of the students said that what was happening was amazing. My anus was gradually opening and the doctor’s finger was being slowly sucked in. The doctor then said that men with a prominent raphe have extra nerve endings around their anus. They feel tremendous pleasure from anal stimulation, and welcome it at every opportunity.

The doctor asked whether I typically fingered my anus when I masturbated. I told him I always did this. He also asked if I bicycled a lot. I told him that I typically biked for at least two hours a day. He said that he wasn’t surprised. Bicycling would lightly stimulate my raphe and my anus, giving me a pleasurable sensation.

The doctor then said that it was a shame for me that sexuality in this culture was so binary, with everything being one thing or another. He asked me whether I was attracted to men, and I told him that I wasn’t. He asked whether I would want to suck a man’s penis, or have a man suck mine. I told him that I would not find that enjoyable, and had never desired this. Would I want to fuck a man in the ass? That thought brought me no pleasure.

But then he asked me whether I would want a man to fuck my ass. I had to say that this was something that I had long dreamed of, but since I wasn’t gay, I wasn’t sure about how I would go about managing that without doing anything else with him.

At this point, he said that the students would now do the rectal exam. He told the students that since most students have a hard time finding the prostate initially, they should be honest about it, and if necessary, he would give them some additional advice.

The first student lubed his finger. The doctor told him to place his non-gloved hand on my left butt cheek, and very lightly massage it. He told the student that most people (though not me, obviously, since I had bahis şirketleri practically inhaled his finger) were tense when a finger was to be placed in their anus, and the massage helped to relax the patient. The student slowly inserted his finger, and moved it around inside me. Like the ones last time, he couldn’t find the prostate.

The doctor told him to remove his finger, and then lube three fingers – all but the thumb and pinky. The doctor explained that with three fingers inserted in my anus, it would be virtually impossible to not find the prostate. This is not something that he would recommend with patients, but since the model was being paid, had an unusually receptive asshole, and derived tremendous pleasure from anal penetration, this would be fine.

The student then inserted three fingers in my asshole. The stretching of my sphincter felt incredibly good. He found the prostate easily, and the doctor told me to take his time and move his fingers all around the area. This is not something you would do with a patient, but we can take advantage of our model.

The direct prostate stimulation and the stretching of my anal sphincter was the best sensation I ever had in my life. I immediately got an enormous erection. The doctor told the students that this often happens, and they should always reassure the patient that prostate stimulation causes erections in many men.

The doctor told the student to remove his fingers, and then told the students to observe how my anus remained open. He said that after removing their finger; they should always look closely to see if anything unusual is present internally. elexbet

The other eleven students then took their turns, one after the other. When they were finished, my asshole was full of lube that was dripping out of me.

I was told to remove my feet from the stirrups and get off the table. But I should wait, because the doctor wished to speak to me. The students were told to leave, and they quickly did.

The doctor told me that I was an excellent examination model. He wanted to do one last thing for our mutual benefit. Since I obviously had enjoyed the prostate and anal stimulation so much, if I was willing, he wanted me to now know how good it would feel to be fucked in the ass. He told me that he would be happy to give me a gift of $100 for this.

I agreed, and he locked the doors and took off his clothes. He was a man in his late 50’s, but in pretty good shape. He was already aroused, and told me to again get on the table and put my feet in the stirrups.

He then very easily inserted his penis into my asshole. Because I was so open and so well-lubricated, all I could feel was pleasure. I enjoyed the heat of his penis inside me, I enjoyed the mild stretching of my sphincter, and I enjoyed feeling the head of his penis as it moved against my prostate.

Although I wasn’t hard, I ejaculated after a few minutes. After all this stimulation, I had an enormous amount of semen come out of me. Because I was reclining with my legs up in the air, my semen covered my thighs, my balls, and it even went on the doctor’s penis, which was still fucking me. My own semen was now entering my asshole! The doctor said that semen was actually the best lubricant, so he thanked me for this.

I then felt him get bigger inside me, which just stimulated everything inside me even more. His cock then started throbbing, and I knew he was coming inside me. I was so happy to be inseminated by him!

When he pulled out, he handed me a cloth and told me to wipe myself as I was a big mess! I got dressed. He gave me the $100, and thanked me again. He said that he had never fucked such a wonderful, responsive asshole before. He gave me his card, and told me to call him if I wanted him to fuck me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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