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So it started off harmless enough… a meeting of old friends… Villette was on her way from the big city, her, Her boyfriend Stan and their buxom friend Helen. 12 hours on the road… junk food, good music, and well… lots and lots of driving. They were trekin’ across the state… lookin’ for fun, excitement, new friends and old, one leg of the trip took them to the hot springs… a desert oasis of peace, quiet, and beauty. On the way they would stop and pick me up.

I knew Villette… it seemed at times, like a lifetime ago. We were young… high school in fact. Now older and hopefully wiser we were to meet and catch up a bit… well most of our catching up had occurred online… this crazy Internet, making the world smaller and smaller each minute of the day.

They arrived early in the morning… hungry and tired… Villette and Helen had done the brunt of the driving… Stan the man slept most of the way the girls told me. But that didn’t stop all of them from crashing on the couches, after showers and breakfast. Villette was a cute and feisty Latin beauty, short and curvy, long dark hair, a fireball of supple sensuality. Helen, her friend was a site all her own. Average height but the average stops there… a buxom bosomed girl… brown flowing hair and soft fair skin, truly a sight to see.

Stan and I got along well… and actually we all seemed to click well… a fun trip this would be. As they all began to awake and get restless the time was here to pack up and head for the relaxing waters of the hot springs… a break from reality I sensed we all shared a need for. And so we packed up the car and set out on the road… an hour ride was ahead of us… with a stop about half way for the essentials… beer, meat, marshmallows, charcoal… the staples of life in the desert wilderness. We arrived at our destination mid afternoon, after a brief check in and short order tour… we were off. The girls jumped all over setting up camp, so me and Stan took a hike… well after grabbing some “refreshment” and who were we to argue with two gung-ho gals? So we set out… it was a fairly short hike… mainly just up some hills so Stan could quench his need for some picture takin’.

After we got back the tent was pitched and the ice chest was out and accessible and everyone was startin’ to feel the need for some eats. So we grabbed up the goods and headed up to the community kitchen area and fire pit… Steaks and bread… yumm… Haha, and of course the camp dogs all know when its time for beggin’. So after food it was time to relax converse and do some drinken’, not that plenty of that wasn’t already under way. Sittin’ on the patio relaxin’ chatting, most importantly waiting for the sun to begin to set and air cool, so that we can enjoy a dip in those pools of muscle relaxing, nerve melting, bliss.

The girls and I head off to one of the small pools… ahhh tension just melts away letting casino oyna our feet in the water… But of course soon we have to get into traditional hotspring’n attire…. Ha, or just plain out of our clothes to be accurate. First I do the gentlemanly thing and turn to allow them to undress… only peeking a bit. Then once they are immersed in the warm waters I peel my clothes off and slip in as well. Stans’ off lookin’ for more pictures… missing some really beautiful scenery here… but he soon meets up and follows suite. Well after a bit of soak its time for refills and a change of pace so we all head on up to the larger pool, on the hilltop, deeper, more room to move around and such. Its pretty dark and my eyes were straining to catch all the glimpses of skin I could, as I’m sure all else were too… heh, well I’d hope so at least. Villette and Stan were getting pretty comfortable, some kissing and fondling a playful splash here and there with each other and Helen and began chatting and getting to know a bit more about each other, and returning some splashes…But soon everyone was ready to head back to camp and start up a fire and get to roasting some marshmallows, not to mention we were in need of some more alcohol.

So back at camp we got the fire started and the marshmallows roasting, and the beer and wine flowing, more chit chat around the fire… some teasing and flirting… but all were really quite content… the trio feeling the effects still of there trip out there the night before and really getting ready to curl up in the tent and drift away… So we all head that way… Side by side we lay, Helen, me, Villette, Stan, our bodies inches apart in the cramped quarters… Stan worn out from all his running around is out… The girls seem to be following suite slowly.

At this point I’m feeling pretty intoxicated and its releasing my inhibitions, and well all the visual stimuli and teasing and flirting from the days events is on my mind… so… slowly and carefully I attempt to rouse some mutual attention from Helen… I begin with my arm around her… stroking her hair, using my hands to massage her bare back, helping to release whatever little tension may have made it through the day, slowly running my hands over her, I venture forward reaching for her breasts, caressing them timidly at first gauging to see her reaction pulling away after a few moments and returning my attention to her back… she scoots closer to me, signaling that she is up to my advances and turns to kiss me… our lips meet.

The soft pressure of our lips is pushed apart as out tongues slide together, entwining together, our hands roaming over our bodies… getting to know what we have been thinking about all day… This goes on for some time… and as we get overly comfortable we remember we aren’t alone… Villette was at my back and I’m sure aware of what was taking place… Stan on the other hand was out, stuck in canlı casino a deep sleep.

As we gain our senses and begin to slow however, I realize that Villette is moving, She is turning towards me… She reaches over me, pressing her bare breasts against my back and gently pulls Helen over to meeting her just above my face and locking into a beautiful and passionate kiss… my heart skips a beat and I grow even harder then I had already become. Then the three of us begin to intermingle in a lustful and tender meeting of hands and bodies, fondling and caressing each other, kissing and licking, nibbling… not even knowing where one began and the other ended.

My hands slowly worked down their bodies feeling ever inch of skin until I met with the fabric of the bottoms they were wearing. Hmm slowly I slid my fingers between the soft skin and fabric first of Helens, then Villette’s, gently working down until I met with the moist lips of the two beautiful women I was pressed between. I could feel both their arms exploring each other still and me, touching, then as I ran my fingers along their slits, just lightly slipping within them feeling their wetness build I could here them both let out the faintest sigh….

So slowly I worked my way in, feeling deeper and deeper into them… teasing them moving my fingers around their clits just lightly grazing them driving them wild with want… Helen though pulls my hand away from her and takes my fingers into her mouth sucking and licking them clean…. Getting me back with a tease of what I hope to happen… She pulls me in for a kiss… I happily oblige… all the while still working my fingers in on Villette…. Who is writhing in shear ecstasy but also is looking for a pair of lips to kiss…. I lean over to her now and fulfill that want… Then I feel Helens Hands wrap around my member… she begins to stroke it running here hands up and down its length.

The moisture from the tip working its way down between her fingers as she does this I turn slowly to Villette kissing her shoulder while still lying on my back as I do this Helen begins kissing my chest slowly turning herself and working her way down, bringing her beautiful mouth closer and closer to my awaiting head… as she works her way down she positions herself into a sixty nine position over me… while I try hard not to leave Villette out…

But soon after I feel the warmth of Helens tongue and lips giving me the attention I so badly wanted she pulls away and I realize that I’m not the only one who is getting the pleasure of her magic tongue, she pushes my hand from Villetes’ mound and begins to lick and kiss… sending Villette into what I’m sure was not her first orgasm of the night but was definitely the strongest thus far. Villette… I meanwhile begin working my tongue on Helen, running my tongue up and down her slit, slipping it in her encircling her clit until she too is shaking with kaçak casino the pleasures of an Impending orgasm… with this she begins work again on me, her tongue encircling my head… her lips parting taking me into her mouth…. Oh, how that warmth and moisture felt so good….

My mind overcome with pleasure I fear that Villette was missing some attention… but then… all of a sudden I feel a second tongue another pair of lips… Villette was working her own magic now on my balls… Oh man it was nearly enough to send me over the edge…

That went on for a bit but all of a sudden I felt Villette pull away…. She moaned and her breathing began to quicken… soon I realized that Stan Had come too from his slumber and had positioned himself behind Villette and Had entered her from behind… She was in such ecstasy that she couldn’t help but take her attention off me… I didn’t mind Helen was more then enough stimulation…. But soon Villette too removed herself from the position she was in and moved up to kiss me… she now straddle me and lowered herself on to me… her lips enveloping me…. Working her way up and down deeper with each stroke.

We picked up a great rythm and it was going awesome I would run my hands feeling every inch of her as she rode me… glancing over I could see that Stan and Villette had come to be in the same position, only opposite me. This giving the girls the perfect vantage point to lean over and kiss as they both enjoy being on us… I also notice that each of them have run there hands down and were playing with each others clits as they pumped themselves up and down on our cocks. What a sight…

This kept up for a while, but as soon as Helen had reached another orgasm each I, as did Stan decided the time had come for us to take over …And we rolled over so that we were each on top of the girls and we each began to drive our way home. Starting off slow I began driving into Helen…. Slow at first but faster and harder as I continued… the four of us moaning and totally lost in our own lust…

It was near… I was about to lose control… and I was sure it was time… but before I could drive it home I hear Helen gasp and she began to writhe in another orgasm… as she came I heard her whisper out that she wanted to taste herself on me…. So close, but I obliged pulling out of her an leaning back, she immediately took me in her mouth… pumping and stroking me all the while playing with my balls… oh god I was in heaven… suddenly I was there…. I could feel myself coming and she took every drop…. Not missing a beat, oh my head went back and I was just totally lost, it felt so damn good…. As I slowly regained my composure I saw Stan collapse and roll over to the side of Villette… both of them looking just as satisfied as I’m sure I, and Helen felt.

As Helen and Villette repositioned themselves so that we could all fall asleep till tomorrow they looked at each other smiled and stole one last kiss before each of them cuddled up to us and we all drifted into what was probably the best nights sleep we had all had in quite a while….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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