Hotel Fantasy

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I text you and tell you that “we’re ready”. You come to the hotel door and knock. The girl on the bed is still a little oblivious as to what is happening. I have had my tongue between her legs for the last 1/2 hour and she has orgasmed so many times that she is out of breath and still trying to recover. I let you in you look around the room. I am already naked and hard. You reach down and stroke me. You ask if I’ve been having fun. I give you a long kiss and let you taste the girl from my mouth.

You look over and see her stretched out on the bed. Her legs and arms are drawn out in a spread eagle formation. She is blindfolded and still breathing hard, but has her head turned toward us. She asks who is in the room. I tell her that I have a ‘treat’ for her. I walk over and run my hand up the inside of her thigh. I insert two fingers into her and she moans. I pull my fingers out and trace them up her stomach and over her breasts. I then run them along her lips. She opens her mouth and allows me to insert my fingers into her warm mouth. I let her suck on them for a while. You in the meantime, have walked over toward me and have kneeled down in front of me. You slowly take my cock into your mouth and start to suck me. You feel my hardness going into your throat and you look up at me — I am smiling.

You are pushing back against my cock as you feel me go deeper and deeper into you. I push you forward onto the bed and you grab the girl’s leg for support. She bucks her hips in fright, but then starts to squirm a little – trying to get someone to touch her. You look to the end of the bed and see the mirror’s reflection of what is going on. You smile at yourself, but the smack I give you on your ass brings you back to reality.

I stop for a moment to pick casino oyna you up and turn you around. I then lay you sideways on the bed in such a fashion so that the small of your back is resting on the girl’s stomach. I then move toward you and put my fingers inside you. I pull them out and tell the girl that I want her to taste you. She opens her mouth to let my fingers in. She loves it and asks for more. I tell her there is more to come but she must wait. I move back between your legs and proceed to start fucking you again. This time you cannot contain your emotions and you are making noise. I am calling your name and telling you to cum for me right here. You wrap your legs around me and tense up. I can feel your hips quiver as you start to orgasm. You continue to shake as I push my cock right up against your clit – moving it back and forth as the orgasm washes over your body. You lay completely back when you are done – you are breathing heavy now and I watch as you try to relax.

Slowly I pull you up from the girl and put you in the chair. I lift each leg over the arm of the chair so that you are spread eagle. I then drop to my knees and slowly run my tongue up the inside of your thighs until I reach your wet pussy. I insert my tongue and you lean your head back in ecstasy. I continue licking and sucking you while you watch the girl on the bed try and get free. She is begging for someone to touch her. You motion to your purse. You have brought something. You pull out a device that looks like a small egg attached by a wire to a control box. “It’s what I call a bullet”, you say, “She will enjoy this”. I sit back and watch as you sway your hips toward the girl. You put the ‘bullet’ directly against the girl’s clit and you turn it on. The ‘bullet’ vibrates – canlı casino slowly at first, and then faster as you increase the speed. I can see the effect on the bound girl – she is pulling against her restraints as she pushes her pussy upward. It doesn’t take long before you have her moaning and thrashing about – it’s an erotic site to behold. After a few more minutes you have her cumming and begging to be fucked.

I ask if you’d like to watch me make her come. You move my lips to yours and give me a kiss. You say ‘go ahead’. I rise up and move to the rear of the bed now. I look over at you and you have already begun to play with yourself. Watching you keeps me hard as I lay myself over the girl and slowly push myself into her.

As I slide into the girl I slowly move my hands up to cup her breasts. Her nipples are hard and you watch as I pinch them. She asks if you are still in the room. I say yes, and I ask her if she likes to be watched by someone she has never seen while she is getting fucked. She says she is extremely turned on. I look over and you and wink. You have your right hand rubbing your pussy very quickly and you are almost ready to cum again. I start to thrust into the girl harder and harder. You watch as my body pushes the girl against her restraints. You can see her breasts heave every time I drive into her. You get out of your chair and walk over to me and put your hands on my back, so you can feel my body move in and out of her. You reach around my chest and rub my nipples – you ask me again when I’m going to get them pierced. We laugh.

I ask you to do me a favor and untie one of the girl’s ankles. I untie the other. I then untie both her hands and flip her over. She is on all fours before I take her hands and stretch them out and kaçak casino retie them. I leave her legs loose so she can pull them under her. I make her spread her legs wide and we both stand behind her watching while she exposes herself to us. You ask if you can touch her again. I say yes. I move to the front of her and sit down at the head of the bed. I put my legs underneath her arms. Her face is now right in my lap. I move her mouth onto my cock. You move toward her and run your hands up the outside of both her thighs. She now realizes that you are involved again. She starts to bob up and down on my cock as you begin to explore her pussy. It’s not long before you have moved underneath her and have pulled her down onto your mouth. You insert your tongue and begin to move it in and out — tracing up her lips until you reach her clit. Then you start to suck it hard. I can feel from where I am that she is about to cum. I push her up and down on my cock until I feel her stiffen and then shake. She pulls off my cock and moans out loud that she is coming. I get out from the front of my bed so I can watch you continue to bring her to orgasm.

I then tell you that I have a treat for you. I behind the girl and spread her ass cheeks apart. She knows what is going to happen and she arches her back. I then begin to push my cock into her ass. I know you love to watch this and having me over top of you while I fuck this girl in the ass is almost too much for you to take. You reach up and grab my ass and start pushing me so I go deeper and deeper into her. I am now giving her everything I have and you can hear the slapping as I pound her over and over again. I tell you I am going to cum and you watch as I pull out and spray my cum all over the girl’s back. You crawl out from underneath her and she collapses on the bed, spent from all the energy she has just exerted. You get dressed quietly and I give you a kiss. You then leave the room — I tell you that I’ll call you as soon as she leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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